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Veteran talk host, Joel Michalec explores topics from the news that are interesting and entertaining and really just having a damn good time. Tune in and enjoy!

Veteran talk host, Joel Michalec explores topics from the news that are interesting and entertaining and really just having a damn good time. Tune in and enjoy!
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Veteran talk host, Joel Michalec explores topics from the news that are interesting and entertaining and really just having a damn good time. Tune in and enjoy!






Joel Michalec Show #47: PATIENCE! We're Testing!

Joel and Sharen are testing new equipment which they will be using on the road this summer. Luckily, the on-staff wizard/magician, Mr. Tony Richards has tricks and was able to make it sound pretty damn good. Meanwhile, Joel makes a damn-good beef stew, eight telescopes merged to grab a photo of a black hole, Amazon's Alexa is recording more than we thought and why is technology going after everything? We have our first ever everyday heroes and we crown one hell of a Wombat of the Week. Tune...


Joel Michalec Show #46: Customer Service is DEAD!

Service, or at the least, GOOD service is becoming something of the past and we are not sure why. Joel & Sharen discuss a very bad experience with GE Appliances of Delaware that happened recently that unfortunately is a mere reminder that the service industry is going South. Also, who knew that breakfast really is not the most important meal of the day, karma visits a poacher and we crown a new hero on HonorThyHeroes and a new Wombat of the Week! Come on in, the water is great! Like, Follow,...


Joel Michalec Show #45: Teknical Difficulty

Welcome to another Flashback episode and Joel unwraps a great interview with "Cayenne" Chris Conroy regarding his podcast, Teknical Difficulties. It is a great and entertaining podcast that has been on Joel's list for nearly ten years. Also, during this flashback, you meet a few of the other folks from the Behind The Mike days, Lady B and Vida! We also honor a new Hero on Honor Thy Heroes and crown yet another Wombat of the Week. If you cannot get enough of the show, you can now stream it...


Joel Michalec Show #44: What's For Dinner?

How do you know what you are going to have for dinner? Do you plan ahead? Do you figure it out on the fly? Do you try to decipher it on your way home from work? We are trying to figure out the best way to plan so we do not find ourselves struggle every day with the same question. Also, Joel knows how many Chuggas are required before the Choo-Choo and of course, Sharen disagrees. We also celebrate the Cheesesteak and honor a new Hero on Honor Thy Heroes and crown yet another Wombat of the...


Joel Michalec Show #43: Interview w/Craig Shoemaker

Craig Shoemaker is a very funny man. Besides that, he does some great work and is so versatile with his comedy. On this episode, Craig makes his second stop on the network and we learn about what Craig has been up to including the fact that he is a podcaster, which is wayyy cool and his show on XM Radio Channel 82, Untied with Craig Shoemaker. Also, on the program, it's St. Patrick's Day and Sharen has to calm Joel down because he has a real problem that is causing him some high anxiety....


Joel Michalec Show #42: Cruisin' For Life?

Joel & Sharen discuss what many seniors and retirees are thinking about as an alternative to nursing homes. Plus, a Subaru commercial has Joel steaming mad, what exactly is a Wawa for our non Mid-Atlantic listeners, dangers of the Keto diet and why you need to keep your web browsers up to date. Plus, we crown a new Wombat of the Week and we honor another hero with our weekly Honor Thy Heroes segment. All of this plus more on this week's podcast. Be sure and subscribe so you never miss an...


Joel Michalec Show #41: Salsa & Beans

If it is one thing that we prove week after week, it is that there is an endless line of wombats making the news and awaiting their turn on the program...we will accommodate! Besides new ingredients being introduced to salsa, we also discussed how you can prevent colds and flu, a security hiccup by Google (say it isn't so), the MoMo Challenge (or not) and more. Plus, Joel's "Philly" kept falling out of his mouth and a new Wombat of the Week is crowned and we honor a new hero this week....


Joel Michalec Show # 40: Sick and Other Stuff

Conversation this week include service standards in general failing but Walmart seems to be really failing, some things that you thought you knew about the flu...but didn't, Amazon's Alexa (Allison for purposes of this podcast) and why you should dine out at 5:30PM. Also, autonomous cars are going to be an auto insurance game changer, a new Wombat of the Week and we honor another hero in our segment, Honor Thy Heroes. It's a packed podcast so be sure and subscribe! Like, Follow & Share The...


Joel Michalec Show #39: Flashback - Craig Shoemaker

Joel & Sharen stir things up this week by taking a stroll down memory lane. In this special flashback episode, you will hear Joel Michalec's second ever interview on talk radio when he spoke one-on-one with The Lovemaster Craig Shoemaker. Craig is a very funny comedian and if you have heard him, then you already know. If you have not heard him, then this interview will leave you screaming for more! Tune, listen and share the podcast with everyone! Like, Follow & Share The Joel Michalec Show...


Joel Michalec Show #38: We're Pissed!

