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State Of The Hat-Trick Nation Address

State Of The Hat-Trick Nation Address by The Hat-Trick Podcast


Halloween Comes Late This Year (Teaser)

Halloween Comes Late This Year (Teaser) by The Hat-Trick Podcast


Episode 63: Princess Diana

We dive back into national conspiracies today with the story of Princess Diana! We look at her early life and see all the truly great things she did in her time on this Earth before her untimely death. We also take a dive into the conspiracy surrounding her death!


Episode 62: The OKC Bombing Part 2

Today we conclude the OKC Bombing saga. We go in depth into what happened in the few days leading up to the tragic bombing as well as the aftermath of all the destruction. Please join us as we finish up our long series that has lead up to this episode.


Episode 61: The OKC Bombing Part 1

Today we start covering the OKC Bombing, which was inspired by what happened at Ruby Ridge and Waco. We cover the early life of Timothy McVeigh and show where he began to make the connections he will use to pull off the bombing. This is a case that hits home for us and we hope you will join us!


Episode 60: Waco Pt. 2

Today is our conclusion to the Waco siege. We go in depth into what transpired at the Davidian compound after the ATF arrived. We take a deep dive into the negotiation tactics that were used and what ultimately would bring an end to the standoff.


Episode 59: Waco Pt. 1

Today is our first of two episodes over the Waco siege. We cover the early life of David Koresh and see how he became the leader of The Branch Davidians and what lead up to the siege. Join us in these tales of shootouts and corpse resurrection (seriously).


Episode 58: Ruby Ridge Part 2

We continue our coverage of Ruby Ridge today as the siege begins. We will look into what happened as agents stake out the Weaver home and one slip up causes a chain of events that will be scrutinized for years to come. We break down what happened to everyone during the siege and after it all comes to an end.


Episode 57: Ruby Ridge Part 1

Today we kick off the beginning of a lengthy series of connecting cases. So we start with the incident at Ruby Ridge! Randy Weaver moved his family to an isolated cabin on the mountain side of Ruby Ridge in the mid 80's. He would become involved with the Aryan Nation and come under suspicion of the ATF which will lead to a siege at his home...


Episode 56: The Boston Boy Fiend

Today we go way way back to the 1800's to talk to you about The Boston Boy Fiend! This story is about Jesse Pomeroy, a young boy who managed to strike fear into the heart of Boston with his path of brutality. For a few years there were reports of a young boy attacking other youths in various parts of Boston, but no one could know the real terror that would unfold as Pomeroy was left unchecked....


In The Doorway (A D-Brain Side Project)

In The Doorway (A D-Brain Side Project) by The Hat-Trick Podcast


Minisode: A Dose of Dbrain (Season 3 Update & Special Side Project Teaser)

Minisode: A Dose of Dbrain (Season 3 Update & Special Side Project Teaser) by The Hat-Trick Podcast


Episode 55: The Atlanta Child Murders

Today we are talking about The Atlanta Child Murders. In the late 1970's and early 1980's, children were going missing around Atlanta. Soon, bodies started showing up and it put the whole city on a state of high alert. Curfews were being enforced, and many leads were being investigated. However, a true suspect would not emerge until one late night incident on a bridge...


Episode 54: Interview With OKPRI

Today we have a very special episode in store for everyone! We recently did an interview with Christy and Kathy from OKPRI, which is a paranormal investigative group based out of Oklahoma City. OKPRI has been around for 20 years and we were very excited to have the opportunity to visit with them. We discuss numerous cases they have investigated as well as what goes into each investigation. If you have any interest in the paranormal you will not want to miss this episode! Also, they have an...


Episode 53: The Zodiac

Today we finally tackle The Zodiac! Will Dustin solve the decades long mystery? (Maybe....) We take a look at one of the most notorious uncaptured serial killers of all time. A man went on a rampage in the 70's around the Bay Area in California. Along with a string of strange correspondence with police and reporters, this man left many clues behind. However, none of them would ever conclusively lead to the capture of The Zodiac killer!


Season 3 Will Resume Soon

Season 3 Will Resume Soon by The Hat-Trick Podcast


Episode 52: Ed Edwards (Season 3 Premier)

We are back in the saddle everyone! To kick off Season 3, we are covering Ed Edwards. Now, Ed Edwards is a convicted serial killer, no doubt about it. So we talk about what he is convicted of. Also, he is accused of being the perpetrator of many of America's unsolved famous murders, as well as some that are actually solved. So is he a criminal mastermind? You decide!


Patreon Bonus Episode: The Wendigo

Today we have another Patreon Teaser where I try my best to be politically correct while talking about the Native American legend of the Wendigo. The Wendigo is a creature that humans would turn into if they resorted to cannibalism. They would no longer be able to control their new cannibalistic urges and would begin attacking people to fulfill their needs.


Patreon Bonus Episode: Readings Of Edgar Allan Poe - The Raven, Lenore, and The Tell-Tale Heart

For our in between season shenanigans, we have decided to give everyone a taste of what will be on our Patreon! So here are some dramatic readings of a few famous works by Edgar Allan Poe as read by D-Brain! We hope you enjoy the show!


Hat-Trick Hoops 2018

Welcome everyone! We are gearing up for Season 3, but in the mean time, here is our second annual episode of Hat-Trick Hoops where we talk about the NBA Playoffs and Free Agency. Please enjoy!