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we're gonna make you laugh, entertain you and you might even learn a thing or two. Join Bill, Mick, Junior & Chrissy each week as they discuss news & current events, share personal experiences, make fun of everything & everyone, including themselves and even mix in some trivia and knowledge. Take a break from the stress and come laugh with us.

we're gonna make you laugh, entertain you and you might even learn a thing or two. Join Bill, Mick, Junior & Chrissy each week as they discuss news & current events, share personal experiences, make fun of everything & everyone, including themselves and even mix in some trivia and knowledge. Take a break from the stress and come laugh with us.


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we're gonna make you laugh, entertain you and you might even learn a thing or two. Join Bill, Mick, Junior & Chrissy each week as they discuss news & current events, share personal experiences, make fun of everything & everyone, including themselves and even mix in some trivia and knowledge. Take a break from the stress and come laugh with us.




Hola cuarenta - the unsupervised podcast

JR is turning 40 & we shower him with love and gifts this week as only we can. plus we are joined by special guest, Aaron, making people puke, things to look forward to you as you age, stuck in the mud, she knows how to raise a chicken, which body part would taste best, don't sleep outside, dingle ball, a well deserved shitass of the week and so much more. in the news, cursed, spicy donuts, homeless Jesus, peeing on a plane, homemade flame thrower and more. so take a break from the...


The Dealer - the unsupervised podcast

you've heard of car dealers, drug dealers and art dealers but have you heard about dong dealers? well, this week you will. plus true/not so true vibrator facts, odd game of would you rather, bee attack, murder at the wedding, weekends don't count, the wap, ghost fighters pilot episode, what TV family would you want to be part of, i don't want new friends and so much more in the news, watch out for the hairy venomous puss, most searched costumes, up the skirt, fancy dollar store, dangerous...


Japanese Beetle Trap - the unsupervised podcast

someone says Japanese beetle traps are real and someone says its a kinky move... this of course leads us down a road where we discover a term that leaves us with more questions than answers. plus three dudes in a van, self partnered, is it ok to get your honey where you make your money? hands free sneezing, only invited for manual labor, arcade game, you're a suck ass, the Tokyo Sand Blaster, grumpy Chrissy, do you guys live together, special wrong science & so much more in the news, Edy's...


from cage fighting to law school - the unsupervised podcast

this week we are joined in studio by defense attorney Michael Camadeco. we learn a lot about him, play some trivia for the unsupervised championship belt & he answers some questions for us, even some of the weird ones Mick comes up with. plus, could you beat up the 20 yr old version of yourself, public shame for Bill, no podcast vacations, mutual combat, crap your pants for $3000, rapid fire questions, Mick has a lot of run ins with the cops, nerf gun war, condom resale, milk fight,...


cut off - the unsupervised podcast

time to take a break from the stress and laugh with us. on this week exciting episode... she'll cut you off, having fun in class, a huge party for Bill, wrong science, spooky season, who's kid is at my door, Saint Bill, Guess Mick's Meat, mini golf, thank you India, behind the bus and more in the news, playing in the toy store, dog or smartphone, cap TEN America, snake mask, a new dinosaur, trolling Carole and more.


separated from the pack - the unsupervised podcast

take a break from the stress & laugh with us we kick off the show on a good note with the launch of our website (you should check it out) but as usually things go sideways, get a little odd & maybe offensive. everlasting candy, where do tigers live, JR feels segregated, how straight is Bill, what's your Corona comfort level, lunch and a show, just throw some sawdust on it, sexy delivery, Flossie the dancer, mini horse tastes like candy and so much more.


take two - the unsupervised podcast

once again we are reminded of the importance of making sure that you hit record when recording a podcast plus, treating Mick to a spa day, odd world records, serious ass control, pick the side dish, left out of game night, broke back Billy, welcome India, cream pie to the face and so much more. in the news, you want egg roll? drug debt, keys to the candy factory, full body scan, dancing with that bitch and more. so take a break from the stress and laugh with us.


binge watching - the unsupervised podcast

apparently we have a lot of TV shows to discuss this week. Bill & Ted Face the music, The Boys, Cobra Kai, Kevin Smith stuff & more. plus we play a secret game with Mick but wait, there's more. what really happened over the weekend, who the hell is Katie, is that a lizard, how straight is Mick, lets talk about space, take a shart, blender sounds, move our of the way, eat a D and so much more. in the news, after class porn, an awesome flight game, drone delivery, who is name these...


the reason why - the unsupervised podcast

this weeks we find out reasons for so many things, why did Bill get destroyed by Chrissy, why is there a meteor heading to earth, why are there rumors about Mick, why should space force get ready... honestly there's a lot so take a break from the stress and laugh with us. plus, whats the greatest soundtrack of all time, Craigslist deals, Asian meatloaf guy, Wii tennis recap, how to deal with hurricanes, sneaking out of the house, ear worms, JR is aggressive, sexy feet pics for sale and so...


