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EP.157 – Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This week on THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST: Jaisaan Lovett is the first African American Valedictorian at the University Prep Charter School for Young Men in Rochester, NY. He was denied the opportunity to deliver his speech at his graduation, however he was able to give the speech at City Hall instead, thanks to Mayor Lovely Read more about EP.157 – Forgetting Sarah Marshall[…]


EP.156 – The Cheese Comes Wednesday feat. @PodcastBrothers

THIS WEEK ON THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST: We sat down with 2 members of our extended podcast family, Flaw and Fresco, “The Podcast Brothers”. Coming off of a DOPE Live Podcast that they had recently, they took us through the journey of what it too to put that together. Additionally, they fill us in on Read more about EP.156 – The Cheese Comes Wednesday feat. @PodcastBrothers[…]


EP.155 – Minding Your Business

In this weeks episode of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST: R.I.P XXXtentacion #JusticeForJunior Would you want to know every person that your mate has slept with? Would you be okay with your mate going on vacation with one of their exes? #OFFICIALorUNOFFICIAL #PPOTW (Podcast Picks of the Week) Syer – @HMWHCPodcast / @Tahoe_TV‘s #SoShameless Podcast Jayomega Read more about EP.155 – Minding Your Business[…]


EP.154 – The Shameless LP

THIS WEEK ON THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST: Syer and Jayomega take you through the journey and progression of how Jay’s contemporary album, #TheShamelessLP, came to fruition. The album was released 5/22/2018, and contains a roller coaster of vibes and feelings. Jay maintains his usual capability of conceptual, witty, bar heavy story telling, while continuing to Read more about EP.154 – The Shameless LP[…]


EP.153 – DamnThatAssBustingOutTheBottom

This week on THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST: R.I.P Anthony Bourdain Is it okay to chastise or lay hands on other people’s children sometimes? Is there a double standard for men who leave their women vs women who leave their men? Whose nude is it anyway? #OFFICIALorUNOFFICIAL Cherry shares both a CURVE and an UN #CURVEoftheWeek Read more about EP.153 – DamnThatAssBustingOutTheBottom[…]


EP.152 – Viva la Chlo Chlo feat. @CleverlyChloe

On this week’s episode of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST: We are joined by writer, director, creative producer, actress, event host, AND podcast host, Cleverly Chloe. In this joke filled interview, Chloe not only drops gems, but bombs as well. She paints pictures of her childhood that are as vivid as the recollection of your own Read more about EP.152 – Viva la Chlo Chlo feat. @CleverlyChloe[…]


EP.151 – EGHCK

In Episode 151 of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST: In Paris, Mamoudou Gassama (an immigrant without papers) scaled 4 balconies of a building to save a 4 year old child that was found hanging from the 4th floor balcony. 8 women claim that Morgan Freeman has sexually harassed them In January, Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown Read more about EP.151 – EGHCK[…]


EP.150 – Nigga This, Nigga That

This week on THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST: – There was recently a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, leaving a total of 10 people dead. The question was raised: Would guns laws change if it were a Black boys shooting white kids in school shootings? – A girl graduating from Kent University took her graduation Read more about EP.150 – Nigga This, Nigga That[…]


EP.149 – Hi Cherry, Bye Cherry

This week on THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST: – Kelis says that her and NaS had an abusive relationship. – Childish Gambino dropped his new video “This is America”, and it has been getting mixed reviews. – DJ Khaled says he doesn’t go down his wife, but she HAS to go down on him. – R. Read more about EP.149 – Hi Cherry, Bye Cherry[…]


EP.148 – Learn to Let Go feat. @FunnyJulius

This week on THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST, we had the pleasure of sitting down with writer, actor, director, and comedic humorist, @FunnyJulius. He talks about what it’s like to “be a meme”, how and why he got into photography, videography, and event hosting, his web series “Hello White People”, his career as an actor, his Read more about EP.148 – Learn to Let Go feat. @FunnyJulius[…]


