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Comedy show featuring guests, everyday life, impressions, community and charities.

Comedy show featuring guests, everyday life, impressions, community and charities.
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Comedy show featuring guests, everyday life, impressions, community and charities.








Logan Stover Show: Episode 50 - 2 Dudes in a car review The Crown and Lost In Space on Netflix

Who wins for longest title of a podcast? This guy! It's Logan and Matt, as 2 dudes drive in a car down teh 405 freeway in southern california. Car crashes, prostitutes, sunsets and netflix tv show reviews. What more can you ask for. Logan reviews the Crown and Lost in space. It's a wonderful show, really it is.


Logan Stover Show Episode 49-ish: Two Dudes in a Car Part 2

What happens when you put two dudes in a car, and put them on the 405 freeway at 5pm on a Monday? Insanity, that's what. Listen in as Logan loses his S*** while sitting in traffic on the 405. The guys talk about the new podcast that is in the works. Stay tuned for all the info about the new show. Tell a friend!


Logan Stover Show Episode 49 Future of the podcast revealed

What's really been going on around here? Logan comes on the air to talk about why him and Matt have been acting all funny. The show is evolving, big changes are coming... tune in to hear what's going on!


Logan Stover Show Episode 48 Interview with a southern guy

The guys are back in the studio after their vacation and they haven't missed a beat. They recap what they did on their tie off and tease some upcoming projects. The world wants to know what it's like to be from the southern united states. Well good thing we have Matt to tell us. He will tell us how they eat, breathe and live rural america. God bless the United States of America


Logan Stover Show: Episode 47 Re Run of the first ever episode

They guys are still on vacation. Thank God. They did leave us an early present, a re run of the original recording of the first episode of the Logan Stover Show.


Logan Stover Comedy Show Episode 46: Weird Amazon products and discount trending news

Matt is back from his vacation, and no one cares. Just kidding, not really. He talks about what he did on his time off, and we pretend to care. Speaking of the news, it's time for a new segment on the show! It's time for Logan's Discount News. It's everything you want in the news. Feel good stories, hard hitting journalism, and a host that has a voice so velvety..... the queen asks to bathe in it. Moving on from that awkwardness, we appease Matt and play WTF weird Amazon products. Logan...


LSS Episode: 45 Special Best of Show featuring WTF Amazon and This or That

Happy 45th Episode! Hooray! The guys wanted to do something special to celebrate the 45th episode. Just kidding. They got tired from this past weekend and didn't want to stay up to record the podcast. So they used their get out of jail card, A BEST OF SHOW! It's the first ever Best of the Logan Stover Show! We visit back on 2 of our favorite segments that we've done. WTF Amazon and This or That. How lame. These 2 segments are pillars of this show, and it's fun to go back and listen to...


LSS Episode: 44 Logan's wife Sarah Co Hosts and talks Olympics, Disney, Kate Spade and every other rose gold girl things there is

Matt's out of town and Sarah (Logan's wife) has forced her way on to the podcast! She has long waited to get into Matt's place in the studio. Sarah talks about anything and everything, The Winter Olympics, Disneyland, and her favorite funny stories about Logan being weird. Don't miss any of the Moana fun with Logan and Sarah on the Logan Stover Show!


ep 43 final

Remember how the guys always say that they come up with all of their idea while driving in the car? Well guess what they up and did, they recorded their drive home from work! Clown college bro. Listen in to all the ridiculous nonsense that is this show. Logan loves blimps. Matt loves food. Both hate traffic. Logan writes emails. Matt has a deep love for Texas. This my friends, is The Logan Stover Show.


LSS Episode 42 Winter Olympics and the Instagram social media challenge

It's the Olympics! We LOVE the Olympics around these parts. Logan is a former Olympian! Logan and Matt talk about their favorite moments so far of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Snowboarding, figure skating, louge, everything! #TheRaceto1K is on and poppin'! Matt and Logan have challenged each other once again. This time it's a social media challenge. The guys created Instagram accounts and are racing to get one thousand followers! @the_mattblack and @its_loganlucky


LSShow Ep: 41 YouTube video challenge and Weird News Stories

Have you ever searched for a video on youtube and were amazed at how many results you found? Well that is how the guys came up with the game, "The Youtube Video Challenge"! The guys each pick random video searches and see if they can stump the other. Who doesn't love weird news? Good for you that you have The Logan Stover Show 6 O'Clock News! Logan and Matt read you all the news you need to hear. It's the news you want to hear, the stuff that's off the grid and big brother doesn't want...


