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Tx based Podcast feat. Nick Eakes, Jesse Lomeli, and Josh Rhea.

Tx based Podcast feat. Nick Eakes, Jesse Lomeli, and Josh Rhea.
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Tx based Podcast feat. Nick Eakes, Jesse Lomeli, and Josh Rhea.






Episode 9: The Nine Lives

The recurring number 9 pops up throughout the episode while the guys discuss chipping your teeth, TV show series finales, the NBA Conference Finals, WWE Money In The Bank, gambling, and they change a surprise guests Instagram Handle. Thank you to our sponsor Six Car, and you for listening!


Episode 8: The Wet Towel

The guys air out their grievances about using a wet towel when you get out of the shower. They also touch on how the UK spells words different than the US, how Sangria and Mimosas are good but don't really do the job, taking a number two at the bar, and we review Detective Pikachu. Thanks again to our sponsor Six Car Brewery and to all our listeners!


Episode 7: The Gooch

In this episode Jesse, Josh, and Nick discuss a variety of topics from Instagram ads about ball powder and manscaping to, the song Baby Shark. They debate Gooch vs. Taint and argue about The Power Rangers. Crack a beer, sit back, and enjoy! Thanks to our sponsor Six Car Brewery and thank you to Ben Olsen aka Neb Neslo for the Intro/Outro song!


Episode 6: The Wipe

The first raw and unedited episode! This week the guys bounce all over the place with topics, but mostly stick to the proper way to wipe your ass. Fofty Cent is explained to Josh, Nick shares stories from work which get a little X-Rated, and fast food sauces are debated. Thanks as always for listening, enjoy! Sponsored by Six Car Brewery


Episode 5: The Shower

This week the guys discuss the results of the first round of The NFL Draft, and we hear a live reaction from Nick on who the Eagles selected in round 2. Also, Nick and Jesse swap stories about slipping in the shower. Other topics discussed include: the results of the 4/20 contest, wearing sunscreen, local elections, and 90's hairstyles. Thank you to our sponsor, Six Car Brewery!


Episode 4: The Sun Reflector

This week the guys discuss the upcoming 4/20 contest, the release of the new shop decks Nick designed, beer styles, tanning, how you feel after your team loses, the release of the NFL schedule, loving or hating your hometown, and the official name for the sun reflector. Beer Purchased at: 575 Pizzeria


Episode 3: The 5 Star Chef

This week guys get the story from Jesse about his ramen debacle as discussed last week. We also argue over sandwich toppings and read you the Old Town Road lyrics in depth. We get geared up for The Amarillo Sod Poodles baseball, and pepper in plenty of other sports talk which leads to an interesting AirBnB story from a trip to Dallas. Enjoy! Beer Provided by Six Car Brewery


Episode 2: The Spelling Bee

Nick and Josh are without Jesse this week, and discover a mess in the kitchen. We discuss the folding of the AAF, as well as chat about the NFL, NBA, and upcoming Final Four. Nick explains the Instagram account The Noin Club to Josh, and they share spelling bee stories. We conclude with a special announcement! Beer purchased at: The Big Texan Brewery.


Episode 1: The Crowler

Welcome to The Growler Pod! A weekly podcast featuring: Nick Eakes, Jesse Lomeli, and Josh Rhea! On this podcast we will cover topics from A-Z, but you can always expect sports, beer, skateboarding, and life stories. Please subscribe and leave us a rating and review! We hope you enjoy the show, thanks for listening! Beer purchased at: Pondaseta Brewery