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Greg and James give their stance on sports today. It's a podcast for the average sports fan, made by the average sports fan.

Greg and James give their stance on sports today. It's a podcast for the average sports fan, made by the average sports fan.
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Greg and James give their stance on sports today. It's a podcast for the average sports fan, made by the average sports fan.




Super Bowl LII Preview

Greg and James are back with a preview of "The Big One" the Super Bowl. We give a breakdown of the game from an Eagles fan and Patriots fan. Plus we throw in some prop bets and a small discussion about the Team LeBron curse. Overall, we are the place to go for some fun and quick Super Bowl thoughts leading up to the big game on Sunday! Check it out and let us know who you think will win it all.


NFL Mid Point, Sunglasses Inside, and Kyrie UnMasked

This week we return and immediately turn the talk over to the TURNOVER CHAIN! James is obsessed with it and we break down its lore and hold over the college football world. After that it's all about the pro's and breaking down who will be looking at the hardware come seasons end in the NFL. A look at the teams that have been the most surprising and disappointing up through Week 10, and what we have to look forward to the most in the stretch run of the season. The last half of the podcast...


NBA Preview, Who Could We Beat 1 on 1, And Postseason Pontifications

The guys give their NBA preview! They break down who makes the playoffs, leaves with some individual hardware, and what rookie really stands out. That's not all though.... Who's the next Greek Freek? What Good team is actually BAD? And ever wonder who Greg and James could beat in a 1 on 1 game of basketball? Think no further, the guys answer who they think they could take down in a game to 21. After that is all said and done the guys briefly discuss Aaron Rodgers injury and the games they...


Tight Ends are Dead, The Giants need to Rebuild, and Postseason Baseball is Great!

The guys are back this week discussing Week 5 in the NFL. Overreactions are given and could a major QB be on the verge of retirement? What team should be thinking. "Hey, maybe it's time to start a rebuild"? Who is just GOOD at football? We also try out the new segment "Dead to Me, In Fantasy" where we look at guys on our own team that screwed us in Fantasy football this past week or have been all season. Hint: We both have a TEndency to go with the same position. The MLB postseason is...


Week 2 Reactions, Kyrie and KD Get Weird, and Price is Relieved - 9:21:17, 8.30 AM

The guys are back with reactions to week 2 in the NFL. They not only give some overreactions, but even an under reaction to games, players, and coaches. Ben Mcadoos throwing of Eli under a bus is discussed, and Greg once again tries to anger James with some Patriots bashing. It's what he does. The NBA had an odd few days with two of it's stars showing their lack and petty personalities. James and Greg break down the Kyrie interview in all it's passive aggressive tones, and then try and...


NFL Kickoff Preview

Greg and James give you an NFL Preview like no one else. The guys don't break down the league division by division like the rest of those shows on major networks. NO. They give you the answers to questions about players, coaches, coordinators, and everything else related to the season. They talk everything from, "Are red headed QB's cursed?" to "What's the most competitive division in the NFL?". Some debating may even go on about "Will Tony Romo shine or suck in the CBS booth this year?"...


NBA Finals Cavs Warriors Rd. 3

Greg is back and giving you his breakdown of the NBA Finals. Who is the X-Factor? Does KD choke under pressure? Will Kevin Love keep playing at a high level? Is Steve Kerr really important? All of those answered along with my prediction for who wins it all. Check it out and give us your stance


NBA Playoffs

Greg is back giving his NBA Playoff predictions. He goes through each series giving a simple reason why teams are moving on or going home. Does he give any surprises? He also gives his reasonings on why he doesn't care about the Stanley Cup Playoffs......that much. All that with some more on this weeks episode. Give us your stance on Twitter @Sportsstance_


Free Agency Frenzy and NBA Averages

The guys break down the NFL Free agency madness that took place on Day 1 only, the major signings, the notables who are still available, and an out of country pick up. These are all broken down in the 1st half of the show. The Association is looked at after and the fact Russell Westbrook has an above average chance to finish the season with a Triple Double. What does it mean though? Is it impressive? Does it matter? All of that and how the Warriors have struggled without KD. Last is our...


KD is Out, but Garoppolo is Staying?

The guys are back with plenty to talk about this week. Kevin Durant is out for the Warriors, and the Deron Williams provides the PG the Cavs have been looking for, but does any of it matter for the playoffs? The Jimmy Garoppolo sweepstakes may have, won't happen, but could happen in the NFL. We look at possible landing spots and if he is worth the price. The Jets have decided to give up and scrap their future for the time being, and Ryan Fitzpatrick is predicted to get a huge...


