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topics & trivia amongst 3 friends ... wanna be the 4th ? - brought to you by your hosts: Menzz, SK & P'z e-mail :

topics & trivia amongst 3 friends ... wanna be the 4th ? - brought to you by your hosts: Menzz, SK & P'z e-mail :
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topics & trivia amongst 3 friends ... wanna be the 4th ? - brought to you by your hosts: Menzz, SK & P'z e-mail :




Untitled Podcast - EP02 Noughties Girl - Featuring Ricky Rozay

Hosts P'z Asante, Krazo, bring guest Ricky Rozay to talk about there personal experiences with females. Please leave a comment and a like if you enjoy the episode.


Untitled Podcast - EP01 Featuring Mark Aka M - Fizz, Rollden - Today's Youth Culture

Hosts P'z Asante, Nic and Krazo, bring guests Mark and Rollden to discuss today's youth culture in music, sports and lifestyle and how social media plays a big part in a youth's upbringing in today's society.


S02 x E10 | Does Height Matter ? | w/ Saoud Khalaf & Tevyn J

2x10 sees the hosts rejoined by former host in 'Saoud Khalaf' (aka SK); as well as Link Up TV's Online Editor, and good friend - 'Tevyn J'. The guests and hosts discussed whether or not height is a defining factor, when dating & seeking relationships. Not to mention, an overview on some of their favourite UK songs of 2017. Here's the Breakdown: ● Does height REALLY matter ? ● Top 3 songs of 2017. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ! From the NFNR Family. Follow Saoud Khalaf: ● Twitter |...


S02 x E09 | Everyday Struggle, Accents & Dialects | w/ Harvey Afternoon

Episode 2x09 of 'NFNR' sees the host joined by a special guest, in good friend 'Harvey Afternoon' - a rapper & producer from North London. The guest and host discussed the current situation with the popular online hip-hop show, "Everyday Struggle" - as well as Harvey's topic of 'accents', and how they are used when communicating in England. Here's the Breakdown: ● Without Joe Budden, will Everyday Struggle ... struggle ? ● Who could be a good replacement. ● Switching between accents and...


S02 x E08 | 21 Questions (Relationships)

Episode 2x08 of 'NFNR' celebrated the birthday of Nic, as he turned 24 years of age, earlier this week. To commemorate the occasion, the hosts recorded the episode, over a bottle of Hennessy, and simply allowed the conversation to flow into a barrage of questions, regarding relationships. Here's the Breakdown: ● Should you tell a friend, when their other half is cheating on them ? ● When could it be ever OK to hit your significant other ? ● Oral-Sex & other bedroom affairs. Follow the...


S02 x E07 | The "N" Word

Episode 2x07 of 'NFNR' sees the hosts discuss the "N" word - and whether it's use has become more 'accepted' in modern day. The hosts discuss the word from many different viewpoints, arguments & counter-arguments - mainly within music and amongst ethnically-diverse friendship groups. Here's the Breakdown: ● Can / Should the word be used colloquially ? ● Should Non-Blacks refrain from using the word, completely ? ● Is the use of the "N" word amongst Blacks, a double-standard ? Follow the...


S02 x E06 | Is Soundcloud Dead ?

Episode 2x06 of 'NFNR' sees the hosts discuss the topic of 'Soundcloud', as an online music community / distribution platform. The hosts also discuss other online music communities such as Spotify, and Apple Music. As well as a discussion on the subject of CD Formats - and a brief discussion on family & friends supporting one's craft. Here's the Breakdown: ● Are Soundcloud's best days, behind them ? ● Is Spotify the "new" Soundcloud ? ● Should artists still release mix-tape's ? ● Why do some...


S02 x E05 | Petty Crime & Social Disadvantages

Episode 2x05 of 'NFNR' sees the hosts discuss the recent crime wave of moped attacks and other misdemeanours - as well as the BBC One documentary "Will Britain Ever Have A Black Prime Minister". The hosts go on to discuss the statistics and social disparities, between people growing up in working & upper-class households. Here's the Breakdown: ● Are wrongdoing's (minor or major) becoming a norm ? ● The effects of keeping bad company growing up. ● Do you think Britain will ever have a Black...


S02 x E04 | The 2017 MOBO Nominee's

Episode 2x04 of The No Filter, No Rizla Podcast, sees the host return after a two week hiatus, to discuss the nominees for the MOBO Awards, 2017. This week's episode sees the hosts discuss their opinion on some of the nominee's, and the significance of the MOBO Awards in the eyes of an artist, and spectator. Here's the Breakdown: ● Our individual thoughts on the MOBO's ... ● Why isn't the MOBO's held in high-esteem, at the moment ? ● Who should be the winner of their respective categories...


S02 x E03 | Going Viral whilst Employed w/ Mark aka M Fizzy

Episode 2x03 of The No Filter, No Rizla Podcast, sees a close friend in 'Mark aka M Fizzy', join the hosts for an episode full of laughter. This week's episode sees the guest & hosts discuss the topic of becoming an internet sensation, whilst being in employment. The team also review the benefits, and the ramifications of being a public figure in a professional working environment - as well as various other topics. The Breakdown: ● Michael Dapaah's recent success & the UK's comedy scene. ●...


