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Batch188: Russian River Mind Circus & Resident Culture/Other Half Sleeping on the Blacktop Triple IPA

Cheers and "hazy" beer, everyone! Deb joins us to fill in for Dan. Our beer of the week comes from Northern California, it's Mind Circus "Hazy IPA" from the one and only Russian River Brewing Company. Thanks to our friend Fontana Jim for getting this to us. Greg talks about all the beer research he did over the weekend (Enegren, Institution, Casa Agria & Seaward Brewing) as well as meeting up with listener Fontana Jim. Deb talks about her trip to Ladyface Alehouse for the tapping of Pliny...


Batch187: Weldwerks Brewing From Mosaic, With Love & Enegren Brewing's Dunkel

Prost! In this week of love, we're reviewing two beers that we love. Our beer of the week comes to us from one of Colorado's hottest breweries, Weldwerks Brewing. From Mosaic, With Love is a hazy pale ale brewed with all Mosaic hops and is an easy-drinking, crowd-pleaser. Greg talks about his essential beer research and a new beer from 14 Cannons as well as his trip to the Los Angeles Kings game and Kobe Bryant memorial outside of Staples Center. Scott talks about the lady that is scamming...


Batch186: Toppling Goliath Twisted Galaxy DIPA & Greg's Not So Dry Dream Hazy IPA

Cheers and hoppy beers, everyone! We're kicking things off with a double from one of our favorite breweries coming out of Iowa (or anywhere for that matter); we're drinking Toppling Goliath's Twisted Galaxy, a double IPA brewed with lots of galaxy hops! We bring down the tone and get a little serious as we all share our feelings and our experience processing the deaths of those that we lost in the tragic helicopter crash, one of our all-time favorites, Kobe Bryant. In Sports News: Greg is...


Batch185: Firestone Walker FlyJack IPA & Evil Twin 120 Days Dry Aged Stout

Cheers, beers, and football! We're getting ready for the kickoff of Super Bowl LIV with two great beers that will help you drink through the big game. First up is Firestone Walker's newest offering, FlyJack IPA. FlyJack is a very sessional 4% with lots of IPA flavor that'll allow you to drink all game long without losing your inhibitions. Greg gives an update on his Home Depot situation, Dan discusses quitting twitter, and Scott finally admits that he works at Home Depot and has resigned...


Batch184: Sierra Nevada Hoppy Anniversary & Campanology Tiramisu Stout

Cheers and hoppy anniversary! Our Beer of the Week comes to us from Sierra Nevada, it's their Hoppy Anniversary Ale, a limited edition release in honor of 40 years of making hoppy beers. Greg talks about his time getting hydrated at Dave & Buster's, going to the Laker game, and he compares notes with Scott about being sick over the last couple of weeks. Dan throws some shade on the people that didn't show up to his conference championship football party, he even made spaghetti. Fontana Jim...


Batch183: Arrogant Consortia Enter Night Pilsner & Modern Time/Societe At Long Last

Are you ready to rock?! It's a day of collaborations! Our beer of the week comes to us from the Arrogant Consortia, a spin-off from Stone Brewing. Enter Night, a partnership between the Arrogant Consortia and Metallica, shows off all 45 IBUs and comes in very refreshing. Greg talks about his brewery field trips, gives an update on his home depot situation, and talks about the amazing W00tstout vertical he was able to be a part of. Dan reviews the second installment of Zombieland: Double...


Batch182: Fall Brewing You Better You Bet & Weldwerks Brewing Nuttybar Stout

Cheers and hoppy new year! We're starting things off with a beer for a cause from a local San Diego brewery that's making waves in North Park: You Better You Bet hazy pale ale from Fall Brewing. Not only is Fall making great beer, but they're helping to bring awareness to Teen Cancer America. Greg talks about his trip to Paso Robles that included booze and horse riding as well as his journey to Firestone Walker and his tour through the barrel room. In Sports News: the Patriots have been...


Batch181: Stone Enjoy By 01.01.20 & Out of Bounds Powdered Toast Man

Hoppy New Year, everyone! We're ringing in the new year with a fresh one from Stone Brewing; Enjoy By 01.01.20. It's 9.4% of celebration in a glass! Shannon joins the show the break up the sausage fest in place of an absent Dan. Greg talks about his first trip to a weed store and laments with Shannon about the leaky house while Scott talks about getting scammed while job searching. Ally joins us to review Stone's Enjoy By just in time for the New Year! Our Bullpen Beer comes to us from...


Batch180: Firestone Walker & Topa Topa Hazy Pale Ale and Wild Barrel Brewing Santa’s On The Juice

Cheers and holiday beers, everyone! In honor of sharing with family, we're kicking off our Christmas (eve) episode with a collaboration from Firestone Walker and Topa Topa Brewing: Hazy Pale Ale. Shannon joins the show in place of Dan and talks about how great holiday traffic is while Greg talks about a Friendsmas party with friends and brewing a new beer. We also discuss shipping packages for the holidays. In Sports Talk: the Seahawks are friends with Marshawn Lynch again, the Ravens are...


Batch179: Stone Brewing's Xocoveza & Broujwerij West's Dig My Earth Hazy Double IPA

Cheers and holiday beers, everyone! We're kicking things off with a double IPA that everyone can dig, Dig My Earth is a hazy double from Broujwerij West that is big, bold, and full of dank! Greg talks about awful company holiday parties, and who does the parties right. Dan talks about the expensive beer he bought to share and accidentally drank all of. stops in to give us a review of a beer she got from her Costco advent calendar and, spoiler alert, it's not great. We...


