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Week 11: VOTE!

Hello Syllabus-ers! Class isn't completely back in session yet, but here's a quick lesson to hold you over until courses resume. Professors Chrissy & Jawn catch up on life happening, then get into a faculty discussion on two topics Chrissy has been into: Bill Cosby's verdict & Nike's public endorsement of Colin Kaepernick. We then move on to Superlatives followed by a new segment introduced by Jawn called High School Dropouts. In our Let Ya Us Learn segment the message is simple: VOTE!!!...


Week 1: Welcome, Welcome!

Welcome to The Syllabus! Get acquainted with Professor's Chrissy & Jawn as they kick knowledge on music, life, society, and everything in between. This week we will be discussing the Grammy nominations, Joyner Lucas' controversial song & visual "I'm Not Racist", Jay-Z's New York Times Interview, and a whole lot more! #DidYouCheckTheSyllabus?