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Hosts Josh and Maureen Goldman, along with a rotating cast of pop culture connoisseurs break down the best pop culture stories from around the web each week.

Hosts Josh and Maureen Goldman, along with a rotating cast of pop culture connoisseurs break down the best pop culture stories from around the web each week.
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Hosts Josh and Maureen Goldman, along with a rotating cast of pop culture connoisseurs break down the best pop culture stories from around the web each week.




Ep. 46: Is “Saturday Night Live” Still Funny? (Discussing the State of the NBC Sketch Show)

Please rate and subscribe to our podcast if you haven’t already! In Episode 46, we talk about Constance Wu’s very public negative reaction to her ABC show “Fresh Off the Boat” being renewed for a sixth season and discuss the trend of naming children after characters from TV shows (especially before you know whether that character is ultimately good or bad). In the Marquee Topic, we look into the state of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” one of the longest running programs on TV. We talk about...


Ep. 45: A Deep Dive into “Avengers: Endgame” and the Future of Marvel

In Episode 45, we chat about the new royal baby, discuss the rogue coffee cup that appeared in a dramatic scene during the latest episode of "Game of Thrones" and talk about the (latest) delay of the "Avatar" sequels (and wonder whether anyone even cares that there will be sequels - hint: nope). In the Marquee Topic, we are joined by special guest Zac Crippen (co-founder of the Vernacular Podcast Network) to do a deep dive into "Avengers: Endgame" and the future of the Marvel Cinematic...


Ep. 44: Is “Friends” the Best Comedy Ever? (Looking Back 15 Years After Its Finale)

In Episode 44, we give an update on Jeopardy champion James Holzhauer ($1.5 million in winnings and counting!), give our brief (and SPOILER-FREE) thoughts on "Avengers: Endgame," discuss the just released Tony Award nominations and remark on the sad passing of director John Singleton. In the Marquee Topic, we look back on the NBC hit comedy "Friends," which had its series finale on May 6, 2004 - 15 years ago! We talk about our favorite characters, whether or not the show holds up today...


Ep. 43: A Deep Dive Into Beyoncé’s Transformative Documentary “Homecoming”

In Episode 43, we talk about a truly impressive (and ongoing) streak happening on "Jeopardy" ($1.2 million and counting for contestant James Holzhauer), "People" magazine naming Jennifer Garner as its cover star for its “Beautiful People” issue, the casting of Rami Malek as the next Bond villain and our predictions for how much "Avengers: Endgame" will make in its opening weekend. In the Marquee Topic, we do a deep dive into the Beyoncé Netflix documentary "Homecoming." We talk about how we...


Ep. 42: The 2019 “Time” 100 Most Influential People List and Influence in Our Culture

In Episode 42, Maureen is back for a full episode! We discuss the "Grease" prequel in the works (NO THANKS), a fun throwback video to the set of "The Office" made by Jenna Fischer (Pam) herself and talk through an oral history of one of the most bizarre minutes in film history (especially when taken out of context) - a hilariously strange and gruesome moment from "Meet Joe Black." In the Marquee Topic, we examine the "Time" 100: Most Influential People, 2019. We talk through surprises on...


Ep. 41: Maureen is Back(!), A Deep Dive into “Game of Thrones” and Reactions to “The Lion King” Full-Length Trailer

In Episode 41, Maureen returns from her two-week hiatus and gives her thoughts on everything we discussed on the podcast in her absence. We also give our reactions to the new full-length trailer for the upcoming live action remake of "The Lion King" and share just-released casting news for the 2020 film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first musical, "In the Heights." In the Marquee Topic, Josh is joined by special guest, friend and pop culture connoisseur, Mike Wilbur to break down the...


Ep. 40: Ranking Baseball Movies from Worst to First

In Episode 40, Josh welcomes guests Zac Crippen (the co-founder of the Vernacular Podcast Network, co-host of Vernacular Podcast and co-host of Vernacular’s sports podcast The Line-Up) and Peter Laclede (co-host of Vernacular’s sports podcast The Line-Up), for a very special episode where we rank a selection of 15 baseball movies from worst to first to celebrate the start of the 2019 Major League Baseball season. In no particular order, we ranked Field of Dreams, The Sandlot, The Bad News...


Ep. 39: A Look at HBO’s “Veep,” Apple TV + and Captain America Chris Evans in a Musical?!

In Episode 39, Josh is tackling another episode solo! He talks about Chris Evans’ desire to star in a musical, Apple unveiling their new streaming service (set to launch this fall) called Apple TV + and some fascinating casting “what-ifs” from the 1999 blockbuster "The Matrix." In the Marquee Topic, Josh takes a look at the critically acclaimed and award-winning HBO show "Veep" and tells you why it’s 100% worth the watch even if you don’t think it can live up to the hype. PLUS, in his...


Ep. 38: Can You Separate the Art from the Artist and Two New Movie Trailers for Summer Blockbusters

In Episode 38, we talk about two new movie trailers for upcoming summer blockbusters ("Toy Story 4" and "Aladdin") and discuss recently announced casting news for the upcoming "West Side Story" remake. In the Marquee Topic, we get a little serious and talk about whether or not you can (and should) separate the art from the artist when the artist in question has done very bad things in their life. WARNING: Adult themes (if you usually listen with children, you may want to wait until they...


Ep. 37: The Sad News About Luke Perry & Alex Trebek and Why You Should Watch the Critically Panned Movie “National Treasure”

In Episode 37, we discuss the sad death of actor Luke Perry, the devastating news that longtime "Jeopardy" host and American fixture Alex Trebek has cancer, the trailer for the new film from Mindy Kaling and debate Steven Spielberg’s comments about how films from streaming services shouldn’t be eligible for Oscars. In the Marquee Topic, we’re kicking off a new mini-series called “Critically Panned,” where we examine one movie that was ravaged by critics but we think you should still check...


