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A weekly roundtable conversation with Queer P.O.C Comedy, Shenanigans, Drag Queens, Special Guests, New York Nightlife, Tea Tea Tea and of course SHADE!!!

A weekly roundtable conversation with Queer P.O.C Comedy, Shenanigans, Drag Queens, Special Guests, New York Nightlife, Tea Tea Tea and of course SHADE!!!
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A weekly roundtable conversation with Queer P.O.C Comedy, Shenanigans, Drag Queens, Special Guests, New York Nightlife, Tea Tea Tea and of course SHADE!!!







EP 23 BACK TO THE SWILL We’re back on our home turf this week. Ari catches us all up on the week of her bookings. Ronie and Ari detail the events of the week, including tales of a Tenz Mag Pride photoshoot. After Ronie recalls a full detail account of his move to NYC we jump right into 🔥 Flaming Topics🔥 Lil Kim files for chapter 13 and we wish her the best. Bridget Nelson is 54 and pregnant and we’re curious. We get into some Ryan Murphy talk as we discuss the American Horror Story...



Ep 22 6/12/18 Grizzly Shade The podcast crossover event of the weekend is here!! Our sisters Robert and Daniel from The Grizzly Kiki join us for this special episode! Ronie and Ari Kiki get to chat with the girls and we reintroduce the world to Dishing Divas. After catching up we all get spicy 🌶️ for 🔥 Flaming Topics🔥 Azlia Banks attempts to snatch RuPaul’s wig and her album American from Spotify, Beyonce’ sits dat azz all over the internet, TRIGGER WARNING we seriously discuss the Kate...



EP 21 Contact Us: Email : Follow Us: Instagram: @TheOfficialShadeParade Twitter: @The_ShadeParade You can Find us on: RRS Feed: Soundcloud: iTunes: Google Play: Stitcher:...


Sleepy Kiki

EP 20 Sleepy Kiki We keep Ari Kiki up past her bedtime this week. She fights the sand man as we catch up and find out what Ronie has been up to. 🔥 Flaming Topics include a luke warm reception the new Christina Aguilera material, Childish Gambino slash Donald Glover gives us “This is America” and we think out loud, Rihanna delivers on her promise to be Savage, and the MET Gala has Ronie all a buzz with fashion fabulosity!! Finally we round up and go down on the review of RuPaul’s Drag Race...


Cinco de Drinko

EP 19 Cinco de Drinko It’s hot in here! This week Ronie and Ari Kiki welcome friend to the show, Jonte to the table. Ari catches us up on the week with tales of root canals and missing memories. Jonte kisses and tells about a date he had this week, which ignites a conversation about race in dating, being discriminated against for being white in Harlem and the effects of gentrification. 🔥 Flaming Topics goes on and on when we dive into the Kelis and Nas situationship, Rihanna is not...


Doctor Huxtable Goes to Jail

EP 18 Doctor Huxtable Goes to Jail The parade of shade continues! Ronie, Ari Kiki and Shaun Thomas Gibson welcome friend to the show Mitchell to the table. We catch up on the week by reminiscing our time spent at #PodInLiveNYC and all the incredible podcasters and listeners we met through the event! 🔥 Flaming Topics is spicy af when we applaud 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽the patrons of a New York City bar for throwing away the terrible Milo Yiannopolous, Janelle Monae drops the much awaited Dirty...



EP 17 BEYCHELLA!!! Can’t stop won’t stop! We’re back this week to terrorize your earpods!!! Ronie and Ari Kiki catch up with Shaun Thomas Gibson and he regales us with a legendary story time as he details his dinner with the ICONIC……. Grace Jones 🤯 We’re Live on Instagram and 🔥 Flaming Topics is chocked full. BEYCHELLA HAPPENED and we are not worthy, K. Michelle gets real about her fake booty, Snoop Dogg reaches #1 on the Gospel charts and somehow gets Wendy Williams in trouble with Kirk...


Chaos and The Cackle

EP 16 4/14/18 Chaos and The Cackle Baaaaaby!!! We have a full haus ta-nite adn run a little long. Ronie, Ari Kiki and Shaun Thomas Gibson are back with returning guest Kareem McJagger. Hilarity ensues as the queens catch up, 🔥 Flaming Topics this week get👏🏽out 👏🏽 of 👏🏽 hand 👏🏽 Cardi B reveals the baby bump, Tyra Sanchez tell PhiPhi and Tatiana to see me with them hands ….then gets banned from RuPaul’s Dragcon LA, Nicki Minaj drops two new singles and we give you all the tea....


