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068 P is for the Prince and the Pauper - Alex Jones Vs Capitalism - Yemen Bombing

Canada and Saudi Arabia are at war. Of words. A bizarre development even for today’s standards that we explain. After all you can’t have a country that buys weapons from you committing human rights violations for the first time ever. More horror stories from Yemen are dwarfed by relatively boring Manafort and Nunes revelations. Alex Jones learns the harsh realities of capitalism. Join the Serfs for early episodes, bonus content, and free swag!...


067 P is for Power to the Proletariat - Douglas Lane of Zero Books - Trump Tapes

Douglas Lain of Zero Books sits down for an exclusive interview with the Serfs to talk Jordan Peterson, the Marxist revolution, and current political climate in the United States. Pakistan holds its second democratic election in a row for the first time in a decade. Meanwhile in a shocking twist it turns out Trump’s sleazy lawyer does sleazy things like record his clients conversations for future use. Be sure to check out...


066 F is for From Helsinki With Love - Fentanyl - Russia Collusion

Steph Finta a registered nurse at the front lines of the fentanyl crisis joins us to talk about what can be done to fix the problem. Also Trump held a press conference with Putin? Join the Serfs...


Russian Collusion Special with Steph Finta

We often use history as a precendent for the events occuring in the news but this is truly unprecendented it’s in sheer size and scale. One of the most bizarre moments in American history is unfolding before our very eyes and we explain every moment of the Putin Trump love affair. The latest episode of the Serfs in full is available exclusively at...


065 - H is for Happy Dude - Baby Balloon UK Trip - Elon Musk Saves The World

More to join the Serfs! Is life better than it was in the 1960’s? A worldwide poll shows most countries say no. The answer? Shrouded in mystery. Or answered in this episode. Also a giant balloon spouts hot hair in the UK and Elon Musk proves why only star children can solve all the world’s problems. https://ww [...]


064 O is for Oh What A Tangled Web - Dr.Jordan Peterson - Intellectual Dark Web - Scott Puitt Retires

Grab a bowl of lobster salad because we’re finally taking down the intellectual dark web. From Peterson to Harris to Shapiro to Rubin to…Joe? Also Scott Pruitt leaves a legacy of being worse at corruption than he was for the...


063 G is for Game Over Man - Kennedy Retires - SCOTUS Goes Right - Erdogan Rises

While the Supreme Court of the United States will be conservative for the foreseeable future and Kennedy retires just in time for his son to wrap up ties to the Trump organization and Deutsche bank the US may be seen inching closer to an oligarchy. In a completely unrelated note Erdogan secures more power on his journey to Mordor. We are thrilled to have special guest Katie Dereus, a member of the teachers unions and child counselor to discuss the weekly news with the...


062 I is for Immigrants - Canada Legalizes Marijuana - Don’t U Care Be Best

At a time when children are being ripped away from their parents by the most wealthy nation on the planet it helps to have a few laughs because otherwise you’re going to cry. Join the Serfs as they discuss the myths of US immigration and celebrate Canada striking down old racist archaic laws in the form of marijuana. Won’t someone think of the children?...


061 S is for Super Friends - North Korean Summit - G6 Meeting - Child Prison Camps

In the spirit of friendship we brought in an intelligent libertarian conservative app developer to discuss North Korea and the weekly news. Be prepared people: this could destroy partisanship. Two radically different politically minded groups of people having a sensible discussion. That’s in reference to us. Not North Korea. No that was a dumpster fire of the highest order. Also child internment...


060 C is for Chinese Censorship - Ford Nation Brother - Mueller Probes while Bill Gaffs

You probably won’t be listening to this episode in China anytime soon. We explore the history of the Tiananmen Square Massacre to educate Potus on what authoritarian power can look like. Ontario elects Rob Ford’s brother so get ready for more crack smoking good times. Bill Clinton can’t leave good enough alone and decides to stumble his way through the #metoo...


059 A is for Abolish ICE - Puerto Rico Still Powerless - Krazy Korean Kongregation - Outrage Porn

The world is transfixed on Roseanne getting cancelled while Puerto Rico still has no power. The Korean game of will they won’t they takes another twist while we all hang in the balance. We also tackle ICE and their obsession with family planning. To help Puerto Rico right now visit:...


058 - C is for Clown Prince - Andrew Barber - Cattle Kids - The New Monarchy

Comedian Andrew Barber stops by the Serfs to talk about his new series Michelle’s coming soon to a screen near you. We also discuss the solution to violence in America: less exits. The new Trump monarchy takes shape just in time for the Royal...


057 C is for Crossfire Hurricane - Palestinian Protests - ZTE First - North Korea Wet Feet

While making America great again Trump decides that China’s ZTE phone’s need a break as well. Michael Cohen revelations pile on higher than a burning tire fire. Speaking of which, the movement of Jerusalem’s capital results in problem free peace for the entire middle...


056 U is for Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Select Start - Iran Contra

The Iran Deal is no more. Michael Cohen doesn’t just do the pay outs, he get’s paid out. John McCain denies Trump access to his coffin and Putin is coronated as the Queen of Russia. Our theme...


055 Y is for Yeezus Walks - North Atlantic Slave Trade - Giuliani Unchained - Bezos Space Bucks

The Serfs got hacked! In honor of Yeezus we explore the history and psychology of the North Atlantic slave trade. Giuliani manages to incriminate Trump further while acting as his attorney and Bezos has decided to save the human race by launching it into space via his star...


054 M is for Manosphere - Korean Peace - Fox & Friends - Michelle Wolf

North and South Korea make history while Trump watches on Fox & Friends. Michelle Wolf makes jokes about people’s track records and is called a facist in the process. Oh and Kanye is in there too. Our theme song is created and...


053 M is for Mission Accomplished - Cohen’s Court Revelations - Bombing Syria - North Korean Disarmament

When atrocities are commited on innocent civilians the arbiters of justice assemble to bomb them into freedom. The insane drama of North Korea is toppled only by the even more insane revelations at Michael Cohen’s hearing. Our...


052 P is for Plan for Prosperity - Kinder Morgan’s Surprise - Paul Ryan’s Legacy - Syria - Zuckerberg

A week of chaos and great energy saw Paul Ryan join the evergrowing list of people looking to evacuate the space force. Zuckerberg proves he can human like the rest of us and we toast Paul Ryan’s incredible legacy. Our theme song...


051 W is for We Made It - Opioid Crisis - YouTube Shooting - Scott Pruitt

Pull up your slacks Buck-O because it’s the one year anniversary of the Serfs! To celebrate we disucss the hilarious topics of the fentanyl crisis, a YouTube campus shooting, and Scott Pruitt’s goal of destroying the planet through apathy. Ya we didn’t think this one...


049 T is for Tiananmen Square - China (Trade) War - John Bolton Fire Rises - Austin Bomber Blown Away

So an impending (trade) war with China has begun. The Austin bomber turns out to be a white disturbed teen and definetely not a terrorist. Also cash out your life insurance because John Bolton has just pushed the doomsday clock to...