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Episode #32: Coffee Is Not Wine. Seriously People!

January and Brandon talk about the stupidity of the argument regarding coffee being as bad as alcohol. January discusses the comments she's received on social media and Brandon has a funny slip of the tongue. Also, Brandon reveals the two uplifting words his dad would say to people who used to upset him! ========= There are a few Lillébaby carrier tickets to the Birth Without Fear Conference in Portland, OR on September 15, 2018! Get yours today at!


Episode #31: Large Family Efficiency

January and Brandon are talking the tips and tricks they've learned as parents of six kids! January talks bucking the stereotype of the disheveled parents of a large family and Brandon explains why it's so important to "Just say no." A lot of kids is a lot of work but it is sometimes possible to stack the deck in your favor. ========== Doula Trainings International (, or simply DTI (, is an organization that certifies doulas...


Episode #30: Regarding Teetotalism

January and Brandon are talking about teetotalism. January explains her adoption of teetotalism in her own life, why it is more than simply abstaining from alcohol, and her experience getting a teetotalism tattoo! =========== To join January at a How to Do You Boo seminar in Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, or Minneapolis and learn how to successfully navigate motherhood, marriage, and business like a boss, register at today! =========== To read up on alcohol...


Episode #29: Mental Health & Meditation

January and Brandon talk meditation today! Brandon goes into how meditation has changed his entire outlook on life despite having bipolar II disorder and January explains how meditation has helped her as well. Also, Brandon has an "ah ha!" moment when he realizes how meditative sex can be! =========== If you struggle with body image, self love, self care, too little time, or too little money, join January for an afternoon of information, instruction, and inspiration at a How to Do You...


Episode #28: Coffee and Tattoos Volume 2

January and Brandon cap off a busy week talking about some of their favorite things... coffee and tattoos! They talk about how pea milk is disqualified from being a valid alternative milk choice for coffee, how good Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee really is, and January's glee at Brandon's recent agonizing tattoo experience! =========== Doula Trainings International, or simply DTI, ( is an organization that certifies doulas while focusing on...


Episode #27: Facebook is NOT Life

January and Brandon discuss the reasons behind moving away from Facebook and all the negativity that comes from being on Facebook. January talks about how Facebook is like MySpace and Brandon suggest she try Tinder, Tumbler, and Periscope to fill the void. Also, Brandon says inappropriate husband stuff, as usual.


Episode #26: Bedtime is an Asshole

January and Brandon are talking about one of the worst parts of parenting... BEDTIME!!! They discuss how tiring it is, how frustrating it can be, and how one day, maybe, just maybe, they will sleep. Maybe. Hopefully. ========== Register for a How to Do You Boo with January Harshe near you (! There will only be four this year: Dallas on April 14, Detroit on June 30, Philadelphia on July 21, and Minneapolis on August 11! Register at


Episode #25: Doulas and Seahorses

January and Brandon talk doulas on their way to date night! They discuss their three experiences with doulas, the advice about pee January received from a doula that sticks with her to this day, and how emotionally unstable male seahorses are to be getting pregnant immediately after birthing hundreds of babies! =========== Doula Trainings International, or simply DTI, ( is an organization that certifies doulas while focusing on issues of...


Episode #24: Boobs, Beards, & Buddhism

Brandon shaved his beard! He and January talk about why he did and how it relates to the concept of impermanence, their six kids' reactions, and Beardbaby acting out her shock by swatting the bejesus out of the couch with a lightsaber! =========== Our first sponsor is Legendairy Milk (! With over 1,000 reviews from happy moms, 100% organic ingredients, and manufactured in a certified cGMP facility, Legendairy Milk products were formulated by a mom and...


Episode #23: Don't Tell Me What To Do With My Pulp!

January and Brandon talk about what they do, or don't do, with their juice pulp! January goes off about the annoying Susans (no offense to the nice Susans who listen to this podcast) who tell her to compost her pulp to save Mother Earth and that the smell of coffee is all she needs to get through her day. Brandon gets very Matrix-y as they end this episode with a bang! =========== Go to to take advantage of the Shitty Shippers clearance sale! Use code...


Episode #22: On The Way To The Airport!

