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Episode #45: Healing Is Not Linear

January and Brandon are discussing the ups and downs of healing mentally and emotionally from life's (often) unforgiving shenanigans. They discuss shifting expectations instead of lowering them, setting and then enforcing boundaries, and speaking positively to one's self. Healing takes time, and this episode reinforces that mantra through and through. So grab a cup of coffee, find a quiet place to relax (yes, you are allowed to take time each day to relax), and have a...


Episode #44: 5 Things You Didn't Know About January & Brandon

January and Brandon are each talking 5 things you didn't know about them! From tweezer goblins to Ghostbusters to getting an A in college calculus to the therapeutic effect of launching Fourth of July fireworks to being born at 11:11, they each discuss some obscure, quirky things no one knows! ============ Pre-order your copy of Birth Without Fear: The Judgement-Free Guide to Taking Charge of Your Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum today! ...


Episode #43: Gym Etiquette & Skin to Skin

January and Brandon are talking gym etiquette! They talk about some of the funny stuff they've seen or experienced in the gym, and somehow it turns into January talking about movie theater etiquette! But have no fear, there is the signature January inspiration everyone loves! Brandon loves it so much that he expresses a very special need to help him process some of their gym experiences! =========== Pre-order your copy of Birth Without Fear: The Judgement-Free Guide to Taking Charge of...


Episode #42: The Birth of the Birth Without Fear Book!

January and Brandon are back from hiatus to discuss none other than THE BIRTH WITHOUT FEAR BOOK!!! They discuss the entire process, from the initial email January received from a book agent, to the 41 page book proposal, to their trek across New York City with their book agent to meet with six editors, to the actual writing and editing of the book! It's a story January and Brandon have been itching to share for a year and a half, and it's finally here! It's so exciting that Brandon even...


Episode #41: It Always Comes Back To Poop

January and Brandon are talking potty training. Brandon recounts the horrific poopy discoveries he's made throughout the house during this final round of potty training, and January reveals the most traumatizing poopy experience of her life as a result of potty training. Trigger warning for those of you still sensitive to trials and tribulations that involve toddler fecal matter. ============== January is adding one more city to her 2019 Australian Birth Without Fear Conference tour......


Episode #40: Another Fetchin' Mormon Episode!

January and Brandon are back talking about the differences between being Mormons and being heathens! They talk about Brandon's amazing Benjamin Button impersonation in which he was a balding, malnourished Mormon ten years ago! January talks about coffee (of course!) and the difference between choosing to abstain from alcohol for health reasons versus doctrinal reasons. Also, Brandon talks about the most offensive Mormon word he's ever heard, and you won't fetchin' believe it!


Episode #39: Coffee & Tattoos - Take 3

January and Brandon are talking coffee and tattoos once again! January goes into how she makes her killer iced coffee and Brandon looks out for the people while she does! They talk about tattoos they've gotten and tattoos they plan on, and January goes into why she plans on a snake tat in the near future!


Episode #38: Growing Up As '80s & '90s Kids

January and Brandon are talking about their favorite things from the '80s and '90s! January explains being "brangry," Brandon recounts the pain of his awful JC Penney wardrobe, and they discuss Vanilla Ice and his new line of work. Also, January tries to ignore how she bought tickets to wrestling and Brandon won't let the episode end without a mention of his favorite '90s show!


Episode #37: Birth Without Fear Australia Conference Recap!

January and Brandon return from their brief hiatus to recap the Birth Without Fear Conference in Australia that took place in Sydney at the end of May! They discuss the reality of January going to Australia alone for a week while Brandon stayed home with the kids, preparing for a conference overseas and how January’s grandmother helped improvise some of the conference preparations from 8,000 miles away, the speakers, and the impact the Harmony Circles at every Birth Without Fear event have...


Episode #36: Chit-Chat With Ms. New York & Ms. Cuddlebug!

Brandon is chit-chatting with the middle two Harshē kids! They talk about Ms. Cuddlebug's ability to hold long headstands, their love of stevia-sweetened coffee, and their favorite shows. Also, Ms. New York and Brandon talk about their new obsession with Australian metal band Parkway Drive!


