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Episode 90: Cool ass Father's/Uncles W/ @Cee_Armel

What's up extended family.. Fresh off the Live Episode The Brothers are back with episode 90 and we have a special guest.. All the way from China our Boy Cee... Most of the episode we chop it up about being Fathers and Uncles.. Lessons learned from the Fathers before us.. The difference between African Fathers and African American Fathers, Flaw has birthday twins... We also talk to Cee about life in China... How he dropped everything and took the leap of faith.. Lloyd Banks leaves G-Unit...


Episode 89: The Live Episode

Celebrating 2 years of Podcasting with family friends and supporters of the brand. No show notes for this one people... It was a wild show... lol... ENJOY.


Episode 88 - Leave Pusha T Alone

What's up Fam?.... Episode 88 from the Podcast Brothers.. " Leave Pusha Terrance Alone " We start off the episode with our “ Clap for me “ segment and it goes out to Channing Dungey... the African American president of ABC who canceled The Rossane Show. ( 08:51 ) ABC network also canned a Blackish episode about Athletes kneeling so is it a fair trade? ( 12:02 ) Pusha T v Drake continues... did they go to far, should Drake respond? ( 19:48 ) Nicki Ninaj took up for Drake and Kim K takes up...


Episode 87- Leave Drake Alone

What's up Extended Family it's ya boys The Podcast Brothers back with episode 87. " Leave Drake Alone " We start of the episode with “ Clap For Em “ The college graduates ( 16:59 ) Flaw and Fresco go back and forth on what type of tv they’d produce if they could (22:18) Morgan Freeman is being accused of sexual assault ( 32:06 ) The NFL wants to make sure no black player silently protests again (44:58) Other topics Include - NYPD blames 50 Cent and #GetTheStrap for the increased violence...


Episode 86 - Respect the nudes

What's up Extended Family?? It's episode 86... We start off the episode talking about our weeks.. We Clap for The Staff at Ruby Tuesdays (09:36) We discuss the shooting at a school in Texas (14:00) Which show do you like better, The Wire or Power ( 22:33) Did Puffy and Steph get screwed of The Carolina Panthers Deal? (29:51) Women rights group wants Spotify to remove Nelly, Chris Brown and Eminem (35:04) Other topics include: - Love & Hip Hop star Teairra Mari is suing 50 Cent (43:12) -...


Episode 85 - Unapologetik W/ @TheGreatJayden

What’s up extended family it’s episode 85 and we have Jarden the Great joining us all the way from Atlanta ( 01:04:09 ) Clap for EM - Jerell Blakeley and CJ (17:10) Kailah breaks down the benefits of the Yoni Steam (20:19 ) It’s mental health awareness month and we discuss our mental health issues ( 25:16 ) Which album dropping in June are you most anticipating (33:45) Other topics include: - Jayden Smith brought his gold record to the Met Gala ( 44:42) - J.Cole stops fans from chanting “...


Episode 84 - Party & Boogaloo W/ Frank McFly

Live Show June 9th - What's up extended family... It's episode 84 and we have a special guest in the building... Frank McFly and it was a dope interview. (43:48) but first We start off the episode with a standing ovation for Van Lathan (06:57) Should we idolize celebrities? (10:27) Was Slavery a choice? (15:26) Do you owe your friends anything after you make it big? (24:06) Other Topics include: - Charles Barkley stated that he wants to punch Draymond Green in...


Episode 83 | Super

* Live show on JUNE 9th.. get your tickets * What's up extended family... Your favorite brothers are back with Episode 83. In this episode we discuss the trip to NYC for the #PodinLiveNYC meet-up, we then debut a segment called " Clap for em " and it's dedicated to James Shaw jr. If y'all don't know he is the Waffle House hero. We touched on the S.T.I. called " Super Gonorrhea " and how to avoid it. (14:24) In honor of the Mike Ruga interview Fresco and Flaw ask...


HURT PEOPLE Hurt People - Episode 82 | Feat. Ricardo & Rahsan

What's good extended family... its's episode 82 and we're joined by Two stars of the original series " Hurt People Hurt People " Ricardo and Rahsan... Before we interview the guest (40:54) we broke the ice with a few Fresh or Fiasco questions. Are you ok with your kids mom twerking while pregnant? (09:41) Kendrick Lamar wins Pulitzer Prize.(14:05) Is it fair that Triston Thompson minutes have gone done since his cheating scandal (19:19) Other topics include: - Would you date a Kardashian...


Episode 81 | " Sacrifice " W/ @vitamin_Kai

What’s up Extended family... it’s Episode 81 and we’re joined by Kailah. We start off the episode with a song Battle (00:10) We then discuss the possibility of Meek Mill being released on 4/16 (19:21) Nicki vs Cardi B (26:00) Would you sacrifice your freedom to bring awareness to unfair laws? ( 35:38) Women are hoes if they have sex on the 1st night? (53:31) Other topics: - 6ix 9ine transforms into a woman in the latest video “ Gotti “ (42:42) - SeaHawks cancel meeting with Kaepernick...


