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Four friends with different backgrounds and perspectives search for the weird, the funny, and the unexamined in major news stories and current events.

Four friends with different backgrounds and perspectives search for the weird, the funny, and the unexamined in major news stories and current events.
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Four friends with different backgrounds and perspectives search for the weird, the funny, and the unexamined in major news stories and current events.






Episode 63: “Smoking, Sinking, and Burning!”

Once again, the Whiparound brings the oddest oddities to your ears! This week, Shaun is joined by Dave and Jill for some fresh, off-kilter antics. First, Shaun’s brought in a story about a clever Chinese entrepreneur offering a convenient space to vent one’s rage on innocent inanimate objects, then Jill takes center stage to lead us all through the laziest of near-fatal shootings in Iowa, whereupon Dave…goes to Reddit. To talk about…mirror sales? Have no fear; it’s weird. It’s REALLY...


Episode 62: “If the Mochi is a’Rockin…”

Your friendly neighborhood weird news podcast is back again, and this time, Phil and Shaun up the ante and nearly choke on their own hilarity: Phil ventures to Japan to explore just how…and why…and whaaa? is going on with the annual New Year’s Eve deaths attributed to mochi! And Shaun explains one of the oddest prop bets in recent memory; find out what happened when two Australian gamblers tested the limits of the human brain to endure extended bouts of total darkness and utter...


Episode 61: “We Are FULL of Criminals Today!”

The Whiparound plunges into 2019 and wastes no time getting right to some of the crookedest, craziest, criminally-minded weird news we’ve seen in quite some time: Phil finds that crystal meth and delusions of grandeur aren’t a winning combination when trying to rob a beer store, and Shaun unpacks the strange story of an amateur (and rather crappy) scientist and biohacker who injected himself with religiously-inspired DNA! And it goes…about as well as you’d expect in BOTH pieces! And, as a...


Episode 60: Snaketivity’s Greetings from The Whiparound!

O holy sh*t! The news has been spellbinding! It is that time, for the best podcast on Earth! Long tall Jill is back—isn’t that exciting? With Christmas views she brings forth giggling mirth Shaun’s seen some “cooks” in Texas who went a’slaying Jill’s robot “D’oh!”s span from Russia into space Phil’s lost a heart! “O no!” Is what I’m saying! O right a game, Truth or BS up in your face! O my, oh me oh me, It’s the Whip…a…ROUND! MERRY FREAKING CHRISTMAS, CITIZENS! LINKS: Satanic...


Episode 59: “Probing” the News with Osiris Wrecks

Original hosts ASSEMBLE! Dave, Phil, and Shaun are all together on this one, and what a wild, dirty, dirty weird-news ride it is: Mr. DiOrio kicks things off this week with a downright hard-to-believe item about mistaken PET identities in China. You won’t believe (or understand, if you’re anything like us) just what animals are being mistaken for puppies these days. Next up, Shaun has a pair of oddities featuring teachers gone WILD, and NOT in the looking-to-score-some-beads sorta way. Phil...


Episode 58: Bathroom Betty Heads to the Prison Inside Me! With guest host Kate Hayes

Episode Notes Kate Hayes is back for another guest spot and she rocks the house yet again! This week, Kate and Shaun cover the very dirtiest of “bomb” threats at a premier, uh, Chicken Shack and a South Korean establishment promising the very finest in voluntary relaxation, isolation, and incarceration! YEP! BUT FIRST! It’s cold, it’s bleak, it’s Shaun’s turn this week! We’ve got a brand spookin’ new Shaun’s Cabinet of the Macabre for ya, and this one’s focused on another Creepaversary ™:...


