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A weekly roundtable conversation with Queer P.O.C Comedy, Shenanigans, Drag Queens, Special Guests, New York Nightlife, Tea Tea Tea and of course SHADE!!!

A weekly roundtable conversation with Queer P.O.C Comedy, Shenanigans, Drag Queens, Special Guests, New York Nightlife, Tea Tea Tea and of course SHADE!!!
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A weekly roundtable conversation with Queer P.O.C Comedy, Shenanigans, Drag Queens, Special Guests, New York Nightlife, Tea Tea Tea and of course SHADE!!!






Alabaster Outrage

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What Did We Learn?

EP 38 Ep 38 What Did We Learn We want to apologize for the distant sound effects on this week's episode as well as the terrible shriek Ronie let's out at the intro of the episode. Anyways, Ari recounts some of the madness from Rupaul's Drag Con NYC weekend. We sorta discuss Blackkklansman even though Ronie hasn't seen it yet. 📽🎬Queers on Film 📽🎬 We're in a Movie!! "Kings and Queens" is now open for voting in the Sundance Ignite program. Click the link below, sign in or register and...


In Yo Face

EP 37 In Yo Face We start the episode riled up and ready after a week long hiatus and a few preshow cocktails. Ronie spent the week playing video games, particularly Spiderman. Ari on the otherhand went up to Massachusetts to visit a college friend and divided right into the caucasity of it all, including going to The Big E. We somehow go off on a tangent about gay hookup apps notification sounds. 📽🎬Queers on Film 📽🎬 We're in a Movie!! "Kings and Queens" is now open for voting in the...



The Shade Parade Ep 36 GTFO This week can you guess what new song we're obsessed with? lol This week we shade Ronie throughout the whole episode cause it's HIS BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! Ronie has quite the week, a surprise party, seeing "Head Over Heels" on broadway. Meanwhile Ari does Bushwig, Stonewall, a wedding, a photoshoot and friends and family night at Boxers WH. 🔥🔥Flaming Topics 🔥🔥 A queen gets her privacy invaded, and we get into a debate about our feelings on all this. Mariah Carey...


Parental Advisory

Ep 35 Parental Advisory We would like to apologize in advance for the horrific sneeze/scream Ari Kiki let's out at the 1:13 mark... This week we get all tied up reminiscing about gaming and toys in our youth at the start of the episode. Ari discusses her brief trip to Philly and it sets Ronie off into discussing when he used to live in Philly. Ronie pops off about having his Instagram account hacked and losing access to it, WHO HACKS INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS?!?! 🔥🔥Flaming Topics 🔥🔥 Dumb...


A Tribute Fit For A Queen

A Tribute Fit For A Queen by The Shade Parade


Wreckless Words

Ep 33 Wreckless Words We are messy this week, you're welcome in advance... We start off discussing gigs & booze and catching up as always. We have Mitchell and DJ back with us this week, after a hiatus. Ronie discusses his experience at Drink n Draw, Ari gets excited over covering for Logan Hardcore at Stonewall, and We salivate over pupusas. Flaming Topics We get shady discussing the VMAs, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, so much bullshit. We follow that situation by discussing the line up for...


SmartToughGlamorous Enough

Ep 29 Smart, Tough, Glamorous Enough This week we are back and ready to cast some Shade like Elektra Abundance on Pose! Marvin joins us along with DJ on this episode. Ronie shades granny Kiki for her elderly methods of acquiring music. Ari goes over her crazy Saturday where she sees a nutritionist, working Ike Avelli's Book release party, popping into Stonewall to see the return of Ma-Jor Saturdays and then co-hosting at Rampage. We compare notes as Ari begins her new weight loss journey...


Through Blue Eyes pt. 2

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Through Blue Eyes . 1

Ep 27 Through Blue Eyes Pt. 1 This week we have our 1st official 2-part episode. We have special guest, cosplayer, illustrator & friend to the cast of The Shade Parade: Bryan Martinez joining us along with Dj & Mitchell. We get messy right from the start discussing how we met Bryan at Stonewall years ago... We then go down a memory lane rabbit hole as we talk about Ronie's sofas and their history, which leads us to a talk about bunk beds somehow and much more. Small talk gets Ari and...


Is This Thing On?

EP 26 Is This Thing On? This week we kick off the episode with some technical difficulties, but can you blame us we've been drinking all week, cause 4th of July was in the middle of the week. We chat about Ronie's bat $hit crazy neighbor who you hear bouncing off the walls in the background, LITERALLY! As well as all the drinking and bad decisions we may have made this week, and Ronie's mom joins us for a quick check in. Flaming Topics Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande are engaged after 1...


