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$800 A Year

You ask and you shall receive, Sam Farmer calls in today! There's a guacamole crisis going on, how much does the average engagement ring cost, the most popular cities for cheating in the winter, why people aren't taking sick days, and they want me to drink what? Iddy Biddy Theater, On This Day, Cool Stories Quick Hit and Comments with your girl Skeeter, all today on M&L!


Quitters’ Day

There's something unique about today, January 11th, and you'll soon find out! We recap our Christmas on New Years celebration with the kids, we've got things you should do in January, how much NFL players make during the playoffs, the Top 10 Netflix shows, the most expensive divorce in history, and you will not believe the latest craze. Cool Stories quick hit, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and much more today on M&L!


Mark’s Elvis List

It's a new year but the same us people! We have the best and worst movies of 2018, the most common New Years resolutions and which are most often broken, celebrities we lost in 2018, the year in weird news, and Katie is here for the main event, Mark's Elvis Top 20 Songs. On This Day and Comments with Skeeter today on M&L!


A Bag of Crazy

It's the M&L Christmas Special! We've got the worst Christmas song ever, Rudolph is pissing off Twitter, Sound Effects fun with Santa, Mark enters in some naughty words for the Christmas Elf, we perform an Iddy Biddy Theater and playback last year's featuring the kids. On This Day, Comments with Skeeter, Birthday Santa and more today on M&L! Happy Holidays 🎅🏻🎄


Role Model Mark

Mark's got the phone working! And we even take a call ;) Amy joins us to chat about the wedding and for some Christmas Trivia, Mark gives us a Cool Stories Quick Hit, Top 15 best selling Christmas toys of all time, Christmas Tree eyebrows are a thing, and there are only four types of personalities, which one are you. That and more today on M&L!


Not A Phone God 😂

Today we learn the RG is a bit telephone challenged as we try and get Donny Osmond on the phone to share a great Birthday video, we recap the now 63 year old's birthday and Thanksgiving with the kids, Cool Stories Quick Hit, Relationship Help, Comments with Skeeter, the return of the Birthday Santa and more on M&L!


Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

Today it's Thanksgiving Trivia, what did they eat at the very 1st Thanksgiving, the history of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, how Thanksgiving just got easier, and I've just typed the word Thanksgiving too many times. Also we've got a Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game 🥴, is a snowman politically correct, most painful places to tattoo your body, and what 1 in 4 men would rather do instead of having sex. Cool Stories Spotlight, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and much more today...


Happy 100!

Today on M&L we've got the Top 10 Thanksgiving Movies, the 10 most watched television events in history, Oscar best bets so far, what's the new trend in your local bars, another Bridezilla story, how much cash do you carry, is coffee good or bad, and a sweet story of some kind folks doing a good thing. Comments with Skeeter, On This Day and The State of The Podcast!


You Ain’t Thinkin’ Right

Thanksgiving's on the rise! We recap our lovely Halloween day, then dive straight into some November Fun Facts and Thanksgiving's Top 30 Side Dishes. Mark's got a bummer You Hate To Hear It, what's the worst US city to find love, would you do what this couple did, what doctors found in a guy's ear, what sounds drive you crazy, and the world's largest weed store is now open. Comments with Skeeter, On This Day, and the Birthday Turkey has begun!


Call Me Roger

It's all things Halloween today! Top 10 Best Horror Films according to Vudu, Top 10 Best Horror Villains, Top 10 Best and Worst Halloween candies, fun crafts for Halloween, Disney World is haunted, would you spend Halloween night in a graveyard, and Halloween Fun Facts. Comments with Skeeter, On This Day and much more on M&L!


I Went Clickin’

Don't get excited for all the topics Mark lists off at the start of the show, it's really all about his Top 25 Movies To Scare You For Halloween! Even just hearing some of these clips will have you spooked. We've got Comments with Skeeter, On This Day and a little fun fact of what it means if you have a good sense of smell today on M&L!


Now That’s A Birthday Surprise 🍪

Today we've got the Top 5 Commodores and Top 5 Lionel Richie songs, things said to kids by cops and teachers, the drunkest states in the US (Drunk Matt should do a tour,) a girlfriend from Hell, and business is booming for naked cleaning companies. Matt joins us for a chat, Skeeter's got Comments and much more on M&L!


I Salute You

We're back from quite a crazy couple of weeks y'all and oh the stories we have! It's official, Amy and Bradley got hitched! Katie joins us for the Bramy wedding recap and Mark gets the ok to give every detail he wants. Poor Red has a bit of an accident on our return home, we inform you of the songs you think are Motown but ARE NOT, the history of the middle finger, how long did it take for you to fart around your spouse, and an Alabama joke. Your comments with the lovely Skeeter, On This Day...


Alien Baby

Get ready to get yo' groove on to the 20 Greatest Motown Songs of all time! Plus the great ones that didn't make the list. Later we learn who you are if you do or don't make your bed every morning and a cheaper ring means a better marriage. Comments with Skeeter, On This Day, and oh yea, we're having an alien baby...


Pop That Fly

No weather phobia for us, the boat's locked down, flag down, gutters clear and we're ready for Florence. Today we've got a story from Nick Foles, a bar fight between two female newscasters, ugly Halloween sweaters are coming, and would you turn down sex to watch the game? Comments with Skeeter, You Hate To Hear It, Iddy Biddy Theater and much more on M&L!


The Time Has Come

The time has come for Radio Hall of Fame prep! Today we talk plans for getting Mark and Brian into the RHOF while eagerly waiting for the arrival of our special guest, Sam Farmer! Let's hope he makes it from the airport... Then we have the remainder of bad cheating stories, Slash's divorce is final, a High School football team did what, when's the best time for certain activities, and do the Lilo! Iddy Biddy Theater, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and much more on M&L!


High & Tired

Here's to the end of August with some Labor Day and September Fun Facts! Then we've got some messed up stories about cheating, why a Bride To Be cancelled her wedding, vending machine meat, the #1 thing done on a date that leads to marriage, and why we can't get pregnant (not us! them.) Skeeter's got Comments, On This Day, and more Fun Facts baby!


Guilty Pleasures

Do you smell that? It's probably Mark, or giant dead catfish. Today we talk about our 36th Anniversary trip to Destin, Florida and our memories there, then we've got Guilty Pleasures, Melissa McCarthy best movies, Hollywood's highest paid actors and actresses, Men vs Women Jokes, what's in your glove compartment, and what's your favorite french fry. 😋 Comments with Skeeter, On This Day, You Hate To Hear It and more on M&L!


The List Is The List

Today we've got Leftie Fun Facts, a miracle drug, why a Broncos fan is pissed, would you eat a pizza made by a robot, guess who's coming back, and the main event...Greatest Duo Songs of All Time. Comments with Skeeter, On This Day and more on M&L!


Eat a Bug and Smoke a Watermelon

Happy National S'mores Day and National Lazy Day! Kick back and enjoy some new music from Eleni, a recap of our night and the first preseason Panther's game, find out if you're a serial killer based on your Zodiac sign, guess who's having a baby, the Oscars are reinventing themselves, Top 10 Party Schools in America, and a Florida man has been putting some stuff in his butt! Iddy Biddy Theater, Comments with your girl, Bet You Didn't Know and lots more today on M&L!