On this edition of The Joel Michalec Show, laws that are stupid and weird and STILL on the books! Also, another idiot with an agenda says that the 1964 classic, Mary Poppins, is racist and a guy wants to sue his parents for giving birth to him...without his consent to do so. We cannot make this stuff up, Nation. We also crown a new Wombat of the Week and honor a new set of heroes on Honor Thy Heroes. There is a special shout-out to a group in Kansas City and you're gonna like it! Like,...


Joel Michalec Show #37: I Should Be Drinking

Check out the nonsense on this episode of the show where the following are discussed; Grandchildren, adult games, play-do and a serious issue with Pintrest. Also, Joel & Sharen look at phone scams, Instant Pot cooking and prison healthcare issues. Plus another podcast means another Wombat of the Week and we honor Chicago's finest on Honor Thy Heroes and what the hell is with Tik Tok?! TikTok Story - Like, Follow &...


Joel Michalec Show #36: What Women Say

On this podcast, Joel & The Lovely Sharen discuss the movie, GLASS and terrible news of police being stupid and playing stupid, dangerous games. Also, the nine most dangerous words/phrases to come out of a woman's mouth. A school superintendent tries to do right by a student and now faces charges, a man in Florida finds out that you should not mess with what your mama gave you and we honor a fire station full of heroes on Honor Thy Heroes! Like, Follow & Share The Joel Michalec Show on...


Joel Michalec Show #35: There'll Be Chocolate

Hosts Joel & Sharen take on some very interesting health food topics (hint, you'll like these) and are we being watched or contacted from another world? There is a big shout out to an amazing good Samaritan who helped to save a state trooper's life, diction lessons and a brand new Wombat of the Week, or Wombat on the High Seas plus a gathering of heroes this week from Kansas! Tune in with a cup of hot chocolate, we'll provide the entertainment, not the marshmallows. Like, Follow & Share The...


Joel Michalec Show #34

Discussion on this podcast includes history, dating with mentally challenged people, texting, how NOT to take the BirdBox Challenge plus a special Honor Thy Heroes segment. Enjoy the show! Like, Follow & Share The Joel Michalec Show on Facebook Listen to the Joel Michalec Show on one of our Partner Stations: Sunday 11 PM ET on 920 WON: The Apple Friday 6 PM ET on StarFM Radio at Subscribe...


Joel Michalec Show #33: LIVE (Not Really) From New York!

Happy New Year from the Joel Michalec Show! As we begin 2019, we are now being aired on 920 WON: The Apple Sunday 11PM ET. On this episode; Going too far with dill pickles, Amazon's logistics suck, PG&E has some potentially serious issues coming from the Camp Wildfire plus the "Bird Box Challenge" a new triple Wombats of the Week and we honor a new hero with Honor Thy Heroes. It is a full course meal of talk being served up so grab a drink and your utensils and have a seat at the table....


Joel Michalec Show #32: Goodbye 2018

Welcome to the final episode of The Joel Michalec Show for 2018. Joel shares some thoughts about looking back and looking forward. The key is to recognize what you have as a blessing. Everyone wishes for a better new year but what are you really wishing for? Think about that. Discussion also about a local resident who started a Facebook group to vent and start a conversation about bad drivers in his community. Will that help bring awareness? What, then, becomes the next step? There is also a...


Joel Michalec Show EXTRA: Yes, Virginia!

The Joel Michalec Show Presents: Yes, Virginia! There is a Santa Claus. On September 21, 1897, a letter to the editor appeared in The Sun. 8 year-old Virginia O'Hanlon asked the editor to tell her the truth about Santa and it has since become one of the most famous letters in popular culture. Our version features Tarah Sigafuse as Virginia O'Hanlon and Joel Michalec portraying the Editor. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


Joel Michalec Show #31: With Guest Zac Fuller

On Christmas Eve, "A Classic Radio Christmas" will air for twelve hours on 920 WON: The Apple. The host of that show, Zac Fuller, stops by the podcast to share about the show and some background such as, how long did it take to put together a 12 hour program? Also featured a new Christmas track by independent singer/songwriter Michael Clineff. The song is entitled "Celebrate Christmas". You can visit Michael on Reverb Nation for more. Our Wombat of the Week, PETA, would like us to change how...


Joel Michalec Show #30: Christmas Under Attack

Christmas is a favorite and festive holiday shared by millions of people around the globe. This year, it is coming under attack from many angles by a small contingent of people. Suddenly, sixty-plus year old Christmas carols, forty-plus year old Christmas shows, candy, colors and even Santa Claus himself seems to be offended the easily offended. We take a look at some of these attacks, but rest assured, we are still celebrating this most festive holiday and not paying attention to the...


Joel Michalec Show #29: With Guest Rob Weiner

Popular culture is one of our favorite topics of discussion. Luckily for us, we are good friends with Popular Culture Librarian, Rob Weiner and Rob spent some time with our host to discuss reboots and remakes at the movies. Find out what his opinion on the matter is; are they okay or is Hollywood out of ideas? Also, we discuss the convenience chain, Wawa and an interesting survey and we have a new Wombat of the Week and we are honoring a new hero plus so much more. Tune in and enjoy! Like,...