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Episode 16: Gloriously Shitty

We’ve all heard of the Titanic, and how it sounk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. This happened in the early 1900’s so it’s no surprise that there is plenty of foder for conspiracies around it. I bet you thought it ran into a glacier? That’s just what the lizard people want you to believe! In all reality it was commandeered by the Martians who believed it to be a submarine! I don’t think anyone actually believes that. It’s made up. That’s what I’m told to write. In all reality we talk...


Episode 15: The Devastating Earthquake of 1906

Sarah Winchester, married to William Winchester yes, the William Winchester that was well known for his firearms, is fairly well known for her, well amazingly constructed home. There are hallways that lead to nowhere, stair cases that take one to the ceiling and no further, and even sky lights on floors without access to the sky. It truly is a spectacular house by design. But why did she build it? What led her to have this house constructed in so a matter? Well, the truth is somewhere, and...


Episode 14: What Year Is It?

The year is 2018… or so we think. In this episode, Kori and Megan explore the possiblitiy that the year has been change and one ruler decided that he wanted to rewrite history and add an additional 297 years to the calendar. Like, subscribe and all that jazz. social media: @ttispodcast email: Music by:...


Episode 13: Witches, Am I Right?

Sorry, you’ll get show notes in a few days.


Episode 12: The Man, the Myth, the Legend

We are finally discussing the bandit legend know as D. B. Cooper. Known for his crazy daring plane hijack in which he made off with thousands of dollars and didn’t lay a finger on a single person. After commanding the pilot to fly him in a particular destination, he bailed out of the plane never to be seen again. Where did he go? What happened to the money? We may have a few of those answers. Oh, and little-known fact is that D.B. Cooper probably wasn’t even his real name. Want to know...


Episode 11: Maybe Just Avoid Snowy Mountains

The American Dyatlov Pass!!!! Sort of. In 1978 a man name Joe Shones was stranded on the snowy Yuba County mountain pass. Sadly, while Shones was trying to free himself from a snow mound he had found himself stuck, he had had a heart attack, and had to huddle himself in his vehicle. While waiting in his car he saw two sets of headlights and later a set off people with a baby walking past him. He yelled for them, and no one stopped to help him. Shones survived and managed to make it to the...


Episode 10: You Only Live Once

Today we dive into the possibility of reincarnation. Regularly people claim that they have lived a past life and that they can remember or relate to a time far more than they can relate to their current life. Some people even believe that children can more easily find their lost past life memories. As we investigate the evidence provided by Jeffery Keene, who believes he was a civil war general, we discuss whether we believe his tales or not. Like, subscribe and all that jazz. social...


Episode 9: Dare To Believe

In this episode Megan and Kori discuss the strange and tragic disappearance of the settlers of Roanoke, an island off the coast of what is now North Carolina. This mystery first took place in 1587, after a Governor John White had to leave back for England to gather supplies. Due to and unexpected war he was unable to travel back to the island for another 3 years. When he arrived, he found that the entire island was swarming with Zombies and that… wait that’s not right. Hmm…. Oh yes, when...


Episode 8: No Bones About It

AFTER MORE THAN THIRTY YEARS IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO INVESTIGATE The tale of the Sodder family is a tragic one. This family had to not only endure the pain of watching their home burn down after narrowly escaping it, but also only 4 of the 9 children made it out of the house alive. At least that was how it first appeared. This story might really get you to think that there were secrets to cover up, as nothing seemed to work, in George’s(the father of the Sodder family) favor on that cold...


Episode 7: Whoop There it is

Big foot is out there, and Megan has proof! Legends all across the world talk of a large ape like man that roams in the darkest shadows and the lesser trekked trails. After a brief description of the many different kind of hairy man apes that possibly prowl the world, and the countries they reside in, we talk about the most famous video of them all, and what makes it so infamous. But it’s not just the video that has the believers of the sasquatch convinced that they indeed exist, but also...


Episode 6: In Soviet Russia, Mountains Hike You

In this episode of The Truth is Somewhere, we talk about 9 Russian hikers with really bad luck. It’s not in the least bit clear why these 9 hikers all turned up dead; however, what is clear is that the Russian government has sealed the files involved with this incident and are not declassifying them. Were these hikers taken out by the KGB, aliens, Alcohol, or gravitational fluxs? Or maybe it was something else entirely! Like, subscribe and all that jazz. social media:...


Episode 5: DIAblo’s in the Details

One of the world’s largest airports, The Denver International Airport is home to many conspiracy theories. Not only was there more than twice the 2-billion-dollar budget spent on the construction of the airport, it is filled with many strange construction secrets and eerie pieces of art placed throughout its halls. Is it a Neo -Nazi strong hold? Probably…not. Though it may appear so, because of how it was constructed and decorated. It may also be a Freemason/Illuminati gathering base of...


Episode 4: 404: Plane Not Found

In this episode, Megan and Kori discussed the Malaysia airlines MH 370 flight. There is a possibility that the flight could have been highjacked, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, and others, state that the plane could be remotely controlled by Boeing, the creator of the 777 aircraft. The Prime Minister also stated that there may have been important cargo or personnel on the plane, and that the plane may have been kidnapped more than once. Additionally, there may have been a miscount of the...


Episode 3: Doppelgangers Go and Make Things So Complicated

In this episode two people that sound exactly like Megan and Kori discuss doppelgangers in the music industry. Music by:


Episode 2: Consider Not Bringing Your Umbrella

We discuss the interesting findings surrounding the JFK conspiracy in this episode. Music by:


Episode 1: Flat Earth! Not a Joke!

In this episode we discuss the flat earth conspiracy. Music by: