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Join three friends as we discuss the history, mystery, and theory of all things questionable, odd, and eerie. Sit down every Thursday for a story presented by one of the hosts. Everyone has something they find strange, let us tell you why it’s not.

Join three friends as we discuss the history, mystery, and theory of all things questionable, odd, and eerie. Sit down every Thursday for a story presented by one of the hosts. Everyone has something they find strange, let us tell you why it’s not.
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Join three friends as we discuss the history, mystery, and theory of all things questionable, odd, and eerie. Sit down every Thursday for a story presented by one of the hosts. Everyone has something they find strange, let us tell you why it’s not.




Episode 16: The Most Conspiring Place On Earth

Hello, Lovelies! We have our first guest this week! Rebecca's brother, Nick (a.k.a. Thor), joins the Ladies as Ashley informs us on all the conspiracy theories surrounding the most magical place on earth, Disney! Was Walt a Free Mason? Are there real skulls on the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride? Do all the Pixar movies take place in the same universe? Join us as Tiffany proudly displays her My Little Mermaid VHS tape for everyone to see (yes, THAT one). This week's drink break is brought to...


Episode 15: They Stick What Where?!

Hello, lovelies! This week, Rebecca presents to the Ladies the father of the transorbital lobotomy, Dr. Walter Jackson Freeman II. We learn everything from him learning about a new procedure that was initially called a “Leucotomy” to what an osteoclast is. The Ladies have a lot of feelings as we dive into the early world of how mental health was treated. And I mean A LOT of feelings. So pour a glass of wine as we dive into this subject that leaves all of us uncomfortable. For information...


Episode 14: The Heart Wants Oreos

Hello, lovelies! Ever wonder if your cells could carry memories? What if you become an organ donor? What if you become a recipient to a donated organ? Can your memories be transferred? This week, Tiffany decides to cover this sciency subject, organ memory! (she’s not going crazy, we checked her temperature just to be sure) She shares a few stories about people gaining memories after receiving a donated organ that leaves the ladies wondering could this actually happen. Weird? Very. Have...


Episode 13: Sultans and Head Counts

Hello, lovelies! Have you ever heard of the Gardette-Lepretre house in New Orleans? Well, neither did we until Ashley decided to share the story of this house after she walked by during a trip and got not great vibes from it. This story has sultans, parties, and suspicious activity that ends as all true crime stories do. This week’s drink break is brought to you by SHWYPN!


Episode 12: An Ogre, a Giant Cat, and Tiny Santas

Happy Holidays, Lovelies! We hope you're having a wonderful Holiday Season! This week, Rebecca shares some Icelandic Folklore that evolved into Christmas stories over time with the Ladies. We talk about an ugly witch ogre (named Gryla), a giant cat that peeps into houses (called the Yule Cat), and thirteen tiny Santa Clauses (known as the Yule Lads) as Tiffany and Ashley learn that Christmas can be questionable, odd, and eerie too. Join as as we talk about some of our favorite holiday...


Episode 11: Wormholes and Plot Holes

Hello, lovelies! This week, Tiffany presents her first conspiracy theory (and it's a doozy). Time travel? Check. Wormholes? Check. Space travel? Check. United States Government? Check. Which conspiracy theory is this? The Philadelphia Experiment! Join us as our heads spin, Rebecca tries to explain bridges, and Ashley contemplates screening Tiffany's subjects before recording. This episode's drink break is brought to you by the hosts of the Conspiranalysis Podcast! Make sure to check them...


Episode 10: Murder Castles and Fancy Mustaches

Hello, Lovelies! This week Ashley shares the story of the notorious H.H. Holmes with the ladies! Ever wondered what he was like growing up as a kid, how he used life insurance policies to his advantage, and how he managed to create a hotel dedicated to making people mysteriously go missing? Join us as Ashley fills the ladies in on the history of H.H. Holmes and our thoughts on his building which sounded like a deadly game of Chutes and Ladders. Keep it strange, Lovelies! This week's drink...


Episode 9: The O Word

Hello, Lovelies! In a strange twist, Rebecca decided to present a paranormal story to the Ladies. Ever wonder how the Ouija works? Ever wonder how the Ouija really (like, scientifically) works? Well, luckily for you, and unluckily for Tiffany, Rebecca is presenting everything from the history, science, rules, warnings, and, best of all, stories of the Ouija! Join us as we talk about the notorious, future-telling piece of wood while Tiffany clutches her sage bundle for dear life and makes...


Episode 8: Frozen Dead Guys and Pardoned Turkeys

Hello, lovelies! Today, Tiffany takes the Ladies on a tour of strange festivals and traditions in the United States. First, she excitedly informs the ladies on the history and festivities surrounding Frozen Dead Guy Days in Colorado, including some of the actives, such a human foosball and various beard competitions. Second, she dives into the history of the tradition of a turkey being pardoned every Thanksgiving by the President of the United States. Join us as we talk about what Tiffany...


Episode 7: No Sleep for the Wicked

Hello, lovelies! This week, Ashley decides it's a good idea to teach the Ladies about sleep paralysis! We not only discuss what sleep paralysis is, the science behind sleep and the various stages of the sleep cycle, but, our favorite part, the stories. Join us as Ashley terrifies the ladies, Tiffany makes awkward noises because she's uncomfortable, and Rebecca drinks more than usual. This week's drink refill is brought to you by the lovely ladies of Wine and Crime! Like our podcast? We...


Episode 6: Cat Facts with Rebecca

Hello, lovelies! While researching the magical history of cats and how they have served as witches companions for millennia, Rebecca discovered that, not only is there quite a bit of history about cats, but that they've been by mankind's side since the fertile crescent. In this episode, we discuss Egypt's obsession with cats, what happened to cats during the Dark Ages, why some companies in the 1800's refused to set sail without their ship's cat on board, and, finally, witches and their...


Episode 5: Father, Son, and Holy Ship

This week it's Tiffany's turn again and she has decided to teach the Ladies all about Heaven's Gate. A year ago, after stumbling across this notorious group while researching mommy blogs (yeah, we don't understand how that happened either), Heaven's Gate quickly became one of Tiffany's favorite cults. Join us as we learn about Do and Tee, Hale-Bopp, that there's an evolutionary level above humans, and that Tiffany sometimes marks in her notes where to pause for laughter.


Episode 4: All Hallows' Eve

Happy Halloween, lovelies! Ever wonder about the origins of Halloween? Where the Jack-O-Lantern came from? Or why we go to stranger’s doors and ask for candy like it’s a totally normal thing to do? Join us as Ashley takes Halloween from cradle to grave and tells us the history, mystery, and theory behind our favorite holiday of the year!


Episode 3: Small but Mighty

In Rebecca's first episode, she introduces Ashley and Tiffany to Dr. James Barry. As they nervously drink wine, the ladies wonder who this doctor is, why he is important, and what all this buggering is about.


Episode 2: The One Where We Sage It Out

This week, Tiffany instructs the ladies on the history and use of sage in preparation for future spooky episodes. Not only do they learn how to properly cleanse their studio of what Tiffany calls "bad joo-joo", the ladies also learn to keep sources of fire away from Rebecca


Episode 1: The Ladies of Strange meet Dr. Kevorkian

In their premiere episode, Ashley presents to the ladies the story of Dr. Kevorkian. When they learn that his nickname is "Dr. Death", the ladies wonder why on earth Ashley is sharing this story with them and if there's any more wine.