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Tommy is a comedian. Nicole is a writer. Together, they are The Lost Parents.

Tommy is a comedian. Nicole is a writer. Together, they are The Lost Parents.
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Tommy is a comedian. Nicole is a writer. Together, they are The Lost Parents.




Ep 49. We Leave in Five Days

Ep 49. We Leave in Five Days A Month of Long Term Travel stares down The Lost Parents Tommy and Nicole are taking the kids to Yellowstone and the Utah Mighty Five by way of Vegas and Salt Lake City. It's their first attempt at dipping their toes into a long term trip. The closest was last years three weeks with family on the East Coast. They are most certainly unprepared. Articles Referenced: 5 WAYS TO HELP KIDS NOT TO FEAR FIREWORKS – AND WHAT TO DO IF THEY TOTALLY FREAK OUT...


Ep. 48 A Simple Conversation

Sometimes things need to change, or adjust, or revert. This week, Tommy and Nicole go back to their original format of conversation and consider reintroducing the format as a regular episode. They chat about their upcoming trip, wanting to camp in San Diego for a year, and how they believe they are qualified to home school their children. FB and Instagram: TheLostParents Twitter: TheLostParent Music By: Quirky Dog Kevin MacLeod...


Ep. 47 Talking with Kids About Death (Nobody Died to Make This Episode)

Tommy and Nicole's 5 year old asked a question about death. It was an unusual question. IT made them think, "How should we talk to the kids about death?" It's a great podcast discussion, but to do it during an actual family death would be too difficult, so The Lost Parents tackle this question before it becomes necessary. Articles Referenced: How to Talk to Kids About Death Dealing with Death...


Ep 46. How to Host an Epic Nerf Party

This might be the coolest party we've ever thrown for children ...or adults! Your son only turns 10 once, and when he asks for a Nerf Party, he wants it to be an Epic Nerf Party! No need to spend a ton of money on this DIY party extravaganza. The Lost Parents find many ways to create what should be nothing short of epic....Did I mention it's gonna be EPIC!!! Here are the resources discussed in the pod: Nerf Battlefeild for $35 19...


Ep. 44 Is Long Term Travel Realistic with a Big Family?

Tommy and Nicole want to experiment with Long Term Travel, but is it realistic with a family of 3 and a dog? Last year, The Lost Parents spent three weeks on the east coast visiting family, and they realized that one more week would have made it a month and it wasn't that difficult. They decided to take a year to plan a full month July trip, and now they are thinking about even longer-term travel. But school, expenses, work, and family claustrophobia are real challenges to overcome. Join...