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Friends talking stupid about normal stuff.

Friends talking stupid about normal stuff.
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Friends talking stupid about normal stuff.






Episode 22: Pt 1 - Going Deep

We're starting 2019 strong with one of our favorite podcasts we've recorded, Episode 22, with guests Kenny (SequenceKYE) and Steph. This is part 1 of a 2 part episode. The tone of this episode is immediately set once you hear what INH stands for this week. Here on part 1 of episode 22, we talk about and make fun of each other's weird superstitions that we have or used to have, such as lucky underwear, unlucky songs, and more. The episode takes a turn towards more sexual topics, police...


Episode 21 - Pranks and Shenanigans

For episode 21, we are joined by our friend Jared, and we find ourselves jumping between various topics frequently but having a good time. We discuss various jokes and pranks we've pulled on our friends and others, and we learn the truth about the "Devil's Road" urban legend in PA. The second half of the podcast somehow turns into a freestyle of topics such as Christmas present ideas, karaoke, cars, and a Whats Popping segment. Though this is one of our less organized episodes, we hope...


Episode 20 - Waxed To The Gooch

This week, Sierm blesses the podcast once again with his presence to give us some very recent ass eating updates. Several tips and tricks are imparted such as bidets, Nair, and much more. We learn what the proper code is to ask a masseuse if they give handjobs, we mention some of the weirdest things we've beaten off to, and we somehow try to incorporate our favorite deserts and food, as well as our favorite meals that we make ourselves. We hope you enjoy our horrible conversations, and...


Episode 19 - Summer 2014

Episode 19 is all about music, and is more or less an extended What's Popping segment throughout most of the episode. We have two guests, Burke and Enzo, on mic to talk all about music festivals, some of our current top artists, and some recently released albums. Steve gets overly nostalgic about the summer of 2014, Matt finds out he actually isn't the human GPS, Matt and Steve talk about how they first met, and news about the Brazilian Hitler breaks. Thanks so much for listening!


Episode 18 - And For That Reason.. I'm In

Hey gang, and welcome to Episode 19! If you saw a post about this podcast on your Facebook feed and you're here checking it out for the first time, then welcome! Thanks for taking the time to check out our show, and we hope you enjoy! Sierm (Jimmy) and Emily both join the crew after they all destroyed some jenkem. Sierm tries to get through one story about hot yoga but took around 15 minutes to tell because of the tangents we usually go off on. Exciting ideas come from brains on jenkem such...


Episode 17 - The Poddy Squad

The gang is all here for number 17, one of our longest episodes. Regular guests Dan and Sierm (Jimmy) finally record together for the first time and this is the result. As bad as we are at staying on topic, we do okay talking a lot about crappy bosses and management we've all dealt with in the past. As usual, the conversation gets way out of hand as we talk about Matt's pen pal Jared Fogle, thot thoughts, nutting, and we unknowingly have a competition on how many times we can interrupt Sierm...


Episode 16 - Burger Negus

Hey all, and welcome to episode 16! We have the ass eating poddy regular, Sierm (Jimmy), on mic again for this one. Episode 16 layout is as follows: Intro during 0:00 - 7:11. Corny people & beggars, with Siermines Sermon during 7:11 - 40:52. No Nut November ideas from 40:52 - 1:00:14. Random banter including more about shitty drivers, eating ass, Dude Perfect jizz shots, and drunk shenanigans from 1:00:14 - 1:20:40. WARNING: don't even listen to this part. just skip it please 1:20:40 -...


Episode 15 - Parallel Park That Pussy

On episode 15, Dan the shag carpet dealer comes back on the poddy to try and sell us some new flooring. As one of our longer episodes, we surprised ourselves by being able to talk so long about almost nothing. Some talking points include awkward dating experiences, what we'd do if we were stranded on an island, how to get past security cameras, and even more new experimental jenkem ideas. Included here in episode 15 is concrete evidence on who actually did 9/11. We also have what might be...


Episode 14 - The Edge

This is Steve's favorite episode so far. Episode 14 was meant to be about stuff we see while driving, but as always we get completely sidetracked as we go on. We have recurring guest Sierm (Jimmy) on again, and the crew talks a little about driving, and also about other things such as your friends dating shitty people, long Chick-Fil-A lines, littering, and a whole lot of other dumb stuff as usual. Steve talks about ideas of creating the first ever team for No Nut November named the "Im Not...


