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The Greatest WWE Money In The Bank Review You'll Ever Listen To!

In this week's episode, Nick (the WWE superfan) Clint (the casual fan/tourist/poser) and Truly (who refuses to watch wrestling unless forced) review all the action from WWE's MONEY IN THE BANK! That's right, we watched a bunch of superior athletes wearing bathing suits beat each up with ladders in order to win luggage! Topics include - Is Braun Strowman handsome enough for Regis? When a wolf lady isn't wolf lady enough? The greatest kick in the balls ever! And OMG FINN BALOR IS A SEXY...


6 Movies That Should Not Have Prequels

And we're back!!!! Yes, thank to all you Tittens and your #GetWellBitches, Clint isn't dead anymore and we're back together making podcast gold! *guitar solo* Technically... Clint's out of town and we had to record him remotely, but we're kinda back!!! And this week we're pitching 6 movie prequels that Hollywood should never make no matter how desperate they get! Do you want a drug-fueled romp around the world about Doc Brown making weapons for terrorists? Or how about an Oliver...


Chris Jericho Meets KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park with Special Guest Chris Jericho

The night before he flies to Japan to wrestle Naito at New Japan Dominion 2018, Chris Jericho stops by the TTA Hole to watch 1978's KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park! That's right one we're watching one of the greatest/worst movies ever made featuring KISS playing cosmically powered musicians named KISS. During the movie, we discuss Jericho's glorious topknot ponytail, Mundy stalking Paul Stanley at various grocery stores, Jericho's costume for Dominion, and the last movie Vince McMahon...


6 TV/Movie Characters That Belong In Jail with Mark Ellis - WE'RE SICK!!!

We're sick, Tittens. We've been sick all week. So sick that we couldn't muster the strength to record. However, for some reason one of our favorite episodes wasn't on the feed so this gives us the perfect oppurtunity to post it. It features the hilarious Mark Ellis joining us in a ribald discussion about which one of our favorite movie and television characters actually belong in the slammer. We sounded so young and healthy... I miss those days... Check out our Patreon!...


Hot Takes On The Titten's Hot Takes - The Hot Take Episode

Here's a hot take for you: this episode is a hot take! What started off as one episode became a completely different episode all because of you, The Tittens. That's right! When you guys started replying to Truly's poorly worded prompt you sent us some of the hottest hot takes of all hot takes. For example, some of you really hate Stargate, some of you really love BASEketball, some of you may not like your significant others and one of you needs to lay off the movie Sully. Like...


Heal All Nerds! - Solo, Deadpool, Martha Wayne - Greatest Debates of all Time part V

It's back and kicking down doors to force some healing down your throat. I'm talking about The Greatest Debates Of All Time- V! Here's a quick taste for your yumbuds- Who will Disney recast as Han Solo- The Miz or a human baby? What's the best language to swear in- Chewbaccish or IAmGrootlish? What movie is John McCain most likely to grumble about but not actually leave? Who's the funniest Martha mom- Batman or Superman? Is Nightcrawler really the best choice to helm an 80's sex...


Super Mario Finally Gets a Backstory!

This week the guys talk about all your favorite characters that you literally know nothing about. Like Rufus from Bill and Ted's... what's that guys deal? Where did Mario earn the nickname 'Super?' How many fights did he throw before he got kicked out of Atlantic City? And who cares where Waldo is, those books should be called Who's Waldo?! Also, how many Kool-Aid Men were made in the lab originally and how did all but one of them die? Check out our Patreon!...


Create-An-Action Movie Villain w/ Josh Macuga

Josh Macuga joins us at the TTA hole to create some devious, dastardly and devilishly handsome action movie villains. So listen up as Mr. Davi Botances, Butchtrick Valorentine, Javeon Universal, and Hark "Gator" Delaneaux as they hatch their fiendish plots to take over the world or some shit! Also, Mundy got hit by a car again. This is not a repeat. Check out our Patreon! There are free audio samples to enjoy and the 3 dollar level gets loads more bonus...


Forget Thanos! It's the Avengers VS. Erotica

No Spoilers here but it's all been building to this and we don't mean Thanos. The Avengers will take on all comers because we're taking these fighting men and punching ladies to the Erotica corner. They'll face off against suggestions from you the listening public. It's an episode so gigantic we even brought in a special guest writer Katy Stoll! Partners of the erotic variety include 'Curious George's' Man in the Big Yellow Hat, Jon Arbuckle, and Ms. Frizzle from 'The Magic School Bus' as...


A Computer Bot Took Over Our Podcast

Tittens, welcome to the future. A future where a sophisticated AI of our own design took every one of our previous episode titles and descriptions and spit out new episodes for us to discuss and debate. So if you ever wanted us to do an episode on "Looking Back At The Hands of Mathew Broderick" or "Is Who's The Boss Ripe For A Wookie Growling Contest?" and even "Tom Hanks Raps That He Could Destroy A Mythical Beast Such As Santa Claus" this is your episode. Also, Mundy apparently is...


