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71 - Shazam! / Pet Sematary(2019)

It's been 2 years Folks! Thank you all! on this weeks episode we Discuss what we did and didn't like about the newest Stephen King film adaptation "Pet Sematary". We also try our hardest to find something wrong with Zachary Levi's superhero flick "Shazam!" And Then there is "Game of Thrones" and "Shameless" season 6 this part of the show was going great until we look over only to realize we had talked 5 minutes with the recording paused. (Did I mention we've been doing this 2 years... lol...


70 - Us(2019)

It's Episode 70!!! With our 2 year mark approaching we would like to thank all those who have stuck with us. On today's episode we cover the newest thriller from the mind of Jordan Peele, "Us". But before all that we talk season 5 of Game Of Thrones and Shameless. As well as our feelings on the announcement that the show we hold dear to our hearts "Supernatural" will end next year. Oh yeah and "Dumbo" not too sure how you can not meet zero expectations but Tim Burton seem to manage it pretty...


69 - Time Bandits(1981)

It's Episode 69 folks. After last weeks Mystery Movie Trivia revealing to be Terry Gilliam's 2009 film "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" We decided to do another of his films for this weeks feature film. The classic that is none other than "Time Bandits" A movie that as children we would have been all over if exposed to it. agreeing that it probably belongs somewhere in the neighborhood with "The Never Ending Story" and "The Labyrinth". Come Join Us this week to find out if it held up to...


68 - Captain Marvel

Welcome If its your first time here! If its not welcome back! On this laugh packed episode we explore all that we gathered from Marvels newest installment into the MCU. Captain Marvel. Our hope is that if you're a regular listener of the show you know by now that there are SPOILERS! ahead. So if you haven't watch the movie yet its probably not a good idea to move forward with this episode. But before we get into marvel we discuss our week and what we've been up to. We cover the finally to...


67 - Once Upon a Time in the West

Join us on our latest adventure where we talk #OnceUponATimeInTheWest as well as season 3 of #GameOfThrones and #Shameless #ItsGonnaBeARedWedding Also we are one week out from #captainmarvel so get ready! hope everyone will see it! and in 2 weeks we will be tackling #terrygilliam 's #TimeBandits After todays #MysteryMovieTrivia we thought since nither of us had seen it we probably should give it a go! You can find all our episodes on #soundcloud #itunes #stitcher #googleplay and #tunein...


66 - Alita: Battle Angel

Its episode 66 Ladies and Gents and everyone In between! This week is the much anticipated James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez film "Alita : Battle Angel. Its based on the Manga by Yukito Kishiro. The film is set in the post-apocalyptic future and Alita, a female cyborg who has lost all memories and is found in a junkyard by a cybernetics doctor, Ido(Christoph Waltz), who rebuilds and takes care of her. She discovers the only thing she remembers is the legendary cyborg martial art Panzer...


65 - Velvet Buzzsaw / Happy Death Day 2U

Welcome to our latest packed full episode where we are bringing you a double feature critique. First of which is Netflix's Latest "Psychological Thriller" "Velvet Buzzsaw". This film about Magical Paintings who seem to be terrible luck to anyone who gets near them has a behemoth of a casting! The second movie being the newest BlumHouse film Happy Death Day 2 U. A sequel to 2017 "Happy Death Day" which was a somewhat horror nod to the Bill Murray classic "Ground Hog Day". Join us as we have a...


64 - Chinatown (1974)

Yeah we know its not Sunday... But what can we do. On this jump back to the past years before either of us were even dreamed of. We sat down to discuss one of film history's jewels Chinatown. This 1974 Noir film directed by Roman Polanski is considered by many to be the last great Film Noir at least make in the classical sense. Come join us as we follow Jack Nicholson down the rabbit hole in this classic. Oh and before we take on the case with good ole jake. We gave each other homework. Alex...


63 - Glass (2019)

In our newest episode we get back into the swing of things with our first review of the year with M. Night Shyamalans thrilling conclusion(?) to the Unbreakable trilogy. Before diving head first all those plot twist that comes along with any Shyamalan film we start the show off with a game! "Mystery Movie" is a new part of the show where one us watched a movie the other didn't know about during the week prior. We give clues in the form of deep dive facts and cross references about the people...


62 - Best of 2018

Well, We're back after a much needed 2 month break. While we are back we come to you with this somewhat soft open of an episode where we discuss the year we've had and what some of our favorite things from 2018 where. As well as some of the things we want to do in this coming year! We would like to thank all those who have decided to support this show through our Teepublic store! It truly does mean the world to us! If you reading this and would like to visit our store using the link below...


