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A weekly roundtable conversation with Queer P.O.C Comedy, Shenanigans, Drag Queens, Special Guests, New York Nightlife, Tea Tea Tea and of course SHADE!!!

A weekly roundtable conversation with Queer P.O.C Comedy, Shenanigans, Drag Queens, Special Guests, New York Nightlife, Tea Tea Tea and of course SHADE!!!
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A weekly roundtable conversation with Queer P.O.C Comedy, Shenanigans, Drag Queens, Special Guests, New York Nightlife, Tea Tea Tea and of course SHADE!!!






The ABC's of Shade

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The Chilling Adventures of The Shade Parade

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Shade Mess Ft Richard Villegas of SongMess

Ep 41 Shade Mess This week we are rejoined by special guest: Bryan of Inked Creates along with extra special guest: Richard Villegas of Song Mess fresh off the plane from Mexico. Bryan tells us about the PhillyCon known as Nerdtino which leads to talks of when Viki used to work the Geeks Out parties. Ari Kiki goes to an LGBTQ speed dating event and Richard tells us about that 1 time he went speed dating at The Center. Ari also tells about her crazy night co-hosting at Boxers Washington...


Crack-A-Tina Turn Up

Ep 40 Crack-A-Tina Turn Up Ari Kiki starts things off by letting you know, she is not the Ashanti! Ronie wants you to know he "definitely projects light." Ronie then proceeds to come sideways at Ari Kiki for her extensive wig collection. Crack-A-Tina comes back up in conversation as we discuss our weekend and we discuss the quams of being a drag queen on a comedy stage. DJ tells us about his trip to Cali, his take on the homeless people out there and his experience with In-N-Out. Ari then...


Alabaster Outrage

Ep 39 Alabaster Outrage This week Ari Kiki is NOT ready for the holidays! Without DJ this week (he out in Cali trying In N Out Burger, we toss shade between the 2 of us throughout without sound effects. We talk about reframing things, bettering ourselves. Ronie talks about his hectic week helping his bae deal with having his appendix removed. 🔥🔥Flaming Topics 🔥🔥 Corner Store Caroline pulls stunts and shows by calling the "Customer Service Police". Fake News, "a man dies after eating his...


What Did We Learn?

EP 38 Ep 38 What Did We Learn We want to apologize for the distant sound effects on this week's episode as well as the terrible shriek Ronie let's out at the intro of the episode. Anyways, Ari recounts some of the madness from Rupaul's Drag Con NYC weekend. We sorta discuss Blackkklansman even though Ronie hasn't seen it yet. 📽🎬Queers on Film 📽🎬 We're in a Movie!! "Kings and Queens" is now open for voting in the Sundance Ignite program. Click the link below, sign in or register and...


In Yo Face

EP 37 In Yo Face We start the episode riled up and ready after a week long hiatus and a few preshow cocktails. Ronie spent the week playing video games, particularly Spiderman. Ari on the otherhand went up to Massachusetts to visit a college friend and divided right into the caucasity of it all, including going to The Big E. We somehow go off on a tangent about gay hookup apps notification sounds. 📽🎬Queers on Film 📽🎬 We're in a Movie!! "Kings and Queens" is now open for voting in the...



The Shade Parade Ep 36 GTFO This week can you guess what new song we're obsessed with? lol This week we shade Ronie throughout the whole episode cause it's HIS BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! Ronie has quite the week, a surprise party, seeing "Head Over Heels" on broadway. Meanwhile Ari does Bushwig, Stonewall, a wedding, a photoshoot and friends and family night at Boxers WH. 🔥🔥Flaming Topics 🔥🔥 A queen gets her privacy invaded, and we get into a debate about our feelings on all this. Mariah Carey...


Parental Advisory

Ep 35 Parental Advisory We would like to apologize in advance for the horrific sneeze/scream Ari Kiki let's out at the 1:13 mark... This week we get all tied up reminiscing about gaming and toys in our youth at the start of the episode. Ari discusses her brief trip to Philly and it sets Ronie off into discussing when he used to live in Philly. Ronie pops off about having his Instagram account hacked and losing access to it, WHO HACKS INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS?!?! 🔥🔥Flaming Topics 🔥🔥 Dumb folks...