The ONLY WrestleMania Review You Need!

All the hottest takes and coldest slams and luke warmest responses to haircuts! Nick (the WWE superfan) Clint (the casual fan/tourist/poser) and Truly (who refuses to watch wrestling unless forced) review all the action from WrestleMania weekend. Topics include... how much wrestling is too much wrestling, why shorter is not better, vis a vis ramps, Triple H's next gimmick "Strong Dad" and why Clint thinks bad guys are mean! Check out our Patreon! There is...


The Greatest Debates! w Lon Harris feat. DC, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings

It's back! The show that threatens to reunite nerds by solving the biggest debates threatening to tear brother from brother from sister. With Lon Harris joining us we dive into the hot spots of fan rage, brushing aside our feelings to put these agonizing questions about DC, Star Wars, Alien, Rambo and Lord of the Rings to rest. Questions like: What does Batman take to a potluck? And is stew a rich person food? Is Rambo the best choice to hunt a Chupacabra? Who's the best narrator to...


Create-a-Superhero w/ Danielle Radford

Ditch your zeroes and get with our made-up heroes! Danielle Radford stops by The Team Tiger Awesome Show to Create a brand new superhero from scratch! Yep, a brand new one and not one that she created in a Mead Notebook when she was 11. We cover all the hot trends in masked vigilantism, like how sensible are their costume tops and whether or not their parents died in a toilet factory. Additional discussion topics - - The Grand Canyon is dry! - Boats full of Chardonnay! - Muddy shoes...


The Greatest Movie/TV Vehicle Of All Time Tournament!

It's #TournamentTime BAY-BAY!!! That's right! And this week we're pitting the greatest, most bad ass vehicles in movie and television history to find out which one reigns supreme. Can one of the Batmobiles outrace K.I.T.T.? What would you rather drive Ecto-1 or The Mystery Machine? Is Greased Lightning the obvious winner because of sex? And most importantly, who has the best John Travolta impression? Find out all this in more as we crown the greatest vehicle of all of the time! Find all...


How to Fix Coachella // Shopping at the Weed Store

Yeah let's get our MUTHAFUNKIN JAM on! Big Crowds. Rockin Tunes! Glow Sticks!!! Music Festivals are great but couldn't they be just a little bit better? We attempt to tackle all the things festivals could do to send them into FEWER port-o-potties?!? How's that going to pan out? Also Nick shares how he's the awkward old man at the weed store. Can he convince us Obama would be just as awkward? Also we uncover a blistering secret revealing every episode of 'Queer Eye' is...


Realistic Sequels to Your Favorite Movies / Wet Undies: the American Dream

What if your all time favorite movies got the realistic sequels they were just begging for? Like a taut legal thriller in the world of Jurassic Park? John Mclane being treated for PTSD? Roger Rabbit 's march on Washington and the fallout of Love, Actually. Well that's what we're serving up this episode along with another 'Tales from the Trail' as Truly describes the horrifying thing he saw waving at him while driving his car this week- a singular pair of wet tighty whiteys. So white and...


Ranking Madness Ultimate Top 5s

We've got the ranking madness! Everything must be in a Top 5 list or we'll perish. If you wanted to know what was the best in everything its all right here some useful like: The top 5 ways to get over your fear of clowns Top 5 child stars to stalk, infiltrate and take advantage of and the Top 5 songs to rock out to in the undies all this and even more. All of that plus a whole lot of Mortal Kombat talk and a deeeep discussion on how to use the three seashells from Demolition Man for...


Create-an-Oscar Bait Movie w/ Dave Schilling

Writer and podcaster Dave Schilling (@dave_schilling) returns to create another movie, and this time we’re kissing Oscar’s shiny butt! Sit back and enjoy four of the most shameless award season glory seeking films you’ll ever hear about on a podcast. Daniel Day-Lewis plays all the parts! Anthony Hopkins is a gorilla! Ancient Chinese violins! Human balls on screen in a fight a for gender equality! I don’t know what ‘it’ is, but this episode has GOT IT! Also, Nick’s not here, and on an...


Solving the Nerdiest Debates Once and For All!

Nerds have been divided for too long! So once more TTA must wade into the breach to solve the ultimate debates. Then and only then can the healing finally begin. Star Wars Vs. Star Trek: which universe is better for a sudden poo? Who's going to make too big a deal out of seeing 'Get Out' Kylo Ren or Jonny from Karate Kid? Which transformer would you call on if you were about to lose your sobriety? All these age old debates and more will be decided this week as well as: Clint's kid's...


The New Winter Olympics Will Be Classy

We're talking brunch, y'all. This week Team Tiger Awesome aim to spice up the old tired formats of the Winter Olympiad, while still maintaining some dignity. How much food should be involved in our new Olympics? And to what meal should that food belong? Brunch probably? Listen as Destin, FL transplant Timmy Pierson tries his hand at 3 all new, all death-defying Olympic events. Also, thanks to Westwood One's crack analytics team, we discovered some of you are listening to our show on Zunes...