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A cast of average joes sitting back and chitchatting about this thing called Life.

A cast of average joes sitting back and chitchatting about this thing called Life.
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A cast of average joes sitting back and chitchatting about this thing called Life.




Ep.7- Pride Month

Andrew and Justin sit down with Justin's sister Amanda to discuss her being gay. Amanda opens up about her growing up having feelings and being in a dark spot of her life. Amanda talks about her views on parents excepting there kids coming out and being there for them. Amanda opens up and tells stories that Justin, her own brother never knew! This is a powerful episode and deserves to be listened to. If any one has a story and would like to discuss it please email us at...


Ep.6- What's your Fetish?

Join Justin and Andrew on this wild ride while we discuss Fetishes! Do you have a fetish? Do you take part in a fetish? Well sit back and enjoy our discussion of what we may or not have taken part of in the world of the Fetish!



On this special episode of who knows what, Justin and Andrew talk shop with new equipment! You gotta listen to the complete nonsense they talk about but more importantly how well they actually sound. This is defiantly not a #fucktechnology episode! REMEMBER Twitter- @secondcitypod Instagram- The Second City Pod Email- Download, Subscribe, Rate and Leave us a 5 Star review all on these fine outlets… Apple Podcast Google...


Ep.4- Audio Masturbation

Who's ready for a BIG dose of Audio Masturbation? On this new episode Justin and Andrew sit back and enjoy a long conversation of Music! From there early beginnings of Spanish music playing early in the mornings to crying to Lady Gaga and Bradley Coopers "Shallow". This is a FUN episode of learning the likes and dislikes of music. How Justin and Andrew have some of the same interest yet have no interest at all in the music they listen too. REMEMBER Twitter- @secondcitypod Instagram- The...


Ep. 3- Death Among Us

On this episode of The Second City Pod we are joined by the YouTube Sensation Chad Cowart! Do you believe in God? Do you fear Death? Ever sit and wonder what happens to you after you leave this world? Well we have the slightest idea but Justin, Andrew, and Chad sit and discuss our beliefs of Death, the afterlife and what happens to our souls. Subscribe to Chad's YouTube account! Just type Chad Cowart in the search bar, subscribe and make sure you turn the Notifications on so you DO NOT...


Special Episode- Complete Disaster

So this is the first episode that Andrew and Justin ever recorded. It was done for my eye phone podcast which is Justin’s first podcast. Sit back, relax and enjoy our talk about... Roofing, Iron Mike, Coming home to Dog poop on your door AND have your ever shot a gun at imaginary clowns? We also bring 2 new segments to the show Douche Bag Of The Week as well as Audio Masturbation Your going to love and get a chuckle of this episode baby! REMEMBER ⬇️ Twitter- @secondcitypod Instagram- The...


EP.2- Drumsticks, She-Man, and YouPorn

Episode 2 coming in hot with some random topics that Justin and Andrew just don't understand. A man gets stabbed in the eye with a drumstick then hit by a car. A female is arrested then examined by the medical staff and determined she is actually a male? And why doesn't Starbucks like YouPorn? Well tune in and find out! We also introduce 2 new segments to the Pod... Douche Bag of the Week and Audio Masturbation Heres the Link for Andrew's song discussed for Audio...


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