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Week 9: Rice & Pea

Hey Syllabus-ers! Hmmm, we gotta think of a better name for you guys. Welcome back to another week of The Syllabus! Class is in session and this week Chrissy jumps right in with a quick breakdown of the beef between Drake and Pusha-T. The pair pose the question: What comes next after this beef? Moving away from the topic, Chrissy & Jawn head into Superlatives, then give their take on the music releases of the first half of 2018. Do we have the album of the year yet? Listen to find out! The...


Week 8: This Is The Syllabus

Welcome back to the Syllabus! Chrissy & Jawn catch up before jumping into a Billboard Awards recap. They move into a discussion on Childish Gambino's "This Is America". Not surprising, the duo had differing takes on the song and visual. After giving their superlatives, Chrissy opens up a conversation about Tidal's streaming investigation and Spotify's new playlist policy. This leads to the topic of R.Kelly, Kanye West, and when do the actions of our favorite artists become too much to...


Week 7: They NEED Podcasts Like We!

You have five minutes to class because 'The Syllabus' is about to start! The pair kick things off with Mariah's bipolar reveal, the lawsuit from her former manager, Stella, and how all of this will translate into the music. Of course the professors had to get into Queen Bey and her game changing, Beychella performances. Is Beyonce the greatest live performer of all time? Chrissy & Jawn give their answers to this. Superlatives are a hit as always and leads the professors into a conversation...


Week 6: The Syllabus vs OVO

On this episode of The Syllabus the professors pay their respects to hip-hop pioneer, Craig Mack. Chrissy & Jawn discuss Jay & Bey's 'On The Run 2' tour, which causes them to ask the question: do we want a joint album from the power couple? The questions keep coming as they ask in the next topic, is Bruno Mars a cultural appropriator? The pair then give their superlatives, then discuss the announcement of Cardi B's debut album, 'Invasion of Privacy'. Chrissy leads a conversation on Meek...


Week 4: How You Say That Word?!

Re-uploaded after Drake took us down!


Week 5: Charlamagne, Did You Check The Syllabus?

We're back! We know its been awhile but we're here now, so take your seats and check the syllabus. We begin the episode with catching everyone up with what we did during our absence. After, we briefly discuss some of the top stories that happened while we were away. Of course we had to visit Wakanda for a bit, diving into the Black Panther movie & album. The show takes a slightly somber turn as we discuss the tragic event in Parkland, FL. The mood lightens as we move to superlatives, then...


Week 4: How You Say That Word?!

The Syllabus is back and class is now in session. The professors are back from a brief hiatus with a packed episode. After reviewing Week 3's homework, the pair give their top Grammy predictions. From there they delve into their top 25 most played in iTunes to introduce the audience to their expansive musical taste. As always have superlatives! Much to Jawn's excitement (and Chrissy's dismay) The Philadelphia Eagles are in the Superbowl, so they both give their ultimate half time...


Week 2: Did You Check The Syllabus?

In our last episode for the year we talk about quite a few things. First we review Jawn's homework, then get into conversation about Eminem's new album, Mariah's holiday record, Omarosa's White House ousting, and much more. Take a seat and get ready to enjoy The Syllabus. #DidYouCheckTheSyllabus? Sidenote: There's a few areas this week where the audio gets a bit distorted. We apologize for the technical difficulty and hope you can still enjoy the episode.


Week 1: Welcome, Welcome!

Welcome to The Syllabus! Get acquainted with Professor's Chrissy & Jawn as they kick knowledge on music, life, society, and everything in between. This week we will be discussing the Grammy nominations, Joyner Lucas' controversial song & visual "I'm Not Racist", Jay-Z's New York Times Interview, and a whole lot more! #DidYouCheckTheSyllabus?