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Stand and Deliver Podcast 14 Tom Mayhew

On this show Rhodders chats to... Tom Mayhew Tom ends up interviewing Rhodders about: his strange sayings, pre gig nerves, the pressure of comedy competitions, how Rhodders almost quit comedy and how he managed to enjoy it again, How Rhodders became a video game character, why bitter comics should just quit. Tom talks to about: Winning King Gone, the power behind Tom’s subdued style, commanding the room despite playing low status, having an emotional awareness on and off stage, enjoying...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 13 Freddy Quinne

On this show Rhodders chats to... Freddy Quinn Freddy talks about: Why he does not try new jokes when MCing, getting away with being abrasive to audiences, are audiences easier to offend and should comics change their style because of this? The types of styles emerging on the circuit among new acts, the difference between the North and the South in terms of how comics approach developing an act, finding your comic voice, Why Freddie stopped comedy and then started again, why, after a point,...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 12 Danny Ward

On this show Rhodders chats to... Danny Ward Danny talks about: The pressure on the MC at a gig, audiences being their phones, how to keep comedy fun when it is your full time job, controlling nerves, how much pressure is right for an act to put upon themselves, how many comics are into pro wrestling, working on a reality TV show about the band Kiss + more! We also hear how Rhodders was arrested at a murder mystery night! Where to find Danny More on the Comedy Club Facebook...


Stand and Deliver Podcast episode 11 Peter Jones

On this show Rhodders chats to... Peter Jones Perter is a TV comic and writer from Melbourne Australia. He crossed paths with Rhodders at the Edinburgh Fringe where they both performed at Mirth in The Morning, Rhodders' Fringe standup show. Peter talks about: How he started out, how he writes, If he considers himself a writer or a performer., performing in front of people you know, How the Edinburgh Fringe treat an Australian act and writing jokes for TV + More. We also hear the strange tale...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 10 Patrick Monahan and Lily Lovett

On this show Rhodders chats to... Patrick Monahan and Lily Lovett Patrick Monahan blends a high energy comedy style with engaging topical and observational material. A master of crowd work, able to unleash a joyous brand of mayhem in any room. Lily Lovett has worked extensively in television, film and theatre as an actress. Most known for playing Rachel in The Inbetweeners series and film, as well as roles in Silent Witness, Cuffs and numerous sitcoms. Patrick talks about: how every audience...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 9 Simon Caine

On this show Rhodders chats to... Simon Caine Simon Caine is one of comedy's great DIY independent acts. Over the last few years Simon has been steadily building an audience via his national tours and podcasts. This has been achieved without the help of an agent or any kind of representation Simon talks about: being booked to play audiences you are very different to, how making fun of a difficult topic is not the same as making light of it, why he thinks just being funny is not enough,...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 8 Joe Bains

On this show Rhodders chats to... Joe Bains Joe delights audiences with his affable style and quick whit. A walking clash of cultures, he explores his Indian heritage and his current life in the UK. Joe talks about: How he want from chronically shy introvert to comedian and extrovert, trying to prove to his wife that he was funny, setting up his own comedy course while still very new, why his racial humour sometimes makes audiences uncomfortable, moving from a village in India and having to...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 7 Russell Hicks

On this show Rhodders chats to... Russell Hicks. He is one of the most exciting comics to come out of America and is the master of making it up on the spot! A rare example of a comic who improvises a different set every night, making him one of the most unpredictable and entertaining acts around. Russell talks about: How to play impossible rooms, how to mentally prepare yourself for a comedy competition, how he quit his day job and went to Hollywood, how he left Hollywood to be a full time...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 6 Robert White

On this show Rhodders chats to... Robert White. Robert is the only gay, Aspergic, quarter-Welsh comic on the British comedy circuit and one of the must original musical acts you are ever going to see. He's well known for his brilliant timing and improvisational skills. Recently he appeared on Britain's Got Talent where he received four yeses from the judges. Robert talks about: how performing comedy has improved his life by helping him deal with his asperger's syndrome, how Robert is able to...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 5 World Record Edition + Olga Koch

On this show Rhodders chats to… Olga Koch and Ryan Mold. This episode was recorded at Rock the Attic in Banbury during The Longest Running Comedy Show World Record Event. Rhodders chats to the man behind the record breaking show, a sleep deprived Ryan Mold. We also hear from Olga Koch. They discuss the value of improv classes and Olga's fringe show, about her father's escape from Russia. Congratulations to Rock the Attic Banbury on an amazing event! Where to find Olga @rocknrolga...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 4 Iszi Lawrence Part 2

On this show Rhodders chats to… Iszi Lawrence, a professional comedian with a sidesplitting repertoire of material. Recently, Iszi has extended the range of her work by presenting history podcasts and live shows. She’s even been hosting comedic, feminist tours of art galleries. In her free time, she swaps punchlines for real punches with jujitsu! In part 2 of their chat, Rhodders and Iszi talk about: diversifying her work; can you be both a lowbrow and a highbrow comedian; giving a comedy...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 3 Paul F Taylor

On this show Rhodders chats to... Paul F Taylor. His style is a fast paced world wind of surreal, wonderfully silly ideas and characters. A versatile performer who looks equally at home at an arts festival and a rowdy Saturday night comedy club. Rhodders and Paul talk about: combining elements of theatre with stand-up, following your comedic instinct versus working out what audiences like, do comedians ever have the right to blame the audience? Do Edinburgh fringe awards push comics away...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 2 Pete K Mally

Our guest for this episode is Pete K Mally. By day he battles to hold the attention of the pupils in his classroom and by night he treads the boards as a touring theater comic. Rhodders catches up with Pete backstage at the Epsom Playhouse before his show Twenty Years of Teaching: One Angry Rant. They talk about: going from 10min spots to hour long shows, doing a tour with no management, the difference between playing a comedy club and a theater and life a teacher. We also hear from The...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 1 Iszi Lawrence

Our first ever guest on the Stand and Deliver Podcast is Iszi Lawrence. She has supported Stewart Lee, Sarah Millican, Rufus Hound, Simon Munnery, Richard Herring, Jo Caulfield and Jon Richardson. Iszi has also created and hosts The Z List Dead List, a live comedy show and podcast about obscure characters from history. She is often heard on BBC Radio4's Making History. In the first of a two part interview Rhodders and Iszi talk about: standup as a conversation,The psychology a room (why...