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087: Fady Kassab - Winning Raw Comedy from the back of his head

Fady Kassab has a secret to winning Raw Comedy. The 2019 Raw Comedy winner used advice from John Lennon and George Carlin, even though he thought he'd be disqualified in the first heat. He spoke from the 'back of his head', and performed what he wanted to say, rather than thinking what people would find funny. In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast, host Steve Davis, talks to Fady about growing up in Lebanon, starting his comedy career in his 40s, how clean comedy forced him to be more...


086: Lee Ton – Where are you from from?

What does it take to create a one-man comedy show? In this podcast episode, graduate of the School of Hard Knock Knocks, Lee Ton, shares how he harnessed peer group pressure and advice from successful comedians to take the plunge, with his up coming Melbourne Fringe show, “Where are you from from?”. Host Steve Davis also peppers Lee with questions about his acting career, and asks ‘does stand-up help him with his TV roles?’ Plus, what it takes to play an Irish police office.


085: Mickey D – Pain is just an emotion

Mickey D, aka Mick Dwyer, was a broke 17 year old when he stepped up on stage at Raw Comedy. Since then, he's toured the world, conquering the UK, and been trained by the SAS. Mick is one dangerous comedian. In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast, host Steve Davis talks to Mick about how he energises a room, and how being exhausted helped him find his Liverpool voice. You'll also find out whether stand-up comedy is more challenging than training with the SAS, how to be a performer and...


084: Viet Bui – Vietnam to VB

Alumnus Viet Bui, or 'VB' as he's known on the comedy circuit, is one of the School of Hard Knock Knocks most active comedy graduates, performing constantly in his home city of Adelaide, and also at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast host Steve Davis asks VB what got him into stand-up, Vietnamese parents, how he balances his professional and stand-up lives, and his love of dark comedy. VB also chats about his role as a promoter and his...


083: Steven Oliver – Comedy scripts, sketch, and sluts

Comedy writer and performer Steven Oliver is best known for his characters on ABC's 'Black Comedy', particularly his catch phrase, 'Hello Slut!'. In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast, host Steve Davis talks to Steven Oliver about how he got his start in performance, writing poems, songs, scripts and monologues, as well as how he creates authentic sketch comedy and cabaret, all the while making his audience think.


082: Cam Knight – Wistful wisdom and pissing in dishwashers

What are the ingredients to become a stand-up comedian? For Cam Knight ( it was larrikinism, peer group pressure, and The Life of Brian. In this School of Hard Knock Knocks ( podcast, host Steve Davis talks to comedian and actor Cam Knight about his city-hopping comedy career, butterfly gags, and performing at the Sydney Opera House. Cam also talks about the highs of stand-up comedy touring and TV hosting, and the 'lows' of...


081: Matt O'Neill – Being delightfully dark

Matt O'Neill just supported the legendary Steve Hughes. How'd it happen? Like all things great in comedy, luck, a friend of a friend, and humility. In this School of Hard Knock Knocks interview with our new host, Steve Davis, we learn how Matt O'Neill's bad experience with a comedian delayed his comedy career, how he has a 'nice' persona, and the origin of his sick jokes. And of course, we learn how he warmed up the audience at The Atheneum Theatre in Melbourne for Steve Hughes. As a side...


080: Joe Wong - No straight line to comedy success

There's no straight line in building a stand-up comedy career. And this fact is highlighted in my interview with Korean Chinese comedian, now an American citizen, Joe Wong. In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast interview, you'll learn how Joe moved from Jilin Province in China, became a chemical engineer, and then performed at the White House. He's performed stand-up on David Letterman's The Late Show, Ellen DeGeneres show 'Ellen', and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - just to name...


079: Julia Clarke - From Adelaide Raw to Edinburgh Fringe

Julia Clarke has achieved much in her eight years of stand-up comedy. A two time winner of South Australia Raw Comedy, and Edinburgh Fringe Festival performer, Julia is also one of the nicest stand-up comedians on the Adelaide comedy scene. In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode, comedian Julia Clarke and I discuss getting in trouble with the cops, burning celluloid, and advice for up and coming comedians. And if you'd like to get more advice from Julia , then the good news is...


078: Seizure Kaiser - Overcoming the politics of stand-up comedy

Sydney based [Seizure Kaiser]( (no, that's not his given name) is not afraid to broach edgy topics in his comedy. And performing stand-up is only one of his talents. He's also a comedy producer and promoter. In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode Seizure Kaiser and I discuss the difference between 'racist jokes' and 'jokes about racism', performing comedy well outside political correctness, and forgetting the haters. Yeah, we discuss the politics of...


