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Veteran talk host, Joel Michalec explores topics from the news that are interesting and entertaining and really just having a damn good time. Tune in and enjoy!

Veteran talk host, Joel Michalec explores topics from the news that are interesting and entertaining and really just having a damn good time. Tune in and enjoy!
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Veteran talk host, Joel Michalec explores topics from the news that are interesting and entertaining and really just having a damn good time. Tune in and enjoy!






Joel Michalec Show #34

Discussion on this podcast includes history, dating with mentally challenged people, texting, how NOT to take the BirdBox Challenge plus a special Honor Thy Heroes segment. Enjoy the show! Like, Follow & Share The Joel Michalec Show on Facebook Listen to the Joel Michalec Show on one of our Partner Stations: Sunday 11 PM ET on 920 WON: The Apple Friday 6 PM ET on StarFM Radio at Subscribe...


Joel Michalec Show #33: LIVE (Not Really) From New York!

Happy New Year from the Joel Michalec Show! As we begin 2019, we are now being aired on 920 WON: The Apple Sunday 11PM ET. On this episode; Going too far with dill pickles, Amazon's logistics suck, PG&E has some potentially serious issues coming from the Camp Wildfire plus the "Bird Box Challenge" a new triple Wombats of the Week and we honor a new hero with Honor Thy Heroes. It is a full course meal of talk being served up so grab a drink and your utensils and have a seat at the table....


Joel Michalec Show #32: Goodbye 2018

Welcome to the final episode of The Joel Michalec Show for 2018. Joel shares some thoughts about looking back and looking forward. The key is to recognize what you have as a blessing. Everyone wishes for a better new year but what are you really wishing for? Think about that. Discussion also about a local resident who started a Facebook group to vent and start a conversation about bad drivers in his community. Will that help bring awareness? What, then, becomes the next step? There is also a...


Joel Michalec Show EXTRA: Yes, Virginia!

The Joel Michalec Show Presents: Yes, Virginia! There is a Santa Claus. On September 21, 1897, a letter to the editor appeared in The Sun. 8 year-old Virginia O'Hanlon asked the editor to tell her the truth about Santa and it has since become one of the most famous letters in popular culture. Our version features Tarah Sigafuse as Virginia O'Hanlon and Joel Michalec portraying the Editor. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


Joel Michalec Show #31: With Guest Zac Fuller

On Christmas Eve, "A Classic Radio Christmas" will air for twelve hours on 920 WON: The Apple. The host of that show, Zac Fuller, stops by the podcast to share about the show and some background such as, how long did it take to put together a 12 hour program? Also featured a new Christmas track by independent singer/songwriter Michael Clineff. The song is entitled "Celebrate Christmas". You can visit Michael on Reverb Nation for more. Our Wombat of the Week, PETA, would like us to change how...


Joel Michalec Show #30: Christmas Under Attack

Christmas is a favorite and festive holiday shared by millions of people around the globe. This year, it is coming under attack from many angles by a small contingent of people. Suddenly, sixty-plus year old Christmas carols, forty-plus year old Christmas shows, candy, colors and even Santa Claus himself seems to be offended the easily offended. We take a look at some of these attacks, but rest assured, we are still celebrating this most festive holiday and not paying attention to the...


Joel Michalec Show #29: With Guest Rob Weiner

Popular culture is one of our favorite topics of discussion. Luckily for us, we are good friends with Popular Culture Librarian, Rob Weiner and Rob spent some time with our host to discuss reboots and remakes at the movies. Find out what his opinion on the matter is; are they okay or is Hollywood out of ideas? Also, we discuss the convenience chain, Wawa and an interesting survey and we have a new Wombat of the Week and we are honoring a new hero plus so much more. Tune in and enjoy! Like,...


Joel Michalec Show #28: Let's Give Thanks

One of life's more important aspects is family. Tonight we explore how family ties are affected and what tears them apart. We also look at a man who is giving not only to his community, but to communities in all fifty states. Meet Rodney Smith Jr. and learn about his four week journey through the holiday season. Joel also talks about Netflix's new Christmas movie, how drivers continue to stretch his last nerve and a Wombat of the Week that is more of a love story. Plus we honor a new Hero...


Joel Michalec Show #27: Go Fund This!

Can we trust services such as GoFundMe in the aftermath of the recent scam involving three people in New Jersey? This week we discuss that plus a new study that shows fecal matter being sucked in and shot out of bathroom hand dryers. With that in mind, it is also Thanksgiving week so the show shares some concerns of the USDA regarding the preparation and handling of turkey plus a real BIG Wombat of the Week story and we are honor many heroes this week on the program. Like, Follow & Share The...


