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Episode 50: Ted Bundy Part 1 (Season 2 Finale)

Here we are at the big 5-0, episode 50! That means this is the first half of our Season 2 Finale and we are talking about Ted Bundy today. We take a look at his somewhat mysterious childhood and his college years as well as his first string of murders leading up to his first arrest. Join us for this special series as we do a deep dive on the mind of a very scary person.


Episode 49: The Murder of Kim Thomas

This week we are talking about the murder of Kim Thomas. Kim Thomas was a very successful woman who lived in Charlotte, NC in 1990. Sadly, she was found murdered in her home by her husband one evening with their young son unharmed in his crib. He called 911 and he initially seemed very cooperative. However, things begin to come forward that will throw him into a suspicious light, but just as it begins to look like a clean cut case, a local burglar finds his way in to the story and things...


Episode 48: Charles Manson Part 3

After an extended vacation, we are back in the saddle with the conclusion of Charles Manson! It started to take a dark turn at the end of last episode but here is where things really hit the fan. We cover the Tate and Labianca murders, as well as the investigation to catch Manson, as well as some of his crazy prison life. Join us as we conclude the Manson saga!


Bonus Episode: Season 3 Teaser and Tattoo Round-Up

Hey we just wanted to let everyone know we were not dead and that we will have the conclusion to Charles Manson out soon, but to make up for the wait we are revealing new stuff for season 3 as well as talking about our vacation and tattoo adventures!


Episode 47: Charles Manson Part 2

The saga of Manson continues where we left off, in a cool hippie van! We analyze the trail that Manson followed as he begins to bring his family together and we start to see where his theology originates. We get to talk about his time with the Beach Boys and begin to see where things take a dark turn.


Episode 43: The Cleveland Strangler

Today we cover The Cleveland Strangler, and his reign of murder in the eastern Cleveland area. Anthony Sowell was convicted of brutally murdering 11 women over the span of a few years. We go into how he would lure in his victims to his home and what was discovered at his house of horrors before it was tore down. We also dive into his past and look at the possibility that he could be responsible for other murders in the 1980's.


Episode 42: The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

After a short break we are back with a home town case, The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders! In 1977 at Camp Scott in Mayes County Oklahoma, a group of girl scouts arrived to start a 2 week summer camp. Despite some strange occurrences during a training session for counselors, everything seemed to be going smoothly. Until the first night when tragedy struck and three of the girl scouts were murdered. A known convict who had been on the run from prison for a few years soon became the prime...


Episode 41: Pearl Harbor

Today we are delving back into history! In 1941 the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor occurred early on the morning of December 7th. We will discuss what events led to the attack as well as some conspiracy theories that go along with it. Also we touch on how the events of that morning went down and what ramifications it had on World War II.


Episode 40: The Black Dahlia

Today we bring you episode 40, The Black Dahlia! This is one of America's most famous cold cases and it is full of twists and turns. In the 1940's Elizabeth Short moved around some and eventually settled into LA. One night she is dropped off at a hotel by a man she was dating and that would be the last time she was seen alive. Her body was found terribly mutilated 6 days later and the list of suspects seems endless ranging from plausible to insane. Join us as we tell the story of Elizabeth...


Episode 36: JFK Part 2

Today is the conclusion to our JFK series where we go into possible conspiracies as well as the official story. It was a very interesting and deep topic for us to tackle and we have a lot to talk about so sit back, relax, and enjoy!


Episode 35: JFK Part 1: Building Camelot

Today is part 1 of our 2 part series over JFK. We have been waiting a while to tackle this story and the wait is over! In part 1 we look at his life from birth up until that tragic day in Dallas in 1963. We look into his Navy background, early political career, and some of his playboy exploits. We hope you enjoy and we will be back next week with the conclusion!


Episode 34: The Titanic

Today we come back strong after our little break, and we are talking about The Titanic! Everyone knows the story but we come up with some alternative theories that have been presented. Could it have been a bait and switch for insurance fraud? Could it have been a plot to get rid of some influential people on board? Let's take a dive into the history and the mystery of the Titanic!


Episode 33: Hinterkaifeck

Today we are discussing the infamous murders at Hinterkaifeck. In the early 1920's a family in Germany started to notice strange things around their farm. Unexplained footprints in the snow that lead on to the property but not away, newspapers showing up that no one had purchased, strangers standing near the wood line, and unexplained foot steps in the home. All of this culminated into on of the most infamous unexplained murders of all time, but we will put forth the most likely suspects...


Episode 32: The Axe-Man of New Orleans

Today is the infamous Axe-Man of New Orleans story! We dive deep into all of the victims of this madman who was never caught. We read the letter that he sent to the paper and try to decide if this was a human or something more sinister!


Episode 31: Chemtrails (With Matt King)

Today is the theory of Chemtrails, and it's extra stupid! We do our best to tell you what nefarious chemicals are being spread over us as we look up into the sky. Are we having our moods controlled or being saved from the sun? Were honestly not sure...


Halloween Episode 2: The Sodder Children Disappearance

Today is our second Halloween episode, and it is over one of the most peculiar missing persons cases ever, The Sodder Children Disappearance. It could have been anything from the mafia to Mussolini loyalists. It also could have been a tragic accident. No one is sure, but we take you through all the aspects of this story and we hope you enjoy the episode.


Halloween Episode 1: The Urban Legend & Creepy Pasta Round-Up

Today is our first Halloween Episode of 2017! We are reading an assortment of urban legends and creepy pastas in our own comedic way as always. We hope you enjoy this fun episode, and we have much more Halloween time goodness in store for October.


Episode 30: The Dyatlov Pass (Part 2)

Today is the conclusion to our Dyatlov Pass series! We briefly cover the individual backstories of the hikers and then delve deep into all of the theories surrounding the event. Then we conclude with what we think are the most likely events to have happened. We hope you enjoy!


Episode 29: Dyatlov Pass

Today is part 1 of our coverage over The Dyatlov Pass Incident! We will go over the events leading up to the mysterious disappearance of 9 hikers from Russia during the late 1950’s. This event will become known as The Dyatlov Pass Incident and spawn many conspiracy theories for years to come. We will go on to cover all those theories in part 2 next week, but we will set the scene in part 1! We hope you enjoy our first ever 2 part series!


Episode 28: Men in Black (With Matt King)

Today we are talking about the phenomena of Men in Black! It is said that if you see a UFO event or research aliens too closely you will be visited by the Men in Black. Join us while we try to decide if they are aliens, government agents, UFO enthusiasts in disguise, or just some fake story!


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