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Don't come for my wife! This week DJ Envy of The Breakfast Club flexed his muscles about the snide comment that came from Desus and Mero. The T3 Team obviously had to weigh in on it. We also covered cultural appropriation and why Bruno Mars ain't on that. The Delegation as spoken! But there are definitely some people on that train and it's time we got to the bottom of it. Tune in!


I Got 5 On It - The RECAP

This week, our listeners have failed us. The #JoeBuddenPodcast won best #podcast at the BET Social Awards, and we are NONE too pleased! But that doesn't mean a riveting discussion didn't ensue, we still love us for real. The Team covers the Martin reboot, the awesomeness that is Black Panther (no spoilers...yet), and apparently that Mother Theresa's name wasn't dope enough to begin with. This episode is also a follow up to our 5 Year Anniversary of The Tequila Tales live show! Check out...



Season TWO kicks off with The Team giving us a rundown of what we missed during the break, and oh, what a spirited discussion it was! We give our thoughts on JT's Super Bowl Halftime performance, why Monique is NOT the poster child for black women's income disparity, and we dig into whether or not Aziz Ansari is lowkey on some creep shit. I love us FOR REAL. Tune In! Soundtrack Music by Sizwe the DJ


Wake Me Up When December Ends

In this #FBF episode taped prior to Christmas, The Team takes on popular topics of the season. For some, the holidays weren't all romance, glamour and glitz. It can be a reminder of your "singleness" and what that can mean for you. BUT now that the holidays are behind us, it's a great time for reflection and starting anew! So indulge while we cover some of the topics that ended 2017 such as Keaton Jones and his racist parents, the nail-biting Alabama Senate race and everything in between!...


Can You Hear Me Now?

I'm not racist! If you're the white guy in the Joyner Lucas video though....dude, you might be. The Team tackles the very popular viral video, the Flynn Russia probe (is it even still happening?), Mariah Carey's new gig, and Russell Simmons' becoming the Harvey Weinstein of hip hop. We also talk about connecting in relationships. Are we connecting at all or we going through the motions to have companionship? So many caveats, so little time! As a bonus, Isaac, Britt, and Omar share their...



This week the Team COMPLETELY disagrees on whether or not Justin Timberlake is an ally of the black delegation and if Liangelo Ball deserves a much harsher punishment than being suspended from basketball games. We also discuss why Al Franken and Roy Moore's crimes are not one in the same. Have you heard of the "new" dating trend called "Stashing"? Well, we have, and we break down all the ins and outs of it. Tune in!!!


Fake Love

In this week's riveting discussion, The Team determines if Blake Shelton is, in fact, the "sexiest man alive", if Meek Mill is worth fighting for fr fr, and if Get Out is getting fake Golden Globe outrage. In addition to all of that, we take on 'Fake Love'. If you fall out of love with someone, was it love at all? Can we honestly understand the difference between love and infatuation? Are the likes on social media legitimate love or a simple acknowledgment? Join the conversation!...


Represent, Gotta Represent

This week The Team determines if it's time to make amends with Chrisette Michele, if Meek Mill is being held back by "the man", and if Will and Jada are going to snatch Tyrese's edges back to unemployment. We also cover the pros and cons of showing your "representative" when you start seeing someone and whether or not it's best to be transparent from jump. Indulge! Soundtrack Music by Sizwe the DJ


Fight Club

Strippers striking, inmates running the prisons, Ellen DeGeneres a misogynist??? Oh my! The Team didn’t officially get into the Halloween spirit this year but the topics they unpacked were definitely cringeworthy. In addition to what’s been in the news, we also covered fighting in relationships. How much is too much? Do you know any couples who never fight? Also, let us break down they best way to throw these metaphorical hands and still be successful in your love life. Enjoy! Soundtrack...


Go Best Friend

No one expected to talk about landing strips as much as we did, but alas, it happened anyway. This week the Team tackles how relationship insecurities can interfere with friendships and whether or not men get more satisfaction from their closes friendships with other men. As a special treat, our very own Omar dropped a new #BlackFact on us. We also discuss Colin Kapernick's lawsuit with the NFL, Gabrielle Union's new book "We're Gonna Need More Wine", Kevin Hart capitalizing on his...