Episode 13 - The Balls and Chains

We're back from a short hiatus with Episode 13, featuring Steve and Matt's girlfriends, Deanna and Emily as the guests. The gang goes deep and talks all about pubes, selling feet pics, and the crew equates their girlfriends vaginas to certain foods. Steve talks about his days working at a calzone shop, and the best calzone to have sex with, and the crew talks about how creamy they are. This is the fixed version of Episode 13. As always, thanks for listening!


Episode 12 - A Lot of Hoopla

Here we are with episode 12, with Steve, Matt, and Sierm (Jimmy). This time around we started recording a few minutes before the episode officially started. This episode doesn't have one main topic, but the crew talks all about today's important issues such as shitty family members, nutting in hotels, and how much Sierm loves the In My Feelings challenge. Steve and Matt also discuss how horrible the Twitter account has been @theINHshow.


Episode 11 - Steve's Redemption

Steve actually didn't ruin this episode, luckily. Episode 11 is a part two of episode 10. The topic again is all about the dumb stuff that happened to us in school, specifically high school. This episode, we have guests Mike and Cullen who both went to clown high school with Steve. The crew talks all about high school including the kid who had a backpack fetish, the school thief, the kid who brought a pocket pussy to school, and all sorts of classroom goofassery, We actually recorded through...


Episode 10 - Steve Blew It

Welcome gang to the big One Zero, where Steve ruined an otherwise great poddy (details in the intro). We are really sorry about the audio quality of the first half of this episode. However, we decided to release it because this was one of our favorites. Please try and bear through it, we think you'll enjoy! This is one of our much longer episodes, but one of the more fun ones that we've recorded. With guests Bob and Juan, this episode was all about the dumb shit we did as kids, mostly stuff...


Episode 9 - Three Guys and a Jar

This is Matt's favorite episode so far. This week on episode 9, founder and CEO of Ass Eaters INC, Sierm (Jimmy) joins the gang again. This episode, the crew talks about what is going on in their lives and a whole lot of random BS. Next episode we will resume the usual format of the poddy. As opposed to having one main topic, the crew talks about a few various things such as eating ass, and Steve's recent time being a background extra on a film set. We also start another recurring segment...


Episode 8 - Dates, Dating, & Deez Nuts

Episode 8 is all about dating experiences and dating apps. We have 2 guests, Rachel and Jimmy (Sierm), and the crew all share their own various dating experiences. The conversation also includes chat about Uber, first kisses, and other weird interactions on dating apps. As of now, we're putting a hold on Balls to the Wall for the next few episodes, and we'll be talking about various topics of our choosing.


Episode 7 - Facebook Pussy

This week, Earl joins the crew for the first time to discuss and rant at times about various aspects of social media. From Xanga to now, we do a general overview of our experiences past and present with various social media accounts. We also introduce a new and recurring segment, tentatively named Fuck Social Media, where we talk about the worst and funniest social media interactions we see.


Episode 6 - In New Home

Episode 6 is mostly about moving out, and a little bit about buying versus renting a place. Dan makes an appearance again, and the gang ends up discussing other hot topics such as chastity belts, and a revolutionary new app idea. Finally, we begin trying out the Balls To The Wall segment to pick next episode's topic. This episode is dedicated to @scottwhite2171.


Episode 5 - Jenkem Chat

In episode 5, Jake joins the crew once again. This week, the gang tries to freestyle an entire episode while continuously drinking and ripping jenkem. This is the outcome. As usual, the conversation ranges from a wide variety of topics such as which local news anchors Matt would bang, bronies, a little bit about ourselves, and the secret to getting into Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom for free.


Episode 4 - Gamer Residue

In episode 4, Matt and Steve are joined by Jake. The crew reminisces and chats about a variety of general video game related topics such as their first games played, to what's popping now, and to what's coming out in the future. As usual, the gang gets side tracked into random tangents such as crusty jizz socks, and gamer cleaner.


Episode 3 - Training Wheels

This week on The INH Show, Matt and Steve ramble about a variety of random car and driving related topics such as their first cars, the tiny dick truck epidemic, and a brief review of a recent car reliability list.