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Surfing Misconceptions: Red Means Bad Green Means Go

Hey Kooks! Do you only surf when the forecast goes green? Do you skip out on checking the waves if it's red? Well tune in this week, because Coach Chris and Coach Evan talk about one of surfing's biggest misconceptions among beginners and that's in regards to reading the surf forecast.


Surfing Inspirations: The Dudes Who Guide The Groms

This week on KookCast, Coach Evan came up with a great idea for an episode called Surfing Inspirations, where Coach Chris and Coach Evan each introduce and discuss a surfer that inspired them along their surfing journey. Tune in and hear a little bit about the two older surfers, Mike Edwards and Mike Etersque, who were there to guide, support, and inspire your two favorite surf coaches during their grom years. A lot is owed to those two surfing inspirations.


Fundamental Fails: Setting Your Rail

Hey Kooks, this week on the KookCast Coach Chris and Coach Evan begin a new series of episodes called, Fundamental Fails. In this episode, they discuss the outcomes and situations that ensue when you improperly set, or fail to set your rail. It seems to us that many people think that surfing is all about riding waves. But without knowing and practicing your surfing fundamentals, you'll have a tough time riding many waves! Enjoy your weekly does of surf education with your favorite surf...


Surf Travel: Do's and Don'ts feat. Matty Liot

Coach Chris and Coach Evan had the pleasure of sitting down with veteran traveler, Matty Liot from the husband and wife team that began driving from NY and so far have made it all the way to Peru surfing along the way. Tune in with us as Matty tells some great stories from his experiences that'll help us all become better traveling surfers. Make sure to follow them out on instagram (@down_theline) and check out their blog.


Surfing Misconceptions: How to Pop Up

Anyone ever advise you while learning to surf to make sure your pop up is fast and explosive? We hear it all the time, and Coach Chris and Coach Evan can't help but disagree. While there's a time and a place in surfing (mostly during steep critical takeoffs) for a quick and agile pop up, beginners who are surfing small waves should keep their focus centered on keeping control and creating drive during takeoff, instead of just popping up fast.


3 Kooky Things You Can Easily Stop Doing

Welcome to another episode of KookCast! This week, Coach Chris and Coach Evan discuss 3 kooky things surfers can easily stop doing. There are many things that will qualify even the best of us a kook...these three topics are easily fixed with just a little effort. It may be that none of these things deem you unqualified to surf, but wouldn't you rather be enlightened to the less kooky codes of conduct? Of course you would! Enjoy, yew!


No Paddle Takeoff feat. Stevie White

Reporting from the beach! In this episode, Coach Chris sits down with Stevie White to laugh, cry, and receive some surf wisdom from a most diligent surfer. He doesn't like to brag, so I'll do it for him--Stevie White is a master of the "no paddle takeoff". But how can you catch a wave without paddling? Tune in and listen as Stevie talks about it and drops a few subtle, but massive points throughout the show about how to continue to improve your surfing and maybe one day accomplish the "no...


3 Surf Etiquette Rules You Should Know

Hey Kooks ! Tune in this week as Coach Chris and Coach Evan chill at their favorite hilltop to discuss 3 surf etiquette rules you should definitely know, and maybe a story or two about how we learned these things the hard way. If you're a new surfer--hell, if you're an experienced surfer you're going to loose your marbles when you hear these tales how about we've KOOKED it and learned to be better surfers the hard way.


Surfing Saves feat. Dalton Portella

This week on KookCast, I sit down with fellow surfer & master artist Dalton Portella to hear about his surfing journey from the time he started at 13, til now at 60. Enjoy this down to earth & honest discussion, & if you're wise learn a few valuable lessons by listening to Dalton's honest reflections how he learned these lessons the hard way. Be sure to check on the link below to see some of Dalton's epic...


The Brown Fox Fails to Flee the Sea Wolf feat. Coach Evan

This week on the KookCast I'm introducing my friend and partner in surf education, the brown fox Coach Evan. With a lifetime of experience in the ocean, and supported by a family that grooms their young ones to be competent water people, there's no shortage of comedy, education, and loving sentiment in Coach Evan's history. Tune in and get to know a little more about the toughest surf coach you'll ever have the pleasure of progressing with.


