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12′ Pole

Today we've got some Friday the 13th Fun, Mark went on Wikipedia and got the History of Porn, the weirdest place you've taken a nap, something to try to have a happier day, Emmy Nominations and trust us, you're gonna change the way you flush the toilet after hearing this. Relationship Help for Darrin, On This Day, and Comments with Skeeter! Happy Fryday 🍟


You Hate To Hear It In The Cornfield

The kids are on a plane and the day drinking #4thoffun is just hours away! Lynda's nervous for the fireworks and Mark's already looking forward to everyone leaving. In the meantime, we've got how much do you remember from back in the day, why people born in the 80's are struggling, what time of day workers are happiest, and are vitamins worth the time and money. You Hate To Hear It, On This Day and Comments with Skeeter! Happy 4th y'all 🇺🇸💥


Hot Tail

Summer is officially here and we've got Summer Fun Facts, Rolling Stone's Top 10 Summer Songs, some gossip on Paris Jackson's dating, and we name three things we hate going to. On This Day and Comments with Skeeter. And as the RG says, on this first summer weekend go get hot, get sweaty and get laid!


Short Head

Today we share some comments from our chance meeting with Brian in LA last week, we've got Happy Little Fun Facts of Bob Ross, the Worst to First Tom Cruise movies, how many people do you trust, is California divided, and he did what on a plane?! Father's day is here and we're all about dads, but don't call Mark on Sunday because he'll be at Five Guys and only cares about his burger and fries. Comments with Skeeter, Relationship Help for Dawn, Iddy Biddy Theater and more on M&L!


Sh*t On This Day

Welcome to June! Today we talk about the worst places to work, what the Evangelist is asking for, why Bachelor parties may be coming to an end, one of the perks of coffee, the most annoying type of airline passenger, and the age you become invisible to the opposite sex. Comments with Skeeter, On This Day and more on M&L!


“I’m Batman”

On today's filthy show Mark and Lynda both learn the word "polyamorous" from Nina Hartley's married sex life, what are women attracted to, what occupation has the most sex, Italy's Orgy Island, and what is a MILF according to Wikipedia. Comments with Skeeter, an Iddy Biddy Theater, Memorial Day fun and more!


Don’t Stink

It's the eve of The Assassin's Code LA Premiere and we've got all you need to know plus the cities where you can see the movie now! Mother's Day Fun Facts and Mother's Day Horoscope cuz hey, that's this Sunday! The dangers of attending a class reunion at my age, Top 10 Elton John songs from Billboard, what job has the most cheating, what age group is having the best sex, and what three things would you not let a friend borrow. On This Day, You Hate to Hear It and Comments with Skeeter!...


Running Hot

It's ticket sale day of the Assassin's Code Premiere and we're counting down the sales! In honor of that we've got the Top 11 Assassin Movies and we get to chat with Justin Chatwin with some behind the scenes moments of making the film. What chore do you hate the most, what's the cleanest room in your house, why winning is good for you, plus Comments, On this Day, You Hate to Hear It and an Iddy Biddy Theater. May the 4th be with you!


Threw It In a Hole

Today we get David Armstrong on the phone to discuss all the details of The Assassin's Code Los Angeles Premiere on May 12th, Mark shares the best and worst interviews he's had through his career, Lynda tries to guess what the Top 10 sound effects are that Mark downloaded for free from BBC (and can't stop getting a chubby over,) what's a good indicator of chemistry, what Vegas will ban you for these days, and a new man trend. A quick chat with Matthewson, an Iddy Biddy Theater, On This Day...


Hick From The South

It's 4/20 and today on M&L we've got some Pot Fun Facts, Bet You Didn't Know, Relationship Help, the truth about breast orgasms, and the #1 smell that attracts many people. More info on the LA premiere of The Assassin's Code, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and an Iddy Biddy theater!


I’ll Take It In The Eye

Today Mark's got some hot Would You Rather for Lynda, what determines who you're attracted to, 6 reasons why women cheat, what you can't buy at Walmart anymore, what about your iPhone that's stressing you out, Dan Savage, and what will get you kicked out of the Masters. All that plus Comments with Skeeter and On This Day!


Happy Easter 🐰🥚🐣💐

Today's sexy topics: subtle things that turn people on, smells that sexually attract us, what happens to the vagina during sexual arousal, and some discussion about penis size. Also on today's show we've got some Fake News, a woman that sues a website after being caught cheating, things that are difficult to say when drunk 😜, and true stories about rock groupies that changed Rock n' Roll. On This Day, Cool Stories and Comments with your girl, Skeeter. Happy Easter y'all!


Stretchy Vibrating Bunny

We're all ready for Spring so we've got some Spring Fun Facts! Since Bozo died we honor his legacy with Nasty the Clown. For the guys, we've got what your favorite sex position says about you and sex toys for men. More info on Mark's new movie, The Assasin's Code, and a ticket giveaway! An interesting note from Katie Strobal and Cool Stories - Hit Songs That You Didn't Know Were Covers. On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more today on M&L!


Mount Mee, Australia

Listen up guys! Today we've got 7 sex tips women wish you knew ;) On This Day, a story about a guy that does something crazy on a plane, and some cities that exist that sound dirty. Skeeters got your comments and Mark calls up David Armstrong to talk about their film, The Assassin's Code. Happy Friday y'all!


Would You Rather

Today on M&L we've got some dirty Would You Rather, awkward proposal stories (and if you don't know how Mark popped the question, Lynda tells us the romantic tale,) first loves and if they're truly the deepest, the Chinese New Year when we were born, facts about, and an Iddy Biddy Theater. All that plus On This Day and your comments with Skeeter!


Gold Up In Your A$$

We got our flippy floppies on today in Lake Norman while y'all are freezing in sunny California ;) But we're ready to heat you up with some tips to heat up the bedroom, sexy role playing ideas, Top 10 greatest Porn Stars of all time, Funeral Strippers, and a vibrator that orders pizza. Yes, it's a thing. Some Fun Facts, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter, Cool Stories and more today on M&L!


Hot and Naughty

Today on M&L we're hot for Pornhub as we discuss what women search for on the site and what kind of porn were people watching in 2017. Lynda's excited for some President Fun Facts, but she's not excited for the You Hate to Hear It Double Feature. We share what people are doing to cope with stress, what could make men obsolete, some fond sexual memories, and Aspen, Colorado hits a first! Comments with Skeeter, On This Day and some more Mini Cool Stories. Happy Friday y'all!


Friday is Lube Day

Valentine's Day is coming up and we've got the meaning behind those Valentine flowers, Sexting Gone Wrong, 500 women reveal the Top 3 Sex Positions that make them orgasm and married couples share some of their hottest sex memories. February Fun Facts, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and Nasty the Clown drops by! All that and more today on M&L.


Cream Pies

Sex in the office anyone? It's super sexy Friday and we've got porn star Asa Akira's answers to some fan questions, if women really think penis size matters, how often you should change your sheets, and a new tax law that's inspiring people to get divorced. Seriously. Comments with Skeeter, On This Day, Mini Cool Stories and plenty of Super Bowl talk today on M&L!


Five and a Half Feet 🍣

Comin' in hot today with some masturbation tips, fantasies women use when masturbating and things men see that cause them to go rub one out. If you're dealing with a breakup we've got the Do's and Don'ts, January Fun Facts, the latest on the Super Bowl, Ashley Madison's Zodiac signs that are the biggest cheaters, On This Day, You Hate to Hear It, another Mini Cool Stories In Music, and a butt load of Birthday Chickens. Cheers to the weekend!