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A podcast that is just three grown adults talking about all of the Pokemon movies. Even though this show is exclusively about kids' movies, this show is not for kids.

A podcast that is just three grown adults talking about all of the Pokemon movies. Even though this show is exclusively about kids' movies, this show is not for kids.
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A podcast that is just three grown adults talking about all of the Pokemon movies. Even though this show is exclusively about kids' movies, this show is not for kids.




18.5 - Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade

Three grown adults sit around and eat candy bars and watch cartoons. Specifically, the short cartoon feature Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade, featuring the Pokemon. This episode is not brought to you by the Hair Cuttery. Email or call us about your favorite haircut experience and/or to say a nice farewell to Ashleigh! 607-323-7168 or


17 - Kyurem and the Swords of Justice

Three grown adults finally take time out of their dumb stupid lives to talk about the important things: The movie Kyurem and the Swords of Justice, while two of them are in the woods surrounded by animals. Topics include: The 3 sounds you'll hear in the woods. My Little Dartagnon. The Sort-Of Justice. Our telepathic voices. Penocentricism. Scraggy has nothing going on. How do water Pokemon store water? Many train facts. We actually will be back next week! Call us! 607-323-7168


16 - Black/White: Victini and Reshiram/Zekrom

Three grown adults talk about TWO POKEMON MOVIES -- Pokemon Black: Victini and Reshiram and Pokemon White: Victini and Zekrom and, essentially, it takes them the first two minutes of the podcast to essentially figure out which one is called which. Essentially. Topics include: Infinity War spoilers again. Our lives are boring. Did Jeffrey Dahmer eat regular food? We hate Cilan. Macarons or Macaroons? Ashleigh is angry about Clingclangs. Half-Dragon/Half-Spaceship. Analogous. Anagulous....


15 - Zoroark: Master of Illusions

Three grown adults talk about the direct-to-dvd Pokemon movie Zoroark: Master of Illusions and so obviously there's a 10 minute section that's only about people switching genitals. Topics include: Mickey ZO'Rourke. Tobey Maguire's Batman. A The Who song, but about Pokemon. Maybe these Team Rocket guys aren't so smart after all. Flamonkey VS Infernape. The heirarchy of Grandma names. Why don't more movies end with every character dying? Pat's suspicious the movie has Tea Party leanings....


14 - Arceus and the Jewel of Life

Three grown adults, stricken with Valentines love, chat dreamily about the epic animated romance Arceus and the Jewel of Life which took them three weeks to watch. Topics include: Dialga is the Kramer of Pokemon. Brock takes one to the dick. Palkia casting. Rock, Paper, Scissors, GOD! Time and Space are 2 Robot Dogs. Pats new Catchphrase! The worst rankings segment ever. Call us: 607-323-7168 Email us:


13 - Giratina and the Sky Warrior

Three grown adults get very sleepy as they talk for almost 3 hours (their time; about 2 hours your time) about a Pokemon movie called Giratina and the Sky Warrior that one of them watched in Japanese. Topics include: Sports! Old man Pikachu. Pat's Sonic tumblr. EVERYTHING IS A POKEMON! Pokemon Ash has yelled at. Keep light out of our water. Is Piplup the new Psyduck? No, it's not. NEWTON INFINITE GRACELAND. The Return of TRAIN FACTS! Super villain graphic design. Reggie Gigas and his Army...


12 - The RIse of Darkrai

Three grown adults talk about the very good animated Pokemon film The Rise of Darkrai and say "Lickilicki" a lot then run out of time. Topics include: God is a Pokemon. Muppets again. Is Professor Oak hot? Finally, a podcast talks about the ending of Lost! A joke about Mitt Romney for some reason. "I go to musical leaf college" A very convoluted way to get in touch with us. My friend Thony. Oracion is not a Pokemon. Ash vs Stairs again. Baron Gaston the Lickilicki. Ass has a rash ion. Call...


11 - Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon

Three grown adults watch a 45 minute Pokemon movie and talk about it for 2 full hours and then some. But first Matt explains an esoteric Pokemon mechanic for way too long, and his audio is fucked up... hang in there and it all gets better I promise! Topics include: PicaChew, a rad theme song, a Major Event!, Don't Call me Kidnapper, Ash yells at a light, Mirage Master Makes a Mewtwo, senile Sherlock Holmes, Tracey: the Ultimate Insult. Email us!


10 - Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

Three grown adults spend like 16 hours of their Christmas prep time watching an animated art film entitled "Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea" which is, I think, some sort of meditation on how boring it is to look at fish. Pat's chair breaks. Topics include: Ash's puberty. The Marvel Method of writing movies. Jack Reacher, Pokemon Walker. The Marvel Method of movie titles. Brock tones it down. BOB DOLE. A traveling band of Trader Joe's managers. A shark poop joke. Little kid...


