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Episode 103: Love Life w/ @TopZilla

Flaw700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life. What’s up extended family. It’s Episode 103 and the Brothers are joined by TopZilla and they jump into the shits with the question.. If you had a kid on the side would you ask your wife to take the child in as her own (11:54) What if the kid isn’t yours ( 17:00 ) If you were a celeb who travels a-lot would you fight for custody of your child? (25:23) after a...


Episode 102: Catch this fade W/ B. Jawuan Jones

Flaw700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life. What's up Extended family? The Brothers are back with episode 102 and this Kailah is in the building along with a special guest B. Jawuan Jones. R.I.P. to Mac Miller (03:52) Kailah talked about her wild week (06:27) Followed up with the question " Do you think Nike has an alternative motive? " (20:10) and " Is there a such thing as asking for it " (27:54)...


Episode 101: Talk to me nicely

What's up extended family? it's episode 101 of The Podcast Brothers and we have our cousin Rick in the Building with us. We start the episode off with our clap for em segment and this week we're clapping for K Ashanti for putting a now former employee on blast. (12:25) Then we debate weather or not Social media should be used as an open diary. (15:51) We move on to discuss why it's not a good idea to start a relationship with your best friend. (18:19) With a follow up question " Why do men...


Episode 100

Whats up Extended Family? It's episode 100 and Flaw and Fresco celebrate with a bottle of Ciroc and dope topics. Should all Black Fathers seek therapy? (32:38) Would you be ok with a Legend Criticizing you? (48:55) What were the hottest rap albums in the year 2000? (58:17) Michael Jackson is no longer #1? (01:34:00) And so much more... 21:04 - Clap for em - The Podcast Brothers ( the road to 100 ) 32:38 - Black fathers should go to therapy 48:55 - 6ix9ine vs Ludacris ( Would you be ok with...


Episode 99 - Church Powers

What’s up Extended Family it’s Episode 99 and we wanna what was your favorite album of 1999. We pay respect to Aretha Franklin and we ask as the question “ Is R&B missing the church element “ Jimmy Butler vs D.Wade. Did Wade over react or was Jimmy Butler wrong for commenting on Gab Union post? Jennifer Hudson is set to play Aretha Franklin in a biopic.. If not her than who? Do we want our children to mimic our dating preferences? Why are people out here purposely birthing mixed babies?...


Episode 98 - I'm joking.... But i'm dead ass serious | w/Kisha

Sup Extended family? The Podcast Brothers are joined by Kisha for Episode 98. It's football season... Are you watching The NFL? Should you have the " What if we break up ' conversation with your partner? Was 50 Cent wrong for taking money back from a stripper? Bernie Mac was one of the greatest comedians of all time... We pay homage to the Legend. In honor of episode 98 we talk about The hottest albums from 1998. This and more


Episode 97: Meal Prep 101 W/ Lindsey

The Podcast Brothers and Kailah are joined by kailah’s cousin Lindsey for Episode 97. In the first half of the show we discuss our weeks, our thoughts on college versus having a trade, Lebron’s I Promise academy, and how we feel about the recent Trayvon Martin documentary. Our Fresh or Fiascos of the week focused on EA sports censoring Colin Kaepernick’s name on the Madden 19 playlist and rapper YG’s questionable fashion choices. Kailah & Lindsey spoke about their growing meal prep...


Episode 96: Get the strap W/ @ChimereNicole

In this Episode The Podcast Brothers are joined by Content Creator and Entrepreneur Chimere Nicole and they talk about everything from mens beards to Woman benefiting from having side pieces. We also discuss the 19 min song by R.Kelly and if there is any artist that could make a 19 minute song that'll listen to? 50 Cent v MayWeather is getting out of hand and So much more. Follow us on twitter Follow us on IG...


The Greg Hackett Episode

In this Episode The Podcast Brothers along with Kailah is joined by former professional boxer Greg Hackett. We talk about the politics in boxing, who would win a fight between Tyson and Ali, Gregs thoughts on Floyd Mayweather, what happens to a fighter when he has sex before a fight and a lot more. Guest info Follow us on twitter Merch:


Episode 94: Splackavellie

Episode 94 we discussed DJ Nabs writing a letter to Nas. How Beyonce’ got Jay-Z out here looking uncomfortable. Lebron James rejuvenating the LA Lakers. Will Smith & Jada wild side. Lil Wayne wants to rename himself New Dirty Bastard?? CT Tha God is in big trouble..again. And so much more Email us:


Episode 93: The @_YogaAnd Episode

What's up Extended family The Podcast Brothers along with Kailah are joined by YogaAnd for an episode full of laughs and debates. We start off the episode by catching up with Kailah (05:30) After that was we discuss how we celebrated July 4th. (16:06) Followed by a brief conversation and Therapy for black men (19:20) Quick question... is it ok for your family and friends to hangout with your ex?(28:59) Then we review the new album from Drake " Scorpion " (36:45) Then we interview YogaAnd.....