40th Episode Spectacular! What's happening in Florida and "you are so like"

It's the 40th episode of the Logan Stover Show! Did you think they'd really make it? Well they did it! Logan made a special intro to this show to celebrate 40 episodes. It''s the world premier of "Glory Intro" composed by Logan. The guys celebrate by playing a game of "Hey Matt, what's happening in Florida?" As always, Matt has some great stories that will make you think twice about your next vacation to Florida. The guys unveil a new segment called "You're so like..." Basically, it'l...


Logan Stover Show ep: 39 Let's play would you rather. Two guys ask each other first date questions on a fake date.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for Matt and Logan to go on a first date and ask each other awkward questions? Yeah, us neither. But just for fun, let's have them do it anyway! Hands down one of the most awkward/ funny segments the show has ever seen. Let's keep the weirdness going! The guys pretend they are stuck on a deserted island, and they only have would you rather questions to pass the time. Listen in and see if you agree with would you rather!


Logan Stover Show Ep: 38 What grinds my gears Costco edition and Logan's failed Voice Over auditions

It's that time again for Logan and Matt to vent their frustration with what really Grinds their gears. This time it's all about Costco! From people that leave their carts in the middle of the aisle to "The sample guy", no one is safe from the guy's wrath! Logan shares with us more of his failed voice over auditions. He let's us listen in on the auditions that he's tried out for. Will Logan make the cut for a newscaster, cartoon character or Extreme sports announcer? Listen in and find out!


37Logan Stover Show Ep: 37 Top 10 Funny Infomercials

Who doesn't love infomercials? The guys have found 10 of the funniest and weirdest infomercials ever made. Listen in an wonder "why these products were even made"? From golf clubs to me in to putting greens for your toilet, you won't want to miss a second of this infomercial spectacular!


Logan Stover Show Ep: 36 Crazy criminals from Canada and Logan's failed Voice Over auditions

It's time for a role reversal! Usually Matt gives us crazy stories from Florida, but this is Logan's turn. He found a crazy town in Hamilton, Canada. They did so many things in 2017 that they may rival Florida! Check out all the crazy stories in Hey Logan, What's happening in Hamilton! The secret is out! We find out that Logan has secretly been doing voice overs on Fiverr! Logan shares with us some of his audition clips that he didn't get picked for. Don't miss any of the laughs as this...


Logan Stover Show Ep: 35 Favorite Christmas memories and Best moments from the last 35 episodes

It's Christmas and our 35th episode! The guys talk about their favorite Christmas memories. Matt and Logan talk about the Christmas presents that they got this year and their favorite Christmas presents from the past. We can't believe that we've made it to 35 episodes! The guys recap their favorite moments of the past 35 episodes. Listen in as they talk about the best segments and let you behind the scenes to how the show was created!


Logan Stover Show Ep: 34 WTF Amazon Christmas presents and Matt plays Christmas Toy Trivia

It's Christmas time! Matt and Logan celebrate with a special Christmas edition of WTF Amazon! Check out all the crazy Amazon items that Logan and Matt find for each other. From lazy sloths, cats in space on sweaters, you wont want to miss it! Matt knows zero about children and toys. So we challenge Matt to guess the top 20 Christmas toys of 2017! What could go wrong? Make sure you listen in and see!


Logan Stover Show Ep. 33: We watch an episode of Ancient Aliens

Logan and Matt are huge fans of the TV show Ancient Aliens. They also love giving their commentary on the weird things that appear on the show. So they guys decided to watch an episode of Ancient Aliens and let you in on their commentary. Do you believe in Aliens? Do you think that the people on Ancient Aliens are crazy? Well sit back and enjoy Logan and Matt's commentary on Ancient Aliens.


Logan Stover Show Ep: 32 Tales from the cutting room floor - Never released content

Matt is on vacation and that leaves Logan in full control! Logan lets us listen in on some of the recordings that never made the show. Listen in as Logan talks about his cats, Owen and Reggie. Get to know the story of how they got them and what the enjoy the most. Next is a never released segment about what the guys think are the best appetizers. This segment was originally just an article on the website. Now listen in for the first time on the segment that was recorded with it. Finally...


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