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134: The Renaissance Nerd | Captain Influence

Do you like a lot of nerdy things, but don’t necessarily consider yourself a nerd? If so, you’ll fit in right here. Some of us nerds, some of us aren’t, but the important thing is where we intersect… because at that intersect is NERD NATION! Captain Influence is back to help Brian break down what it actually means to be a "renaissance nerd". In This Episode Renaissance Nerd The Renaissance Nerd. Have you heard us throw this around before? If you've been listening long enough, chances are...


133: 0-60 in 3.6 Seconds | Lord Thunder and Mr. What?

We pull them back because there’s never enough time to get through everything! Welcome back Lord Thunder and Mr. What? to chat about Tesla, new movies and video games! In This Episode Tesla As Tesla cars are in such high demand, it's always cool to hear someone talk about getting behind the wheel of one for the first time! One of my co-workers has a Tesla and riding in it never disappoints. He's got the full solar hook-ups, as it sounds like Mr. What? is intending on installing, so it...


132: Poop in the Ice Cream | Captain Influence

Happy October! And welcome back to The Real Brian Show where after over a month, Captain Influence is finally gracing us with his presence... and a full cup of gag-worthy Folgers. But we love him and his silly drink preferences because he brings a fun and energy to rival Brian's! Other than professing our love for this time of year, we dig into some movies, some games, and talk a bit about our observations in watching people {try to} communicate. In This Episode Ice Cream Ice cream? Ice...


131: You Do You | Andrew Alliance

Old friend, but new to the show, we welcome Andrew Alliance and his dazzling personality to the Real Brian Show! Andrew co-hosts a gaming podcast called The Show Radio (links below) and a large focus of this episode is around gaming, but through a very unique lens. We're talking about why we do what we do, about the impact we have on the people around us, and why it's important to adopt the mantra "you do you". In This Episode You Do You My favorite line from Andrew in this episode is,...


130: We Should Be Picky and Choosy | Miss Ice

After being frozen in carbonite for an unspecified amount of time in an undisclosed place, Miss Ice emerged! In a world dripping with options, it wouldn’t hurt us to be picky and choosy from time to time! Miss Ice joins The Real Brian to talk about broadening our perspectives and how being selective isn’t really a bad thing. In This Episode Picky and Choosy We should be picky and choosy. The first time this was said to me was at work, when we were under a barrage of requests to get...


129: My Biceps are Always Bulging With Power | Lord Thunder and Mr. What

We crush a lot of topics this week with the help of crowd favorites Lord Thunder and Mr. What! From Tesla to Subnautica to marriage advice, nothing is out of scope for what we like to talk about. And yes, you'll learn just why our biceps are bulging with power. There's also a special appearance from a very special person in Brian's life.... In This Episode Bulging With Power How about this guy, huh? Here's Lord Thunder, once confused about what this newfangled device is... used to speak...


128: See Good in Bad, I Liiike | Captain Influence

Can you see the good in bad? It can be one of the most difficult and rewarding challenges in life. Not to live in the past, but learn from it. Not to obsess over mistakes, but grow because of them. Brian and Tony dig into the meat of this concept and also into our other, familiar nerdy topics! In This Episode Good in Bad "Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses." Sometimes we get sucked into negativity and before we know it, we're...


127: Dark vs Light | Lord Thunder and Jason Cabassi/Mr. What

Dark vs light is just one preferential pairs we debate when it comes to our media consumption. Do you like it miserable and edgy like Mr. What and Lord Thunder? Or uplifting and positive like Brian? Oh, and welcome to Jason Cabassi! In This Episode Dark vs Light Interestingly, it's not a conversation we've had a lot on this show... even though it's totally right up our alley. This trio of hosts provides an ideal makeup of individuals falling on both sides of the spectrum and the guys have...


126: Grenades and Ham | DrobDog and Captain Influence

Do you like grenades and ham? Do you… wait, what? No, not grenades. GREEN EGGS. We sort out this confusion and much more with Brian, Tony and Rob! Got some more dentist stories and updates on No Man's Sky... plus a meaty discussion on how the opinions and advice of others can affect the way we do life. In This Episode Grenades and Ham We are all victims of our environment! Or, are we a product of our environment? Nurture vs nature, the age-old question, is greatly influenced by our...


125: A Positive Force | Dr. RobDog/DrobDog

We’re pleased to welcome back Robbie, aka Dr. RobDog, the dentist saving everyone’s smile and embodying that positive force for good. Don't worry, when we talk about cavity searches... we're talking literally. We've got a lot to nerd out about in this episode! Gluten-free living, thoughts from re-watching a beloved superhero film, and more dentistry awesomeness. In This Episode... Madame A Positive Force "I feel I’m ready to return to him for the same reason – to research and experience...


