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Local 390 Episode 73 - Player 1and Potpourri

Howdy Folks, got a special episode for you this week... We visit Player 1 Video Game Bar in Lake Buena Vista ( and chat about video games then finish up back at the Hall for some killer beer reviews. Enjoy and Thanks for Listening!


Local 390 Episode 35 - Catnip And Chicken

On this week… Carter gets a name change Missed Connections on Craigslist Lagunitas Imperial Pilsner Hourglass/Local 390 Video Clueless Morgan update Carter continues to make fun of Joe’s tanlines Mr. Wizard Vs. Bill Nye Pizza toppings that are awesome Absinthe talk Hemingway reviews beer Shout out to Sergio Steve Bannon VS Incredible Hulk Nitro Debate Carter sounds like the movie guy House Ravenclaw Drinks for Pets Catnip or cat-meth? The domestication of cats Tim Cook VS Steve Jobs...


Local 390 Episode 34 - Bernie Boozy And Yeastie Boys

Shenanigans this week include but are in no way limited too… Terminator 2 Bootlegs Offine viewing and Amish Virtual Reality Yeastie Boys Rex Attitude is reviewed Kill it with Optimator! KBS released Heavy Metal and Big Bear play golf Ubereats Hulk Hogan opens up a store on I-Drive Heavy Metal Jet Fuel Coffee KBS from Founders is reviewed Sawtooth ESB! Cans VS Draft Regina Hill Facebook Video Tree that oozes beer Beer Run Spin Doctors


Local 390 Episode 33 - Andi's Birthday And Poop!

On this weeks show… Brithday in the house Age guessing goes horrible awry Carter and Joe rename their favorite beers Cautious Optimism and Nihilistic Arby’s Asian candy snackage and stereotypes Thirdwheel Brewing gets a shout out Moms and podcasting Hourglass Brewing favorites On the Trail Podcast shout out Clueless Morgan release info Joe is fascinated by Fozzy the Bear’s hat Bring back Ren & Stimpy cartoon Big Bear’s High School Senior Photo Joe’s mom is just glad he’s not on drugs...


Local 390 Epsiode 32 - Brazier Burger Bro And Potato Joe

This week on the Local 390… Tax Talk Clueless Morgan update Defunct pizza chains with antique phones Milk drinkers union? Big Beer Distribution Sons of Anarchy shirts Puc-man Is Big Bear too pretty to die? Capt Jack’s Stone Crab Stout Wakos Tacos King Carter Monty Python and Norm Macdonald Too many Colonels for KFC Gambit Potato Guns Gust on the grapes


Local 390 Episode 31 - Sourman 5000 And Sob Zombie

On this weeks show… Our buddy Kevin joins us again! Confederate submarines A new superhero/villian and superpowers Tuna Casserole and dinner bells meet Teriyaki Chicken New pigeon rating scale Jolly Pumpkin barrel aged artisan ale Shower Beer is a thing Chinese styrofoam takeout floats Pei Wei VS. Panda Express Thanks for listening, see you next time!


Local 390 Episode 30 - Red Rangers Weird Uncle

Hey gang, this week we talk video games and review 10K+OT Oatmeal Cookie Imperial Brown Ale from Cigar City. Since St. Patty's is upon us, we plug the Local 390 charity event and another special, HOB only raffle and fundraiser. Thanks for listening and as always, feel free to check our Facebook for daily beer updates and general nonsense.


Local 390 Episode 29

This week on the Local 390 podcast… We forget what show number we’re on. The guys get their hands on a new, 2017 Maple Bacon Coffee Porter from Funky Buddha, Carter seeks advice on some impending dental work, Clay talks about his cousin’s conspiracy theories and we review a double IPA collaboration between Cigar City and Swamphead Brewing. Thanks for listening and check us out on social media!


