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Mark Kaye shares the top trending stories from your favorite social networks.

Mark Kaye shares the top trending stories from your favorite social networks.
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Mark Kaye shares the top trending stories from your favorite social networks.






Donald Trump GUILTY of That Speech Last Night!

For the first time ever, President Donald Trump addresed a joit session of congress. Senators, Congresssmen, Supreme Court Justices, and a bunch of other peeps crowded into the capital to hear what turnes out to be, a frickin' awesome speech! Trump himself stood at the podium in front of Mike Pence and Paul Ryan (who decided to wear matching outfits?) and delivered an incredible message about where the country, where we need to go, and how he plans to get us there. Phenom!


FOX News' Brian Kilmeade Says "Donald Trump Needs HELP!"

This monring President Donald Trump spoke with Brian Kilmeade from FOX and Friends on FOX News from inside The White House. He called in to tell us what Trump told him. Also, we got first hand info about the President's demeanor, attitude, confidence, and so-called "chaotic" West Wing. We discussed the issue that have faced him in the first month on the job and how to fix communication issues, press issues, and messaging issues moving forward. Also, Kellyanne Conway under attack again for...


Milo Yiannopoulos For the Win!

Breitbart editor and conservative, alt-right, firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos was univited to CPAC and dumped from Simon and Schuster all in the same week. A video clip of Milo discussing pedophilia and sexual relationships between boys and men sufrfaced this week causeing the high-profile cancellations. This happens just a few weeks after the violent protest at Berkely against Milo appearing on behalf of the College Republicans. Milo's book 'Dangerous" was number one on His speech...


TRUMP WARS: The MSM-Pire Strikes Back!

President Trump has been known for excluding news organizations who are unfriendly or report "fake news." now the MSM is apparently fighting back. Mika Brzezinski has blackballed White House Presidential Adviser KellyAnne Conway from the MSNBC program "Morning Joe." She and her co-host Joe Scarborough accused her on being "out-of-the-loop." According to the news hosts she tries to book herself on news shows. Clearly this is retaliation for Donald Trump and the new administration picking...


Groundhog Day: Six More Weeks of Snowflakes...

President Donald Trump ceebrated Groundhog Day with an angry phonecall to the PM of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull. A leaked transcript shows a heated disagreement over a deal President barack Obama previously made to bring thousands of refugees from Australia to the US. Also, a prayer breakfast later in the day found him under fire again for joking about The Apprentice host Arnold Schwarzenegger and the low ratings the show has been receiveing in his absence. Oh, and we should point out that...


TRUMP: The World's WORST Politician

Donald Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court proving once again that he is the worst politician in the world. President Trump continues to keep his campaign promises, something that is unheard of among Washington elites and typical members of the ruling class in the Senate and The House of Representatives. In addition to the Executive Order banning travel from seven terrorist producing countries, the beginning of construction on a wall, the hiring...


Donald Trump Is NOT The Devil

The New York Times puiblished an article claiming that President Donald Trump was "The Devil" and those who work with him and support him have sold their souls to the devil in a "Faustian bargain." Today I provide undeniable proof that Donald J. Trump is not, in fact, The Devil as this newspaper has proclaimed. Furthermore, we discuss Boris Johnson and Great Britain debating the invitation from the Queen for a state visit and the Immigration Ban ordered by Donald Trump last week via...


LIVE FROM DC: The MAYHEM That is President Donald Trump's Inauguration

Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States at the US Capitol Building this morning at the end of the Washington Mall. Mike Pence and Barack Obama were also on hand. He gave an incredible speech where he promised that the "American Carnage" of drugs, poverty, bad education, and the vanishing job market will cease immediately. Protesters surrounded downtown DC and created mayhem and chaos by clashing with police. Some were protesting the wall with Mexico, Muslim...


Trump's Inauguration Will be CRAY CRAY!

The Inauguration of Donald Trump will be crazy. I run through the entire list of events, both planned and unplanned, for President-elect Donald Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence. Performances by Jackie Evancho, Toby Keith, and Lee Greenwood. Also, the made up controversy surrounding jackie Evancho's performance of the National Anthem is despicable. And Garth brooks is a liar. Listen for the schedule of parades, inaugural balls, and the whereabouts of Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Barack...


Trump Wins Martin Luther King Jr. Day as Democrats Plot Terrorist Attacks!

President-elect Donald Trump won Martin Luther King Jr. Day by having a fantastic meeting with Martin Luther King III. Despite his online feud with Georgia Congressman John Lewis earlier in the day, the media was unable to further the anti-Trump narrative on the celebration of the great civil rights leader. In fact, MLK 3.0 echoed several of Trumps campaign promises and told the media we do, in fact, need to 'Make America Great Again." Also, I saw "Hidden Figures." Find out why it was such...


Joe Biden is The BEST VP Ever = Fake News

Barack Obama declared Joe Biden to be the BEST Vice-President America has ever had. We look back at the vice-presidency and pick, oh about 20 others who did way more. John Adams, Truman, Roosevelt, Cheney, Johnson...the other Johnson. The list goes on and on. Then, President Obama presented Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom which could be, an abuse of executive power. Also, Obama turns his back on Cuba just days before leaving office by terminating the "Wet Foot, Dry Foot"...


American Idol's Bo Bice and Other White Dudes Attacked!

Former American Idol singer Bo bice was racially profiled by employees at a Popeyes Fried Chicken restaurant at the Atlanta airprot. He was very emotional about it , penned a diatribe on facebook, and even cried on the TV news. Meanwhile, in Chicago, another racially motivated crime, the kidnapping and torture of a young white man, was streamed live on Facebook. the perps keep yelling expletives about Donald Trump which denotes a political motive as well.


Republicans Are So Stupid!

Congressional Republicans are really stupid. Paul Ryan has no control of his party and Donald Trump continues to lead without officially having taken office. How do we fix the ethics committee vote debacle? We'll discuss. Plus, Megyn Kelly bolts FOX news for NBC. Why she's leaving, what she'll be doing, and how much she'll be making may shock you! And Ted Cruz returns. And he's totally on board with President Trump's promise to "Drain the Swamp!"