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Comedian and promoter Rhodders talks to some of his favorite acts

Comedian and promoter Rhodders talks to some of his favorite acts


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Comedian and promoter Rhodders talks to some of his favorite acts






Stand and Deliver podcast episode 29 Gavin Webster

In this edition, our guest is Gavin Webster. Gavin is a veteran of the circuit with a loud, sharp and sometimes controversial style. A definite Geordie, Gavin has a superb stage presence. During the interview Rhodders and Gavin talk about: starting out in a double act, not liking the term "comedian" what is "alternative comedy" and does it still exist?, comparing, Gavin's late-night phone-in show The Comedy Results and travel issues. We also hear from Rechal and Stuart at Drinkwater comedy...


Stand and Deliver podcast episode 28 Rhodders

In this edition, our guest is the founder, promoter, CEO and spiral leader of The Stand and Deliver Comedy Club, Rhodders... Full disclosure, we ran out of things to do so Rhodders had his Girlfriend Jordan interview him! We also hear from Nick Byard who is responsible for one of the best gaffs in podcasting history! (WARNING: a very bad word is used!) During the interview Rhodders talks about: radio and voice acting, being a comic Vs being a promoter, how to find good acts to book,...


Stand and Deliver podcast episode 27 Dan Collins

On this edition our guest is actor and comic Dan Collins. He is also Rhodders' house mate! Rhodders Reviews the Felt Nowt Comedy Club's New Year's live stream. Plus, we also talk about the plan to #injectsomefun into queuing for the vaccine! Dan talks about: His first gig, slipping on a banana skin, writing a set about being mugged, running a gig that went so wrong he was forced to write a letter of apology, working at an escape room, acting at the Fringe, trying to make the most of lockdown...


Stand and Deliver podcast episode 26 A Review

It’s been a strange few months in the world of stand-up comedy. Club founder, CEO and spiritual leader Rhodders and his new chief of staff Dan Collins sit down in their living room to bring back the podcast. They discuss their two recent outdoor shows at the Jolly Anglers. We also hear from veteran comedian and promoter Jonathan Elston. Featuring live recordings of Marlon Davies, Mark Simmons Sally Firth, Stella Graham and Mr spooky.


Stand and Deliver podcast episode 25 Arna Spek + Iszi Lawrence

A two guest bumper edition of the podcast. With the comedy scene on hold, we catch up with comic, Radio 4 history boffin and author Iszi Lawrence. We find out to see how she is managing to keep active during lockdown. Our second guest is Arna Spek. Originally from the Netherlands, Arna makes dry, self-deprecating observations about London life and odd British behaviour from the perspective of a confused and bumbling outsider. Arna talks about: starting out at school review shows in the...


Stand and Deliver podcast episode 24 Steve N Allen

​Steve N Allen can be seen on the BAFTA nominated "The Mash Report" on BBC2. As a stand-up Steve has performed in comedy clubs all across the UK and Europe. Steve is also a radio host and can currently heard on BBC Radio Kent. Rhodders and Steve talk about: meeting at Reading107 FM, how doing his first standup show lead him towards radio, why he decided to give standup anther go, why radio presents always think they are funny, if there are transferable skills between radio to standup,...


Stand and Deliver Podcast episode 23 Colt Cabana

For the last 20 years Colt Cabana has travelled around the world as a professional wrestler. His hybrid comedic style along with his in ring skills have made Colt one of the most in-demand wrestlers on the circuit. His love of standup comedy drew him to Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where his show "Commentary to Bad Wrestling Matches" has been entertaining crowds for over 7 years. Rhodders and Colt talk about: How Rhodders and Colt giged together, comedy in wrestling, how wrestling can be...


Stand and Deliver Podcast episode 22 Jake Pickford

North London based comedian Jake Pickford has been performing around the UK since mid 2012, with his witty crowd work, life stories and one-liners. Rhodders and Jake talk about: .... Afternoon gigs, why playing unsuitable rooms can be easier, when Jake chooses to adlib, what makes standup so hard, his clown tattoos, wanting to be tough growing up, reminding ourselves we perform comedy for enjoyment, why aiming to be "the best" does not work. Music by Adam Weikert Brought to you in...