Things Fall Apart

As it turns out two time zones weren’t enough to stop the team from weighing in on some of the top headlines. It may sound a little scattered, but hey, there’s been a LOT going on. Indulge. Soundtrack Music by Sizwe the DJ



When Brittney's away, the boys will play. This week the team took advantage of being a little shorthanded by giving the male perspective on a host of topics including sex workers, female comedians, men sharing emotions, and of course CHEATING. #Trollmar also gives HIS dating advice to the listener who wrote in a few weeks ago. (This was recorded prior to our time off, so bare with us on some outdated aspects) Soundtrack Music by Sizwe the DJ


Slow Your Role

After a summer hiatus full of vacations, weddings, and sunshine, the Team is back to talk about when it's time to Slow Your "Role"! What constitutes doing too much or is there such thing? Is asking for phone passwords or moving in together too much for non-married couples? The Team also takes on Usher's accuser, North Korea, Kylie Jenner's billion-dollar "genius" enterprise, and Rihanna's new thickness. Stay tuned for the blooper reel at the end! (This was recorded prior to our time off,...


Code Switch

Is Colin Kaepernick actually being blackballed or are team owners legitimately avoiding the distraction? Could the show 'Confederate' low-key be off the chain and Black Twitter is overreacting? The Team addresses the latest news stories while digging into Code Switching, the use of one accent or dialect over another in certain scenarios. Could it be considered being fake or living a double life? Have you ever been one person with your crew and someone else completely with your partner? Dig...


Beautiful Nightmare

Is this new guy a sweet dream or beautiful nightmare? The T3 Team tackles the difficulties of finding someone who has everything you're looking for but with one MAJOR faux pas! Or is someone ever too much of a good thing and you eventually lose taste for them? You be the judge. We also peel back the very real layers of R. Kelly's discretions, Usher and STD disclosures, and why America has an intense obsession with OJ Simpson. Indulge. Soundtrack Music by Sizwe the DJ


We All Lose When The Family Feuds

After a short holiday break, the T3 Team is back with a riveting installment where they take on Jesse Williams' black card status, Rob and Blac Chyna's social media revenge and restraining orders, and the beauty that is the 4:44 album. Additionally, we talk about the role family and friends' opinions play in how a relationship progresses and where to draw the line when your significant other gives a bit more money to their family members than you'd like. Enjoy! Soundtrack Music by Sizwe...


Keeping Score

#NickiMinaj didn't win Best Hip Hop Female Artist at the #BETAwards but does that diminish all of her other accomplishments? Should she still be able to shout them from the mountain top for the world to hear? The T3 Team takes on #KeepingScore in relationships. If you think of your relationship as a bank, how are the deposits and withdrawals being measured from each person? As an added bonus, we look at some of the songs that are very questionable but incredibly entertaining! Join us for...


Double Standards

This week the crew tackles the numerous double standards between women and men in relationships. LeBron James, The NBA Championship, and GSW’s place among the great teams in NBA history. We take on extravagant prom celebrations, whether they are a new cultural norm and of course, Bill Maher’s usage of the “N Word”. As a hilarious treat, Omar shares his experience purchasing panties for his daughter! Tune in!



Should a person discard all keepsakes from past relationships? What if it was a Hermes bag? Or a dishwasher? Listen to the crew battle over this and much more as we unpack some of the comments from the last live show. Tell Your Daddy… WE BACK! Soundtrack Music by Sizwe the DJ


Hell Hath NO Fury

Lowkey, long overall shorts in the 90s were the original male rompers and no one wants to call it out! The Team takes on Monique getting "whiteballed", Steve Harvey's staff memo heard around the world, and whether or not wearing knock-off purses and belts are trendy, or if it, in fact, makes you fake AF. Join us! Soundtrack Music by Sizwe the DJ


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