Now That's Over

Flaming Topics Azealia Banks tries to go to NYC pride and gets chased back into her chicken closet. Mama to be, CardiB has a baby shower and we weren't invited. Nicki Minaj serves spread eagles and hypocrisy at Bet awards. Peppermint Patty gets shoulder checked by social media. GROW UP cause Toys r us closes. Lastly, we hit the ground like those Butterflies as we discuss the finale of Rupaul's Drag Race. Shoutouts Aquaria Monet X Change Miz Cracker Dusty Ray Bottoms Yuhua Hamasaki NYC Drag...



Contact Us: Email : Welcome to The Shade Parade!!! You can Find us on: RRS Feed: Soundcloud: iTunes: Google Play: Stitcher: Tunein:...



EP 23 BACK TO THE SWILL We’re back on our home turf this week. Ari catches us all up on the week of her bookings. Ronie and Ari detail the events of the week, including tales of a Tenz Mag Pride photoshoot. After Ronie recalls a full detail account of his move to NYC we jump right into 🔥 Flaming Topics🔥 Lil Kim files for chapter 13 and we wish her the best. Bridget Nelson is 54 and pregnant and we’re curious. We get into some Ryan Murphy talk as we discuss the American Horror Story premise...



Ep 22 6/12/18 Grizzly Shade: The Crossdresser Crossover The podcast crossover event of the weekend is here!! Our sisters Robert Lechuga and Daniel Alexander Silva from Grizzly KiKi join us for this special episode! Ronie and Ari Kiki get to chatting with the girls and we reintroduce the world to Dishing Divas. After catching up we all get spicy 🌶️ for 🔥 Flaming Topics🔥 Azealia Banks attempts to snatch RuPaul's wig and her album American from Spotify, Beyoncé sits dat azz all over the...



EP 21 BARRED FROM TV 6/4/18 Been gone for a min but we're back!! Our hiatus is over and there's so much to catch up on. Ari is tan and fresh from her trip to Puerto Rico and relishes the details of her travels. Ronie complains about life and laundry then we heat up the mic for a round of 🔥Flaming Topics! Wanda Sykes jumps ship after Roseanne tweets a racist resignation letter about Valerie Jarrett to the head of ABC, Channing Dungey, on behalf of her shows entire cast and crew. We fan out...


Sleepy Kiki

EP 20 Sleepy Kiki We keep Ari Kiki up past her bedtime this week. She fights the sand man as we catch up and find out what Ronie has been up to. 🔥 Flaming Topics include a luke warm reception the new Christina Aguilera material, Childish Gambino slash Donald Glover gives us “This is America” and we think out loud, Rihanna delivers on her promise to be Savage, and the MET Gala has Ronie all a buzz with fashion fabulosity!! Finally we round up and go down on the review of RuPaul’s Drag Race...


Cinco de Drinko

EP 19 Cinco de Drinko It’s hot in here! This week Ronie and Ari Kiki welcome friend to the show, Jonte to the table. Ari catches us up on the week with tales of root canals and missing memories. Jonte kisses and tells about a date he had this week, which ignites a conversation about race in dating, being discriminated against for being white in Harlem and the effects of gentrification. 🔥 Flaming Topics goes on and on when we dive into the Kelis and Nas situationship, Rihanna is not friends...


Doctor Huxtable Goes to Jail

EP 18 Doctor Huxtable Goes to Jail The parade of shade continues! Ronie, Ari Kiki and Shaun Thomas Gibson welcome friend to the show Mitchell to the table. We catch up on the week by reminiscing our time spent at #PodInLiveNYC and all the incredible podcasters and listeners we met through the event! 🔥 Flaming Topics is spicy af when we applaud 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽the patrons of a New York City bar for throwing away the terrible Milo Yiannopolous, Janelle Monae drops the much awaited Dirty Computer...



EP 17 BEYCHELLA!!! Can’t stop won’t stop! We’re back this week to terrorize your earpods!!! Ronie and Ari Kiki catch up with Shaun Thomas Gibson and he regales us with a legendary story time as he details his dinner with the ICONIC……. Grace Jones 🤯 We’re Live on Instagram and 🔥 Flaming Topics is chocked full. BEYCHELLA HAPPENED and we are not worthy, K. Michelle gets real about her fake booty, Snoop Dogg reaches #1 on the Gospel charts and somehow gets Wendy Williams in trouble with Kirk...