Stand and Deliver podcast episode 21 Geoff Steel

Geoff has won over many a crowd with his punch line packed sets and unpredictable ad-libs. He is also the master/disaster mind behind Reading's longest running comedy gig, Go On My Sun. Rhodders and Geoff talk about: Running a gig in the middle of the pub, how the gig started, what can make his gig hard to play and what makes it well worth performing at, what you can learn from the gig, being forced to ad-lib, knowing when to cut your set short, when your final joke of the set does not work,...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 20 Nicole Harris

On episode 20 Rhodders chats to... Nicole Harris They talk about: being tidy, improv in comedy, are comedy nights fearful of booking acts who improvise? How adlib and written material can work together, staying "in the moment" while performing, learning a language, performing standup in french, MCing comedy nights and why it is difficult and lots more. We also hear about Rhodders' trip to Japan. More on Nicole Harris @NicoleHcomedy Facebook Instagram YouTube More on the Comedy Club Facebook...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 19 Kathryn Mather

On episode 19 Rhodders chats to... Kathryn Mather They talk about: writing a dissertation on standup comedy, how to build TARDIS, trying to make comedy your living and why it is so hard, why being paid and having fun are not always linked, working in an escape room, Is the London comedy scene in a good or bad state? Why not charging for comedy harms a gig, Rhodders has a rant about badly organised acts, the joy of watching comedy, Kathryn's thoughts on comedy competitions, why she has a...


Stand and Deliver Podcast- Maria Shehata

On episode 18 Rhodders chats to... Maria Shehata They talk about: Maria going from working the box office to her first open mic spot, why acts don't want talk to audience members before shows, controlling a room without having to be "larger then life", hecklers who think they are helping, the difference between giging in LA, New York and London, how LA drives you to be more image focused, Maria's acting, which she prefers acting or standup, is the UK comedy circuit behind the US circuit? We...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 17 Stylophbia

On this show Rhodders chats to... Stylophobia A unique musical act. Currently the only stylophone play on the comedy circuit. They talk about: What made Stylophobia transition from playing in bands to performing comedy, why school fed his desire to be funny, why he dresses like he does on stage, how much of himself he puts into the act, people missing the point of his act, being married to a comic (Mel Byron), technical mishaps with the stylophone, the advantages of starting comedy later in...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 16 Jonathan Elston

On this show Rhodders chats to... Jonathan Elston. Jonathan turned professional at just 20 years old and runs a number of comedy nights. They talk about: Turing pro at the age of 20, why it's harder to make a living from comedy now, how to deal with bad gigs, depending on comedy for you income, fights at comedy nights, what is in your control when on stage, why Jonathan left comedy for a year and why he returned, running a gig for 6 years, starting a gig with Matt Richardson, how he books...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 15 Matt Bragg and Terry Green

On this show Rhodders chats to... Matt Bragg and Terry Green Rhodders Matt and Terry talk about: Terry's first gig at a church talent show, running a comedy night in Banbury, if an acts does not go down well at a gig who's fault is it really? Why political comedy is tricky, the madness that was the Worlds Longest comedy show, Matt talks about having comic Bobby Bragg as a father, how to make playing terrible gigs enjoyable, Where to find Matt Bragg @mattbraggcomedy...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 14 Tom Mayhew

On this show Rhodders chats to... Tom Mayhew Tom ends up interviewing Rhodders about: his strange sayings, pre gig nerves, the pressure of comedy competitions, how Rhodders almost quit comedy and how he managed to enjoy it again, How Rhodders became a video game character, why bitter comics should just quit. Tom talks to about: Winning King Gone, the power behind Tom’s subdued style, commanding the room despite playing low status, having an emotional awareness on and off stage, enjoying...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 13 Freddy Quinne

On this show Rhodders chats to... Freddy Quinn Freddy talks about: Why he does not try new jokes when MCing, getting away with being abrasive to audiences, are audiences easier to offend and should comics change their style because of this? The types of styles emerging on the circuit among new acts, the difference between the North and the South in terms of how comics approach developing an act, finding your comic voice, Why Freddie stopped comedy and then started again, why, after a point,...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 12 Danny Ward

On this show Rhodders chats to... Danny Ward Danny talks about: The pressure on the MC at a gig, audiences being their phones, how to keep comedy fun when it is your full time job, controlling nerves, how much pressure is right for an act to put upon themselves, how many comics are into pro wrestling, working on a reality TV show about the band Kiss + more! We also hear how Rhodders was arrested at a murder mystery night! Where to find Danny More on the Comedy Club Facebook...


Stand and Deliver Podcast episode 11 Peter Jones

On this show Rhodders chats to... Peter Jones Perter is a TV comic and writer from Melbourne Australia. He crossed paths with Rhodders at the Edinburgh Fringe where they both performed at Mirth in The Morning, Rhodders' Fringe standup show. Peter talks about: How he started out, how he writes, If he considers himself a writer or a performer., performing in front of people you know, How the Edinburgh Fringe treat an Australian act and writing jokes for TV + More. We also hear the strange tale...


Stand and Deliver Podcast 10 Patrick Monahan and Lily Lovett

On this show Rhodders chats to... Patrick Monahan and Lily Lovett Patrick Monahan blends a high energy comedy style with engaging topical and observational material. A master of crowd work, able to unleash a joyous brand of mayhem in any room. Lily Lovett has worked extensively in television, film and theatre as an actress. Most known for playing Rachel in The Inbetweeners series and film, as well as roles in Silent Witness, Cuffs and numerous sitcoms. Patrick talks about: how every audience...