NBA Trade Deadline and Tigers Never Coming Back

The guys keep it simple this week by talking about the NBA trade deadline and all the deals that were and weren't done *cough* Celtics *cough*. Does Boogie Cousins actually make sense in New Orleans, and does Magic being back running the Lakers change anything? We talk all of it and more.... We look at the potential landings spots for Tony Romo, because let's be honest, everyone loves football and we had to talk about it somehow. Last, but not least, Pat Perez comes in hot with some pretty...


All Star Spring Rumors

The guys are back and with the NFL on hiatus for at least few weeks, it's time to dive into the NBA, which conveniently has its All Star game this weekend. Greg and James have a "State of the NBA" recapping the Eastern and Western Conference storylines from the past week. The main discussion is KD's return back to OKC and how the Cavs could slip without any Love on the court for them. After all is said and done, it's time to look at the main night of All Star weekend for the NBA, which is...


The SB Aftermath and Oakley Smash

The guys are back recapping the Super Bowl and the unbelievable, inconceivable, unimaginable comeback by the Patriots. They breakdown from start to finish and filling in the gaps along the way. No days are taken off here. The prop bets that were made last week are recapped with many of the bets going against everything Greg and James said. We discuss the enjoyment that Lady Gaga brought us and probably the (Tight Ends Podcast), but in the end the focus comes down to Brady, the 4th quarter,...


Super Bowl 51-Quick Hits

Hours after the most ridiculous comeback in Super Bowl history, Greg gives his reaction, while James gave a live in Boston reaction to the Patriots miracle in Houston last night. We give brief thoughts on the amazing events, from Tom Brady, Roger Goodell, and the Patriots showing their heart and spirit. Check out our Quick Hits, and comeback later this week for the full Podcast. Find us on Twitter: Instagram:


Super Bowl 51 Preview and Predictions

Greg and James dive headfirst into Super Bowl 51, breaking down the matchup between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons. They look at how both teams got to Houston through their respective conference championships, including their Playoff Heroes/Zero's. They look at the Pro Bowl Skills challenge and completely ignore the Pro Bowl because it's an awful exhibition game. Prop Me Up is introduced, where the guys go through a few of the key Prop bets made for the Super Bowl including,...


Conference Championships, All Star Snubs, and Elevator Music

The guys tackle the NFL (5:05) playoff Conference Championship games this week, but before diving in they each give their Playoff Hero and Zero for the Divisional Round. Was A-A-Ron or Matty Ice a hero? Was the Brocket Ship or other surprise picks the Zero? It's all broken down, before finally getting to the NFC and AFC Championships. The red hot Packers take on the Falcons for the last game in the Georgia Dome, meanwhile Big Ben take on the A-Holes from Foxboro (Tomlin's words not ours). We...


Fast and Furious, Divsion Round, and D-Rose - 1:13:17, 2.13 PM

It doesn't matter if they are traveling or not, Greg and James make sure to get the podcast in any way, any how for you. James calls in from the road and we talk (5:30) Wild Card weekend Heroes and Zero's, before bringing up and peppering in our thoughts and picks for the Divisionla round games. The most intriguing games again happening on Sunday. Greg and James discuss the only way they can see the Patriots falling to the Texans, and if A-A-Ron can go into Jerry World and leave the Discount...


NFL Playoff Preview and 2017 Predictions

The guys come back from their holiday hiatus and break into the new year in a big way! James and Greg come into the year with their NFL Playoff Preview because Wild Card Weekend is fast approaching. They go through both the AFC and NFC brackets making their predictions and going all the way through the Super Bowl. They even have a guest pickers for both the AFC and NFC side, we'll just say it's a family affair. The final thoughts lead to the National Championship game between Alabama and...


Last Show of the Year, Santa Picks, and We Make a List

The guys record their last episode of the year and make sure its jam packed with holiday treats, including a special guest pick Ho Ho Ho. They kick it all off with a Jurys In/Out of Week 15, where the Lions are still up for debate and so is the MVP of the league, but not much will change in terms of Odell Bechkam being a cry baby. Greg and James give their Week 16 picks and breakdown the 5 key games they think have the most on the line. This leads into the special guest pick of the week....


Rogue One, Craft Brewed Sports, and Craig Sager

It's a shorter than normal episode, but the guys give you all the information you need. James talks about how he went to the Rogue One opening and as a Star Wars fan, he gives it The Sports Stance "Seal of Approval". We discuss the polar vortex bearing down on our homes before finally getting into some sports talk. The NFL (8:20) season is coming to an end, but there is still time for some Most/Least impressed from Week 14. Greg discusses the importance of the Magic Man Jon Dorenbos and...