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B-Plot 16.5 - The Characters of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Pretty intense spoilers for the first few episodes for sure. Less intense, but still notable, spoilers for mid and late seasons. DEFINITELY not an episode for the spoiler-concerned. "sex like putting a firecracker in a pineapple" We lament that not all problems can be fixed by making out with weird tusk-mouths. The usual suspects: (Currently down. Maybe forever?) ("Good morning, cruel...


B-Plot 16: I want you to look into my eyes and feel something.

A variety of topics and very little life was discussed. We go deep into the behind the scenes of the podcast, Jeromy negs Sam into a b s o l u t e s e x, We talk about Sam killing a guy, and Jeromy makes a snowpiercer reference. Which is a timely one, because snowpiercer is timeless. 26:10 Content Club! Ghost files! Ghastly Gut Punch: Next content club: N/A. Forgot to do it. 33:00 Surprise bonus Content Club! Ice T! Just the one fresh link today, but we...


B-Plot 15.5 - Lern 2 B U T T E R

We talk about video games pretty generally, and try to tie in mental health because that's who we are as people. Your Homework is as follows: 1: Play a game if you haven't (shovel knight, Mario, A Hat in Time, F-Zero [], "Walking Simulators") 2: make an internet friend if you haven't. It's like a pen pal, but you can also call. (Bonus points if they're foreign; let your reach extend your grasp.) remember, that's 7-5-b The usual...


B-Plot 15 - The Cult of Science

We defend Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye while shitting on Stephen Hawking's death (Not really, well, maybe a little) while touching on our takes on science as it relates to culture. We defend Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye while shitting on Stephen Hawking's death (Not really, well, maybe a little) while touching on our takes on science as it relates to culture. Then we debate on the subversive qualities of boy penis in a groundbreaking content club. CC: Next content club: Ghost...


B-Plot 14.5 - The Great Jedi Debate

im·pe·tus 1. the force or energy with which a body moves. 1a. the force that makes something happen or happen more quickly. (Maybe the younglings are at fault?) The usual suspects: (blog) ("Good morning, cruel world" to be released)


B-Plot 14: The Transitional Episode

8:05 - We start reading our 1 reader mail before devolving into about 10 topics/second including sonic, depression, Ugandan knuckles, self-deceit, and with small daliances into political discourse 33:30 - We begin our content club: Kendrick Lamar! CC update, BB: We'll be doing Dragonball *not z*


B-Plot 13.5: It's PODRACING the PODRACE.

Sam getting really angry about the podracing in star wars while Jeromy eggs him on. You're going to want to strap in for this one, folks. The usual suspects: (blog) ("Good morning, cruel world" to be released)


B-Plot 13: The Podcast With 999 Swords

We start off with a lot of Sonic series deep cuts and meme conversation which devolves into politics. So 2017/18 in a nutshell. 12:25 we start talking about life stuff 28:40 We start talking about our content club: "Whispered: thousand swords" 35:20 we get back on track after the cat distraction 54:50 Jeromy starts frontloading his conversation about Kendrick Lamar. Next Content Club: The Star Wars Prequels and Kendrick Lamar's "Damn." But for real this time. Also, it might be a good...


B-Plot 12.5 The Nip Slip Episode

We talk about the direction of the podcast and war flashbacks to youtube comments. Then we struggle to fill out the episode for a loooong time. But stay tuned for our special guest, Cher! Didn't think we could book a celebrity like that, did ya? Well Sully did. Because he's a goddamn hero.


B-Plot 12 - The Phantasmagorical Return!

We talk about Jerry Seinfeld, but mostly about the winter blues and where we've been the past month. Stay tuned for the latter half where Jeromy reveals his shocking plan to fuck it all and live in the back of a truck for the rest of his life in a rare case of real life foreshadowing. The usual suspects: (blog)


B-Plot 11: How Can You Flush a God?

