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21 - Elliott Got Catfished

Thank you to MeUndies for sponsoring this podcast! Get 20% off your first order at! If you're struggling with suicidal thoughts, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. WARNING: This is not your average episode of The Valleycast. It's got everything. The gang gets into a heated discussion, then resolves it with an acknowledgment that they all love one another. Joe shows us pictures of a strange and wonderful animal. And we discuss losing...


20 - Joe Might Have Ruined Our Business

We discuss our favorite things about camping, the Muppet Museum, and how Joe's cord-cutting potentially sent us into financial ruin. Go Joe!


Stand-up Comedy vs. Improv Comedy

Thanks to Vincero for sponsoring this episode. Get 15% off with promo code: VALLEYCAST at Thanks to MeUndies for sponsoring this episode. Get 20% off your first pair at Hey, thanks for listening to The Valleycast! Get those ears-holes ready for some conversations on comedy, exploding transistors that frighten entire neighborhoods, and a Japanese company's odd service where actors are hired to replace family members.


18 - Jealousy and Bro Codes

Thanks to Hims for sponsoring this episode. Start your trial month for $5 at It's just the guys today and your Triumvirate of Man pontificate upon if they are jealous people, Taylor Swift's affections, Bro Codes, and the worst natural disasters they've ever experienced. As always, a huge thanks to our Patrons who help make this happen, and as a result, get the podcast first! And don't forget to check out the video version on our YouTube channel.


17 - Our Favorite Movie Easter Eggs

Thanks to Honey for sponsoring this episode. Get Honey for free at In this episode, we discuss some random encounters with strangers, the love we have for our mothers, and our favorite easter eggs in movies. As always, our VIP patrons get the podcast first, so thank you, guys! And don't forget to check out the video version on our YouTube channel. Also, brush your teeth.


16 - Love & Lucid Dreaming

Thanks to MeUndies for sponsoring this episode. Get 20% off your first pair at This week, the gang discusses their live show in Phoenix, their new office, how difficult love is, and whether lucid dreaming is actually a gateway to demonic torture. Basically, it's your typical episode of the Valleycast. As always, thank you to our patrons, and sign up at for exclusive content, live streams, and early access to our sweet content!...


15 - Taking Last Names, & Eating Beer-Filled Chocolate

In this episode, the gang covers a wide spectrum, from taking your spouse's last name, to trying out Joe's terrible new beer-filled chocolate candies. We even discuss some of our musical anxieties and being a part of the first Coachellas. As always, patrons get our podcast FIRST, as well as the exlusive, full-length video version. Check out to learn more and help support the madness!


14 - God Of War, Cialis, & Elliott Has Learned His Lesson

Thanks to MeUndies for sponsoring this episode. Get 20% off your first pair at In this episode, Elliott "apologizes" for his behavior on the previous episode, while Steve nerds out over God of War. Joe talks about the most beautiful places in the world, which may or may not involve Lee's van, which she's renovating with the help of YouTube University. Thanks to all our patrons, and be sure to support at if you'd like early access to this...


13 - Lee Is A Year Older, & Joe Makes Everybody Sad

This week, the gang discusses Steve's trip to the Ren Faire, Lee discusses the process of aging, Elliott has reservations about Infinity War, and Joe brings up a subject that destroys everyone on the inside.


12 - A Wild Logan Paul Appears In Lee's Hometown, & Joe's Big Leap

Joe takes a big leap into the valley, and we discuss the wild world of the Paul brothers after Logan is kicked out of Lee's hometown of Yosemite. As always, thank you to our patrons, who get this podcast hours after it's recorded, as well as the full video version, and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel at as we begin to officially launch!


11 - Steve's Empty Fridge, & PIneapple Pizza (ft. Malcolm Barrett)

Lee and Joe couldn't make it to this week's podcast, so Steve and Elliott sat down with Malcolm Barrett (NBC's Timeless) to discuss why Steve should stock his fridge. As always, thank you to our patrons, who get early access to this podcast, as well as exclusive content (like our office-hunting vlog coming up next!). Stay tuned!


10 - Why Comedies Aren't Funny, New Disney Stuff, & More On Burundi

Steve dishes on the latest insider gossip in the land of the Disney. Lee also says something about Disney. Joe has some even sadder facts about our world. Elliott is all, like, "Blerp blerp, what's up with comedies?" As always, support The Valleyfolk at and get early access to this podcast, as well as the full video version! And don't forget to rate us on iTunes. We desperately need the validation.


09 - The Infamous Episode Nine

Oh, man! It's finally here. This is CLASSIC episode nine type stuff! In this episode, there are burps, farts, and an insane amount of loopiness. We recorded this podcast after we did our live stream (which you can always tune in for at As always, if you'd like to get this podcast earlier, or the full video version, check out


08 - The Bachelor, Joe's Secret Rap Career, & WTF With Kingdom Hearts

The gang discusses The Bachelor, which is a beautifully entertaining pile of trash. Joe raps. Steve attempts to explain the mindscrew that is Kingdom Hearts. All on this brand new episode of The Valleycast! As always, our patrons get our podcast, and the full video version, well before the public, so feel free to throw us a coffee a month at, so we can keep making the fun stuff. Thanks for listening, everyone!


07 - Getting Bullied, Almost Getting Fired, & The Future of Gaming

Bullying, tweets that almost got us fired at SourceFed, and the future of gaming! It's all on the table in this week's episode of The Valleycast, brought to you by your friends at The Valleyfolk. If you'd like early access to this podcast and access to our FULL video versions, consider throwing us a coffee a month at


06 - Lee Survived Iceland, Loose Parrots, And Our Favorite Disneyland Rides

The gang discusses Lee's Iceland trip, while Elliott gets self-conscious in the shadow of Steve's love of Disneyland. Joe goes on a murderous rampage and kills all the other Valleyfolk members, declaring himself King Of The Podcast. One of these things didn't happen. As always, to support the Valleyfolk, check out! Patrons get our podcast WAY earlier (along with a *cough* video version). If you enjoy the podcast, please tell my mom about it. Seriously. I've asked...


03 - The Cloverfield Paradox, and None of Us Make Fun of Sports

In this episode, the folks sit down and discuss Netflix's sudden announcement of the Cloverfield Paradox, Elliott chats about buying marijuana legally, and Joe has some passionate beliefs about how totes cool sports are! To support the podcast, check out to become a patron and get the podcast first, as well as all sorts of other exclusive content. As always, thanks for listening!