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Episode 14 – A Very Rude Sh*tpost (with The Boyos Shindig)

On the very fourteenth episode of TJABLNS, our mate Sam comes on with Gabe and we subsequently have the entirety of the comedy group, The Boyos Shindig on the podcast. We look at each other’s eyes for a bit, talk about the times we were bullied as young’uns, talk about The Biggest Loser and then just talk about horrible things for another 25 minutes. Have fun!? Recorded on 4th March, posted on 21th May. An Old Episode FINALLY being released. Number 3 of 3.


Episode 13 – “…this Long Ass Bleep of a Podcast”

On the very thirteenth episode of TJABLNS, the boys (and Gabe) are joined by their good friend and fellow theatre nerd; Jaycob. Jaycob tries to get the c-bomb into the podcast and Gabe has a good complain about our discussion topics. We also attempt to discuss the state of the Arts Industry as we see it and see how much of a psychopath we all are. Email us @ Recorded on 25th February, posted on 2nd May. An Old Episode FINALLY being released. Number 2...


Episode 12 – Gun Laws and Religion

On the very twelfth episode of TJABLNS, the boys are joined again by Gabe and we have a good chat about gun laws in America, the logical logistics of Wall-E and discuss the morale, intellectual and theological facets of religion in our modern world. Email us @ Recorded on 12th February, posted on 30th April. An Old Episode FINALLY being released. Number 1 of 3.



on the very fourteenth-and-a-half episode, we're back for five minutes to say something important. email us at ! {don't sneeze while driving}


Episode 10 - The Last Jedi (feat Gabe)

on the very tenth episode of TJABLNS, Gabe joins us and we talk about Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi for an hour. Yep. That's it. (Mega spoilers here.) {contains sex references and swears}


Episode 9 – 2018: Year of the TJABLNS

On the very ninth episode of TJABLNS, we talk about the New Year to come and the old year that has gone. (complete with flashbacks!!) We talk about 2018 TJABLNS, we both reflect on our own times in high school and give a call to action. Thanks for everyone who has listened in 2017, here’s to another year of us talking into a microphone! {contains sex references and swears}.


Episode 8 – The Graduation Episode (feat. Gabe)

On the very eighth episode of TJABLNS, Gabe is back and is more annoying than ever. We talk about our plans for the podcast and have a long discussion about the end of school, the start of life and/or university. There are some fun editing shenanigans in this ep too! PLUS we do our first Phone Call live on air. Congratulations to all school graduates! Listen to our podcast and have your life CHANGED. Free life advice! Don’t sneeze while driving. [contains sex references and swears]


Episode 7 – OMG Another Special Guest (with Harry Paroz)

On the very seventh episode of TJABNS, our good friend and artist and fellow podcaster from The Maybe Pile; Harry Paroz, comes in and we have lots of discussions about where life is taking us, who and what we’re grateful for and how much we love ourselves. (Classic). We play Two Truths, One Fake News there too, it’s good! ALSO there is a very special character bit at the end (stick around). ALSO we break the form in a moment here, how very meta. Don’t sneeze while driving. [contains sex...


Episode 6 – Our First Live Show! (with Mark)

in the very sixth episode of The Josh and Blake Late Night Show, our good mate Mark comes in for a long chat about all the hot topics of Australian politics, the meaning of life and consciousness and a bit of general banter. we had a live audience on this episode – how exciting! the episode is also ninety minutes long, but please don’t be scared. don’t sneeze while driving. [[contains sex references and swears]]


Episode 5 - Hello Thailand

in the very fifth episode of TJABLNS, we’re fresh and excited for the future of the podcast! we talk about our investment in another year of TJABLNS, say hey to our Thai listeners, list our top 10 dads, play our new game; Two Truths, One Fake News, and talk about Whiplash. enjoy. don’t sneeze while driving. (contains sex references and swears).


Episode 4.5 - Sleeptalking [BONUS EPISODE]

in the very fourth-and-a-half episode of JABLNS, Gabe comes back (what), Blake offers people shortbread, we talk about boxing, the Australian political spectrum, the morality of comedy and everyone’s week. we were tired while recording. we need sleep. don’t sneeze while driving. {contains sex references and swears}.


Episode 4 - The Last Episode Ever??

on the very fourth episode ever of TJABLNS(recorded over two weeks ago), the boys get meta about podcasting, they muse existentially, realise that they’re pretty tired and they ask for $5 from everyone (please)(but not really)(we're sorry the episode is late). don't sneeze while driving.


Episode 3 - Meme Sirens and Love Questions

in the very third episode of TJABLNS, the boys talk about Pauline Hanson and The Incredibles, they read each other’s horoscopes and attempt to make themselves fall in love with each other. Don’t sneeze while driving. [contains sex references and swears].


Episode 2.5 - Thirteen Plebiscites Why [BONUS EPISODE]

in the the special-secret-bonus episode of TJABLNS, our mate Gabe comes back and we talk about the Marriage Equality Postal Survey and the hotly-disputed Netflix original; Thirteen Reasons Why. there is also a character bit, a plea from Gabe to get him back on the show, and more semi-poo related conversation. don't sneeze while driving. (contains sex references and swears).


Episode 2 - Hindenburg

in the very second episode of The Josh and Blake Late Night Show, we talk about North Korea, Good Will Hunting, the dreams we had last night and a classic shop that everyone knows. we also have theme songs and sound effects now, which is astonishing. don't sneeze while driving. [[contains sex references and swears]]


Episode 1.5 - Co-Pilot [BONUS EPISODE]

in the very first-and-a-half episode of The Josh and Blake Late Night Show, our good mate Gabe comes in from the lounge room and joins us for a chat about poop and plebiscites, a character bit and general banter. don't sneeze while driving. [[contains sex references and swears]]


Episode 1 - Pilot

on the first ever episode of The Josh and Blake Late Night Show, Josh and Blake introduce themselves, attempt to explain the point of the podcast, talk about a nine year old astronaut, play Guess That Sound and analyse Nolan's cinematic opus; Inception. enjoy. don't sneeze while driving. [[contains swears and sex references]]