We announce our support for Stone Cold Steve Austin's presidency. And mention "Get Out" about three more times. There is no escape. We can not get out. And I clarify that I DECIDE not to edit out my disgusting coughing hacks. It's about ARTISTIC. INTEGRITY. 0:00 unfocused "life talk" 29:05 We take a dive into our... "reader mail" 38:50 Content Club! We finally review The Wizard's Mole! 1:05:15 Content Club ends and we begin talking about my personal journey through Chaos Magic thus...


B-Plot 10: 2397, Frogamy's Revenge

We finally get feedback to respond too and we totally trash the feedbacker. As if that isn't bad enough, we spoil some of Lost's later plots. We're not even sorry. You don't even get time stamps to avoid Lost spoilers. We want you to suffer. When we're done being the worst we have an old man rant about journalism. Then move on to our main topic: Video Game news and our takes on it! We know you still haven't heard enough about our video game opinions. The phrase "Covered in Choronon eggs"...


B-Plot 9.5: #THREE will LEAVE you SPEECHLESS

In this anticipated sequel to the beloved classic "B-Plot 9," we list our top 6 video games while really tired and giggly. In our discussions we definitely spoil some of the older, well trodden games. Consider yourself warned. We spoil The World Ends With You 40:50-42:02 and again at 44:05-44:45. And by "we" I mean "Jeromy." Episode Links: Sermon 14, don't read this. Ignore this link.,_Sermon_14 Build That Wall -...


B-Plot 9: The only mercy is mercy killing.

Right off the bat I'm going to apologize for the audio weirdness. We think we know the problem and will fix it before B-Plot 10. (It's because we didn't reference granny at all this episode) We start in our typical fashion, talking about life and constantly triggering each other. Then we move on to our topic, Sam and Jeromy's top 10 video games! Here's our itinerary. 8:45 We talk about future Chaos Magic episodes 24:58 We start talking about our topic, top 10 games! 56:15 - 58:53 is...


D&D Update 11/8/2017

Content: cops and crooks is cancelled, I do have plans moving forward, and I adopt a tentative "4 episodes a month policy" (blog)


B-Plot 8: Wet Hands, Cold Heart...

a good episode When the description is done In a haiku form The official theme Is flaws within and without 23 minutes (we begin that discussion at 23:00) Replacing the cat and the studio we're in but the same old show We are beset with Jeromy's apologies turns out he's racist We name all thousand the faces gone unnoticed recognized at last! We also form the diabetic millenials podcasting initiative. No way that was going to fit into a haiku. Moral's Podcast:...


B-Plot 7.5: Mr. Liber Null Gets a Little Talking to. (Halloween special)

Jeromy reads the book "Liber Null" a very well known occult book on the usage and theory of Chaos Magic. Hilarity ensues. In all seriousness we talk a lot about how "Liber Nullian" Chaos Magic works, go over a few personal stories from practitioners, discuss the philosophy of it, and Jeromy internally debates whether or not he qualifies as a Chaos Mage. And if he should go down the path. Overall, lots of fun, spooky stuff. LEARN!...


B-Plot 7: The Time-honored Art of Casting Pods (halloween special)

0:00 General life 16:30 We introduce talking about CGP Gray and Kurzgesagt videos Why Die? Why Age? ... Humans Need Not Apply 20:55 We ACTUALLY start talking about Gray and Kurz videos 32:50 The psuedoscience of ghost recording 43:16 Horror movie discussion 1:04:05 Content Club! Get Out! Stay tuned for part 2 where we talk about Chaos Magic, focusing...


B-Plot 6: The Big D's: Death, Depression, and Dunkin'

We talk about life, death, and depression. Surprisingly funny, decently serious. stupid Amazing Schrabb videos: Pirate college:


How to be a Rule-Savvy GM 1- The Hero Fantasy of 3.5, Triumphs and Downfalls

Part 1: What is this and why start with 3.5? Part 2: What's the deal with 3.5? Digging into the hero fantasy. Part 3: Why the hero fantasy works, why it doesn't.