it's a game changer - the unsupervised podcast

someone on the show finally got a bidet and its a real game changer. plus, the results of our Tinder experiment are in, the trash talk heats up for the Wii Tennis Championship, a skit so wrong HR intervenes, do you have any ice pops, hanging out with Chrissy, its ok to hate and so much more in the news, hot or not, rollercoaster at sea, a new cookie, no naked bike ride, Jordan sneakers, peperoni shortage and more.


the Tinder experiment - the unsupervised podcast

this week we experiment with Tinder and create profiles for Chrissy & Bill. we come up with odd but honest bios for them. How different will their experiences be? how many creeps are out there? Will Bill get a single match? plus, Chrissy's 2 year anniversary, you don't need your mouth to blow out candles, the ultimate skank quiz, what TV show would you bring back, damn the rich, understanding unemployment, someone should invent a recording machine, odd troll sounds, cock on the run,...


drop the double standard - the unsupervised podcast

there's a double standard when it comes to how the world thinks ladies should behave & this week we expose it... ok, its more like we question what makes a skank because someone witnessed what can only be described as the start of a devils threesome on the side of the road. plus, things to help you fall asleep, a new rap song, potato or dead body, no forks at lunch, where's my wallet, are you a couple, the best thing about hurricane season, what keeps you up at night, tennis time, don't...


disposable thumbs - the unsupervised podcast

take a break from all of the stress and come laugh with us the one and only Mick returns this week and we teach him a little about baboons and we finally play a game to see what we really know about Chrissy. plus, the great wipe debate comes to an end, what color is Tuesday, a day in the life of the crew, kitchen fire, wine drunk, its hard to say no, zoom party experiment recap, matchbox car racing, if they only had thumbs, china seed, yoga with your kitty, sleeping with your eyes...


skirt - the unsupervised podcast

when Chrissy mentions that she started playing tennis again it causes someone to ask a very important and somewhat creeper like question plus, Mick may have drove his mower into a canal, what's the deal with idiots in movies, embarrassing moments in the restaurant (thanks Hendrix for the question), is it ok to poop naked (thanks Aaron for that one), tree trim mix up, did JR order from wayfair, guess the google search results, doin' mushrooms with Jesus, dog or human name & so much...


wipe it, wipe it good - the unsupervised podcast

A discussion about one of Bills favorite comedians, Robert Kelly, leads to an intense debate & a personal attack on Bill. (1:10:00) plus Missed Connection or misdirection (44:00) odd things you did as a child (59:38) sleep attack (1:06:30) Mick hates hot water (25:00) this weeks news (6:00) its hell season, Chrissy has a drink, fighting the bitches off, the cutie at Lowes, interrupted by celery, she seems angry today & so much more. in the news, the CAREN act, poor Rango, flying meth,...


the mask experiment - the unsupervised podcast

this week we put masks to the test when someone gets so heated about the mask debate they drop the C bomb. plus, interrupted by cookies, what's in milk, what's the best pizza, who knows JR the best, favorite ice cream, a new influencer, always party when JR is out of town, dicks dill pickles, the don't do butt & so much more in the news, snake highway, joggers find the coolest stuff, damn lightneing, Beavis & Butthead return, caroles cameo, flying snakes and more. take a break from the...


you go girl - the unsupervised podcast

Chrissy has an issue with someone on the show & gets some backup from an unlikely ally plus does JR have Corona? wrong science, Lucas & Cookie, closed business, vegans don't eat that, firework safety tips, Chrissy's log, that's a tight ass, how high is her number, Micks disturbing facts of the week, hot neighbor update, angry for no reason & so much more in the news, vanishing star, kid in a cage, smells like space, flying high, yacht crimes, is that a well and more. oh and the...


half century club - the unsupervised podcast

Help celebrate the 50th birthday of the one & only Mick. we learn a lot with a game of who knows Mick best, listener voicemails get a little uncomfortable, there's a balloon, a rap song, a donkey, a special shaped soap, cookies? and the Coronavirus may have infiltrated the show... plus, why you shouldn't be a vegan, not so fun facts, runaway balloon, what smells better, taco brown is born, gator fight advice, paid to stand in line, oops that's not gin, a message from HR and so much...


melatonin & candy - the unsupervised podcast

introducing Dylan, half a century old, the golden voice, banning the positive, no more hand stuff, mud run, she'll do anything for BBQ, hidden nuts, what would you rather clean, tips for liars, corona is till here so don't be stupid, looking for a new pen pal, who knows Bill the best and so much more. in the news, no Slurpee, sponge bob gay pants, bit in the face, why is it pink, farting with full intent, white claw pizza and more. take a break and laugh with us.


back to the butter - the unsupervised podcast

take a break from the stress and laugh with us this week we discover we all have questions about butter and Bill reveals the one thing that will motivate you to eat better and lose weight. plus, is the neighbor seducing me? a pop quiz on cars, popular song lyrics read over porn music, a new post lockdown summer anthem, inspirational quotes Mick loves, 2 day old pants, a dash of courage and a YouTube video and more. in the news, corona free sex tips, tom and jerry did what? hiking and...