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Just the dudes talking about what really matters

Just the dudes talking about what really matters
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Just the dudes talking about what really matters




Episode 15: Social Media & How Bad the Guys have Aged, Stupid News and Cookie Delivery Services, plus Cody's Bread Facts

On Today's Menu...the guys dive into their Facebook pasts, the "How Hard Did Life Hit You Challenge", and celebrity look-a-likes. This week's stupid news story involves some spilled chicken tenders in Alabama and a greater debate on cookie delivery services. The guys receive another email from Cody with bread facts from Be sure to email us your questions or thoughts at! Follow us on Apple Podcasts or Spotify!


Episode 14: Eating out, The Guys get Psychoanalyzed, and Emails and Reviews of the Week

On Today's Menu...Garrett shares an interesting BLT experience, Aaron and Garrett go through the White Room Personality Test, and we share our Reviews of the Week and emails! Be sure to subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts, I Tunes, or wherever you get your podcasts. Follow us on Spotify! Be sure to send us your comments or questions at!


Episode 13: American Inventions, the Ideal Crash Test Dummy, New Years Resolutions, and Getting to Know Garrett

On Today's Menu...we dive into "American Flexes" including inventions and the US Standard System of measurements. The guys talk New Years Resolutions and whether they buy into the idea of making changes. This week's episode also includes our final section of Getting to Know the Guys with Garrett. Be sure to email us at, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to us wherever you get your podcasts (Spotify, Itunes, Apple Podcasts)! Leave us a rating and a like!


Episode 12: Yoga, the Salt Lake Stallion, and the Christmas Season

On Today's Menu...On this episode we welcome special guest Brock Lords. Brock is an old homie and now works with the new Salt Lake Stallion Football Team of the Alliance of American Football League. We dive into our favorite Christmas movies, gifts, and fan emails on this week's episode. Be sure to send us an email at soupdujourpodcast@gmail.come, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!


Episode 11: The Dudes Discuss Breakfast, Bananas, and Vending Machines. Guessing Actors and Savage Santa. Plus Getting into some Fan Emails.

On Today's Menu...We discuss our breakfast habits, Aaron's banana preference, and a bacon vending machine. We play a riveting game of "Guess that Actor" and read off our emails for the week. Be sure to hit us up on instagram or at our email with questions, reviews, or thoughts! Be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, I-Tunes, or Spotify!


Episode 10: Grayson's back from Europe, Getting into the Christmas Spirit, and an Unwanted Conversation

On Today's Menu...We dive into Grayson's trip to Europe, we start our preliminary discussions on all things Christmas, our Song and Word of the Week, and talk a little about unwanted conversations. Check us out on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, I-Tunes, or Podbean. Send us an email at!


Episode 9: Music and Aging, The Undertaker takes on Universal Studios, and the 4th Dimension

On Today's Menu... Ty from The Reastie Boys Podcast joins us to fill in the absence on Grayson. We take deep dives into questioning at what point does one get too old for new music coming out, if there there portals all around us, Garrett's encounter with The Undertaker at Universal Studios, and our issues with modern pop culture.


Episode 8: Age Change for Chicks, Real Life Portals, Teachers that Throw Hands, and More

On Today's Menu...We discuss a Dutch man who wants to be a little younger for Tinder babes, portals that defy time and space, when it is appropriate to throw hands, and a little about Please follow us Instagram, Apple Podcasts, ITunes, Spotify, and more. Send us your thoughts at


Episode 7: Learn about the dudes favorite books, when it is appropriate to listen to Christmas music, and get to know Aaron

On Today's Menu...We dive into our literary knowledge, how quick after Halloween should you start the Christmas festivities, and our second round of get to know you with Aaron. Follow us on Instagram @thesoupdujourpodcast and be sure to reach out to us at Leave us a review, give us a like, or send us a question. Thanks for listening!


Episode 6: Do you have a Chance to Win the Lotto, Aaron's Meme Rant, and Scary Movies

On Today's Menu...We discuss our chances at winning the Powerball and what we would do with the winnings, internet memes, and our favorite scary movies. Happy Halloween! Follow us on Apple Podcasts, I-Tunes, Spotify, or the Podbean App.


Episode 5: Frozen Pizza Fiasco, Drug Dealing Pigeons, and Unsolicited/Unwanted Love Advice

On Today's Menu...Stupid News returns this week as we talk about Lil Ceasar's Pizza and a pidgeon shipping ecstacy in Kuwait. We take a deep dive into dating criteria and when/how to follow your feelings. Send us an email at, follow us on Instagram @thesoupdujourpodcast, and leave us a like and review on I-Tunes and Apple Podcasts!


Episode 4: Get to Know Grayson, Aaron's Paranormal Experience, and Garrett loves Hard Boiled Eggs

REMASTERED: Now with corrected audio, episode 4 of The Soup Du Jour Pocast starts with a Aaron's ghost encounter this past weekend. We discuss once again the weird things going on at Grayson's work and the first of our Q & A session with the crew. Follow us on instagram @thesoupdujourpodcast! Email us at! Please be sure to leave a comment and review.


Episode 3: Horoscopes, Star Wars Backstories, and Bigfoot

On Today's Menu...we dive in to all things horoscopes, Star Wars backstories as written by fans, and the Yeti vs. Bigfoot. Be sure to leave a review, comment, and send in your questions to Follow us on Instagram @thesoupdujourpodcast. Check us out on I-Tunes and Apple Podcasts as well!


Episode 2: Public Bathrooms, Digital Communication, and Aaron's Search for Love.

On Today's Menu...We talk about a situation at Grayson's work, how digital communication helps or hurts relationships, and we begin Aaron's Quest for Love. Thanks for listening! As always, please subscribe, leave a review, and email with your questions.


Episode 1: Hamburgler, Pet Names, Man Crushes, and KFC.

Welcome to The Soup Du Jour Podcast. In this week's episode we discuss this week's stupid news story, pet names, man crushes, and KFC. Thanks for listening!