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Local 390 Episode 73 - Player 1and Potpourri

Howdy Folks, got a special episode for you this week... We visit Player 1 Video Game Bar in Lake Buena Vista ( and chat about video games then finish up back at the Hall for some killer beer reviews. Enjoy and Thanks for Listening!


Local 390 Episode 72 - #NOTMYWAFFLE, Tater Proudfoot And IPA Palooza!

What is up faithful followers? Back this week with your maximum dosage of nonsense and tomfoolery! This week we cover… Sleeping habits and best breakfasts Waffle House is screwing up, #notmywaffle What kind of beer pairs with specific styles of food. Ultra Mix gets run through our beer gauntlet and comes out like a champ! A must have double IPA! Noon Whistle is changing the game with their run of Gummy IPA’s. We taste test Sticky Gummy We end up with some gamer talk, message us to get...


Local 390 Episode 71 - Sex, Candy And Bear Lazers

What’s up Everybody? You’re favorite band of beer nerds are back! This week we tackle hard hitting topics like... Dive bars Drinking games We taste test Vape Tricks from Prairie Artisan Ales Sex and Candy from 18th Street Brewing blows our minds Bear Lazer makes a strong showing Kosher Prison Chips Restaurant tips Thanks for listening and for all your support!


Local 390 Episode 70 - The Joys Of Tall Boys

Clear the runway, we’re coming in hot! This week we review ZFG pale ale from Hidden Valley Ale Works Matt throws shade at Publix Tall boy cans are making their way back Mich Ultra is weird Has craft beer peaked out? We love Ozzy man review videos Sam Adams New England Style IPA gets a nod from us The dangers of eating lots of ghost peppers Joe is a moonshine somolier Viking hipsters


Local 390 Episode 69 - The Sultan Of Sweat

Howdy folks! Crazy show for ya’ll this week, enjoy! Pickling-palooza Unicorn Frappucino and meat Armadillo myths debunked Pabst is making a pale ale Big Tim rocks our shirts Xbox One vs PS4 Joe’s A/C habits are weird Water slide homicide Belhaven Scotch Ale on Nitro Hourglass Brewing Verouca Sour Fans galore Bio dome and Terrarium for Joe


Local 390 Episode 68 - Possum VS Raccoon And #Turnpike

WEEE’RRREEEEE BAAAAAAAAHHAAAAACCCKKKK!!! Hey everybody! here’s whats on point this week… We talk World Cup, Marco’s burn locker. Bible Belt Imperial Stout gets a review from the gang. Pale Ale ettiquette and starter beers for newbies. Heathen Brewing’s Mega Dank Imperial IPA gets a test drive. #turnpike #turnpikeme Cheesecake deficiency Possums, Racoons and Red Pandas square off in a “what’s meaner” contest Hot sauce and YouTube channels


Local 390 Episode 67 - Golf Tourney Info And Marco Talk Heavy

Really fun show this week! Carter, Matt and Marco jump on the mics this week for your listening pleasure. Joe’s door was almost kicked down A/C is subjective Homebrews from regulars taste test Bear grills VS Les stroud 390 Spa Day? Golf tournament update Eviltwin Brewing Molatav Heavy Imperial IPA Light and refreshing options for summer drinking Ultra heavy brews are dangerous


Local 390 Episode 66 - Pie - Cast AKA Let'em Bake Baby!

Hey y’all!!!! WE EAT PIE!!!!!!! This week we have pie and beer. What else do you want in your life!! Thanks so much to and Tiana Perez for providing the delicious treats we sampled! Oh yeah, our buddy Kevin stopped by too!!!!!


Local 390 Episode 65 - Doing Pêche And Super Anti Heros

Back again with more nonsense… Kanye is cray and getting worse We taste test Peche, an American Wild Ale fermented with peaches from Une Annee Brewery in Niles, IL IKEA should start brewing beer Poke is delicious Our second review is Anti-hero IPA from Revolution Brewing out of Chicago We play real or fake Superheros We’re throwing a golf invitational in June Check us out on


Local 390 Episode 64 - Super Saturday Trainwreck Extravaganza!

