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Follow along as we explore every facet of being alive, laughing along the way!

Follow along as we explore every facet of being alive, laughing along the way!
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Follow along as we explore every facet of being alive, laughing along the way!






Making Babies

This week's solo episode is all about the question we get asked most often: when are we having kids? Tune in to listen to us discuss the significance behind asking us this question, if we've decided on having kids, how many we want, and how Cameron might envision her future birth(s). From discussing our personal experiences with kids to the things we want to accomplish before having them, this episode is jam-packed with deep conversation (both light and dark) about the things that run...


Doing Things Your Own Way

In this episode, we have our friend, Emily, join us at our dining table. A blogger, sustainable fashion advocate, and New York City resident, Emily chimes in as we discuss what it really means to be working for yourself. Between stories of her travels and anecdotes from events in New York, we share lots of laughs as Logan explains the physics of a gravity bong and we explore what it means to be a millennial entrepreneur in a world where no one really understands what you actually do.


Sorry We're Late: Endgame Predictions

In this very late/very short solo episode, we talk about our predictions for Avengers: Endgame before we leave to see it opening night. Upon our return, we give a spoiler-free review and shit-talk a fellow audience member.


Spoiler Alert

In this week's episode, we invite our friend and old roommate, Andrew, to be a guest on our show. We spend nearly the entire episode talking about movies: which ones we love, how we feel about sad endings, and our true thoughts on those who purposely ruin the surprise of a new film. This aptly-named episode covers A LOT of movies so we recommend that if you haven't seen most of your watchlist contenders, you might want to wait to listen to this one. Otherwise, enjoy as we delve into the...


Close Contact with the Interstellar Kind

In this week's solo (& live) episode, we talk all about science fiction and our love for the television shows, movies, and books that use scientific narratives to change and shape culture. While discussing our favorite titles and stories, we intimately converse about the differences and similarities between science and spirituality. By the end of the episode, we find ourselves deep in the rabbit hole that is infinity and how that relates to our own personal matrices. Join us as we discuss...


Mindfulness, Music, and Manifestation

In our first episode back after our break, we talk to our very musically inclined friend, Khamor. After sharing about his experience receiving his Integrative Studies degree from FGCU, we dive deep into his love for music, mindfulness, and manifestation. We share our favorite albums, Khamor's dream of becoming a grammy-winning producer, and discuss what it means to be called an artist. By the end of the episode, we get deep into the idea of separating goodness from talent as we talk about...


Finding Forgiveness with Fungi

This week's solo episode is about one of our favorite topics: psychedelics! After defining the meaning of psychedelics, we talk all about our love for mind-altering substances like coffee, sugar, cannabis, and mushrooms. We spent much of the episode talking about the latter specifically and how they changed our lives. From Logan finding out he was bisexual to Cameron finding birthwork, psychedelics have benefitted our lives in ways beyond comprehension. We also talk about the...


21st Century Magic

In this week's episode we talk to Cesar Madera, another local magician. An avid lover of magic and magicians, Cesar shares his stories of collaborating with a well-known magician to propose to his (now) fiance & a recent magic show he attended in New York, performed by his magic idol, Dan White. In between story-telling, we compare Cesar's and Logan's magic styles, old & new world magic, and our individual definitions of magic in the universe. Tune in for lots of laughs, some free-flowing...


A Brief History of Sex

This week's guestless episode is all about, you guessed it, SEX. In this vulnerable share-session, we open up about our sex lives, our relationship with pornography, and the importance of comprehensive sex education within the public school system. This episode is NSFW and definitely not one to play around your kids as we really delve deep into what it means to be sexually aware and sexually active in the 21st century.


Flow States

This week, we talk to our friend Anthony Alfonso, a content creator and artist. After years of playing lacrosse and attending college for psychology, Anthony was itching to tap into his creative side. He has since spent the last 7 months making incredibly fun and artistic content, amassing over 70 videos on his youtube channel as well as countless art pieces. This episode is jam packed with stream-of-consciousness style discussions. From talking about his art and his creative style to...


Expectations Vs. Reality

In this week's solo episode, Cameron and Logan take a trip down memory lane to commemorate Logan's magic career. From Logan using magic to get friends in high school and college to his use of magic to explore tenants of human consciousness, they touch on a number of past experiences that relate to his performance style today. As their second year of marriage wraps up, they talk about the ups and downs of being married to one another. Tune in to learn how they cope with one another's...


The Snuggle is Real

In this week's episode, we talk to our friend Savannah! We originally recorded a podcast episode with her when she was 6-7 months pregnant, but the recording mysteriously disappeared. She's since birthed her son, Luka, with Cameron as her doula. In this episode, we talk about Savannah's marathon labor (77 hours!), "imposter syndrome" and how it relates to her birth story, her love for The Lord of The Rings, and our experiences within the public education system of the U.S. So get ready...


The Goop In-Between

This week is the first full-length solo(ish) episode! Cameron and Logan spend the hour talking about their week, explaining the reason for the late upload. They converse about movies, manifestation, and monarch butterflies as they question the ideas of free-will and a predetermined future. Follow along for tons of questions, some bizarre answers, and, as always, lots of laughter!


Negative Experiences as Catalysts

This week we talk to our friend, Kayla! She just returned from a nearly 3-month trip abroad where she received 4 separate certifications in the healing arts. We talk about our shared histories, her passion for channeling, and the power of seemingly negative emotions in the quest for healing. Join us for some good conversation and lots of laughs!


Meet The Lights

In this brief introductory episode, we introduced ourselves, went over our ideas for the podcast, and talked about some random pressing issues in our lives. The universe is a hard place to exist. I mean, it's a beautiful fucking place, don't get me wrong, but damn is it difficult sometimes. We have found that conversing about the nature of this existence helps us cope with those difficult moments and better understand the depth of each experience. This podcast is meant to give us a safe...