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Hot nerd on nerd action as hosts Ka1iban and Mikanhana bring you news, reviews and issues from the world of geeky entertainment! Film, TV, music, comics and gaming are our business and Biz. Ness. Is. GOOOD.

Hot nerd on nerd action as hosts Ka1iban and Mikanhana bring you news, reviews and issues from the world of geeky entertainment! Film, TV, music, comics and gaming are our business and Biz. Ness. Is. GOOOD.
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Hot nerd on nerd action as hosts Ka1iban and Mikanhana bring you news, reviews and issues from the world of geeky entertainment! Film, TV, music, comics and gaming are our business and Biz. Ness. Is. GOOOD.






The Merry Marvel Watchin' Society Phase 3

This is it! The big thing before the next big thing! We're in the final phase of our recap of every phase of the MCU with Phase 3! Join us for a look at the weird, wild final installment (to date) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Come for the avengin', stay for the eerie Return of the Jedi parallels! Plus, Mika provides serenity through Avengers Haiku, and we've got our increasingly esoteric Blue Laser Count! These will be long shows but look at it this way: you *could* listen to some yokel...


The Merry Marvel Watchin' Society Phase 2

The march continues as we enter Phase 2 of our Marvel Cinematic Universe rewatch! Join us for a look at the Empire Strikes Back era of Marvel films, where each entry is better than the last! Well, until Age of Ultron, I suppose. We bring you all the heroes, villains, MacGuffins, and Stan Lee cameos ad we cover the middle chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, plus, Mika keeps dunking on Avengers Haiku, and we've got our ongoing Blue Laser Count! These will be long shows but look at it...


The Merry Marvel Watchin' Society Phase 1

Even Rex Manning is running scared this week as we prepare for the coming of the Mad Titan by reviewing every single Marvel Cinematic Universe film to date! This week, we begin with a series of beginnings, talking through the six films of Marvel's Phase 1! Along the way, we look at the introductions of the characters who would become the Avengers as they debut in their own film series, looking at the hiccups of the early movies as well as the amazing amount of things they got right. Plus,...


Ghostin' the Feast

We come for the king this week as we talk about the work of "Best" director Guillermo del Toro and give a review of Crimson Peak! Plus, we bring you the nerd news (as uze), give a wrap up of Minicon 53, announce our Avenger Initiative, and take stock of the modern horror film. En Esperanto, ĝui la spektaklon!! Follow the path to Infinity War with us on Facebook and Twitter! Check out some streaming action on...


Simon Love

We come in on little cat's feet this week as Kaliban and Mikanhana bring you all the news that's fit to cast from the world of nerdy entertainment! We talk Black Panther vs. Lara Croft on Camazotz, pitch a Mister Miracle movie, watch Thanos boop Cap's snoot, ask if we've reached "peak superhero", and talk the Avengers: Infinity War trailer! Plus, we head into the Shimmer to talk Annihilation and Alex Garland's lady problems, trade Infinity War theories, and Kal plays Mephisto's advocate!...


Black Panther PARTY!

We've got a review of Black Panther and a look at some Black Panther comics!


249: Project New Book

Push the old year down the stairs with us as we celebrate the coming of 2018 with a look at our favorite films, shows, and comics of 2017! Then, take a trip with us back to The Year 2000(tm) as we ask Y2K? with I Die At Midnight for Comic Book Club! Plus, we announce an exciting new chapter for the Just Enough Trope podcast, and Kaliban tells us not to worry about aliens! They're probably super chill! Rot in Hell, 2017! Pick up I Die At Midnight on Amazon! Resolve to...


248: Christmas in the Trenches

Get HOLLIED this Yuletide season as we gift you a show that has a ton of holiday cheer but could use some more Christmas cookies! We take a look at Twice Upon a Time, the Doctor Who Christmas Special, featuring the debut of Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor! Plus, it's an O'Henry-esque exchange of reviews for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Big Mouth! Then, we put the star on the tree with our take on the Trencher Xmas Bites Holiday Blow-Out for Comic Book Club! No receipt! Hope it fits!...


247: Rebel A Salt

Star Wars: The Last Jedi. And Marvel's Doctor Aphra. That's it. Get Doctor Aphra on Amazon! Train in the Force with us on Facebook and Twitter! Check out some streaming action on Twitch and YouTube! Buy us some porg meat on Patreon! George...


246: Yancy Street is GONE

It's the end of the world as we know it and we are freaking out as we collide with Secret Wars (2015) for this week's Comic Book Club! Plus, we cover stories about Welcome to Night Vale, the animated Spider-Man movie, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Alita: Battle Angel, The Witcher, and more! And on the way, we talk the magic of Jim Shooter, losing Secret Wars toy accessories, pitch a Thor Corps procedural, contemplate the passion of Doom, and Kal makes a Desperado reference! In the game...