Episode 92: I don't drop them tears

What’s up extended family? It’s Episode 92 and we start the episode off wit the Electric Slide ( 00:05 ) Should Dame Dash have known better ( 17:35 ) How was Terry Crews able to keep is cool in the mist of being sexually assaulted ( 30:07 ) What’s our expectations of Power season 5 ( 44:37 ) Should The Black Panther and Luke Cage do a feature film together? (01:01:31 ) Who pays for the 1st date ( 01:07:00 ) When is it a good time to date your dead homies ex? ( 01:13:20 ) Would you...


Episode 91: Throw in the DAMN towel!!!

What’s up Extented family it’s Episode 91 “ Throw In the DAMN towel “ After we tell y’all about our week ( 03:29 ) We discuss the Art All Night shooting and our thoughts on the death of XXX ( 16:30 ) Then we ask the question “ Would you reach out to an old friend if you changed for the better? “ ( 33:38 ) Who had the worst album rollout, Nas or Jay Z? ( 38:29 ) Why are some black parents so eager to kick their kids out of the house? ( 59:29 ) Other topics include: - Good and Bad...


Episode 90: Cool ass Father's/Uncles W/ @Cee_Armel

What's up extended family.. Fresh off the Live Episode The Brothers are back with episode 90 and we have a special guest.. All the way from China our Boy Cee... Most of the episode we chop it up about being Fathers and Uncles.. Lessons learned from the Fathers before us.. The difference between African Fathers and African American Fathers, Flaw has birthday twins... We also talk to Cee about life in China... How he dropped everything and took the leap of faith.. Lloyd Banks leaves G-Unit...


Episode 89: The Live Episode

Celebrating 2 years of Podcasting with family friends and supporters of the brand. No show notes for this one people... It was a wild show... lol... ENJOY.


Episode 88 - Leave Pusha T Alone

What's up Fam?.... Episode 88 from the Podcast Brothers.. " Leave Pusha Terrance Alone " We start off the episode with our “ Clap for me “ segment and it goes out to Channing Dungey... the African American president of ABC who canceled The Roseane Show. ( 08:51 ) ABC network also canned a Blackish episode about Athletes kneeling so is it a fair trade? ( 12:02 ) Pusha T v Drake continues... did they go to far, should Drake respond? ( 19:48 ) Nicki Ninaj took up for Drake and Kim K takes up...


Episode 87- Leave Drake Alone

What's up Extended Family it's ya boys The Podcast Brothers back with episode 87. " Leave Drake Alone " We start of the episode with “ Clap For Em “ The college graduates ( 16:59 ) Flaw and Fresco go back and forth on what type of tv they’d produce if they could (22:18) Morgan Freeman is being accused of sexual assault ( 32:06 ) The NFL wants to make sure no black player silently protests again (44:58) Other topics Include - NYPD blames 50 Cent and #GetTheStrap for the increased violence in...


Episode 86 - Respect the nudes

What's up Extended Family?? It's episode 86... We start off the episode talking about our weeks.. We Clap for The Staff at Ruby Tuesdays (09:36) We discuss the shooting at a school in Texas (14:00) Which show do you like better, The Wire or Power ( 22:33) Did Puffy and Steph get screwed of The Carolina Panthers Deal? (29:51) Women rights group wants Spotify to remove Nelly, Chris Brown and Eminem (35:04) Other topics include: - Love & Hip Hop star Teairra Mari is suing 50 Cent (43:12) - Meek...


Episode 85 - Unapologetik W/ @TheGreatJayden

What’s up extended family it’s episode 85 and we have Jayden the Great joining us all the way from Atlanta ( 01:04:09 ) Clap for EM - Jerell Blakeley and CJ (17:10) Kailah breaks down the benefits of the Yoni Steam (20:19 ) It’s mental health awareness month and we discuss our mental health issues ( 25:16 ) Which album dropping in June are you most anticipating (33:45) Other topics include: - Jayden Smith brought his gold record to the Met Gala ( 44:42) - J.Cole stops fans from chanting “...


Episode 84 - Party & Boogaloo W/ Frank McFly

Live Show June 9th - What's up extended family... It's episode 84 and we have a special guest in the building... Frank McFly and it was a dope interview. (43:48) but first We start off the episode with a standing ovation for Van Lathan (06:57) Should we idolize celebrities? (10:27) Was Slavery a choice? (15:26) Do you owe your friends anything after you make it big? (24:06) Other Topics include: - Charles Barkley stated that he wants to punch Draymond Green in the...