124: Lemon Pledge Cures All | Captain Influence

Lemon pledge might solve your furnishing polish needs, but we recommend you stop there. We do not recommend sniffing it to relieve pain! The truth is, we're all a bit like Consuela... we all need more lemon pledge. We also need to nerd out on stuff, right? So we've got a great lineup of topics for you in this episode, courtesy of Brian and Tony! In This Episode... Lemon Pledge This product has a long history. One of the earliest televised advertisements appeared in 1966, the tagline for...


123: Thanos Snapped Twice | Dr. RobDog

There is an art to dentisting, did you know? Well, now you will! A special welcome to Dr. RobDog, long time friend first time host. We're going to hear some awesome stories about going to the dentist, tips for keeping those chompers in decent shape, and of course... venturing deep into the nerd world with some chatter about Ant-Man and the Wasp and gaming. In This Episode Dentisting It's quite a coincidence that Dr. RobDog is this week's guest host. I was recently informed that my dentist...


122: Take Something Good… and RUIN IT! | Green Butterfly and Captain Influence

A big welcome back to Green Butterfly! Our hosting trio has an amazing discussion ready for you… We’re talking STAR WARS! Specifically, the Disneyworld experience. We promise we won’t ruin it for you, only help guide you toward a rewarding visit! In This Episode… In this week's episode, Green Butterfly dials it up a notch by giving us a full rundown of her experiences at Disneyworld's Hollywood Studios. Turns out, it is TOTALLY possible to have a good time and have a full experience...


121: Marvel Movie Showdown | Captain Influence & JonnyPistolShot & SpiderPan

This is it! The episode you've been waiting for... the episode where we really break down the marvel movies and think about what is essential viewing. You won't be surprised that there are several approaches from our various hosts. One method will undoubtedly be the flavor you're craving. A special welcome to SpiderPan who brings a unique flair to the episode's quartet! In This Episode... Marvel Movie Showdown In the immortal words of Robert Frost... Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,...


120: I'll Show YOU Fireworks... | Captain Influence & JonnyPistolShot

Our episode this week is a little shorter than usual due to Independence Day here in the U.S. We've still got plenty of good content for you, including some opinions on the new Jurassic World and the TV series we're into right now. In This Episode... Fireworks It's safe to say that fireworks go off whenever we start nerding out about something! Wherever you are, we hope you're enjoying your Friday. Here in the United States we are observed Independence Day on Wednesday, so many of us are...


119: Do I Still Have a Shirt On? | Mangodroplet & Captain Influence

Welcome back to The Real Brian Show! We're excited to have Mangodroplet back in this episode, now fully transplanted in LA, joining our regulars, Tony and Brian! Steep a nice cup of tea, sit back and relax, and join us for another Superhero Friday ride with The Real Brian crew. In This Episode... Links The Royal WeddingNBA PlayoffsHighlights from the South Korea / Germany game


118: What Happens in Vegas... | Captain Influence

Welcome back to The Real Brian Show! Before getting started, I'll just take a quick moment to apologize for not communicating about no episode last week. It was on both our radars to blast something somewhere, but it got away from us! Brian made a trip to Vegas for HxGN Live (Hexagon International Conference) and will have some stories to share, and for good measure we're also throwing in the usual frivolity from Captain Influence. In This Episode What Happens in Vegas... Finding relief...


117: Mind Over Matter | Captain Influence

What do Star Wars, LeBron James and mind over matter have in common? We talk about them all in this installment of the podcast! It's time to talk mind over matter with Brian and Tony! In This Episode Mind Over Matter Since the majority of the conversation in this episode is specific to the new Star Wars movie Solo, I'll let Brian and Tony lead the way on that excellent discussion! My personal reaction to the movie was... too predictable. But, like Brian points out, that was likely due to...


116: We Live In a Great Time | Podcast Overlord

We live in a great time for television, and who better to help us navigate the crystalline waters than our beloved Podcast Overlord?! We're excited to welcome Kevin back to The Real Brian Show and catch up on his podcasts, his current watchlist, and what he's looking forward to this summer. In This Episode Great Time Listening to Kevin and Brian chat brought me back. Way back. When I first started listening to podcasts, it was The Fringe Podcast and The Irish and Celtic Music Podcast....


115: You're Too Old For Gaming | Lord Thunder

Are you sick of being told by "experts" or by "scientists" that you're too old to do something? We definitely are! If there's one thing we emphasize on this show, it's that you're only as old as you feel. Unless you feel like an infant, in which case we don't support that. In a world that like to complain that we're getting old too quickly, it seems that sometimes we confuse immature individuals taking part in an activity with the activity itself being immature. So with the help of CJ "Lord...