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A music podcast with stupid, improvised songs by Dave McElfatrick and Joel Watson of Cyanide & Happiness.

A music podcast with stupid, improvised songs by Dave McElfatrick and Joel Watson of Cyanide & Happiness.
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A music podcast with stupid, improvised songs by Dave McElfatrick and Joel Watson of Cyanide & Happiness.




07 - I Love Daddy, Daddy Eat Egg

Ask yourselves, Noise Bois, are you ready for Devo’s “Wammy Bar Song?” What about “Roger’s Bum” by Pink Floyd? If you are, then you should have no trouble with Baby Bands featuring Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica and Nirvana, “Daddy Was A Rock & Roll Dude” but Bowie, and “I Love Daddy, Daddy Eat Egg” by Nirvana. Joel explains how Cake sounds like Cake, but Beck sounds like four Becks, while Dave approximates the Finnish fury of Nightwish. They also get into YouTube Guitarbois with...


06 - A Cold Shit At Midnight

Prepare yourselves, Noise Bois! Dave is still sick, but he’s powering through. We got KISS doing “Cold Shit,” Iron Maiden with “A Cold Shit At Midnight” and Coldplop doing… basically the same thing! It’s a lot of songs about freezing cold turds. Dave and Joel talk iconic frontman grunts, The Broody Beatles, how Black Flag are garbage and all about the Rollins Band making shitty excuses. Joel delves into what G.G. Allin means to him, and both boys talk about the punk bands they were in as...


05 - The World Is A Trashole

Listen up, Noise Bois! This week we’ve got Yogi and Booboo rocking it out, System of a Down with the sickness, System of a Grocery Store and System of a Green Day! There’s Mad Boy™ music, Dave tries to relay the concept of Thrice to Joel, Atreyu go on a date with The Scooby Gang and Apocalypse Rock meets Convenience Store-core! We finish it off with The Cranberries’ Icelandic Ferries, All Holes Unplugged, Tom Waits for no one and, finally, We Are The (Trashhole) World. It’s quite a ride.


04 - Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

04 - Hey Ho, Let’s Go! by Noise Hole Media


03 - Burnt Cookies and Broken Hearts

Cram this in your Noise Hole: Megadeth sing Summer of ’69, Rage against the machine at Panera Bread, Panic! At The Goosebumps, Fallout Boy’s got burnt cookies and broken hearts, Jimmy Eat World has cookie problems too, Death Cab For The Property Brothers, Metallca is for the youngins', Slash’s Hat is full of Axel's pee, and (surprise, surprise) the Red Hot Chili Peppers love California.


02 - Why Can’t I Be A Bouyee?

In this Noise Hole we've got: Morrissey and/or Robert Smith singing about bees, Keanu singing for Guns N’ Roses, John Lennon’s influence on Kurt Cobain, Rock Regrets! The Bouyees Slam all the puss! Alice in Chains songs about your mom, Muse are clever boys, REM and Motorhead introduce themselves, Heavy Metal Nursery Rhymes Shit In My Sandwich (Ya ya ya) by The Offspring, and Michael Stipe sneaks into your bed.


01 - Hotdog Brexit

In this inaugural Noise Hole, Dave and Joel improvise stupid songs about Radiohead's animosity, bands that hate each other, Morrisery’s Thomas the Tank Engine theme, the fact that Morrisey’s mom is a hotdog, how nobody wants to live in the Blackhole Sun video, and how Weezer doesn’t want anyone to think THEIR moms are hotdogs. Joel tells stories about meeting Rivers Cuomo and being on stage at the Warped tour with NoFx.