S02 x E02 | Dizzee v Wiley & "Get Along Gang"

Episode 2 of the brand new season, sees the hosts of 'NFNR' discuss the recent exchange of words, which took place online between Dizzee Rascal & Wiley. The hosts discuss the bad blood & tension over the years between the legends, from a bystander's perspective - and whether or not there will ever be a resolve to the long-standing rivalry. Which also allows the hosts to get into the discussion of an overtly used phrase within the Grime scene, called "Get Along Gang" - which describes the...


S02 x E01 | The Return & Fresher's Week

The steady-growing, yet positively received "No Filter, No Rizla Podcast", returns for a second season, after a 3 month hiatus. Due to mutual consent, SK will not be apart of the team this upcoming season however, it is in good faith that he will re-join the team for an episode - in the not-too-distant future. We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome a featured guest throughout the last season in "Nic" - who will be featuring as a full-time host for the foreseeable future. To...


S01 x E20 (Finale)| Agenda's & Ideologies | w/ YinkzzCM

In this politically-heated, season finale of 'NFNR' - the hosts feature a very special guest in Yinkzz CM, for a discussion regarding everyone's position on the political spectrum. In light of the tragic incident at Grenfell Tower, North Kensington - tension's rose, as conflicting views between the hosts began to flair. This week's episode looked at the following: ● Social & Private Sector Housing. ● How could the fire at Grenfell Tower, have best been prevented ? ● Left Wing vs Right Wing...


S01 x E19 | Fifty Shades of Shadeism

Episode 19 of 'NFNR' sees the hosts discuss the topic of Western "Conditioning" - as well as the topic of "Shadeism". In reference to a clip that had gone viral over the past few days; it left the hosts wondering if the younger generation of today, have been made susceptible to Colourism. To summarise: ● Is Menzz "conditioned" (lol) ? ● Is social media encouraging "light-skinned" infatuations ? ● Are mixed-race people, a sex symbol to young people ? ● Should people of a darker complexion be...


S01 x E18 | Business Between Partners

Episode 18 of 'NFNR' sees the hosts discuss whether or not it is possible, to run a business with your life partner. One would imagine that most might be familiar with the phrase, "there are no friends, in business" - well. What about other halves ? The hosts also took a moment to discuss their favourite gaming consoles & games. As well as the end of the 2016/17 Premier League season, and Manchester United's triumph in the Europa League. To summarise: ● Is it wise to work alongside your...


S01 x E17 | Size, Personality & Believing In Your Barber | w/ Nick

Rejoined by Nick, episode 17 of 'NFNR' sees the hosts go off on a range of topics. In this instance, the title is self-explanatory. The episode addresses the following: ● Switching Barbers. ● "No Go Area's" growing up in London. ● Do female's take face value too literally ? Follow the movement: ● Twitter | ● Instagram | ● Facebook | ● Snapchat | @nofilternorizla © 2017


S01 x E16 | General Elections & TFL Moments | w/ Nick

Episode 16 of 'NFNR' sees the hosts joined by special guest "Nick aka BigNickBeats". The panel discuss topics ranging between the upcoming General Election; Social Housing & Gentrification, to some of their worst moments on Transport for London. The episode addresses the following: ● Young people & their political stance. ● Should everyone REALLY vote ? ● Top 3 worst bus routes. Follow the movement: ● Twitter | ● Instagram | ●...


S01 x E15 | Speak Out & "The White-Man Voice"

Episode 15 of 'NFNR' sees the hosts engage in the "family-fun" board game, "Speak Out". Which later, creates headway for the main topic of the episode, the "white-man" voice & why is such a term used to describe a figure of speech. The topic addresses the following: ● Where does the term come from ? ● What are the connotations behind the term ? ● Why aren't 'slang' and other colloquialisms endorsed on a corporate / mainstream level ? Follow the movement: ● Twitter |...


S01 x E14 | Procrastination & Love Triangles

Episode 14 of NFNR, sees Menzz & P'z joined by previous guest, Tevyn J; to fill in for the absent, SK. The hosts discuss subjects ranging from productivity; procrastination & in-house love triangles. Topic's include the following: ● Is the word "Productive" over-used ? ● What causes Procrastination ? ● Can your best friend be in a relationship with one of your siblings ? ● ANNOUNCEMENT | Link Up TV's "The Drop" is on the 27th April, 2017. MC's, Rappers, etc - if you feel that you have...


S01 x E13 | What Would You Do ?

We see the 'NFNR' crew undertake a different approach to this episode - as opposed to the usual format, most listeners would be accustomed to. Episode 13, sees our hosts answer a barrage of random, trivial questions. Listen on, and bear witness to some humorous responses. Although it still begs the question - what would YOU do ? Follow the movement: ● Twitter | ● Instagram | ● Facebook | ●...