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4 friends with 4 different perspectives, 4 different mindsets, and 4 times the laughs! Chatting about their Love of all things from friendship & family, to dating & marriage, to travel and cocktails! Jelani, Kimiko, Nykky and Marcheria

4 friends with 4 different perspectives, 4 different mindsets, and 4 times the laughs! Chatting about their Love of all things from friendship & family, to dating & marriage, to travel and cocktails! Jelani, Kimiko, Nykky and Marcheria
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4 friends with 4 different perspectives, 4 different mindsets, and 4 times the laughs! Chatting about their Love of all things from friendship & family, to dating & marriage, to travel and cocktails! Jelani, Kimiko, Nykky and Marcheria






BONUS: Game of Thrones Series Finale

Once again, The LoveChat Podcast meets Game Of Thrones for a special series finale wrap up Bonus episode and a special GoT inspired cocktail (Kimiko got her ginger ale this time). The ladies discuss if they are crushing on the final season, if their previous predictions were correct, pivotal moments in each episode of season 8, and their final thoughts. Whether you loved or hated the final season of Game of Thrones, no one can deny that it was an epic series. Let the ladies know what you...


Minisode... The Love of Relationship Goals

This week the ladies of The LoveChat Podcast focus on #RelationshipGoals. More specifically, the relationship of Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert-Wayne of “A Different World.” The ladies travel through their relationship; from friendship to relationship, and of course, the iconic episode when Dwayne crashes the wedding of Whitley and Byron “Baby, baby, please??!!” Some say Dwayne was selfish some say he was romantic. Ultimately, the ladies share their feelings on whether they think Dwayne...


The Love of... Family

In this episode of The LoveChat Podcast, the ladies discuss The Love of…. Family: “The most beautiful, complicated, perfectly imperfect word [we] know!” The ladies dig into what family means to them, what kinds of families they grew up in, childhood memories, their “framily” (friends who are family) and whether chosen or born into it how they believe that family should be the place where you feel your most complete self. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!



In this BONUS Crushing Segment, the ladies of The LoveChat Podcast are all crushing on HΘMΣCΘMING: "A Film by Beyoncé" that premiered on Netflix, which focuses on Beyoncé’s 2018 critically acclaimed Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (“Beychella”) performance. The ladies had to “pause for the cause” and interrupt the regularly scheduled programming to discuss their reactions to one of the most definitive and EPIC pop culture events of the century.


The Love of... Reality TV

Join the ladies of The LoveChat Podcast as they share their thoughts on “The Love of...Reality Television”. The ladies discuss their first memories of it, how it came to its prominence, the evolution of it, and how it created global franchises; and of course, whether this genre of television programming is really real, (since its faced significant criticism with its rise in popularity). Whether you love it or hate it, Reality Television has made its impact on television and the culture.


Minisode: Streets vs. Sidewalk

In light of the tragic murder of Ermias Joseph Asghedom, known as rapper and activist, Nipsey Hussle, the ladies of The LoveChat Podcast begin a broader conversation and pose several questions particularly for those who attain fortune or fame. Do you have to move differently? Can you still move freely amongst the people and help the community you grew up in? Or do you keep a healthy distance and help from afar? Is life different when you live that street life and blow up versus a sidewalk...


Ep 7. The Love Of...Being Intentional

Have you ever wanted to create change in your life? Do you actively interact and engage with your life? Well, the ladies of The LoveChat Podcast discuss The Love of...Being Intentional and how they have done things on purpose, moved out of their comfort zones, tried new things, met new people, and how they found ways of being intentional in word and action. And of course, how they have been very intentional about travel how they incorporate travel in their lives, and where travel has taken...


BONUS: Game of Thrones

This is where the Love Chat Podcast, Game Of Thrones and a few super fans meet in this special Bonus episode. We welcome 2 of our favorite guys, Todd & Jamal to the podcast as we have a couple of GoT inspired cocktails, discuss our favorite characters that we love to hate, pivotal moments, and countdown to what we know will be an epic final season of Game of Thrones!!! YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!!! #GoT #ForTheThrone #LoveChatPOdcast


Love of... Cancel Culture

The ladies of the LoveChat Podcast discuss and ask a lot of questions in this episode of “Love of Cancel culture…. Am I my Sister’s or Brother's Keeper?” Can you cancel a person? Do we bear any responsibility for those around us? Or do we need to start addressing these problematic issues head on holding the perpetrator responsible and being our brother's and sister's keeper instead of putting a red X over their pictures with the hashtag cancelled


Minisode: The Love of... Girl Code

Are there unspoken rules, or spoken rules that you have with your girlfriends...the commandments that outline the DOs and DON’Ts of friendship? The ladies of the LoveChat Podcast discuss Girl Code. Do you have a Girl Code? Is there an age cut off to calling your girls for late night drive-bys? Listen, discuss and see if you agree.


Love of...Our Younger Selves

The ladies of the LoveChat Podcast dig deep as they discuss the “Love of...Our Younger Selves” In this episode, the ladies take an introspective look at the advice they would give their younger teenage selves. There are a lot of thoughts, feelings, and insecurities shared as the ladies learn a lot about each other and get new revelations about themselves.


Minisode: The Love of... Arrested Development

What do Jussie Smollett, Michael Cohen, R. Kelly, Robert Kraft, and 21 Savage all have in common? The ladies of the LoveChat Podcast are discussing on Arrested Development. How do these high profile arrests affect or change society? Are they untouchable, or if the allegations are true, will justice be served? Join us for the discussion.


Episode 3: The Love of... Clout Chasing

The ladies of the LoveChat Podcast discuss clout chasing. Everyone wants to be Instagram and YouTube famous. Is it right or wrong? Aren't we all clout chasing or just "#DoingItForTheGram" a little?


Minisode: The Love of... Black 365

In honor of Black History Month, the ladies of The LoveChat Podcast give a brief overview of the Black/African American perspective: From the Grammy Motown Tribute to Being the Black Person in the room. Being diverse and multiculturally woke while embracing and being proud of Black Culture (Wakanda Forever?) along with memorable moments in Black Excellence. SING Marcheria, lol!


Episode 2: The Love of... Relationships

Have you ever been ghosted? Are you guilty of ghosting? On this episode of the Love Chat Podcast, the ladies focus on the life cycles of Relationships: Getting out of them, getting back in them and staying in them.

Minisode: The Love of... B Smith

In this Minisode the ladies discuss ICON, B. Smith, who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Her husband of 20 plus years, has been caring for her, but recently, he told the world that he has brought girlfriend to live in their marital home. So…what do you think?


PILOT Episode - The Love of Friendship…“No New Friends”

In this episode we discuss "The Love of Friendship . . . No New Friends", where we share our thoughts, ideas, and truths about friendship, how we define it, etc. COCKTAIL OF THE WEEK; What we're CRUSHING on this week; LOVE LETTER: (judgmental friends); and the LOVE CHAT: Love of Friendship. . .No New Friends. Be sure to state connected with The Love Chat Podcast by sending comments, feedback, and love letters to and follow us at: IG:@TheLoveChatPodcast