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Katherine Boyle – Friday 29th May 2020

Caddick tests Katherine's knowledge, Ken Barlow vs Mike Baldwin, Daniel talks a woman curing herself of HIV?, Paul chats about Solomon Burke and Nigel in Maidstone treats us to a song


Katherine Boyle – Thursday 28th May 2020

Should we stop clapping for carers?, Iain calls in to talk about his day and the current situation, Katherine and Arlene reminisce about Salford, Nigel in Maidstone's hair goes ornage and has a new Miley Cyrus song and Daniel talks discrimination


Katherine Boyle – Wednesday 27th May 2020

Caddick sees someone pooing in the street, Gatford talks Tiger King season 2?, Iain Lee is "Tony Bum"?, What are you looking forward to after lockdown? and Fake Sheila puts oil in her ears


Katherine Boyle – Tuesday 26th May 2020

Jasmin goes to hospital for a broken ear, Katherine chats with radio presenter Ronnie Barbour, Nigel in Maidstone does Mrs Doubtfire and Misty, Katherine teaches Dean how to tweet and The spooky world of Chat Its Fate


Katherine Boyle – Monday 25th May 2020

Sarah's made £5000 from selling her feet pictures?, Daniel wants to use viagra for headaches?, James feels like Dominic Cummings is being given a hard time, June is furious, Katherine's internet goes down and Rob Burnett feels sorry for Dominic Cummings?


Katherine Boyle – Friday 13th March 2020

Alan Caddick's porn mags?, Nigel in Maidstone does more Charlotte Church, Celebrating Ken Barlow, Sonia talks having a diabetic checkup with her eyes and Katherine's producer Alif has a spooky encounter


Katherine Boyle – Friday 21st February 2020

Katherine is angry after Sean has a go at the team, David is angry with the London Elite, Nigel in Maidstone sang with Freddie Starr?, Annie talks receiving love on social media and Nelly is worried for the future as his wife is Polish


Katherine Boyle – Thursday 20th February 2020

Kai's friend has been outed who is on the sex offenders register and needs advice, Kai's friend is in his 60s and Kai is 18, Mark Zuckerberg makes his workers blow dry his pits?, Kai phones back in to clear things up as his call gets people talking, Flipping someone off on your gravestone? and Jasmin talks being sensory deprived


Katherine Boyle – Wednesday 19th February 2020

Katherine's had a horrible day, Nigel in Maidstone delves into his history, Katherine chats with Audrey Gillan who updates us on the Tara and George podcast and her new one about three homeless women, Billy thinks donkeys are weeing on clothes sent to Africa, Fred claims hemp can cure cancer and Kev believes he has a daughter but the mother won't let him see her or get a DNA test


Katherine Boyle – Tuesday 18th February 2020

Katherine's having a builders nightmare, Nigel in Maidstone treats us to a song, Alistair helps Euan who has gone back to drinking, Katherine goes Cilla Black mad and David Babcock needs help with chatting up women so Katherine roleplays with him on a bus


Katherine Boyle – Monday 17th February 2020

Katherine discusses the Caroline Flack situation, Sean from last week gets arsey, Roger has a cup of tea while sleepwalking?, Reunited with a mixtape 25 years later? and Sloop John B asks, do agents play a part in a celebrites downfall?


Katherine Boyle – Monday 27th January 2020

Katherine interviews Mark Searby about all things Rik Mayall and his new book 'Rik Mayall: Comedy Genius', Singhsburys?, Dean talks using cannabis as it helps with his disability, Combining science and positive thinking to achieve your goals? and Mark discusses his parents who had a planned suicide


Katherine Boyle – Friday 24th January 2020

Steven's unrequited love, Pete talks not getting on with his sister, Sending your own mother to hit on your boyfriend?, Rob Burnett's revenge story, Nigel in Maidstone's getting popular, Sam on quitting his job and calling his boss a C, A voice from beyond the grave? and Demons kidnapping your wife?


Katherine Boyle – Thursday 23rd January 2020

Should family always come first?, Alistair talks his family and what could have led to his drinking problem, Being watched by hackers on your security camera?, Damien buys a DNA test for his parents dog, Nigel in Maidstone's dream about his mum and Steven hasn't eaten for 1 and a half days so Katherine buys him a pizza


Katherine Boyle – Friday 15th November 2019

Harrison talks having Aspergers and having a phobia of throwing up, Times when you've had the devil on your shoulder, Pat and Clive have a dance, Shoving 31 magnetic balls up your penis?, The Fox sisters and Eileen doesn't understand what the issue is with Prince Andrew seeing a 17 year old prostitute


Katherine Boyle – Thursday 14th November 2019

Welsh Chris still won't listen, Buttery Clive and Pat return after Pat gets out of prison with Pat's mum running away and Clive's prolapsed anus, Daniel to solve knife crime with an app, My 3 year old son predicted my death? and Nigel in Maidstone sings smile


Katherine Boyle – Friday 9th August 2019

Susan discusses having an outer body experience, Amy talks witnessing a medical miracle on her brother, Chris talks his wife who was diabetic, Nigel in Maidstone's song recorded by Kylie's friends?, Nelly talks being catfished, Barry talks the uncertainty of the future after Brexit and a farting politician shuts down parliament?


Katherine Boyle – Thursday 8th August 2019

What would you say to your younger self?, Roger was a troll?, Steve talks losing family, Trevor talks using humour to get through difficult times, Oliver talks the struggle of coming out as transgender, Vulva facials?, Nigel in Maidstone talks about mum, Pablo talks the issue of gambling and Proposing with a ring on a cow's udder?


Katherine Boyle – Wednesday 7th August 2019

Martin talks Extinction Rebellion protesters blocking traffic, Things you should not Google, Nigel in Maidstone talks pole dancing and sings Barry Manilow, Can you find real friendships online?, Susan's spooky Blackpool visit and Catherine recounts a story of her brother in Pentonville prison who encountered a demon priest?


Katherine Boyle – Tuesday 6th August 2019

Monkey-human hybrids grown in China?, Nigel in Maidstone does Whitney, Andre does Billy Idol, Homeless people in Las Vegas living in slums because of gambling, Having 500 teeth removed from your mouth? and £100 for a wedgie in public?