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#12 WhatSha-Full-Studio!

This month on our HALLOWEEN podcast we had our friends from Tangent! Sorry, you were saying. Podcast Jenni and Sara. We went over our top 5 Horror/Scary movies of all time. We also and an interview segment with Dialin with Denise where she interviewed Rockin Randal. We found out live on the air that we did not win the lottery #Whatshafuck! After a great round of Jerky Bits and our closing segment where we chatted about Jerky's Hole in one golfing we signed off for the month. We are blessed...


#11 Who do you Voodoo.... Donut.....

Live on the show we had Denise from Dialin with Denise! She make a live prank call to Voodoo Donuts in Austin Texas. We also found out what Jerky thought was an embarrassing fact about Katie. We also made Katie take a 90's kid quiz. Finishing with a great round of Jerky bits! As always Like, Share and tell a friend about us! Because without you... we are just talking to ourselves!


#10 The Devil came out of us..... Kinda...

This month on the show we had my grandma's chicken wings before the show. We talked a bit about Aretha and Katie did a quiz. We had some great calls with Dialin with Denise and Jerky bits. Oh yea Jerky remembered how to use the Devil button on the soundboard! Tessa asked for a video that caused Facebook to boot our live feed! As always Help us out by sharing the show as well as liking it and tell a friend about it!


#9 What did they take out of Katie?

Hello friends once again Like and Share if you enjoy the show! This time on the show we started with a pre and post Birthday BBQ. Then on the show Katie dropped a bomb by telling Tessa that less than a week ago she had her appendix removed! So great Dialin with Denise's. Somehow we got onto the top of ghosts and our friend Scott is going to set up a night in the Washoe Club in Virginia City! We Also had a great round of Jerky Bits!


#8 Sceince Schmeince

Today we found out that we are below average in science questions everyone should know! Played a guess that sound game, chatted about Jerky's Trip the Laguna Seca Superbike race and he told the story about making fun of a drunk guy by only speaking in song lyrics. Katie showed us her costume for the upcoming Tipsyland crawl. As always we finished with Jerky Bits and there was some great videos here including a guy shooting his groin on accident! as always Thank you for listening and if you...


#7 The Freudian Tessa

This time we chatted about Jerky and Producer Melissa'a trip to Maui to get Re-Maui'ed also about their trip to see P!nk live in concert. Katie found out about the Disney crawl and frantically tried to figure out how to get the night off. Tessa talked about her friend that has a song on country radio called Feels like cheating by Jennifer Grant, . "Steve" called Denise again to help with her computer in our Dialin with Denise segment. A good time was had by all...


#6 I don't Remember the Potcast at all...

This month on the show, Katie chatted about her Ireland trip, we tried some Tayto chip from Ireland. Jerky smoked/vaped weed for the 1st time and we learned about the benefits of it Dialin with Denise had 3 people call her who instantly regretted it and stay tuned AFTER the show for a special bonus segment! As always Thank you for listening and please share all of our links and spread the word about the show!


#5 we "SAW" That!

This month we played BeanBoozeled Trivia a game where a wrong answers meant a chance of eating a nasty Jelly Belly. We chatted about the UNR final 4 team of 04 and where are they now. Dialin with Denise made an appearance and Jerky and Melissa chatted about recent trips to Disneyland, Universal Studios and Las Vegas where they got to meet Brooks and Dunn With Reba, We finished with Mold News! Make sure you like us on facebook and tell a friend about the show!!


#4 This didn't go as planned....

This show started with some technical difficulties, and a late start but we still had fun! Denise Dials made its debut and we had Katie and all of us try different flavored sodas ending in Ranch Dressing Soda! Yuck.. We also talked Valentines and the olympics


#3 Meet Mrs Caepernick

This month we officially made Katie a member of the show! We had a few voicemail questions phoned in to her. We also talked about Jerky and his case of mistaken identity our Mold New and foil segment were better than ever! Make sure you like us and subscribe!


#2 Stuffed after Christmas,,,

Today we had the awesome Katie sit in with us she proved to us and the whole world she could cut bread...We also talked Christmas and New Years goings on in our houses. We ate some snacks.. Good times we has by all Make sure you subscribe and like us on Facebook!


#1 Welcome to the Feast!

Our 1st show! Thank you for your listen! We got caught up since last we spoke. Did a few segments not on facebook live! Talked about what to expect from upcoming shows! Please like and share!!