This week… P.T. Burnem So much dessert talk Milkshake IPA Beer Droid Big event coming up In flight laundry Fazoli’s is amazing Upslope Brewing Dry Hopped Brett Saison Blueberry Trainwreck Triple IPA From Triceratops and Matchless Brewing More weird news China shames jaywalkers


Local 390 Episode 63 - Post Modern Malone And Uinta Tap Takeover

This week we talk… Uinta Tap Takeover Glitter Beer is now a thing Carter’s book club Corona drops a high end version of the classic Clamato Bloody Mary recipe Hot sauce on pizza should be a thing Oyster PSA Hypernova Triple IPA from Ecliptic Brewing in Portland Founders Barrel Aging Program in full swing Chili cookoff smack talk Beer cocktails Turnpike a beer and get on the level


Local 390 Episode 62 - Ladies Night!

It's ladies night on the show! Our super awesome friends Andi and Liz stop by to chat with us and sample some tasty brews in honor of International Women's Day. We chat about BrewDog's new Pink IPA and the uproar it started, how the new aluminum tariff will effect craft beer brewers and the general shenanigans that you all know and love. Thanks for listening and tell your friends!!


Local 390 Episode 61 - Steve The Mead Guy

Steve the Mead Guy stops by with some of his amazing home brewed honey wines. We learned a little about what a mead is and got to sample a pair of his latest creations!


Local 390 Episode 60 - Cookies And Beer

We pair cookies and beer!!!! In honor of girl scout cookies, we pair them with some amazing craft brews! Lemonades - Sea Dog Brewing Wild Blueberry S’mores - Duclaw Brewing Sweet Baby Jesus, Captain Ron Heffewaizen and Banana bread stout Caramel Coconut Clusters - Professor Oatsy Brown Oatmeal stout Thin Mints - Liquid Vinyl Black IPA from Pair O Dice Brewing, Boulevard Brewing Tropical Pale Ale Lemonades - Lucky Lucy Strawberry Lager from Pair O Dice Brewing We talk Marvel VS. DC, fight...


Local 390 Episode 57 - Three Tuns Of Bad Puns

This week on the show... Founders CBS is amazing!!!! Beethoven and Tim Allen 90’s Christmas movies Hermitage Brewing Three Tun Imperial Stout review Martian Brewery talk We debate space brewing Thanks for listening and all the support!


Local 390 Chili - Cast

This week we have a special episode, Chili with the founders!


Local 390 Episode 56 - Net Brewtality And The Mystery Squirter

We’re BAAAAACCCCKKK!!!! Thanks for your patience everybody, we’ve got a real doozy for you this week. We cover Net Neutrality with our own conspiracy theories, compare it to other big corporations we can’t stand. CBS from Founders Brewing is on tap, a must have for sure! Nature is scary and just trying to get high. WW2 history and we taste East Evil from Anchaorage Brewing Company. Alexa is listening to you and printer ink is worth more than human plasma. Thanks for listening!


Local 390 Thanksgiving Stuffed

Happy Thanksgiving from the Union!


Local 390 Episode 55 - Rock & Roll McDonalds

Andi joins us for the show The machines will take over Vape updates firmware TV shows nobody has seen Stranger Things character has a beer Joe and Andi watch the same youtube videos Lost Abbey Serpent’s Stout Wesley Willis Rock and Roll McDonalds


Local 390 Episode 54 - "Meat" The Reaper, Super Saison's And The Robot Apocalypse

Shenanigans abound as we open the show with a jerkey tasting. Turkey, Salmon and a Carolina Reaper infused beef jerkey. We talk about and their crusade to purchase In-bev and bring balance back to the force. What’s the perfect session beer for outdoor activities? We review 2 amazing Saison’s from Green Bench out of St. Pete! Vapes need firmware, Joe warns of the robotic apocalypse and watches for Will Smith. Big thanks to everyone for all the love and support, y’all make...