Batch178: Modern Times Mega Space Ways & Hoof Hearted Brewing Everybody Wants Some

Cheers and big beers, everyone! We're kicking things off with a yoked-out version of one of our favorite summer beers: Mega Space Ways from Modern Times. It's a hazy double IPA that is packed with ridiculous amounts of hops. Greg talks about his suicide mission to the mall on Black Friday while Scott has some issues with his water supply. In Sports News: Steven Strassburg signs a huge deal, Madison Bumgarner wants nine figures, the Cavs are shopping Kevin Love, the Patriots are in trouble...


Batch177: Jagged Mountain Brewery's Alyssa Thorpe

Cheers and craft beers, everyone! We are incredibly excited to be joined by Alyssa Thorpe, head brewer at Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery, and known to many in the craft beer community as Southern Beer Girl on Instagram. Alyssa talks to us about her history as a beer drinker, how she first got into home brewing, leaving her previous career to go to school and learn to brew, her first jobs in the beer industry, recipe creation, and much more. We also discuss her status as an "influencer" on...


Batch176: Sierra Nevada Celebration & Stone Fear.Movie.Lions

Cheers and hoppy beers! We're getting into the holiday season with Sierra Nevada's Celebration Fresh Hop IPA. It's a beer that we look forward to every holiday season. Greg has a grievance about drinking dirty beer at Lazy Dog and laments about home improvement. Dan shares a news story about a Home Depot bomb threat, and Scott talks about the crazy guy that crashed outside his house. In Sports News: the Bengals need a QB, Redskins QB get's lost, the XFL won't let the Lions poach players,...


Batch175: Firestone Walker Grenadier & Hubbard's Cave Coffee & Cakes

If there's something we love, it's trying something new! We've got a fresh one from Firestone Walker; it's their new Grenadier Pale Ale, that comes Lion's Share multi-pack. This one isn't unanimously loved by this band of merry drinkers. We also have new hosts as beer expert Deb and Greg's wife Shannon fill in for Scott and Dan once again. Greg talks about the pain and torture that is painting the house (but Deb enjoys it) while Shannon discusses her issues getting to work. Mike, aka...


Batch174: 8Bit Brewing True Brewmance & Oakshire Brewing Espresso Stout

Cheers and beers, throwback lovers! We're changing things up on this batch, as beer expert Deb and Greg's wife Shannon join the show to fill in for Scott and Dan and crack wise. Our Beer of the Week is True Brewmance from 8Bit Brewing (thanks to, a well balanced West Coast IPA. Greg talks about the opportunity to interview Scott Ungermann from Anchor Brewing while Deb discusses what it's like working behind the bar for a brewery. In Sports News: The Warriors are hush-hush...


Batch173: Anchor Brewing's Scott Ungermann

Cheers and holiday beers, tap heads! We are honored to be joined by Scott Ungermann, brewmaster (and extremely cool guy) at Anchor Brewing in San Francisco, CA. I think by now, everyone in the craft world has heard of, and probably had their hands on, Anchor Steam or our favorite, Anchor's Christmas Ale. We talk to Scott about his history as a beer drinker and beer maker, cutting his teeth with Budweiser, producing such vast quantities of beer, transitioning into his role at Anchor Brewing,...


Batch172: El Segundo Brewing Broken Skull IPA & Epic Brewing Big Bad Baptist

Cheers and happy birthday (it's Scott's birthday). Our beer of the week is Broken Skull IPA from El Segundo Brewing Company, a badass IPA from Stone Cold Steve Austin. Greg talks about his big football winnings while Scott is hanging out with big-time baseball players. Ally stops by for a new beer review of Slushy from 450 North Brewing. In Sports News: Two women were banned from MLB parks for flashing, the Jets and Giants make history, the Browns keep losing, the Rockets miss Chris Paul,...


Batch171: Stone Enjoy By 10.31.19 & Lost Coast Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout

Happy Oktober-Ween, tap heads! We're kicking things off with Stone Brewing's Enjoy By 10.31.19, another addition to the fresh hop series from Stone that is packing in over 10 varietals of hops. Dan gives an update to his car woes, while Scott gets scammed out of $40 while trying to get his passport. Greg gives a review of "Fighting with my Family." Our Bullpen Beer is Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout from Lost Coast Brewing. Will this be a fantastic dessert beer? Or too many things...


Batch170: Bell's Two Hearted Ale & Firestone Walker Cashmere XPA

Gone fishing? We've gone drinking! Our Beer of the Week is the number one rated beer in America; Two Hearted Ale from Bell's Brewery. Greg recaps his trip to Oktoberfest as well as his time being Ron Swanson in person. The guys also talk about all of the fires burning down California (again). In Sports News: the Dodgers have an early exit from the postseason, the NBA can't handle China, Cam Newton trade rumors are surfacing, the 49ers remain undefeated, and the Chargers screw up...


Batch169: New Image Brewing's Paul & Untitled Art's Fudgesicle

Cheers and happy Oktober, tap heads! We're kicking things off with Paul, a New England Pale Ale from New Image Brewing. Greg talks about his new bundle of joy and shares a couple more wedding stories while Scott talks about one of his smelly Uber riders. Our Canadian friend Mike joins with his review of Killer Cupcake Panda from Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery. Our Bullpen Beer is a collaboration from Untitled Art and Yazoo Brewing Company; it's their Fudgesicle Imperial Stout brewed with...