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Four Co-workers take on current events, hot topics, special guests, and each other in this high energy, comedic program.

Four Co-workers take on current events, hot topics, special guests, and each other in this high energy, comedic program.
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Four Co-workers take on current events, hot topics, special guests, and each other in this high energy, comedic program.




The Talkaround Show: Discussing Robot Sex While Eating Pizza In A Fictional Universe Of Your Choice? Sure.

At long last - presenting The Talkaround Show's 11th episode! We packed so much into this one... well, we crammed a little in there at least. Enjoy some tasty topics including: - Delicious Leftover Outback Pizza - Is Robot Sex Cheating? - What Fictional Universe Would You Choose To Live In? - Urban Legends. - Multiple guys talking over each other and then laughing at something you didn't hear. - And more! Enjoy!


The Talkaround Show: Irrational Anger, Steamers, Nostalgia, Gassy Spouses, and SO MUCH MORE!

After a long delay we present the next episode of The Talkaround Show to the masses! Episode 10 (or 'X' if you're cool like that) in all of it's glory, featuring some of the loving conversational topics you've come to know and expect from the TTS brain trust... - Do you fart in front of your significant other? - Music and music nostalgia. - Which steamer had the glass table? - And SO MUCH MORE! Please enjoy this fantasmigorical episode which contains 90% less 'gay' than our previous...


The Talkaround Show: The Big Gay Q&A Featuring "That Gay Guy Your Parents Warned You About"

You read it right, folks. It's here! Our 9th episode is our biggest and best so far, featuring special guest Guy to join Kyle in teaching the rest of us a thing or two about being gay. Questions are asked, answers are given, and hilarity ensues! We get all the good dirt, such as: - What makes you gay? - How did you 'come out'? - What's up with the lissspy accent? And SO MUCH more! But it's not all silliness and games - we touch on some serious topics as well, including a charitable...


The Talkaround Show Trailer

A very short trailer / promo / intro / bonus clip... or whatever... for The Talkaround Show! A great way to waste 2 minutes of your life. You're never gonna get this time back, you know. But, what were you doing anyway? Well, you might as well waste it away with us!


The Talkaround Show: Kyle Breaks Up The Show?

No. He doesn't. But regardless, EPISODE 8 IS HERE! Join Kyle, Matthew, Steve, Billy, and Randy as we kill time before Randy has to leave on an airport run with some of the most interesting topics yet. Maybe. Be completely gruntled as we tackle listener feedback, discuss movies you love but everyone else hates, Steve guilt trips everyone else, and so much more. Also... a special tease to the upcoming episode everyone is waiting for!!!


The Talkaround Show: Scams, Scars, Secret Likes, and more.

Episode 7 of The Talkaround Show is here! In this episode, join the guys as they discuss bands they rarely admit to liking, scars with stories behind them, scam phone calls, teasers that make Matthew angry, and SO MUCH MORE!


The Talkaround Show: Needs more soundboard!

Ahoy-hoy! It's Episode 6 of The Talkaround Show! We can't begin to exclaim how excited we are to release this episode unto you, our loyal fan(s)!!! In this episode: - Movies everyone loves but you secretly hate. - Billy repeats himself. - Steve plays with the new soundboard... too much. - The wheel of topics keeps on spinning. - Billy repeats himself. - AND SO MUCH MORE!!! Give it a listen, subscribe, and follow us on Facebook! Also... be sure to visit our website at...


The Talkaround Show: Introducing the Wheel of Topics!

We made it to Episode 5! Hooray for us! Enjoy the wacky antics of Kyle, Matthew, Steve, Billy, and Randy as we tackle the tough topics. Chosen by our new "Wheel of Topics", we take on politics, crazy names, legalized marijuana, and so much more. Bask in the glory that is this show, and rejoice all faithful listeners in the new religion as "Talkaroundians". Don't ask... you have to hear it. What are you waiting for? Download this podcast and enjoy! This is, by far, not your typical...


The Talkaround Show: The "Happy New Year" Episode

Well... would you look at that! We were able to all get together and record one last episode of The Talkaround Show before the new year, which makes this the special NEW YEAR'S EPISODE! Partake in our insanity as we discuss a myriad of topics ranging from New Years resolutions to oven doors. Also, we snuck in a few BRAND NEW commercials / promos for the show. I can't begin to tell you how awesome this episode is... because I'd be lying? Maybe? Well, why don't you tell me instead. Give it a...


The Talkaround Show: The Holiday Episode

Rejoice! Episode 3 of The Talkaround Show is here! Bask in the warm glow of our dulcet tones as Matthew, Kyle, Steve, Billy, and Randy take you on this spectacular holiday journey that is Episode 3. In this episode... Our holiday plans... Politics aren't funny... Billy grows up in Vegas... Meet "my wife Bobo" and NOT Stephen Hawking... and SO MUCH MORE! Check it out and visit us at


The Talkaround Show: What Is Looping?

We're proud to release the second episode of The Talkaround Show! Join Matthew, Kyle, Steve, and Billy as we discuss tons of random topics, such as... - Uncomfortable movie watching moments - Billy's bike and his "looping" experience - Why do people live where natural disasters occur? - Kyle's "Quickfire Topic" experiment - And SO MUCH MORE!!!! Don't forget to subscribe... and visit our website at


The Talkaround Show: The Pilot Episode

Join Matthew, Kyle, Steve, and Billy on their maiden episode of the Talkaround Show. Delight in the stream of consciousness that is theirs as they discuss Social Media in the workplace, Tentacle Erotica, Banana Shoes, and much more.