ANNOUNCEMENT - The Merry Worst

Starting some time tomorrow (or today, depending on upload speeds) you can check out our SPECIAL GIFT PODCAST: The Merry Worst! A podcast that is only about the Pokemon Christmas album Pokemon Christmas Bash from Koch Records. Merry Christmas!


09 - Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

Three grown adults gather, very tired, to watch the anime-ass anime film Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, and discuss it for two whole hours. Topics Include: Teaching Ashleigh about New York. Pokemon ancient aliens. Reverse Rita Repulsa. "AGAIN?" Three robots named "Reggie." A guy who dies a lot. Our man Banks. Email us!


08 - Destiny Deoxys

Three grown adults use their time to watch an animated feature called "Destiny Deoxys" which is about a bunch of magical Pocket-sized Monsters called "Pikachus", and after 90 minutes they decide that it was, in fact, a movie. Topics include: 360 Walrein. Max the Ally. If you're a kid, you have to tell us. Park Fondue. Ash the foreverten. The incomprehensible moving sidewalk. The mating habits of Mr. Mimes. "Fire the Lasers!" EMAIL US!


07.5 - Gotta Dance!

Three grown adults party down and shake their things (?) with the animated dancing movie "Gotta Dance!", featuring Pikachu and all his good pocket monster pals. Also, Pat vows to build a robot. No sense in sitting this one out, yo. Email us about pizza at


00 - Detective Pikachu Trailer BONUS EPISODE

Three grown adults have some issues in their lives and are unable to record a full episode, but they DID take a moment to watch the trailer for the upcoming blockbuster sensation Pokemon: Detective Pikachu! And then they talk about it. Pat is on the phone. Matt talks about eating Pokemon... again. Ashleigh gets very mad. And we all wish you a happy American Thanksgiving! Email us! and tell a friend to listen to us!


07 - Pokémon: Jirachi—Wish Maker

Three grown adults sit down and watch the Pokemon-themed movie film Jirachi -- Wishmaker and then talk about it and Ash's sexuality for just a few seconds too long and what Pokemon people want to have sex with for MANY seconds too long. Topics Include: Brock, from the Wonder Years. Sriracha. Mysterious muscle mullet man. Chocolate Corn Dogs. Mediocre Magic. Jumanji. Ashleigh swipes right on a rock; regrets it. Team Rocket waste their skill sets. CAPYTATA! We're watching this wrong. Pat...


06.5 - Camp Pikachu

Three grown adults --one recently back from London a married man-- intentionally sit down and watch the animated short "Camp Pikachu" with the intention of talking about it with each other. Instead, they mostly talk about trains. GO VOTE and then email us at and tell us some stuff about trains or just why you love us so much.


06 - Pokemon Heroes: Latios & Latias

Three grown adults decide to have a Halloween Spooktacular over the animated movie film Pokemon Heroes: Latios & Latias and they are very sleepy, but in a spooky way. Topics include: THIS ROSE DOESN'T BELONG HERE. Old woman make Brock sick. The worst Macguffin. Pikachu labor sounds. Stained glass make Brock horny. All Italians are Mario in the eyes of Nintendo. Iron bars make Brock overestimate his strength. The greatest Ash punch of all. Spooky Halloween Magic. A girl marries a rock....


05.5 - Pikachu's PikaBoo

Three grown adults hide under the covers and watch the SPOOOOOKIEST Pokemon movie of them all: Pikachu's PikaBoo. And they're sorely disappointed and sheepishly crawl out of the covers and vow to never speak about it again -- after a 40 minute podcast recording, of course. Email us all your thoughts and hopes and dreams at and remember to tweet at the best Psyduck candidate in the universe.


05 - Pokemon 4Ever

Three grown adults talk about the sci-fi spectacular film Pokemon 4Ever: Celebi's Nasty Nest and if you're a kid or a cop, you have to tell us. Topics Include: The most intriguing character in the entire franchise. A podcast about gloves. Could you hit any animal with a ball? Celebi is an emo kid. True love. A double feature! A mind-blowing time travel theory. Email us!


04 - Mewtwo Returns

Three grown adults discuss the made-for-TV movie "Mewtwo Returns" which is a movie about the Pokemon and about half the length of this podcast. Topics include: Fantasy Football VS Bachelor in Paradise. A very good football foreman. Brock is PanPanSexual. Weird Whirlwind. EAAHHHH EAAAHHH. PikaTwo's Revenge. Ash takes too much LSD. Chekhov's Bugs. A magical goodnight. Brock's nipple-less shirt. So so much talk about Chekhov. The text box keeps telling me "Mewtwo" is misspelled. Email...