This week's episode is in the car on the way to the airport! January talks about inventing the Nut Juice Diet and her upcoming juice shenanigans with the TSA, Brandon talks about desert keggers in high school and Shitty Shipper Saturday & Sunday Sale, and January tries to "low key" put words into Brandon’s mouth. Also, they talk January’s crazy travel schedule and Beardbaby's newfound bossiness! ========== Don't miss out on the "...Without Fear" Webinar Series!


Episode #21: Mama J Interviews Her Tribe

It's January's turn to interview the kids! She sings with Beardbaby, talks about Samus Aran's bra and underwear in the Metroid video games with the Bull (she's not in her bra and underwear, by the way), Miss Cuddlebug's disdain for the Havana song, Miss New York's love of stevia in her coffee, Junior's love of Metallica, and Teenager's favorite vegan reptile! Also, each kid hilariously reveals the most annoying thing that Brandon does as a dad! ============ January is in San Diego this...


Episode #20: Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

January and Brandon talk about sex! January talks about the importance of communication and explains all the things a new mom struggles with that prevents sex from happening and Brandon gives the male point of view on how to cope with the agonizing sexual drought. Also, Brandon tries to figure out January's favorite position but she's too pissed about the lone baby sock no one is picking up in the corner of the hall! ============= "How to Do You, Boo with January Harshe" has opened up...


Episode #19: Self Care Before Social Media

January and Brandon discuss how to apply self care to your life in this day and age of social media. January talks about the positive change it has been for her to turn off comments on social media and Brandon explains why he got off Facebook and will never go back. Also, January talks about her love of parentheses hugs and Brandon apologizes to Aunt Gertrude in Wyoming! ========== It's buy 1, get 1 half off this week at! Buy a dad shirt and a unicorn...


Episode #18: New Year, New You Do You Boo

January and Brandon are back with their first podcast of 2018! Brandon talks about pulling the best traits from various role models and January talks about being a conscious social media user. Also, Brandon talks about how he became a new him at 12:01am January 1st! ============ We are having a New Year's Sale at! Everything is 25% off! Get a shirt, coffee mug, and lanyard today! And remember, shipping is always 4-6 weeks! ============ Only a handful of...


Episode #17: F*** Luck and Screw Balance

January and Brandon are back from their unexpected hiatus and they can't remember what episode they're on! January discusses her irritation with the words luck and balance, and Brandon talks about focusing on today. They also discuss doing horse lips and napping while getting tattoos! =========== Birth Without Fear Conferences are returning in 2018! We are holding two in the U.S. and one in Australia! Register now at!


Episode #16: Our 6 Postpartum Experiences

This week, January and Brandon discuss postpartum after all six births! They discuss postpartum depression, severe back spasms, bottle feeding, awkwardness in the bedroom, and Brandon's immunity to cute babies. Also, January has a hilarious slip of the tongue that makes this episode explicit, so cover your children's ears during the last 20 minutes! ========== If you want to listen to our first four birth stories, check them out on the Birth Hour Podcast at...


Episode #15: Ending Stigmas - Bipolar Disorder

This week, Brandon discusses having bipolar II disorder and the debilitating effect it has had on his life in recent years. January gives her point of view on being the spouse of someone with bipolar disorder and the challenges that come with that. This is a heavier episode with some intense subject matter, but equally necessary to begin ending the stigma attached to mental illness in our society. =========== All Team No Sleep raglan shirts and Birth Without Fear logo tees are 30% off at...


Episode #14: Juicing: Your Questions Answered!

January and Brandon follow up last week's juicing episode with questions and answers, tips and tricks! They discuss how juicing accelerates Brandon's workout recovery and what January does with the pulp, among other things. Also, Brandon discusses eating January's... potatoes! ============ 30% off all Team No Sleep raglan shirts at this week! We are making room for new items in time for Black Friday / Cyber Monday! Once these shirts sell out, that's it! Get...


Episode #13: January's Juicing Journey!

January talks about her recent gallbladder health scare and how she has been healing juicing! Brandon also discusses how juicing has helped him add muscle and strength GAINZ in the gym! This podcast episode is too legit to quit! ============= Get a limited edition, custom, hand-made unicorn holiday ornament at right now! January and Brandon have a feeling this ornament will be the first in a yearly tradition of holiday ornaments at Self Love...


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