Episode 80 - A message to the King W/ Jerell Blakeley

What’s up Extended Family?! The Brothers are back with Episode 80 and we’re joined by 2018 Trenton City Council-At-Large Candidate Jerell Blakeley. Fresh off the back we asked Jerell what a member of city council actually does (04:33) We then expressed our admiration for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in honor of MLK50. (17:20) Are there too many rules for Black men and Black boys (30:55) we finish off the episode with a dope interview with Jerell (55:45) Other Topics include: - The NBA will...


Episode 78 | Daddy wasn't there

Hey extended family it’s episode 78 and on this episode we discussed Black men having to work twice as hard (07:21) The Tekashi69 breakfast club interview (14:14) Young Thug suspends new Music in support of his deaf brother (26:24) Male Birth control might be here just in time to prevent Fetty Wop from having his 8th child (29:36) Flaw doesn’t like Trey Budden diss record towards Joe Budden (37:50) Other topics include: - Hip Hop artist of the week - Big Sean (46:48) - The Memphis...


Ep 77 | Look at my Face

We start the episode by briefly discussing our week. (04:54) We talk about rappers who get on IG live after a scuffle to show that there are no marks on their face (10:44) Our thoughts on DJ Envy (19:07) Rihanna shuts down Snapchat (30:42) The excitement of The Avengers movie (36:39) Other topics.... - Hip Hop Artist of the week - Juvenile (45:05) - Students should have a say in the decision to let teachers carry (01:01:33) - Lil Pump signed a 7 year deal worth $8 Million (01:06:25) - 21...


We get the Boasters Boasting | Episode 76

This week Flaw and Fresco are joined by Kailah and she's not here for all of the Black Panther hype (23:09) We pay homage to Rapper Common ( some what ) for our hip hop segment (36:56) We discuss the greatest 3 album run in hip hop (51:59) Kobe's Oscar win might finally give him the edge over MJ (01:11:53) Should Rick Ross reveal the truth about his hospital visit (01:21:48) Other topics... -Rachel Dolezal has a documentary coming to Netflix called " The Rachel Divide " (01:28:46) -Is...


" You's a Mark " W/@Yagi_Podcast | Episode 75

The ladies of Young and Gettin It Podcast ( Nina and Ashley ) flew all the way from California to join Flaw and Fresco in a mash-up type episode. And they made one thing clear... The west coast does not use the word " Mark " lol... or Buster... Topics include: - YAGI Podcast introduction (02:06) - How was your week (05:35) - Men don’t receive unconditional love? (21:25) - Prayers up for Rick Ross (35:28) - Disney donates $1 Million to fund Youth Stem program following Black Panther Success...


#WakandaForever | Episode 74

There are guest this week so Flaw and Fresco go back and forth on a witty comedic type episode. Main Topic: - The Black Panther Movie (10:26) Other Topics....... - Our list of people who aren’t welcome to Wakanda ( 26:45) - This week in Hip Hop ( Ja Rule ) (35:35) - Dope or Nope - Aychell “ Mullsane “ ( 50:08) - Pres 45 claims to not have committed sexual assault because cameras were present ( 54:38) - Jay Z runs up a $80,000 tab but only leaves a $11,000 tip (56:19) - One NFL player (...


#BlackLove | Episode 73 | w/ Tona Buck

This week Flaw and Fresco are joined by Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach Ms. Tona Buck Our main topic: The importance of Black Love (17:49) Other topics... - The Big Announcement (00:37) - Our week in review (03:43) - The Black Panther movie projected to gross $1B in its 1st week (30:09) - Lavar Ball threatens The LA Lakers (34:23) - Joe Budden son made a diss record towards him (37:45) - Dope or Nope @JayomegaSO Feat. @syerSO " Shameless " (46:44) - The sexual assault conversation...


I gotta Big Ego | Episode 72 | W/ KV

Our Main Topic Do you have an Big Ego? Maybe you do but you don’t know it. ( 55:15 ) Other topics... - The Eagles win thier 1st SuperBowl ( 09:08 ) - Why do fans destroy their own city after the team wins a championship? ( 17:22 ) - TV show reboots ( 21:05 ) - Quincy Jones magazine rant ( 26:22 ) - New Hampshire lottery ticket winner is in jeopardy of losing all the money because she hasn’t come forward yet. ( 30:37 ) - Snoop Dogg plans to release a Gospel Album - This week in Hiphop ( Dr....


In a Daze W/ @sevntnth & @jolasoul_ Episode 71

This week Flaw and Fresco are joined by Sevntnth, Jola Soul and Roz the Creator to discuss thier short film, music and more ( 55:29 ) MoNique allegedly turned down $3 Million ( 17:59 ) Lavar Ball being the new assistant coach for his sons team (12:38 ) Other topics.. - Suge Knights former lawyers arrested for bribing witnesses ( 26:52 ) - The week in Hip Hop - J. Cole ( 29:52 ) - Dope or Nope - Sevntnth “ HHK “ ( 50:47 ) - Dig a Hole - Prez 45 ( 01:19:14 ) Email us:...


Bonus Episode 70.5 W/ Muhammad

Fresco and Flaw are joined by their good friend Muhammad to address what happened in the FB group, why his facebook page is really deactivated and other goodies. We also have the discussion of how to be better Co-Parents. Tune in