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Episode 19: How Now Brown Cow (LGBTQ Edition)

Happy Pride Month ya'll! This week things are getting pretty GAY. And we like it. Kenny discusses important queer figures in horror and his own experience as a gay man in the horror community. Katie revisits Laramie almost 20 years later and, trust us, if you think you know the Matthew Shepard case, there's a whole lot more to the story than you think.


Episode 18: Make A Real Woman of Me Satan

It's getting realllll SEXY this week as we discuss possession, specifically, the demonic kind! Katie explores the horrifying case of Anneliese Michel, the real life inspiration for the 2005 film, The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Then, Kenny walks us through the case that convinced Dr. Richard Gallagher, a man of science, that demons walk among us (within us?). We polish it all off with a prayer excerpt from the Catholic Rite of Exorcism, and, of course, references to The Exorcist abound.


Episode 17: Call Us on Your Ouija Board

We read somewhere that communication is the most important part of a relationship, so this week we are COMMUNING WITH THE DEAD. Not really. We're talkin' Ouija boards, people. So light a single black flame candle and settle in as Katie discusses the origins of the Ouija board and Kenny covers the case of Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro, the real life inspiration for the Netflix film 'Veronica'.


Episode 16: All Up in Them Horror Guts ('90s Edition)

If there's one thing we love here at The Haunted Heart, it's good horror. This week, we're looking at some of the best (and, arguably, worst) of horror as Kenny and Katie discuss their favorite villains and more in this 1990s edition of our Horror Superlatives.


Episode 15: Sex Satanism and Secret Societies (Pt. 2)

We're drinkin' the Kool-Aid again this week as we delve back into exploring cults and secret societies! Kenny discusses the mysterious connections between ancient secret societies, the freemasons, and the layout and architecture of our nation's capital. Katie explores the very controversial Twelve Tribes society, which has been accused in the media of being a cult frequently since its inception in the '70s. Ah, the golden era of cults...


Episode 14: Sex, Satanism, and Secret Societies (Pt. 1)

Welcome to the first installment of our FIRST TWO-PARTER EVER. Last week was a little heavy, so we are getting DOWNRIGHT HILARIOUS with our coverage of sex trafficking and potentially murderous secret societies this week.... okay, so maybe not, but we're still keeping things a little lighter. Katie covers NXIVM, the modern day, boring business success school turned sado-masochistic sex torture cult, and Kenny discusses the centuries-old and questionably Satanic Hellfire Club.


Episode 13: This is Not a Game

Count how many times Katie and Kenny sigh *directly* into the mic with disdain and agony this week as we discuss a particularly heavy topic: suicide "games." Katie discusses the Blue Whale Game, which is part deadly social manipulation and part urban legend as well as the very real and very scary Choking Game viral phenomenon. Kenny discusses the origins of the original suicide game, Russian Roulette, as well as the pop culture representation of these deadly games in the 2016 movie Nerve.


Episode 12: Ghost Tales of Mexico

We're serving up some down home campfire ghost story realness this week, Haunted Heart-style. We're talkin' Mexican ghost stories, people-- Cinco de Mayo, anybody? Katie discusses the sad tale of La Planchada and the VERY creepy Isla de las Munecas while Kenny recounts the captivating stories of La Llorona and La Lechuza.


Night of the Witch

Something witchy this way comes on this week's episode of The Haunted Heart... Hang out with Kenny and Katie as they discuss Halloween's lesser known but super hot cousin, Walpurgisnacht, and the potentially witchy nun for whom the holiday is named. Then see how many times we can work the word "phallic" into our discussion of the rituals and celebrations of Beltane. It's all topped off with a particularly charming egg-charming spell. Happy Spring, everybody!


Episode 10: Getting Familiar

Join us this week as we get real familiar with the world of animal familiars! Katie explores how the concept of animals familiars developed prior to neo-Paganism and Kenny discusses pop culture representations of animal familiars, specifically in the WGN hit show, Salem. Oh-- and we also try to summon a cat familiar. NBD.


Episode 9: #friyay the 13th

Grab your black cats and your broken mirrors, folks, cause this week we are talkin' Friday the 13th and all the funky rumor and mystery that surrounds it! Kenny discusses several spooky events that happened on Friday the 13th, including the tragic case of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, and Katie reveals the real life unsolved murder case behind the Friday the 13th horror franchise.


Episode 8: The Last Supper

This week, Kenny and Katie discuss the last meals of famous and little-known convicts alike, as well as the history and controversy surrounding the practice of offering death row inmates last meal requests. Let us know what your last meal would be @thehauntedheartpodcast on Instagram or on Facebook!


Episode 7: Worst Ways to Die

Things get a little goth this week as we discuss one of our favorite topics: DEATH. Kenny explores the magical, mystical world of ancient Persian death and torture tactics, while Katie presents some of the more unbelievable (and horrific) deaths the natural world has in store for us.


Episode 6: Parricide

Lizzie Borden took an axe And gave her mother forty whacks, When she saw what she had done, She gave her father forty-one... That's right, folks! We are delving back into the darkness this week with some good old-fashioned PARRICIDE. Katie covers the fascinating but little-known case of Edward Y. Chen, who murdered his mother, father, and brother and left their bodies in the family home they shared together for nearly four years. Kenny goes all out with his coverage of axe murderer...


Episode 5: Fae and Folklore

Clap your hands if you believe in fairies! This week on The Haunted Heart Podcast, we're talkin' fae and folklore as we delve into the mythological creatures of the Celts. Think: the hot elves from LOTR, not so much Tinkerbell. Kenny provides an overview of Celtic mythological history, and Katie provides really practical knowledge like how to tell if you're about to enter the Otherworld of the Fae.


Episode 4: Who Do Voodoo?

This week, Kenny and Katie explore the very mysterious and powerful religion of voodoo. Katie discusses the macabre practice of sin-eating as well as the origin of the voodoo zombie legend. Kenny introduces us to the Guédé and Baron Samedi, the Loa of death... and everyone's favorite party guest.


Episode 3: Blood, Sex, and Murder

In the immortal words of one vampire-slaying badass, "It's like a whole big sucking thing" this week as Kenny and Katie delve into the *sexy* realm of VAMPIRISM. Kenny covers the fascinating and bizarre tale of Mercy Brown, Katie discusses the supposed lesbian vampire murderer Tracey Wigginton, and we finish it all off with a totally not family-friendly game of Take or Stake.


Episode 2: Terror in the Night

One, two, Haunted Heart's coming for you... This week on the pod, we're discussing all manner of *things* that go bump in the night! Katie dives into her own personal experience with sleep-walking mishaps both hilarious and horrific, while Kenny discusses sleep paralysis and the terrors this disorder entails.


Episode 1: Jilted Lovers

Join us for our FIRST EPISODE EVER as we celebrate Valentine's Day with a discussion on jilted lovers! Katie covers the fascinating case of Talhotblond and Kenny reviews the 2009 Australian horror film, The Loved Ones on this inaugural episode of The Haunted Heart.