Local 390 Episode 28 Dead Lizard Brewing

This week we sat down with Rich and Keith from Dead Lizard Brewing. We sampled Pippy's Trippy Red Ale the Komodo "Koko" Stound and an awesome Cream type Ale that's utilizing a Randall to add some interesting flavors. Be sure to check them out on Facebook, search for @deadlizardbrewing and tell'em you heard them on the Local 390 podcast!


Local 390 Episode 27

This week on the Local 390, the gang talks sports! Specifically the NFL, we discuss teams we like and those we don't like so much. A line is drawn in the sand over Orange Juice, the cast is divided over cannibalism and we sample Xocoveza from Stone Brewing. Thanks for listening everyone, don't forget to check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! You can also email is at!


Local 390 Episode 26

This week on the show, we get a taste of the Last Buffalo from Funky Buddha. We also get our hands on Pete's sake from Duclaw. Mind blowing stuff, get some if you haven't tried it. Our friend Ashley stops by to hang out and we do the voodoo that we do so well. Thanks for listening everybody!


Local 390 Hourglass Brewing Episode

This week the friendly folks at Hourglass Brewery invited us to do an interview with their beer braintrust. We sample an amazing farmhouse saison, a stout made with mussels and oysters (Not joking, it actually contained mussels and oysters, it was astounding!) and a barrel aged beauty named Beatrice. Those are just a few of the many incredible brews the Hourglass folks shared with us. Get out and support this brewery, good folks making killer beer and keeping that local feel all the while....


Local 390 Episode 25

Welcome back to another episode of the Local 390 podcast. This week, the guys the talk Christmas beers, holiday traditions and Matt stands up for Festivus. The history of Santa Claus is debunked… or embellished… it’s hard to tell honestly, there were a lot of theories thrown around. The guys learn the origin of Black Pete and become mildly uncomfortable. The guys air our grievances about cheap tee shirts and the woes that come with. Meanwhile, Carter still thinks Joe is a host from...


Local 390 Episode 24

This week on the Local 390 podscast... Joe gets accused of being a westworld host, Matt and Stark express their opinions on smoked beers and Carter takes us on a fast food fact finding mission. We also discuss when it's acceptable to start playing Christmas music and we get a rundown of the Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter release event! Thanks for listening!


Local 390 Episode 23

On this weeks show, our buddy and fellow Union Member Carter joins us on the program. We taste a bourbon barreled offering from local heroes Hourglass Brewing, favorite beers of all time get tossed around. Crazy flavor combinations get discussed, (like peanut butter and tomato), Matt explains his idea to start his own wrestling federation and Ole Stone Cold gets a shout out from the 390.


Local 390 Episode 22

It’s time again kids, gather round. Episode 22 is chock full of chaotic goodness for your listening pleasure. We sample an enjoy by IPA from Stone and a Higher Math from Dogfish Head aged for a year. The guys talk Uber, self driving trucks and crazy people from local news. Make sure to check in periodically on Facebook and Twitter and feel free to send over comments and questions. We’ll be glad to answer and or ridicule you for your contribution! Take it easy out there in Podcast land and be...


Local 390 Founders Anniversary Podcast

This weeks episode marks the one year anniversary of The Union, so in honor of that milestone achievement, the Founding Four sit down for the show this week. They discuss the Orlando Beer Festival, Shower Beers and why Glow-In-The-Dark Beer should be a thing. Thanks for listening and stay tuned for more next week with the regular cast of characters.


Local 390 Episode 21

Fresh for your listening pleasure it's episode 21! We take a Magic Hat Wee Heavy for test drive, sample a barrel aged Abita coffee stout and enjoy a delicious farmhouse saison courtesy of Terrapin and Coppertail brewing. Strap in folks, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.


Local 390 Episode 20

After a long hiatus, the crew is back and in rare form. Join us for the tap takeover tonight! Enjoy kiddos!


The Local 390 - Gnarly Barley Episode

This week the circus hit the road to the Gnarly Barley, had some great food from their awesome menu of sandwiches and goodies. Hipsters are berated early and often, especially mustache wax, and beard yeast beer. Can a cotton candy machine make synthetic organs? Listen in to find out!