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The Wiseguys, Eric Krempa & Mike Tozzi, squad up to bring you the realist hot takes on everyday life experiences, today's hottest current events, and the most heated debates. Straight from the cut in Jersey.

The Wiseguys, Eric Krempa & Mike Tozzi, squad up to bring you the realist hot takes on everyday life experiences, today's hottest current events, and the most heated debates. Straight from the cut in Jersey.
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The Wiseguys, Eric Krempa & Mike Tozzi, squad up to bring you the realist hot takes on everyday life experiences, today's hottest current events, and the most heated debates. Straight from the cut in Jersey.




Four Paisans Storm Area 51 to Discover the Truth | Ep. #32

On episode #32, Sal & Steve Garfi join the show to discuss Eric's 30th birthday celebration recap, massage parlors, Hotep Jesus, proper masturbation schedule, Bob Lazar and UFOs, storming Area 51, sleep paralysis, conspiracy theories, Lifetime Fitness, the Robert Kraft special, blood money, The Bagel Boss, update on the Gout, winning in AC, New York Giants predictions and over/under bet, NBA off season, and much more.


Your Closest Friends Are Often Your Biggest Haters | Ep. #31

On episode #31, AJ and Quinn rejoin the cast. The fellas discuss Eric's plans for his 30th birthday, claiming fake Judaism, chronic back injuries, what happens when Eric gets intoxicated, drunk diner confessions, Hawaiian shirts, wild trips to Atlantic City & Las Vegas, Warped Tour 2019, revisiting Ibiza vacations, buying a house and moving to California, supporting your friends through their passions and endeavors, your closest friends being your biggest haters, wanting to see your friends...


Getting a Hall Pass After Being Married for 20 Years | Ep. #30

On episode #30, Adrian (aka The Rock's cousin) and Maryann Romero join the cast. The crew discusses women hitting their sexual prime, mixed martial arts, being an identical twin, being bald in 2019, serving in the military, participation trophies, mandatory military service, future Wiseguys merch, jealous significant others, shared bank accounts, hall passes, celebrity crushes, getting drunk at Wrestlemania, Tozzi's obsession with A Star is Born, Eric's 30th birthday party, drinking in the...


Foot Fetishes & Poontang Pie | Ep. #29

On episode #29, Rachel Tozzi and stand up comedian Chris Nee return to the podcast. The crew discusses nearly being taken in Barcelona, vacationing in Ibiza & Amsterdam, Eric's lack of geography skills and lack of penis jokes, the major debacle of splitting the check amongst friends, annoying roommate pet peeves, HBO's Chernobyl series, the new season of Black Mirror, foot fetishes and selling nudes, Mike's Gout feet, Tozzi's new persona on the podcast, Eric's favorite type of pie and...


Confessions of an Enraged Uber Driver | Ep. #28

On episode #28, the Wiseguys discuss Tozzi's road rage and run in with the police, live streaming Uber rides, puking in an Uber, strip clubs for the boys, D-Day and the art of war, potentially being drafted and how to evade, pride month, transgenders in the military and competitive sports, the reality of turning 30, hitting your sexual prime, wild trips to Atlantic City, Neymar's fugazi rape allegations and the devil woman trying to frame him, Anthony Joshua upset, Warriors on the brink of...


The Final Episode | Ep. #27

On episode #27, the Wiseguys discuss Memorial Day Weekend activities, past Jersey Shore experiences, rodizio, John Wick 3, bad movie theater experiences, Game of Thrones finale recap and season 8 final thoughts, new shows to watch, robots imitating voices, China's new social scores, Iggy Azalea leaked nudes, NBA finals and series predictions, Yanks in 1st place, RIP Bill Buckner, and much more.


The Controversial Conversation No One Wants to Have | Ep. #26

On episode #26, the Wiseguys get back to their roots by diving into some hot hitting topics including Game of Thrones season 8 criticisms, final episode predictions, NBA playoffs, Finals predictions, Alabama abortion law controversy, Instagram suicide polls, pregnant transgender men, Snapchat filters breaking the internet, a brand new segment called "Tozz Tweets", and much more.


Getting Old, How To Be Less Fat, & Proper Diet Techniques | Ep. #25

On episode #25, AJ Sterling, one of the funniest human beings ever to be born, joins the Wiseguys. The fellas discuss getting older and turning 30, how to be less fat, proper dieting techniques, hooking up with 4s and 5s, how shook Tozzi's new girlfriend has him, how awful the Meta Gala is, new shows to watch AG (after Game of Thrones), NBA playoffs, and much more.


The Daniel Jones Debate (Thrones & Jones) | Ep. #24

On episode #24, Steve Gornick joins the cast as the guys debate the Giants decision to draft Daniel Jones as their future franchise quarterback.The debate quickly gets heated as each side pleads their case as to whether they're in favor of or against the draft pick. The cast then takes a dramatic turn as the discussion turns to season 8 of Game of Thrones. The guys give their thoughts, insights, reactions and predictions for the final few episodes. ***SPOILER WARNING*** If you haven't seen...