245: Overtly Textual

This week, we go to war with Grant Morrison's trippy, time-twisted tale of the Seven Soldiers! Plus, news of the nerd and a look at the Avengers: Infinity War trailer! You can already hear the theme in your head, can't you? Explore the world of the Seven Soldiers on Amazon! Enlist with us on Facebook and Twitter!


244: Short and Sour

Everyone thinks their favorite podcast is evil . . . but what if it's really true? This week, we throw in with Marvel's Runaways and review the comic series and the new Hulu show. Plus, we do the news and talk escapism, the Jemas era of Marvel Comics, and "problematic faves". JET: the show that keeps it in its pants because it's all about respect! And it has no body or pants to speak of. Catch the Runaways on Amazon! Share that Gertrude love with us on Facebook and...


243: Elevenses of Justice

Don't tell the Fine Bros 'cause this week we're REACTING to a mountain of news and trailers, including The Incredibles 2, Rampage, Deadpool 2, and A Wrinkle in Time! Plus, we sound off on the EA loot box controversy, report a story about a shakeup at Marvel, and we pitch a movie where James Franco must save James Franco from James Franco! (yo dawg...) Then, we bring the big reacts to the debut of The Punisher on Netflix, and we've got a review of Justice League! And to wrap it all up, we...


242: Whoops Turkey

Samurais are back (from the dead) this week as we cross swords with the modern classic, Blade of the Immortal! Plus, a review of the new live action Blade of the Immortal movie, directed by Takashi Miike! And we dig into this weeks nerd news, reviewing the 13th Doctor's fashion choices, waving bye-bye as Bendis goes over to DC, and we pitch a Gone Fishin' Kelvin Universe! Why isn't it BLADES of the Immortal, anyway? #noeroguro Pick up Blade of the Immortal: Blood of a Thousand on Amazon!...


241: A Barry Sanders Situation

It's time to rok out with your ragna out as we provide our review of Thor: Ragnarok, a movie so full Led Zeppin', face steppin', laser blastin', and Executioner laughin' machismo, it made Mika grow a full beard! Also, we bring news of the nerd, from Hollywood's crappy year, to a new Twilight Zone, to a Lord of the Rings TV franchise! And, Matthew Kessen stops by to give us the low down on the REAL (mythical) Ragnarok and the beasts that tear the world asunder! Cocktails after! Find out...


240: Ladies Be Castin'

Hop in the baby cart with us this week and ride all the way to Hades as we run with Lone Wolf and Cub! We tear into the manga masterpiece for our weekly Comic Book Club segment and tell you everything, leaving nothing out! (That's from the book...) Plus, a mythical amount of Thor news, Talka Watchiti, a look at Stranger Things season 2, and and learns the word "drag" and then tries to drag The Canon all over town! You mess with my Ghostbusters, you mess with me! No one steps on a church in...


239: The Vertigo Won Out In The End

We get rebellious this week as we review Mike Carey's Lucifer for Comic Book Club! Plus, we talk teaching kids about death with Star Wars, the mystery of spiced apple rings, Kal presents a Phoenix movie theory, Mika tries to remember what happened in Sandman, and we determine "Why Mazikeen?" Hashtag Redbubble! Catch up with us on Facebook and Twitter!


238: The New Spoopy

It's all too scary this week as we bring you the news, look at trailers for Justice League, The Last Jedi, and The New Mutants, and disassemble the New Avengers for Comic Book Club! Catch up with us on Facebook and Twitter!


237: Sexbot Boobie Business

See the whole iceberg this week, as we wrap up 8 Days of (Cyber)Punk with a look at the Dirty Pair for Comic Book Club! Plus, we've got a review of Blade Runner 2049 and an interview with Lyda Morehouse at the same time! An "interreview", if you will. We talk with the LINK Angel series creator about her history with cyberpunk, walking out of the original Blade Runner, the key elements of a cyberpunk world, South Park storytelling, hologram waifus, Gosling as the new Keanu, and being in...


236: Johnny Neuromancer Seed

We get right to it this week, as we go surfin' the Net on our first of two cyberpunk-themed shows, 8 Days of Punk! After reading a little news, we wake up to Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams and we haunt Tokyo Ghost for Comic Book Club! Every time you turn around, you see the show that turns your world around: Just Enough Trope! Pick up Tokyo Ghost on Amazon! Hear live coverage of the new Star Trek: Discovery at Enterprising Individuals!...


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