077: Chris Franklin - Laughs of Launnie and Aussie comedy festivals

Chris Franklin is a stalwart of Australian comedy. A 21 year comic veteran, Chris has not only witnessed the comedy industry grow, but has been instrumental in that growth. And so it should come to no surprise that Chris is behind the latest Australian comedy festival, '[Laughs of Launnie]('. From March 18 to 24, and smack bang between the Adelaide Fringe Festival and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Laughs of Launnie has already attracted high...


076: Gabe Hogan - Raw comedy, radio and cliques

Comedian Gabe Hogan has been a Raw Comed[y]( state finalists twice. She's also built a solid comedy career that has extended into commercial radio. In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast interview, Gabe talks about that initial comedic journey, advice for Raw Comedy competitors, and the importance and dangers of comedy cliques. If you're curious about how to start a stand-up comedy career, then this is the podcast for you. And on that topic, the School...


075: Lehmo - The comedic journey from balls to sails

Lehmo is one of Australia's favourite comedians - both on stage and on TV. Star on Utopia, That's Not My Dog, and a regular on The Project, Lehmo's comedy naturally dabbles in satire, showmanship, and current affairs. He's also one of my favourite Aussie comedians, making this last show of 2018 all that extra special. In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode, Anthony 'Lehmo' Lehmann discloses his original, and embarrassing, nickname, his journey from Adelaide's Rundle Mall 'balls'...


074: Julia Wilson - Combative comedy

It's fair to say that Julia Wilson is not afraid of conflict - both verbal and physical. Prior to her 17 year career as a stand-up comedian, Julia was a truckie, a bouncer and bodyguard. More recently, she's also got into NFL, American Football, and in a big way too! She's quite possibly the toughest woman in comedy. In this [School of Hard Knock Knocks]( podcast episode, Julia talks about her tough persona, being 'punchy-as-fuck' in her comedy routine, some...


073: Mick Meredith - From The Footy Show to Comedy Cruises

It was a stand-up comedy course, and a dare from a mate, that got [Mick Meredith]( started in comedy. One moment a Sydney muso playing bass, the next Mick was a successful stand-up comedian, and soon after striking it big with a regular spot on Nine Network's The Footy Show. In this [School of Hard Knock Knocks]( podcast you'll learn how Mick went from open mics to TV, life on the high sea as a cruise comedian, and the benefits of...


072: Marc Ryan - Bogans and Raw Comedy

Adelaide comedian, [Marc Ryan]( is a self diagnosed bogan. He's also a state winner, and national finalist of Raw Comedy, and through his success has been able to go full time - although not without some serious thought. In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast, we discuss Raw, building a comedy career, supportive wives, and the Adelaide Fringe Festival. We also talk about the upcoming [School of Hard Knock...


071: Michael Connell - The intellectual's comedian

You can't say a bad thing about comedian [Michael Connell]( He's quite possibly the nicest guy in stand-up comedy, if not the world. He's also got an incredible intellect, which makes him a formidable comedian. In this podcast Michael talks about his achievements in Class Clowns, Australia's Got Talent, and Green Faces. We also talk about his passion for philosophy, remembering sets, moving to Brisbane and entertaining sick kids. And while I have your...


070: Kim Le - Complex cognitive comedy

Adelaide-based Kim Le is one of those annoying high achievers. A qualified psychiatrist, Kim is also a blackbelt, speaks multiple languages, is an awarded keynote speaker, and now he's excelling in stand-up comedy. He's also a graduate of the [School of Hard Knock Knocks]( and was the middle bracket at the most recent Adelaide graduation, alongside [Glynn Nicholas]( and Gerry Masi (aka Mad Dog...


069: Jeff Green - Building a comedy career, twice

If there's a single take away message from this interview, then it's about embracing change. British born comedian, [Jeff Green]( was at the top of his game in the UK, performing as an equal with comedy greats, featuring on TV and radio, and even living next door to Ricky Gervais. His career, fame, comedy connections, and bank balance were bigger than a London double decker. And then things changed. In this podcast, you'll learn how Jeff rolled...


068: Dave O'Neil - Producing 'Dave' for Pilot Week

Dave O'Neil has been performing stand-up comedy for an incredible 29 years. It was only fitting that a TV show about his life should be made, and in this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast Dave and I talk about producing 'Dave' - the show about 'Dave'. We discuss the politics of the TV world, casting stand-up comedians as actor, podcasting, and the financial benefits of bring a comedy writer and not performer. And one more thing, Dave is most certainly NOT starting his own stand-up comedy...