Episode #35: 5 Things Your Doula Wants You To Know!

The Harshe Podcast welcomes its first guest! Tara Brooke from Doula Trainings International joins January to speak about the difference in parenting culture in Spain vs the US, racial disparity regarding birth in the US, the importance of making a postpartum plan, dealing with family after the birth, not being afraid to ask for help from family or your doula, and what your doula really thinks of you! =========== Considering certification as a childbirth educator but haven’t quite found the...


Episode #34: 10 Tips For Going Vegan

January and Brandon talk about how to go vegan! They go over the 10 most important tips when transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, like keeping it simple, you doing you, and learning how much protein is in everything so that all of your suddenly concerned family members' fears that you aren't getting enough protein will be alleviated! Also, they have bonus tips and tricks as well! ============ Considering certification as a childbirth educator but haven’t quite found the right fit yet?...


Episode #33: Why Vegan?

January and Brandon talk about why they went vegan! January explains the health challenges during her last pregnancy and postpartum that went away by switching to a vegan diet. Brandon explains how veganism helped him pack on muscle and helped achieve personal bests in squats, bench press, and deadlifts. Also, January and Brandon may or may not talk about the correlation between veganism and sex. =========== This week's sponsor is MRM! January and Brandon have been...


Episode #32: Coffee Is Not Wine. Seriously People!

January and Brandon talk about the stupidity of the argument regarding coffee being as bad as alcohol. January discusses the comments she's received on social media and Brandon has a funny slip of the tongue. Also, Brandon reveals the two uplifting words his dad would say to people who used to upset him! ========= There are a few Lillébaby carrier tickets to the Birth Without Fear Conference in Portland, OR on September 15, 2018! Get yours today at!


Episode #31: Large Family Efficiency

January and Brandon are talking the tips and tricks they've learned as parents of six kids! January talks bucking the stereotype of the disheveled parents of a large family and Brandon explains why it's so important to "Just say no." A lot of kids is a lot of work but it is sometimes possible to stack the deck in your favor. ========== Doula Trainings International (, or simply DTI (, is an organization that certifies doulas...


Episode #30: Regarding Teetotalism

January and Brandon are talking about teetotalism. January explains her adoption of teetotalism in her own life, why it is more than simply abstaining from alcohol, and her experience getting a teetotalism tattoo! =========== To join January at a How to Do You Boo seminar in Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, or Minneapolis and learn how to successfully navigate motherhood, marriage, and business like a boss, register at today! =========== To read up on alcohol...


Episode #29: Mental Health & Meditation

January and Brandon talk meditation today! Brandon goes into how meditation has changed his entire outlook on life despite having bipolar II disorder and January explains how meditation has helped her as well. Also, Brandon has an "ah ha!" moment when he realizes how meditative sex can be! =========== If you struggle with body image, self love, self care, too little time, or too little money, join January for an afternoon of information, instruction, and inspiration at a How to Do You...


Episode #28: Coffee and Tattoos Volume 2

January and Brandon cap off a busy week talking about some of their favorite things... coffee and tattoos! They talk about how pea milk is disqualified from being a valid alternative milk choice for coffee, how good Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee really is, and January's glee at Brandon's recent agonizing tattoo experience! =========== Doula Trainings International, or simply DTI, ( is an organization that certifies doulas while focusing on...


Episode #27: Facebook is NOT Life

January and Brandon discuss the reasons behind moving away from Facebook and all the negativity that comes from being on Facebook. January talks about how Facebook is like MySpace and Brandon suggest she try Tinder, Tumbler, and Periscope to fill the void. Also, Brandon says inappropriate husband stuff, as usual.


Episode #26: Bedtime is an Asshole

January and Brandon are talking about one of the worst parts of parenting... BEDTIME!!! They discuss how tiring it is, how frustrating it can be, and how one day, maybe, just maybe, they will sleep. Maybe. Hopefully. ========== Register for a How to Do You Boo with January Harshe near you (! There will only be four this year: Dallas on April 14, Detroit on June 30, Philadelphia on July 21, and Minneapolis on August 11! Register at