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The Streetlight Effect - Ep. 011: High Speed Car Chases and Holy Water

Terry and Joe regale everyone with tales from their youth. After they babysat Tom Sawyer. Anthony Scaramucci’s absolutely bananas quotes to the New Yorker, ranked Anthony Scaramucci’s CNN Interview Today Was One of the Most Bizarre Moments of the Trump Administration Anthony Scaramucci’s wife files for divorce, report says [...]


The Streetlight Effect - Ep. 010: Chipotle Rape-Robots Make the Breast Brownies

John is back from his trip into the wildlands of Florida, and has come but with a bit of vinegar. Terry went out on a date with a human woman, it went so well his first news story is about sex robots. Dino comes back to outline that Trump is innocent until a conversation between Putin and him surfaces about changing vote tallies. Because Democracy is not worth protecting. Links/sources: This Company Makes Sex Robots That Are Designed To Be RapedTit juice browniesWoman had no idea...


The Streetlight Effect - Ep. 001: Steven Seagal and Meth

Music courtesy of Soft and Furious via the Author and Professor Constantinos Scaros weighs in on immigration, but not the environment. John can’t segue for shit. And Terry thinks women are stupid. Links/sources- Gluten free meth$9,000 dollar meal911: deportation