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59 - Bohemian Rhapsody

It's episode 59 folks! Today we jump start the episode discussing the first half of Netflix's new show "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" just before we get into all the mushy feelings that surrounds what and who Queen and Freddie Mercury is. We went and saw the new bio pic "Bohemian Rhapsody" based on the life of who may be arguably the greatest rock star to walk the planet, Freddie Mercury. We would like to thank all those who have decided to support this show through our Teepublic...


58 - Halloween 2018

It's the 40th Anniversary of Halloween and even though we didn't mention it once in the episode we would like to recognize the birth of perhaps the greatest horror movie of all time, and after seeing the 2018 Halloween film its the perfect love letter to John Carpenter. So Join us as we gush over everyone's favorite Killer Michael Myers. We also had to cover the beautifully done Netflix show The Haunting of Hill House. We would like to thank all those who have decided to support this show...


Doctor Who - Rosa

Wow two "Doctor Who Wednesdays" in a row! Lol. We're back to discuss Jodie Whittakers second and third episode, whose titles are "The Ghost Monument" and "Rosa". We hope you are enjoying this new Doctor as much as we are! We also covered the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton's, first serial "The Power Of The Daleks" even though all we have of the series is some audio and a few stills. We thought is was a pretty essential series to watch for the show. We would like to thank all those who have...


PTF BookClub - Sherlock Holmes 1 of 3

Welcome back to the Pod Time Forgot Book Club! On this episode all 3 of us were back together to sit down and talk about the start of our first reading through Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "Definitive Sherlock Holmes Collection". We of course went with the great audio book that Audible has been so gracious to supply us with read by the wonderful Stephen Fry. The collection is broken up into 6 parts. we will be covering 2 parts per episode. That's right 3 whole episodes just on Sherlock Holmes...


Doctor Who - The Woman Who Fell To Earth

Doctor Who Wednesdays are back! We hope you are as excited as we are. We are so stoked to jump back into talking everything Doctor who! This episode we broke down Jodie Whittakers first full episode as The Doctor. we also some what hint at how the Classic Who part of the show will play out as we go along. Join us wont you. Doctor Who! We would like to thank all those who have decided to support this show through our Teepublic store! It truly does mean the world to us! If you reading this and...


57 - A Star is Born/ The First Man

Welcome to episode 57! On this fine episode we discuss the films "A Star is Born" and "The First Man". with "A Star is Born" we began with the history of the story and how this being the 4th iteration of this story how it seems to be ever so relevant in todays society. Then you have "The First Man" A story being lovers of space and science fiction we wanted more. This slow burn of a movie left us (we felt) wanting much more. It tells the story you expect it to glazing over certain aspects....


56 - Venom

On todays "everything Spiderman" filled episode we discuss Venom and the new PS4 Spiderman game, and how much better one is than the other. (We'll let you figure that one out) Before that though we spent much of the episode chatting about anything and everything we have been consuming over the last couple of weeks. By everything that spans from "Small Foot" to "Hell Fest" an "Sherlock Holmes" to "Shane Dawson". So come take a break from your busy day with us as we debrief each other about...


PTF Book Club - 5 Hunting Eichmann

It's time yet again for a PTF Book Club episode. This time we were absent Alex for the first ever episode! While he was missed Cody and Allen sat down and hashed out the comparisons between "Hunting Eichmann" and the film "Operation Finale". While it wasn't a direct adaptation of the book it was pretty close to being scene for scene. That being said we came to the conclusion that the film seemed a little watered down compared to the book (no surprise there)We hope you enjoy this episode....


55 - Mandy

Mandy! Alex and Cody give you the basic run down on the "Cenobite" filled Nick Cage turned crazed man that will stop at nothing to track down the "crazy evil" to avenge his wife's death. But of course before that they covered some pop culture news and what we watched last week. Don't forget to listen to our other series The PodTimeForgot Book Club. This week is Operation Finale/ Hunting Eichmann. A week late on the release, this Wednesday it will go up for you to enjoy! If you would like to...


54- The Nun/ The Predator

After a much needed break the boys are back. Not only are we back but we come wielding a double feature! We have a good back and forth on what we loved and hate about both The Nun and The Predator. Before all that spoilery stuff we caught each other up on our most resent pop culture consumptions. Come join us for yet another spoiler filled time. A big thanks is in order to all those who have supported this show through our TeePublic store. Buying shirts, mugs, phone cases and so much more...