This Fight Was Nearly The End of The Show | Ep. #23

On episode #23, the Wiseguys discuss a huge fight that nearly lead to the end of the show, mysterious people squatting in your home, OBJ in Cleveland, what it means to truly be a fan of a sports team, fake friends, A Star Was Born, Update on Tozzi's girl, Eric's recent Gamestop experience, Game of Thrones fans, renting food only for Instagram photos, Yankees and Kate Smith, YNW Melly's potential death sentence, snitching on friends, machines replacing people, automated cars and taxis,...


Wiseguy Meets Wisegal | Ep. #22

On episode #22, the Wiseguys welcome the very first Wisegal as well as up and coming stand up comedian Chris Nee. The gang discusses the importance of the first female guest, Tozzi's newly found love, NY Giants draft party, getting in trouble as kids, childhood neighborhood shenanigans, being a bully as a kid, high school reunions, downtown Somerville nightlife, exposing the truth about BDE, Notre Dame, self-deprecation, online dating (from a girl's perspective), The Sopranos, getting mugged...


Action Doxx Has STATUS | Ep. #21

On episode #21, Craft Monroe sits in for co-host Mike Tozzi who has gone missing, Matt Volpe returns to the show, and local NJ rapper Action Doxx makes his first Wiseguys appearance. Things get out of hand quickly when the fellas are brought to literal tears by the absolute non-sense and savagery discussed.


Representing the Real 908 | Ep. #20

On episode #20, the Wiseguys reunite with Big Ave and Triple Stacks in a much anticipated and overdue show. The guys discuss NBA playoffs, Lebron, Magic Johnson's resignation, Wrestlemania, UFC, MLB, Nipsy Husstle's legacy, meeting Skinnyfromthe9, what it means to really represent the 908, top 5 rappers, their passion for music, and much more.


When Being Abandoned in Baltimore Goes RIGHT | Ep. #19

On episode #19, the Wiseguys discuss Tozzi's wild trip to Baltimore, going on a date with a "former" stripper, being stranded in Baltimore, Yankees struggles, Lil Nas X & Old Time Road Remix, Magic Johnson, Hinge dating, Jesus freaks, Game of Thrones season 8 finale, The Wire, and much more.


Vegans vs. Crossfitters - Someone Is Going To Be Offended | Ep. #18

On episode #18, the Wiseguys introduce a brand new segment, discuss the Final Four matchups, early Yankee season woes, Jussie Smollett's good luck, Nipsey Husstle, new pet laws, murdering Uber drivers, vegans vs. crossfitters, the best light beer, BDE vs. ADE, girls farting, going commando, hugging your best friends, masturbating, dating a stripper, and much more.


Lil Lake Once Hooked Up with 17 Girls in One Night! | Ep. #17

On episode #17, NJ rapper Lil Lake joins the show. The guys discuss Lake's come up, music, style, inspiration, flexing on haters, hooking up with girls, high school, live shows, house parties, Skinyfromthe9, Cardi B, collaborating with other successful rappers, and much more.


Hello. My Name is Mike Tozzi and I Have a Serious Addiction | Ep. #16

In episode #16, the Wiseguys return from their short hiatus to discuss Tozzi's serious new addiction, 90's themed birthday parties, some March Madness, softball, using condoms, leaving your phone number on restaurant receipts, having lesbian daughters, snitching on friends, mistaken circumcisions, male birth control, R Kelly visiting Dubai, the most popular American athlete, whether or not Chipotle is considered fast food, and much more.


Interviewing Two of the Hip Hop Industry's Future Stars | Ep. #15

On episode #15, artist manager and talent acquisitionist Matt Volpe of PBM Records and up and coming hip hop star Naii join the cast. The guys deep dive into a raw and uncut interview to discuss come ups, personal beef, hip hop, social media, local NJ talent, and much more. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EPISODE!


What Happens In Colombia Stays In Colombia...or Does It? | Ep. #14

In episode #14, Tozzi makes his much anticipated return to the Wiseguys after his Cololmbia/West Coast hiatus, local NJ Rapper Craft Monroe rejoins the cast for the second time to discuss his brand new diss track on SkinnyFromThe9, and Drew Gunst makes a last minute impromptu appearance. Things get reckless quickly as the Wiseguys get into a heated debate regarding the Odell Beckham Jr. trade, Tozzi's "new" sobriety and outlandish experiences in Colombia, and the truth about the infamous...


Dissecting Neverland - A Young Boy's Fantasy Turned Worst Nightmare | Ep. #13

On episode #13, Craig rejoins the cast to co-host as Tozzi continues his west coast tour. The guys discuss the Michael Jackson documentary "Leaving Neverland" and it's impact on MJ's legacy, R Kelly, being born gay, Jussie Smollett's indictment, Kylie Jenner, the cure for AIDS, Stem Cells, Chris Watt's detailed confession, men vs. women, mayo, sheltering kids, undocumented immigrants, and much more.