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38: Conspiracy Theory Podcasts

You didn't get this podcast from us, you understand? It fell off the back of a truck and that's all you know. Also, we're hiding more episodes from you for some reason and it's up to you to expose the truth. Find them if you can. Thank you to our Patreon hero: The Indy Sportscar Podcast Conspiracy Theories And Unpopular Culture with Isaac Weishaupt - Justice League &...


36: Atheist Podcasts

We gather today at the church of itunes to tear apart 3 atheist podcasts. Turns out we didn't do too much tearing apart. One of them was actually a fun show. The other two were shows but not great. There is your compliment. Cognitive Dissonance: atheism and skepticism podcast 429 - Citizens Arrest 8.19.18 1h27m Thank god I’m atheist 4.19.18 333 - government vs god 1h...


34: Quilting Podcasts

It's time for Phoenix to get his revenge on Frank for the ultimate sin of picking themes in an effort to get Phoenix to like certain things. How dare he? The revenge was 3 hour long episodes about women talking about the fascinating lifestyle of quilting. These podcasts left us in stitches. I just can't quilt listening to these podcasts. And other puns as well. We'd like to thank our hero patron: The Indy Sportscar Podcast. American...


33: Podcast Homework For Episode 34

Phoenix makes Frank pay for his sins of trying to find podcasts he will actually enjoy. That price for that crime will be paid for in quilting. We'd like to thank our hero patron: The Indy Sportscar Podcast. American Patchwork And Quilting Podcast (Radio) Guests: Jen de Jong, Melanie Call, HollyAnne Knight, and a chat with Pat 7.8.18 58 minutes...


32: Science Podcasts

Science is a bitch. It's also for sharing. We discuss people talking to themselves about Tesla and also a show that was actually halfway decent. Space Radio SR 46 - Martian Pool Party 7.27.18 25m Kilowatt: A Podcast About Tesla The Verboten Tesla Podcast...


31: Podcast Homework For Episode 32

We can't remember a goddamn thing about the gym. We like it that way. Frank picks the topic for episode 32 and Phoenix is worried he will be stuck making fun of one of Frank's idols. SCIENCE PODCASTS!!! Space Radio SR 46 - Martian Pool Party 7.27.18 25m...


30: Gym Podcasts

Get in your spandez short-shorts, pop in your ear buds and push play on learning because this week we listened to and review 3 gym podcasts. Well, kinda. It was mostly just people talking in insanely vague riddles about how they work out. Oh, and CrossFit sucks but it's also amazing but it also sucks but sorry that's just like an opinion, man. Tristar Gym Podcast Follow Up Training Intensity And Much More - AMA 22 - Coach Zahabi 6.24.18 (49 minutes)...


Podcast Filler For Your Podcast Needs

We're taking a break this week but wanted to deliver you something you haven't heard before. This is the audio from two episodes of Things That Will Burn In Hell which is another LIW Studios show. Now, it's a video show but the audio will suffice. It's basically me reading from my book and then doing improv afterward. Things That Will Burn In Hell with Phoenix West is available on itunes or wherever you get your podcasts plus if you want to see the video versions go subscribe here:...


29: Podcast Homework For Episode 30

Creepypasta is still not pasta nor creepy but we discuss the impact the podcasts had on the last week of our lives. Frank then tries to convince Phoenix to listen to more creepypasta shows on YouTube. It doesn't go well. Perhaps he will train and build up his convincing skills to convince him further. Where could one go to train and build up muscles.... Tristar Gym Podcast Follow Up Training Intensity And...


28: Creepypasta Podcasts

This episode might have the biggest disagreement between Phoenix and Frank on the ordering of the podcasts from worst to best. Phoenix hated these episodes so much that he made his own creepy pasta podcast and dubbed it "Spooky Spooky Pastacast." Go check that out as soon as it's available on itunes or wherever. You can also find it on the LIW Improv Theater feed if you don't want to subscribe to a whole extra show. They will feature spooky scary disturbing stories improvised by Phoenix....


27: Podcast Homework For Episode 27

We attempt to give compliments for the astrology podcast but fail. Just like they did at creating informative podcasts. Anyway, Frank gives his picks for next week and he's impossible to understand so just click on the links below to get the correct ones. MrCreepyPasta Storytime Laurie by Stephen King 5.28.18...


26: Astrology Podcasts

We looked to the stars, read our fire charts and worshiped our moon signs to find these 3 podcast gems. They were so fucking weird and insane that we finally broke our rule of going over an hour. All bets are off from now on. We got 3 VERY different podcasts on the same subject and the results are just confusing. We still have no idea what to do with any of this information. Help us! What’s Your Sign? Moon...


25: Podcast Homework For Episode 26

We are back with terrible sound quality but since you're do devoted to this show you already heard the explination in the 2018 State Of The Studio Address, right? Good. Anyway, next week's theme is Astrology Podcasts. Fuck it'll be terrible. What’s Your Sign? Moon Signs 2.25.18 1h 14m Bridging Realities 67 - The Problem...


2018 State Of The Studio Address

This is going out on all of our feeds from Loitering In Wonderland Studios. It's just letting you guys know what's happening with us right now and why podcasts have been delayed. If you guys are curious you can find our other shows at the following places.


24: Farming Podcasts

We planted the seeds of boredom and they grew into 3 podcasts about farming. If you played these podcasts to your plants they would die. Plus, Phoenix shares a theory that the old lady in one of the shows has a corpse garden. Frank tells a series of strange stories. One of them involves his grandmother getting sass from a squirrel. Just like all of Frank's stories, is it true? We may never know. Farm...


23: Podcast Homework For Episode 24

Frank was pissy about Phoenix forcing him to listen to medical podcasts so he decided to strike back with a fatal blow. Phoenix is going to sow the seeds of hatred, water them with his tears, give them the sunlight of a thousand suns of anger and eat the ire fruits. Have you picked up on the hint that next weeks episode is Farming Podcasts? You should have. It was pretty obvious. Farm Small Farm Smart 137 - Online Sales Of Establishing Yourself As A New Farmer with Mark Chapman 4.17.18...


22: Medical Podcasts

We're back after a 2 week break because Phoenix broke his spine or something. Luckily he will be healed via the power of these medical podcasts. God help us. The Premed Years Don't Talk About How You Know What Being a Doctor is Like 1.31.18 Specialty Stories 56: How Hard is...


21: Podcast Homework For Episode 22

We survived the 80's. We survived the 90's. Both literally and on this show. What could possibly be next for us? Well, Phoenix is going through some spine issues so obviously he needs medical help. That's right: the theme for episode 22 will be Medical Podcasts. The list of shows we will consume will be below. The Premed Years Don't Talk About How You Know What Being a Doctor is Like 1.31.18...


20: 90's Podcasts

Welcome to a world of Nickelodeon, X-Treme foods and bad bowl haircuts. All of which we almost OD'd on. Today we tackle 90's podcasts and of course Frank broke a rule or two so naturally the episode starts off with our new favorite seggie "Fuck You / I'm Sorry." Where will our next podcast adventure bring us? Tune in next week to the homework podcast for episode 22. Get it yet? We review on the even episodes and announce on the odd ones. Now tell your goddamn friends.


19: Podcast Homework For Episode 20

Well we're sunburned from fishing so obviously the only way to treat that is to go home and turn on our sad nolstagia box. Yes, Frank chooses next week topic in the laziest way possible. He also tells the story of being attacked by a crazy man. Super 90’s Bros Groundhog Day Feb 22nd The Big Orange Couch The 90’s Nickelodeon Podcast 34 - Nickelodeon...