53 - WestWorld

It's the Everything WestWord episode! With season 2 of the HBO Series being wrapped up we decided to go back and watch what started it all. the 1973 classic written and directed by Michael Crichton. While we where left felling it could have been so much more, we can defiantly see what the hype was all about. This murderous robot flick predates the Jurassic Park and Terminator franchises and it seem both may have been inspired by the film. We hope you enjoy this "trip to the old west" episode...


PTF Book Club- 4 -Blackkklansman

On the 4th Episode of the PTF Book Club we are without Mr. Garner but never fear he will be back! Alex and Cody get pretty worked up as they discuss the topic of today! Blackkklansman is a film and book written by and about the case where Colorado Springs Detective Ron Stallworth Answered an add in the newspaper stating that the KKK was looking for new members. Ron did get excepted only thing about that is Mr. Stallworth is a Blackman! HAHA! We laughed at how crazy this story was, but at the...


52 - Robin Williams

After a week off we thought We are glad to be back. We had so much fun with the last episode showcasing a single actor (Tom Cruise) and discussing the films we were a little less familiar with. We thought we'd try it again! This week is Robin Williams! Us two being huge fans of Robin you can imagine how difficult it was choosing a hand full of films. So with neither of us had never seen The Fisher King and Dead Poets Society we thought those would be great picks. and where they ever! Then...


51 - Tom Cruise

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to join us this week as we talk about some Tom Cruise! We travel through the years as we watch some of his greatest films. Not all but a few. Love or hate the guy, he sure does give his all to every role he is in! So we hope you enjoy these new kind of episode where we discuss multiple films. Cheers! Sign up for Audible today and get your first month free with a free book by using the link below and join our book club!...


PTF Book Club - 3 - Mind Hunter

Thank You for actually reading the description! On todays episode we dove into John Douglas' greatly admired book "MindHunter - Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit". This was a phenomenal book. John Douglas, If you don't know, is responsible for starting the behavioral science / psychological profiling division of the FBI. After reading and talking about this book and Netflix series Mr. Douglas is one of the most inspiring people we've had the chance to learn about in recent years. In...


50 - Seven Samurai

It's finale time!! So it's only fitting that we discuss one of the most influential movies of all time, Seven Samurai. This 3 and a half hour masterpiece brings us Alan Garner back to join us on our flagship program. But beforehand we discuss some new trailers, tv shows and just life, and death(almost death). Join us as we celebrate 50 episodes and here's to the next 50!! Sign up for Audible today and get your first month free with a free book by using the link below and join our book club!...


PTF Book Club - American Psycho

Thank you for joining us for episode 2 of the "PodTimeForgot Book Club". In This episode we sat down to discuss the ins and outs of Bret Easton Ellis' cult hit novel "American Psycho" and how it compares to the film released in 2000. A warning this episode dives into some pretty dark areas of what could be seen as too dark or explicit for some listeners so we would advise listening with a head set. Back with us today is Alan Garner and he is an official member of the PTF Book Club. If you...


49 - Taxi Driver

Welcome to the Description section! Glad to have you! On todays delightful episode the guys watch for the very first time EVER! Martin Scorsese's Classic "Taxi Driver". And man what a film. The acting chops and Cybill Sheperd… and the fitness of Robert De Niro and Harvey Keitel and Cybill Sheperd… and weather Travis was crazy or not. oh and did I mention Cybill Shepard! As usually they filled each other in on their week. Cody saw "Sorry To Bother You", and is Nearly finished with "Patrick...


48 - Ant-Man and The Wasp

In todays episode we get in all the "microscopic" nooks and crannies of Marvels newest installment into their huge cinematic universe. The tiny duo that packs a huge punch. "Ant-Man and The Wasp". In this hilarious action packed heist film you have not one, not two, but three groups going after the same treasure and in the wrong hand could mean very terrible things. But before we jump head first into all that we had a little back and forth on how our week went. Look out for our up coming...


47 - Henry: A Portrait of a Serial Killer

So welcome to this crazy episode where we travel down some crazy paths and find ourselves discussing all sorts of things. The two feature movies are nearly polar opposites. The first is Cody's pick "The City of Ember" a family friendly post apocalyptic adventure movie. It stars Saoirse Ronan, Bill Murray, and Harry Treadaway. We both came to an agreement that we believed the story seemed a little washed out. (no pun intended) The second was Henry: A Portraint of a Serial Killer. Staring...