61 - Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

In the Wizarding World filled episode we tackle the, what we found to be not so fantastic, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. the second in a line of films that are being produced as prequals to the Harry Potter franchise. As stated before it was less than we expected but as a fan of the world there was plenty to talk about and enjoy. Join us as we are whisked away into the magic that is the Wizarding World. We would like to thank all those who have decided to support this show...


Doctor Who - The Tsuranga Conundrum and The Mind Robber

On this most adventure filled episode of Doctor Who Wednesdays we Talk about 3 Different adventures The Doctor and The Companions went on. The newest of which is Jodie Whittaker and her gangs happen stance of being on a fully automated rescue ship a few days trip from the TARDIS just as a space creature called The Pting latches onto the ship and begins to devourer everything in sight. The next one is the beginning of an adventure with the 8th Doctor. Paul McGann's 8th Doctor was short lived...


60 - Suspiria (2018)

It's episode 60!!! The 2018 remake of Suspiria is on todays docket and It may have been the weirdest movies since Mother we have seen. Cody hadn't seen the original and after Alex saw the new one he told Cody to wait as it split and went a different direction from the original. Come join us as we discuss all the TWISTS and turns this coven of dancing witches laid before us for our entertainment. We would like to thank all those who have decided to support this show through our Teepublic...


Doctor Who - Arachnids and The Tomb of The Cybermen

It's time for "Doctor Who Wednesdays!" on this weeks episode we journey with The Doctor in two different time lines. The first being season 11 episode 4 titled Arachnids in the UK. Jodie Whittickers 4th episode. Being the lucky number 13 she is proving her self more and more every episode to truly be THE DOCTOR! As you probably know the episode fallows The Doctor and her new gang back to present day earth. Upon arriving back they soon find out that a spider problem has developed in a BIG...


59 - Bohemian Rhapsody

It's episode 59 folks! Today we jump start the episode discussing the first half of Netflix's new show "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" just before we get into all the mushy feelings that surrounds what and who Queen and Freddie Mercury is. We went and saw the new bio pic "Bohemian Rhapsody" based on the life of who may be arguably the greatest rock star to walk the planet, Freddie Mercury. We would like to thank all those who have decided to support this show through our Teepublic...


58 - Halloween 2018

It's the 40th Anniversary of Halloween and even though we didn't mention it once in the episode we would like to recognize the birth of perhaps the greatest horror movie of all time, and after seeing the 2018 Halloween film its the perfect love letter to John Carpenter. So Join us as we gush over everyone's favorite Killer Michael Myers. We also had to cover the beautifully done Netflix show The Haunting of Hill House. We would like to thank all those who have decided to support this show...


Doctor Who - Rosa

Wow two "Doctor Who Wednesdays" in a row! Lol. We're back to discuss Jodie Whittakers second and third episode, whose titles are "The Ghost Monument" and "Rosa". We hope you are enjoying this new Doctor as much as we are! We also covered the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton's, first serial "The Power Of The Daleks" even though all we have of the series is some audio and a few stills. We thought is was a pretty essential series to watch for the show. We would like to thank all those who have...


PTF BookClub - Sherlock Holmes 1 of 3

Welcome back to the Pod Time Forgot Book Club! On this episode all 3 of us were back together to sit down and talk about the start of our first reading through Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "Definitive Sherlock Holmes Collection". We of course went with the great audio book that Audible has been so gracious to supply us with read by the wonderful Stephen Fry. The collection is broken up into 6 parts. we will be covering 2 parts per episode. That's right 3 whole episodes just on Sherlock Holmes...


Doctor Who - The Woman Who Fell To Earth

Doctor Who Wednesdays are back! We hope you are as excited as we are. We are so stoked to jump back into talking everything Doctor who! This episode we broke down Jodie Whittakers first full episode as The Doctor. we also some what hint at how the Classic Who part of the show will play out as we go along. Join us wont you. Doctor Who! We would like to thank all those who have decided to support this show through our Teepublic store! It truly does mean the world to us! If you reading this and...


57 - A Star is Born/ The First Man

Welcome to episode 57! On this fine episode we discuss the films "A Star is Born" and "The First Man". with "A Star is Born" we began with the history of the story and how this being the 4th iteration of this story how it seems to be ever so relevant in todays society. Then you have "The First Man" A story being lovers of space and science fiction we wanted more. This slow burn of a movie left us (we felt) wanting much more. It tells the story you expect it to glazing over certain aspects....