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Greg and James give their stance on sports today. It's a podcast for the average sports fan, made by the average sports fan.

Greg and James give their stance on sports today. It's a podcast for the average sports fan, made by the average sports fan.
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Greg and James give their stance on sports today. It's a podcast for the average sports fan, made by the average sports fan.




Episode 9 - Kevin Durant, Cutting Thor, Accents

Please subscribe and review us on iTunes here: The guys meet up for the first time since discussing the NBA Finals and jump right into the (4:25) NBA Draft and discuss the top picks along with the trades that did and didn't go down. Kevin Durant and his summer of free agency is broken down with our predicted landing spots for him and the dark horse free agent Dwayne Wade. The guys take a trip across the pond and discuss (33:15)Wimbeldon, with James having a...


Episode 8 - NBA Finals, US Open, and Celebrity Football Death Match

As always please take a minute and subscribe/review us on iTunes: The guys wrap up the NBA Finals (4:20) and all the amazingness that was Game 7. They look at Lebron's legacy and just how good Steph really is and if he's deserved the praise he's gotten the past two years. The US Open (33:20) had almost as much drama as the NBA Finals with Dustin Johnson coming from behind to win his first career major, even with a stroke penalty and James's knowledge of the PGA is...


Episode 7 - Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, Pitcher HR Derby, and FlugelHorn

Please take a minute to subscribe and give us a review on iTunes ( every review helps. Thank You The guys wrap up the NHL season (4:00) by discussing the Penguins (despite James’ despise for Phil Kessel) and their Stanley Cup Championship. Moving on they discuss the (8:30) NBA Finals and the biggest sports story going and somehow again it involves Draymond Green and a man’s nether region. Steph’s lack of MVP prowess is looked at along with if the Warriors and their...


Episode 6- NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, and Toasters

The guys catch up after a hiatus because of vacation and discuss the end of the (4:30) Western Conference, before jumping into the NBA Finals. The Cavs chances are broken down and we question Stephs regular season MVP if he doesn't win the Finals MVP. We round out the NBA with making fun of the Refs new idea of not revealing their mistakes. (27:30) Hot takes go flying across the rink when the guys discuss the Stanley Cup more than most national sports media. Who has the coolest...


Episode 5 - The Sports Stance Podcast W - Greg And James

Greg and James continue to look at the NBA Playoffs (6:00) where nothing is going as expected in the Eastern or Western Conference Finals, along with giving their stance on Draymond Green and Nutgate. They go on to discuss a topic everyone loves in Deflategate (32:00)and James defends the North Wall to the best of his abilities, while Greg just nudges him to build the anger. The Stanley Cup Playoffs (39:45) are discussed for the second week in a row and the guys give their best hot takes...


Episode 4 - The Sports Stance Podcast W - Greg And James

This week James and Greg continue to look at the (8:00) NBA Playoffs along with a little NBA Draft Lottery talk. They then go on to talk about something no one ever though they would in the (39:00) NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, discussing Sydney Crosby and Jame's hatred for both the Penguins and Lightning for no legitimate reason. The (43:45) MLB is discussed where both guys give their hot takes on the Odor/Bautista incident and the punch heard round the MLB! Finally, before wrapping up...


Episode 3 - The Sports Stance Podcast - W:Greg And James

Episode 3-This week Greg and James jump right in with the Kentucky Derby (2:30) and discuss what we saw from the field and Nyquist, along with some of the pre-race craziness that you may have missed. NBA Playoffs (7:00) come in hot afterwards with our focus really shifting towards the Spurs/Thunder and Warriors/Trailblazers series with a dash of the Eastern Conference. We then move onto the MLB (26:50) to give our views on Bryce Harpers walk-a-thon, Bartolo's HR Stroll, and what our stance...


Episode 2 - The Sports Stance W:Greg And James

Episode 2- The Sports Stance This week Greg and James discuss in depth round 2 of the NBA Playoffs. They break down the matchups, injuries, and ridiculous non-calls made. They go on to breakdown the recent news of Space Jam 2 starring none other than LeBron James and how it can compare to the original starring MJ. After NBA and movie talk the two start to break into the early MLB season while breaking down teams like the Cubs and Nationals, including the big deal Bryce Harper just signed...


Episode 1 - The Sports Stance Podcast - With Greg And James

The average fans stance on everyday sports. Hosts Greg and James give their views on todays sports world. Episode 1- We discuss the NFL Draft and who we think will be taken minutes before it starts and then cut to the second part of the podcast, which takes play Friday April 29. We give out post draft reactions as well as highlight the major storyline of the night Laremy Tunsil and his gasmask. The NBA playoffs are also touched upon with a look towards the second round and we believe has...