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The longest-running Trump-as-dinosaur chronicle. 1000+ traumatic Trumpassic Period days in 250+ highly cathartic entries.

The longest-running Trump-as-dinosaur chronicle. 1000+ traumatic Trumpassic Period days in 250+ highly cathartic entries.




The longest-running Trump-as-dinosaur chronicle. 1000+ traumatic Trumpassic Period days in 250+ highly cathartic entries.








Mar-a-Lago Still

The T-Rump Dig begins a new chapter with the T-Rump out of office. Henceforth, our podcast will consist of come-what-may musical merriment as the Grand Old Party wagon careens toward some cliff. Any cliff. Do follow to hear the latest. First out of the gate ... Suffering a GOP schism even Moscow Mitch can't fix, Kevin McCarthy makes that palm tree pilgrimage few would dare.


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1460 & 1464

We did it! We survived. This is the final T-Rump Dig podcast as the Joebiden has at long last emerged victorious and assumed power. The last two T-Rump Traxx are: Day 1460 -- "Everyday Feeble" ... The Mikelindell visits the T-Rump with not-so-sage advice ... and Day 1464 -- "Biden Sees" ... The T-Rump and his clan exit stage right from the Oval Dwelling, bringing a new dawn for Dino Nation. ... Dino tail wags to Sly & The Family Stone and the Foo Fighters. (Think Inauguration Day.) Enjoy!...


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1453 & 1457

This week's T-Rump Traxx include: Day 1453 -- "Got Me Under Pressure" ... The Mincepencenow feels the heat as only the T-Rump can bring it. ... and Day 1457 -- "Too Wicked and Impeached Twice" ... The T-Rump takes those few short steps -- in his case -- to wit's end. ... Big dino tail wags to ZZ Top and Eddie Money. Enjoy!


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1446 & 1450

Troubled times in the Trumpassic Period. This week's double-shot features: Day 1446 -- "Hawley Holy Hell" ... It's a special twilight zone that the Joshhawley has stumbled upon. ... and Day 1450 -- "He's Gotta Get Out of the House" ... Dino Nation staggers as Magadinos storm the Kapitol Kavern. Big dino tail wags to Neil Diamond and the Animals.


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1439 & 1443

Ringing in the New Year at the tail end of Trumpassic Period Year Four, this week's T-Rump Twofer features: Day 1439 -- "Fixing a Hole" ... An introspective T-Rump struggles with finding the right expletive. ... and Day 1443 -- "Kentucky Moron" ... Ah, the familiar refrains of the T-Rump dressing down someone close. ... Big dino high-fives to The Beatles and Neil Diamond.


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1432 & 1436

This week's toe-tapping T-Rump Traxx feature: Day 1432 -- "My Putin" ... The T-Rump has The Talk with T-Rump Jr. ... and Day 1436 -- "Free Ride" ... Pardons are the talk of town as the T-Rump's term winds down. Kudos to Boney M (a natural dino band) and Edgar Winter. Enjoy!


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1425 & 1429

This week's T-Rump Twofer features: Day 1425 -- "The Long and Blinding Road" ... a rookie right-winger takes stock in the constant slog that is the march to T-Rump's beat ... and Day 1429 -- "Don't Give Up on Us" ... The T-Rump blasts the Moscowmitch for congratulating dino leader-to-be, the Joebiden. ... Kudos to the Beatles and David Soul for inspiration.


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1418 & 1422

A fresh week of T-Rump Traxx, yet again crossing the line. Featuring: Day 1418 -- "Lonely Ol' Night" ... A dejected Davidperdue reclines in his cave ... and Day 1422 -- "Hey Nineteen" ... 19, count'em, 19 dino attorneys general go rogue! ... Dino tail wags to Mellencamp and Steely Dan for their inspirational melodies. Enjoy!


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1411 & 1415

This week's T-Rump Traxx feature: Day 1411 -- "Fools on the Hill" ... The Ronnamcdaniel flails away at Georgia Orchard dinos ... and Day 1415 -- "Have a Drink on Me" ... The Rudygiuliani unleashes his secret weapon. OMG. ... Dino tail wags to The Beatles and AC/DC. Enjoy!