The Return of The Shade

EP 15 We’re back!! We took a week off but now we are back and ready to TAaaaAALK! This week we welcome Ronie back from his Atlanta trip and Ari Kiki is fresh off a successful Stonewall Invasion. It’s been two weeks of Flaming Topics and we try to catch up. ✌🏾Rapper✌🏾 Fabolous has fists of furry, Stacey Dash is a dropout, The Beyonce’ Biter is revealed, Cardi B Invades your privacy and the smoking dumpster fire that is Perez Hilton makes another homophobic comment and the queens have had...


Happy BurfDay Betch!!

Welcome to The Shade Parade!!! EP 14 Happy BurfDay Betch!!! Popping bottles and celebrating betches! Ari and Ronie are so excited to wish Shaun Thomas Gibson a Happy BurfDay!! We catch up and get a little saucy. Flaming Topics take a shady and unexpected turn. Aubrey O’Day and Don Jr get messy af, Will & Grace is born again...again, we wonder about anallingus and Cynthia Nixon’s Govonutorial bid, and it turns out Quantasia Sharpton isn’t letting it burn at all. We get a bit serious and...


Fuck My Drag FMD

Welcome to The Shade Parade!!! Ep 13 Fuck My Drag!!! OMG YOU GUYS!! We have so many feelings!! A jury of queer peers weighs in and the lipstick votes have been tallied. Ronie and Ari catch up on the week of shows, bad decisions and nightlife shade. Flaming Topics sends us on a an adventure. RIP Stephen Hawking, Craig Mack and Kiah. Miley Cyrus may be in legal trouble, OJ DEFINITELY did it, Jerry O’Connell’s hot topics report card is in, Tamar is freed from weave, Bey and Jay are on the run...


Rapid Rants

Rants and Rambles!! It’s a fairly uneventful week for us compared to our last few months. This week we welcome back Xander to the table as we go on a chipmunk themed political fueled rant and Ari Kiki tells tales of the lines at the DMV. Flaming Topics this week, Where is Wendy? Fuck Marco Rubio and his town hall, The Rise and Fall of the Queens Court and check out that New Janelle Mone’ ish! Of course we give you the RPDR AS3 ep 5 review and BONUS we show love to all the NYC girls who...


Wakandan Joy and The Fergie Fallout Ep 9

Hello, Hello, Hello! Your faves are back and being messy as ever! Coming off the Black ass Black Panther weekend **SPOILER ALERT** We are too excited to talk!! This weeks Flaming Topics include a club remix of Fergie’s sexy, sensual rendition of the National Anthem, an audio reaction of the new Blac Chyna sex tape, Amber Rose’s sex toy partnership with Lelo which leads us down a slippery slope, Our disappointment with the Andrew Cunanan Chronicles, and a quick run through of RPDR AS3 Ep....


Ep. 8 Caucasity & The Dragging of JT ( Fuck You Justin)

Ouch Late AGAIN! It’s been a long hard week and we’ve got a lot to say. On this week’s episode Ari Kiki is back at the table and spilling T once again. We dip in on the “Big Game” and give a YAS QUEEN to Pink, drag TF out of Justin Timberlake for Super Mediocrity, the birth of Janet Jackson Appreciation Day,We lightly touch on the Boots & Saddle situation, Then we fly through Flaming Topics and have a lil kiki over Quincy Jones running her mouth. OH! Of course there’s our RPDR AS3 Ep. 3...


Drag Race AS3 and Grammy Rants

So, we’re a little late but it’s so worth it.This week we talk about our recovery from the week long Birthday celebration of Ari. The we get down to business and discuss RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3 Episode 1, The Grammy’s (or the few performances we cared about) and Blue Ivy Stealing the Show!! Ari brings up the Burger King Net Neutrality ad: And Ari’s run in with Morgan McMichaels at Showgirls in L.A.:...


All the Shade in the Room With guest Kareem McJagger

All the Shade in the Room With guest Kareem McJagger by The Shade Parade


Flaming Topics and Story time

Flaming Topics and Story time by The Shade Parade


Puddles and Fun

Puddles and Fun by The Shade Parade


Happy New Jeers!!!!

Happy New Jeers!!!! by The Shade Parade