Joel Michalec Show S2E4: Chick Chat?

Great shows begin with great people and on this episode, the Lovely Sharen (Chick Chat) stopped by for a visit. So much to discuss and so little time so topics covered included the Farmer's Almanac, the new motion picture "Bohemian Rhapsody", a deceased brothel owner wins a legislative seat in Nevada proving the Democrats are in real trouble. Plus a Wombat of the Week that will make the male listeners squirm and a special hero this week honored for his bravery and ultimate sacrifice. There...


Joel Michalec Show S2E3: No Passing Zones

There is a real problem with the way people behave while driving lately. We've discussed this issue many times, but this past week we have seen 5 children killed in three days waiting on school buses. The very simple routine of going to school has become deadly. Joel Michalec takes a hard stance on these drivers and more needs to be done. Also, on the podcast, who not to blame when sending nude photos of yourself to your students, why you might be justified decorating early for Christmas and...


Joel Michalec Show S2E2: With Guest Barry Slinker

For twenty years, Barry Slinker has been broadcasting Old-Time Radio (OTR) programs on his Internet station, Old Time Radio USA. Barry shares his story of his love for OTR, how he started with Internet broadcasting and what the future holds. His networks are broadcasting the very best of OTR 24/7/365 at Also, trying to eradicate spiders with a blowtorch can get your house burned down and earn you a spot on the weekly feature Wombat of the Week plus we honor a...


Joel Michalec Show S2E1: With Guest Brock LaRobb

Something spooky lurks on The Joel Michalec Show and it is not just our guest, Brock LaRobb! Brock is a very interesting soul. He writes, lectures, watches life and comments on it all. He accepts all challenges for insightful conversation and tonight, he took aim at the excellence of classic horror cinema and the birth of science fiction as we know it today. Also on the show, an unbelievable Wombat of the Week plus our on-air debut of Honor Thy Heroes with a police officer who is not afraid...


Joel Michalec Show S1E21: The Broken Road

Welcome to the Joel Michalec Show! Topics included in this podcast include, but not limited to, roads in need of repair very badly and there needs to be more focus on infrastructure. Robot bartenders? Not sure about that one. Also, researchers are looking at crabs for the plastic of tomorrow, Joel has a double Wombat of the Week and lots more. So tune in and feel free to download the podcast or sign up for the feed.


Joel Michalec Show S1E20: Madness Ensues

Join host Joel Michalec while he talks about Big Brother 20, fatalities on Delaware's roads in the month of June and how the OHS and AAA are getting involved. There is also a small victory in the world of big Pharma as the FDA has put drug makers on notice that they are coming after them regarding "rigged" patent stacking. Then, Joel discusses a daycare at home provider who is getting away with attempted murder, but why? Plus there is a double whammy Wombat of the Week! Tune in plus download...


Joel Michalec Show S1E19: These Are Days!

Welcome to The Joel Michalec Show! On this episode, your host, Joel Michalec, reaches through the grab bag to discuss such topics as the news of drug maker Pfizer increasing their pricing on hundreds of medications for the second time in 2018 and the fact that this is usual practice for drug companies. Also, some shared thoughts about Big Brother 20, people who dump trash on the side of the road, people quitting their jobs (yeah, that is on the rise) and of course the Wombat of the Week....


Joel Michalec Show S1E18: Let's Stop Diabetes!

Host Joel Michalec takes aim at the three pharmaceutical companies who make all of the Insulin and the cost of these drugs, as well as others in the treatment of diabetes. From one diabetic to many, Joel focuses some well-deserved anger over the pricing and how he is coping with new ideas for drug affordability. Later, a look at the Wombat of the Week, which actually breeds TWO wombats in one story. Tunes in to learn more! Sources/Links: Stop Diabetes! -


Joel Michalec Show S1E17: Pick Up Your Trash!

Host Joel Michalec talks about some interesting celebrations in June, the news and also takes on the subject of pollution; on land but more importantly (maybe) in the ocean. Plus, last week's Wombat of the Week runner up takes the front seat this week. Tune in and enjoy the show!


Joel Michalec Show S1E16: I Gotta Be Me

Join Joel Michalec for a completely unscripted and awesome experience that spans fun, technology, news notes and a special Memorial Day lesson. Also, Wombat of the Week, which is a real hum-dinger (is that even a word?). Tune in and have a blast!


Joel Michalec Show S1E15: Stop The Hate!

Join host Joel Michalec as he discusses tragic news of the week from the school shooting in Texas to the volcanic eruption on Hawaii's Big Island plus thoughts on Facebook, social media and email. We also have a Wombat of the Week! Tune in and have a listen.