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1404 & 1408

This week's double T-Rump Traxx include: Day 1404 -- "Me and You and a Dad-Blamed Coup" ... The Lobosaurus takes the pulse of Dino Nation. ... and Day 1408 -- "I Pardon That Commotion" ... The Flynnhasbeen received a full pardon. That can only mean one thing. ... Dino tail wags to Lobo and Smokey and the Miracles. Enjoy!


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1397 & 1401

This week's two T-Rump Traxx include: Day 1397 -- "Fantasy" ... The charade thickens over the T-Rump camp ... and ... Day 1401 -- "Maybe I'm Amazed" ... The Emilymurphy struggles with her decision that has ground Dino Nation to a halt. ... Big dino tail wags to Aldo Nova and Paul McCartney. Enjoy!


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1390 & 1394

This week's double-shot of T-Rump Traxx are: Day 1390 -- "If You Concede Right Now" ... The Tymelania lays down the law ... and Day 1394 -- "Still the One" ... The T-Rump has a hard time accepting reality. Major dino tail wags to Chicago and Orleans. Enjoy!


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1383 & 1387

This week's T-Rump two-fer features: Day 1383 -- "Danger Zone" ... The T-Rump scours the land for last minute support from Dino Nation ... and Day 1387 -- "Bye Bye Crud" ... The Mediacircustops can smell blood a mile away. Dino tail wags to Kenny Loggins and the Everly Brothers.


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1376 & 1380

The two T-Rump Traxx this week are: Day 1376 -- "Georgia On the Line" ... The Joebiden sharpens his focus on the November Battle trail. ... and Day 1380 -- "Slow Tide" ... The Rondesenseless and the Scottatlas are on the same dangerous page with Covid. ... Big dino tail wags to Ray Charles and Foghat.


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1369 & 1373

On tap for this week's twin T-Rump Traxx: Day 1369 -- "Won't Get Fooled Again" ... The Joebiden and the Rogerdaltry give us a quick history lesson ... and Day 1373 -- "Nobody Has Been Tougher" ... The T-Rump rekindles his scathing treatment of the Putinodon. ... Enjoy! Kudos to The Who and Carly Simon.


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1362 & 1366

This week's pair of T-Rump Traxx include: Day 1362 -- "Mar-a-Guano" ... The T-Rump gets a lot done at his Neverglades flogging resort. For himself. ... and Day 1366 -- "Hunterbiden" ... Is it an October surprise or a rehash of bad hash? ... Dino tail wags to the Eagles and Jay Ferguson. Enjoy!


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1355 & 1359

This week's double offering of T-Rump's trials and tribulations include ... Day 1355 -- "Who Will It Be Now?" ... The Oval Dwelling is awash with Coronavirus! ... and Day 1359 -- "Debate Pretender" ... the Dino Vice President hopefuls square off against one another. ... Big dino tail wags to Men At Work and The Platters.


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1348 & 1352

This week's podcast features: Day 1348 -- "Election Rigging" ... It's that time of year when the Grandoldparty dinos pull out all the stops ... and Day 1352 -- "Stand By" ... A slip of the tongue lands the T-Rump in some very hot swamp water. Dino tail wags to the Beatles and Ben E. King for satirical inspiration. Enjoy!


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1341 & 1345

On tap this week, a T-Rump two-fer: Day 1341 -- "We Miss You" ... The shock and awe of a Moscowmitch power trip ... and Day 1345 -- "It's Time to Resign" ... A senior Donkeykongrus has a message for Grandoldparty dinos. ... Dino tail wags to Peter Frampton and Triumph.


The T-Rump Dig ... Days 1334 & 1338

This week's T-Rump Dig rock collection features ... Day 1334 -- "Changes" ... The Tyrumposaurus can relate with the Davidbowie dino ... and Day 1338 -- "Mr. Caputo" ... The Stegastyx dinos are the feature entertainment at the latest T-Rump rally. ... Kudos to David Bowie and Styx for musical inspiration.