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MC Back TOGETHER and It Feels SOOOO good

Miles and Crawford finally were able to make a late night get together happen! We catch up the in the world of Crawfod, Miles grand stands on a soap box, and we talk #metoo #wetoo #himtoo #timesup #bodylanguage we also give many shoutouts to @marriedasfuck @WDIMpodcast @MillerRachelD @WAFLproductions . Put in your earbuds and be prepared to find out what is going on next!


Rachel Miller

This wekk Miles gets to interview the one and only Rachel Miller! SO freaking amazing! Rachel is a force to be reckoned with and I am glad to have had an educational, eye opening, laughing good time. How have we not set the world on fire yet ladies? Seriously, this week has been hell for a lot of us and we take a dive in to parenting, women, our rights, loss of them, how all of this came to be... oh my! More to come on


Season 3! So much Variety! Politics, Laughter and Cats!

SEASON 3! LETS GET WEIRD WITH IT! Welcome BACK! OH! What a hiatus that was! Don't worry Miles and Crawford are back in the same room! There is lots of cats, lots of talk, and lots of variety. We talk everything from @JenFackler to #adventuretimeseriesfinale Politics, laughter and all things set aside it ends with a very heartfelt moment from Crawford talking about some very personal issues. This is definitely an episode you don't want to forget! #nophonypodcastnetwork #wlipodpeeps...


Mini-Series w/Crawford! Shawn Guest Hosts! Vets, The VA, BB shorts, & Dogs!

This episode Crawford's amazing friend Shawn guest hosts this hour! A Veteran of the Navy, he gives his perspective of the care he receives and also his views on healthcare overall! We discuss the amazing gift that is the basketball short, our pets, politics, and some awesome stories from travels abroad! Join us for another awesome hour of variety! #nohponynetwork #podernfamily #VA #Vets


Mini-Series with Crawford! Government Experiments & Lies! Miller Guest Hosts!

While Miles is away Crawford will play! This week I invite guest host "Miller" on to the show to discuss known experiments done on citizens by their own government, conspiracy theories and..random rants about humanity in general! Be prepared for some ridiculous jokes, weird banter, and all around true variety! #governmentexperiments #nophonynetwork #conspiracies #podernfamily #weirdos #minisode source material:...


Episode 33: Tacos, Scary Times, Ask Reddit & What?

Episode #33 HODGEPODGE OF LIFE! MC talk TACOS! Reddit stories, real life small town living, a few mild rants about government, and of course there is nothing but complete VARIETY in this HOUR long podcast. Thank you for your votes! #podernfamily #nophonypodcastnetwork Shoutout to @basketcasepod #gofundme #wlipodpeeps #ladypodsquad