#TOSBonus – #PodinLiveNYC 2018

#Refs, we all had such a great time at this year’s #PodinLiveNYC! The building was filled with countless talented, entertaining, funny, thought provoking, hard working, BEAUTIFUL people of color. This week on THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST, we invite you to listen to the behind the scenes interviews conducted by @LilMissENT – with special thanks to Read more about #TOSBonus – #PodinLiveNYC 2018[…]


EP.147 – K.O.D

This week on THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST, we show love to James Shaw Jr., the hero and Black man who disarmed a gunman that killed at least 4 people while firing an AR-15 in the middle of a Waffle House in Nashville, TN. Meek Mill is home, J.Cole drops his album, and Kanye West resurfaces Read more about EP.147 – K.O.D[…]


EP.146 – Don’t Text and Dive

Due to our one way trip through the city of #Smacksville, this episode got out of hand fast! We spoke about the Starbucks incident, why we’ll never move to one particular part of Michigan, Cardi B’s album, Nicki Minaj’s two new records, and Tory Lanez’s hairline. Then, after #OFFICIALorUNOFFICIAL, Syer shares a #CURVEoftheWEEK. In this Read more about EP.146 – Don’t Text and Dive[…]


EP.145 – The Era of the Independent feat. Preach of @CastSoundLab

In this impromptu episode, Syer and Jayomega had the pleasure of sitting down with Preach, the owner and head engineer at Cast Sound Lab, the premier podcast studio where many of your favorite up and coming podcasts record their shows. Preach took us on his journey from being a music producer, to starting an internet Read more about EP.145 – The Era of the Independent feat. Preach of @CastSoundLab[…]


EP.144 – Run the Jewels

Cherry has been getting acclimated with her new job, and unfortunately was not able to make it for this week’s recording 🙁 – In this episode, Syer and Jayomega discuss “Punish a Muslim Day”, Fabolous’ trouble with domestic violence, footage of XXXtentacion punching a woman, Lil Baby’s interview with DJ Vlad, and Safaree being robbed. Read more about EP.144 – Run the Jewels[…]


EP.142 – F#%kin’ Hookers!

Cherry’s back! & this week, we discussed the bomb packages that were being sent to black households in Austin, TX, Dylan Roofs little sister Megan Roof being arrested for bringing weapons to her school and showing them off on #Snapchat, the WILD activities going on in Miami for #SpringBreak2018, @DJEnvy vs @BodegaBoys, and #Snapchat’s problematic Read more about EP.142 – F#%kin’ Hookers![…]


EP.141 – The Mind of a HNTR feat. @JayNova215

On episode 141 (not 142 as incorrectly mentioned) of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST, we had motivational speaker/writer and now 2-time guest James Terranova on the show to kick it with us and later on talk about what he has going on professionally. Cherry had a lot on her plate, and was unfortunately unable to make this Read more about EP.141 – The Mind of a HNTR feat. @JayNova215[…]


EP.140 – #TOSTherapy – Mediated by @OG_Donnie.Johnson

This is no typical episode THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST. This week, the group decided to invite @OG_Donnie.Johnson to help mediate a conversation that needed to be had, and was long overdue. Over the past 8 or more months, there have been some transgressions, disagreements, and overall feelings of frustration shared between 3 of us. In Read more about EP.140 – #TOSTherapy – Mediated by @OG_Donnie.Johnson[…]


EP.139 – Leave a Legacy feat. @GhostMamba

This week we were joined by one of Cherry’s friends and hip hop artist Ghost Mamba to discuss last week’s shenanigans. There’s a video that’s gone viral of a dude single handedly beating on and knocking out multiple people (women and men) in what looks to be an apartment building hallway. We ask each other Read more about EP.139 – Leave a Legacy feat. @GhostMamba[…]


EP.138 – It’s Simple Math feat. @DominickJames_ & @Cruz.De.Van

In this episode. We brought back two of our more popular guests, whom of which both had some of the most memorable #SurvivorSeries stories in the history of our show. While each had epic episodes of their own, we decided it would be super dope to have them both back for the same episode. Paired Read more about EP.138 – It’s Simple Math feat. @DominickJames_ & @Cruz.De.Van[…]