A Tribute Fit For A Queen

A Tribute Fit For A Queen by The Shade Parade


Wreckless Words

Ep 33 Wreckless Words We are messy this week, you're welcome in advance... We start off discussing gigs & booze and catching up as always. We have Mitchell and DJ back with us this week, after a hiatus. Ronie discusses his experience at Drink n Draw, Ari gets excited over covering for Logan Hardcore at Stonewall, and We salivate over pupusas. Flaming Topics We get shady discussing the VMAs, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, so much bullshit. We follow that situation by discussing the line up for...


Only Fans and Sound FX

Episode 32 Only Fans & Sound FX We kick off the episode talking about Only Fans, who doesn't love a Only Fans account? We celebrate DJ's bday, age undisclosed. The sound effects and shade is consistent this week as we go ham with the sound effects this episode and Ronie shades Ari again for not being tech savy and i judge Ronie on the status of her kitchen. Ari dishes on her weight loss journey and some of the struggles. 🔥🔥Flaming Topics 🔥🔥 Angela Bassett and Madonna both hit 60, and...



The Shade Parade Episode 31 Unofficial Sex Child, this week Ronie starts off the episode by going off about her crazy busy life, meanwhile Ari can't relate anymore. Ari tries to get Ronie into her latest obsession and hoping for some sponsors and DJ is in the background laughing it up. 🔥🔥Flaming Topics 🔥🔥 Vogue releases 2 Beyonce covers and Bey is not here for Kim K. and she don't mind folks knowing. Apparently almost all the publishers got the memo to go Black in September as a number...



The Shade Parade Ep 30 WAIT WAIT, LET ME TALK We're back! This week it's just Ronie and Ari and we can't stop going off on tangents. Ari discusses her week and bemoans her capped weekly drinking. Ronie tip toes around tackling his anxiety this week and his trip to "pilgrim town". We both discuss our amazon/ebay obsession and spending. 🎬📺Queers on Film/TV📺🎬 We discuss the documentary "McQueen" and the tumultuous life of Alexander McQueen. We tune in to HBOs newest series "Random Acts of...


SmartToughGlamorous Enough

Ep 29 Smart, Tough, Glamorous Enough This week we are back and ready to cast some Shade like Elektra Abundance on Pose! Marvin joins us along with DJ on this episode. Ronie shades granny Kiki for her elderly methods of acquiring music. Ari goes over her crazy Saturday where she sees a nutritionist, working Ike Avelli's Book release party, popping into Stonewall to see the return of Ma-Jor Saturdays and then co-hosting at Rampage. We compare notes as Ari begins her new weight loss journey and...


Through Blue Eyes pt. 2

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Through Blue Eyes . 1

Ep 27 Through Blue Eyes Pt. 1 This week we have our 1st official 2-part episode. We have special guest, cosplayer, illustrator & friend to the cast of The Shade Parade: Bryan Martinez joining us along with Dj & Mitchell. We get messy right from the start discussing how we met Bryan at Stonewall years ago... We then go down a memory lane rabbit hole as we talk about Ronie's sofas and their history, which leads us to a talk about bunk beds somehow and much more. Small talk gets Ari and Bryan,...


Is This Thing On?

EP 26 Is This Thing On? This week we kick off the episode with some technical difficulties, but can you blame us we've been drinking all week, cause 4th of July was in the middle of the week. We chat about Ronie's bat $hit crazy neighbor who you hear bouncing off the walls in the background, LITERALLY! As well as all the drinking and bad decisions we may have made this week, and Ronie's mom joins us for a quick check in. Flaming Topics Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande are engaged after 1 month...


Now That's Over

Flaming Topics Azealia Banks tries to go to NYC pride and gets chased back into her chicken closet. Mama to be, CardiB has a baby shower and we weren't invited. Nicki Minaj serves spread eagles and hypocrisy at Bet awards. Peppermint Patty gets shoulder checked by social media. GROW UP cause Toys r us closes. Lastly, we hit the ground like those Butterflies as we discuss the finale of Rupaul's Drag Race. Shoutouts Aquaria Monet X Change Miz Cracker Dusty Ray Bottoms Yuhua Hamasaki NYC Drag...



Contact Us: Email : Welcome to The Shade Parade!!! You can Find us on: RRS Feed: Soundcloud: iTunes: Google Play: Stitcher: Tunein:...