Ep. 36: All About the 2019 Oscars ("Green Book" for Best Picture - REALLY?!)

In Episode 36, we respond to a listener comment on the Fyre Festival episode we did a few weeks back, discuss Katy Perry’s engagement to Legolas himself, Orlando Bloom, and try to make sense of the ongoing Jussie Smollett drama. In the Marquee Topic, we’re talking all about the 2019 Oscars. We delve into the show itself, deliberate whether having no host was a win or lose (spoiler: Maureen and I don’t see eye to eye), debate the winners (both surprises - "Black Panther!" Female filmmaking...


Ep. 35: Final Predictions for the Oscars and Talking About All Four Versions of “A Star Is Born” (And the Fifth One We Never Got)

In Episode 35, we have a special Snack Bag where we are talking all things Oscars ahead of the February 24th Academy Awards. We talk about the Academy’s reversal of a previous announcement to cut four categories from the telecast, our personal rankings of the Best Picture nominees and our predictions in the major categories (here’s to being very, very wrong and Bradley Cooper winning Best Actor!). In the Marquee Topic, we discuss each of the four versions of the film "A Star Is Born" (one...


Ep. 34: Dueling Fyre Festival Documentaries & Thoughts on the 2019 GRAMMYS

In Episode 34, we talk about Kanye West’s (strange) gift to his wife on Valentine’s Day, the Oscars’ decision to cut four categories from the upcoming February 24 telecast, the trailer for a summer movie from director Danny Boyle that has one of the best premises for a film we’ve ever heard and our thoughts on the (long but somewhat interesting and entertaining) 2019 GRAMMYS. In the Marquee Topic, we do a deep dive into dueling documentaries from Hulu and Netflix that chronicle the...


Ep. 33: This Year's Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials & That Dreadful Halftime Show

In Episode 33, we talk about the Academy’s first choice to host the Oscars this year (hint: “can you smell what The Rock is cooking?!”), Jennifer Lawrence’s engagement and the ABC juggernaut “Modern Family” coming to an end after next year’s 11th season. In the Marquee Topic, we talk about everyone’s favorite part of the Super Bowl - the commercials. We give our take on what makes a great Super Bowl commercial, our favorites from this year and why the top rated commercial from the entire...


Ep. 32: Analyzing “Rent: Live” and the 2019 SAG Awards

In Episode 32, we talk about a very sad crime committed against actor Jussie Smollett, Ariana Grande’s tattoo snafu (and the fix she made that actually made it worse!) and get into the ramifications of the winners from last weekend’s SAG Awards (all aboard the Glenn Close hype train!). In the Marquee Topic, we break down the latest live musical to hit the small screen: "Rent." We talk about our personal history with the Tony and Pulitzer Prize winning musical by Jonathan Larson, discuss the...


Ep. 31: Breaking Down the 2019 Oscar Nominations

In Episode 31, we talk about the (potentially unnecessary) musical version of the film “Magic Mike,” Amazon’s first foray into stand-up comedy (with comedian Jim Gaffigan) and discuss the ramifications of NO candy conversation hearts in 2019. In the Marquee Topic, we break down the 2019 Oscar Nominations and wax poetic about pleasant surprises (Sam Elliot! “Black Panther!”), the most egregious snubs (no Bradley Cooper for Best Director?!?!) and our first impressions on which of the eight...


Ep. 30: All About the Film “Green Book”

In Episode 30, we talk about our first real snowfall of the season (and Josh’s hashtag parenting fail), Chris Pratt’s engagement to The Terminator’s daughter and the (super awkward) Critic’s Choice Awards. In the Marquee Topic, we do a deep dive into the film Green Book (WARNING: spoilers ahead). We talk about whether or not we liked the film and discuss the many controversies surrounding the movie and the people who made it. PLUS, in our teasers, Maureen recommends the second season of a...


Ep. 29: Golden Globes Reactions and Bringing Your Ex on Your Honeymoon

In Episode 29, we discuss our terrible Golden Globes predictions that we made last week, our brief thoughts on "Mary Poppins Returns," “Baby Shark” hitting the "Billboard" charts and Gwyneth “Goop” Paltrow bringing her kids AND her ex-husband on her honeymoon with her new husband. In the Marquee Topic, we dive into last week’s 2019 Golden Globe Awards and give our thoughts on the show overall, the hosts, the winners and losers (justice for GAGA!) and our favorite moments. PLUS, in our...


Ep. 28: “The Bachelor” Franchise, a Musical Version of “The Notebook” & Golden Globes Predictions

In Episode 28, we return after our holiday break to talk about a new musical version of "The Notebook" with music by Ingrid Michaelson (!), things Americans do in movies and whether there is any truth to them and our predictions in the major categories for the Golden Globes. In the Marquee Topic, we have a heated debate about the ABC reality mainstay, "The Bachelor" and discuss why Maureen loves it and Josh does not. PLUS, in our teasers, we each recommend movies that will likely be a big...


Ep. 27: Favorites from 2018, Will Smith as the Genie & Macaulay Culkin Reprising His Home Alone Role

In Episode 27, Josh is tackling the show solo as Maureen continues to get better from a rough sickness (fevers and coughing and germs oh my!). I talk about the death of Penny Marshall, Macaulay Culkin reprising his “Home Alone” character in a Google ad, the first images of Will Smith as the Genie in the live action “Aladdin” (holy topknot, Batman!) and the fact that there is STILL no Oscars host despite the ceremony being just two months away. In the Marquee Topic, I give my picks for my...