When Legends Speak, Kooks Should Listen feat. Tony Caramanico

This week on the KookCast I had the honor of sitting down with surf legend, Tony Caramanico. When you fall in love with something like surfing, simply "doing it" is not want to know everything about it. The history, evolution, important figures, especially the little behind the scene info you never get from the surf mags or other industry contributors. That's why I asked Tony to talk to me personally. And when legends speak, kooks should listen. Tune in and learn heaps. yew!


Committed to the Kook Life ! feat. Jules Sheehan

This week on the Kookcast I had Jules Sheehan on the show. Without a doubt the most dedicated and committed beginner surfer I've ever met. Of course, when you surf everyday and you're accident prone, you're bound to catch a few injuries per year. Tune in and learn more about how Jules somehow finds herself in the midst of chaos and calamity a little more often than chance should allow, and if you see her in the lineup let her know you're a fellow kook with a friendly hoot (yeww!) from a safe...


Surf for Life feat. Jim Wandzilak

My favorite kind of surfer is the kind that never stops. That's why I asked veteran surfer, Jim Wandzilak to come on the show and talk with me about surfing into your 60s and beyond. He shared some of his advice on how to surf for life, and he doesn't care if his solutions appear kooky or not. You know what I think, right? I'm going to take his advice and make sure I'm still surfing when I'm 60. Thanks for the tips, Jim! yew!


Learn to Surf! with Julien Raguzzi

This week on the KookCast I tried something new and video recorded the entire episode at Georges Lighthouse Cafe in Montauk, NY. I was joined by my guest and new friend Julien Raguzzi to talk about learning to surf. Julien is a brand new surfer, and came to work with me the other day to gain a little guidance on what he should be trying to work on while teaching himself to surf. Passionate, powerful, and studious, Julien was the perfect student, and KookCast guest. yew!


Sorry Slater ! feat. Liam Tracy

You know when you accidentally find yourself at a World Surf League party in NYC, spend time chatting with the top 34 surfers in the world, and spill your beer all over Kelly Slater? No? Well then you should listen to Liam tell his version of that exact situation, and how he managed to stay friends with the best surfers in the world despite his kooky behavior. This is the KookCast...enjoy, yew !


Surf School is in Session feat. Mike & Mike from Locals Surf School

Welcome to another episode of the "Kookcast". Tune in while I visit the aptly named "kook house" just outside of New York City to chat with the two surf instructors that founded Locals Surf School in Rockaway Beach, Mike Reino and Kook Mike, to discuss all kinds of info new surfers crave. From funny stories about students, to funny stories about themselves, we're all just a bunch of kooks trying to learn to surf, so what? Yew! Check out this episode!


Did Ya Get The Shot?! feat. Sascha Mazzucco

How many surfers do you know that every time they surf, they get a killer shot from whatever photographer is standing on the beach? While they're getting all these great shots, poor ol Sascha is just trying to get one decent shot of himself, just once in his life, but to no avail. His hilarious stories about seeking photo validity leads to an important conclusion about why he started surfing in the first place. Ya live & ya learn, yew !


Trump Don't Surf! feat. Tyler Allen

It's not easy being the president of the United States. With so many world problems to solve it leaves little time for surfing among other things. That's why in this episode of the KookCast I'm fortunate enough to get a couple minutes of Donald's time to talk about surfing, his wave pool (which is obviously better than Slater's), and scoring massive Cloudbreak without anyone noticing he isn't at home in The White House. Oh yea, and I get to speak with Tyler Allen too. Enjoy episode 5, yew!


DING DING DING: You're a Kook! feat. Erik Schwab

As The KookCast goes, episode 2 comes after episode. 3. Anyone still wondering what a kook is? It's a host that miscounts his episodes. In this episode I sat down with teacher and surfer Erik Schwab to talk about surfboard mishaps, Hawaiian surf trips, stinky wetsuits, & much more. Enjoy listening to everyones friend, Erik Schwab who keeps it humble, lighthearted, & obviously--kooky. If you see him in the line up, make sure you let him know you're a fellow kook by belting out a hoot his way...


Mind Your Leash Kook! feat. Dr. Travis Koke

In this episode I sit down with good friend & great human, Dr. Travis Koke, a practicing physician & surfer to share a few great tales. We kick it off with how he learned the hard way to mind your leash when you walk—especially if you’re not walking, but running with it attached to your ankle. Also in discussion, big waves, almost dying, & did I actually say I’m attracted to men who ride big waves? Hah, there must have been a better way to say that. Geez, this podcasting thing is hard, but...