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Episode 60: Waco Pt. 2

Today is our conclusion to the Waco siege. We go in depth into what transpired at the Davidian compound after the ATF arrived. We take a deep dive into the negotiation tactics that were used and what ultimately would bring an end to the standoff.


Episode 59: Waco Pt. 1

Today is our first of two episodes over the Waco siege. We cover the early life of David Koresh and see how he became the leader of The Branch Davidians and what lead up to the siege. Join us in these tales of shootouts and corpse resurrection (seriously).


Episode 58: Ruby Ridge Part 2

We continue our coverage of Ruby Ridge today as the siege begins. We will look into what happened as agents stake out the Weaver home and one slip up causes a chain of events that will be scrutinized for years to come. We break down what happened to everyone during the siege and after it all comes to an end.


Episode 57: Ruby Ridge Part 1

Today we kick off the beginning of a lengthy series of connecting cases. So we start with the incident at Ruby Ridge! Randy Weaver moved his family to an isolated cabin on the mountain side of Ruby Ridge in the mid 80's. He would become involved with the Aryan Nation and come under suspicion of the ATF which will lead to a siege at his home...


Episode 56: The Boston Boy Fiend

Today we go way way back to the 1800's to talk to you about The Boston Boy Fiend! This story is about Jesse Pomeroy, a young boy who managed to strike fear into the heart of Boston with his path of brutality. For a few years there were reports of a young boy attacking other youths in various parts of Boston, but no one could know the real terror that would unfold as Pomeroy was left unchecked....


In The Doorway (A D-Brain Side Project)

In The Doorway (A D-Brain Side Project) by The Hat-Trick Podcast


Episode 52: Ed Edwards (Season 3 Premier)

We are back in the saddle everyone! To kick off Season 3, we are covering Ed Edwards. Now, Ed Edwards is a convicted serial killer, no doubt about it. So we talk about what he is convicted of. Also, he is accused of being the perpetrator of many of America's unsolved famous murders, as well as some that are actually solved. So is he a criminal mastermind? You decide!


Episode 50: Ted Bundy Part 1 (Season 2 Finale)

Here we are at the big 5-0, episode 50! That means this is the first half of our Season 2 Finale and we are talking about Ted Bundy today. We take a look at his somewhat mysterious childhood and his college years as well as his first string of murders leading up to his first arrest. Join us for this special series as we do a deep dive on the mind of a very scary person.


Episode 48: Charles Manson Part 3

After an extended vacation, we are back in the saddle with the conclusion of Charles Manson! It started to take a dark turn at the end of last episode but here is where things really hit the fan. We cover the Tate and Labianca murders, as well as the investigation to catch Manson, as well as some of his crazy prison life. Join us as we conclude the Manson saga!


Bonus Episode: Season 3 Teaser and Tattoo Round-Up

Hey we just wanted to let everyone know we were not dead and that we will have the conclusion to Charles Manson out soon, but to make up for the wait we are revealing new stuff for season 3 as well as talking about our vacation and tattoo adventures!


Episode 47: Charles Manson Part 2

The saga of Manson continues where we left off, in a cool hippie van! We analyze the trail that Manson followed as he begins to bring his family together and we start to see where his theology originates. We get to talk about his time with the Beach Boys and begin to see where things take a dark turn.


Episode 46: Charles Manson Part 1

Here we are again at Episode 46 with Part 1 of 3 of Charles Manson! This is going to be a big case and we hope you find it interesting. In part 1 we will discuss Manson's childhood and his multiple stints in correctional institutions and how he learned to play guitar in prison by a man named Creepy Karpis!


Episode 45: Grigori Rasputin

Today we discuss the strange tale of Grigori Rasputin, The Mad Monk of Russia! After growing up in a small Siberian Village, Rasputin had a religious experience that caused him to become a pilgrim which led him to meet the Tsar and his family. He became a close family friend to the Russian Royal Family and eventually held a lot of power in the country. This fast track to power did not sit well with many people and an assassination plot began to surface....


Episode 44: Oak Island

Today we are headed back to Canada with a tale as old as the hills, the Mystery of Oak Island! What is in the money pit? Money? Gold? Tablets? A SHIP!? Join us and find out!


Episode 43: The Cleveland Strangler

Today we cover The Cleveland Strangler, and his reign of murder in the eastern Cleveland area. Anthony Sowell was convicted of brutally murdering 11 women over the span of a few years. We go into how he would lure in his victims to his home and what was discovered at his house of horrors before it was tore down. We also dive into his past and look at the possibility that he could be responsible for other murders in the 1980's.


Episode 42: The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

After a short break we are back with a home town case, The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders! In 1977 at Camp Scott in Mayes County Oklahoma, a group of girl scouts arrived to start a 2 week summer camp. Despite some strange occurrences during a training session for counselors, everything seemed to be going smoothly. Until the first night when tragedy struck and three of the girl scouts were murdered. A known convict who had been on the run from prison for a few years soon became the prime...


Episode 41: Pearl Harbor

Today we are delving back into history! In 1941 the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor occurred early on the morning of December 7th. We will discuss what events led to the attack as well as some conspiracy theories that go along with it. Also we touch on how the events of that morning went down and what ramifications it had on World War II.


Episode 40: The Black Dahlia

Today we bring you episode 40, The Black Dahlia! This is one of America's most famous cold cases and it is full of twists and turns. In the 1940's Elizabeth Short moved around some and eventually settled into LA. One night she is dropped off at a hotel by a man she was dating and that would be the last time she was seen alive. Her body was found terribly mutilated 6 days later and the list of suspects seems endless ranging from plausible to insane. Join us as we tell the story of Elizabeth...


Episode 39: JonBenet Ramsey

Today we return with an upgraded sound to tell you all about the tragic death of JonBenet Ramsey. In 1996 her parents discovered their daughter gone along with a ransom note early into the morning of December 26th. As the day goes on her body is eventually found in the home and the conspiracies and mysteries begin from their.


Episode 38: BTK

Today we come back from break with an episode over BTK. He was a notorious serial killer around Wichita who struck fear into people for decades before being caught in one of the most ridiculous ways ever. We did have some technical difficulties with this episode and we are still working on getting our sound better so please bare with us and we hope you enjoy!