Whiparound Xmas Special: Podadelphia Revists THE SNOWBALLS AT SANTA INCIDENT

We’ve got a special treat for all the ballers, pitchers, catchers, and athletic supporters out there! After a brief word from Shaun, The Whiparound proudly presents a sample episode of our sister podcast, Podadelphia! This time around, Chuck, Dave, and Gene discuss the infamous 1968 “Snowballs at Santa” incident at Franklin Field during which a raucous Philadelphia Eagles crowd booed and threw chilly projectiles at a certain jolly old elf(‘s understudy). Plenty more sports bits and pieces...


Episode 57: The Ballad of Jank Johnson

Episode Notes This week, Shaun is joined by Kate Hayes of Bethlehem Burners for a fast-paced bout of some of the weirdest news of today AND yester…month! Have AI made the next step of their inevitable domination in becoming…annoying CEO types? Shaun thinks Lexus may have helped that happen with their newest ad campaign. And Kate’s got the happiest hoarder story you’ve ever heard: find out how one couple turned trash into fortune by, well, EVENTUALLY cleaning up! BUT FIRST! Kate debuts a...


Episode 56: More Like NO Thanks! A Whiparound Thanksgiving Quasi-Special

Episode Notes Got a hankerin’ for some yummy, oven-roasted podcast-goodness just like Ma used to make? Oh…you’d rather have some weird-looking hanks of the oddest stories around instead? Well, wash those hands and pull up a chair! Feast your ears on the Whiparound’s heaping platters of WHUUUUH? on this super-special THANKSGIVING-ish episode! Shaun and Dave are pilgrims in a bizarre land this week, with news to share about exploding wedding dresses and hologram spouses AND A NEW GAME we like...


Episode 55: The One Where Jill Turns into Satan

Episode Notes Strange things are afoot on the show this week: how WONDERFUL! Jill, Dave, and Shaun are here with another 1-2-3 punch of bizarro news: Jill’s got a piece about the consequences facing the modern slug-eater, Dave, uh, REVISITS an old news item about faux cat parties (and reawakens some old, embarrassing email faux pas), and Shaun’s got the latest headlines in urinal-based advertising! AND WE’VE GOT A NEW BRAND OF TRUTH OR BULLSH!T! BUT FIRST! Jill kicks off Act 1 with a...


Episode 54: Don’t Stick Your Tongue on that Iron Curtain!

Phil and Shaun team up to take down…or at least survive this week’s strangest news with all their pieces intact and unspoiled! Check out Shaun’s bewildering item about an urban legend that came true in the worst possible way as Man’s Best Friend succumbed to dark temptations…and don’t miss the Good Doctor’s coverage of what appears to be an Antarctic CRIME SPREE (which may or may not be entirely fueled by vodka madness)! THEN, a surprise guest joins the boys to test their mental mettle with...


Episode 53: “Shut Up Tommy; You’re My Pants!” With Special Guest Simka Griffin

Episode Notes Welcome! Oh, and BOO! It’s the Whiparound’s Halloween Special, and this year we’ve got more than just weird Halloween-themed news: we’ve got GHOST STORIES! Join Dave and Shaun as they sit (metaphorically) by the (imaginary) camp fire and listen to returning guest Simka Griffin tell them of her very own experiences with the (possibly?) paranormal! Come for the bizarre current events, stay for the eerie twists and turns of Simka’s Tales of the BEYOND! BUT FIRST! Shaun has a...


Episode 52: For It’s a Jolly-Weird Podcast!

Episode Notes Happy birthday, Whiparound! Yep, we’re turning ONE, so check our diaper, wipe up that spit-up and let us gum you some amazingly weird news! Shaun is ready to spin a tale of the darkest sugar cookies this side of the morgue, Phil explains how milk is the new burning edge of ignorance, and Jill tells the story of a very special kind of guy who brawls at a Medieval Times and is only getting started: watch out sharks, a nude idiot is coming your way! And we find out just how much...


Episode 51: Ride the Cinder!

Behold, Episode 51: the stepchild of our podcasting family: it’s not a milestone like 50, and it’s not an anniversary like 52, but it’s amazing in its own way and we love it JUST as much as the others. Even if it does look at us with such…malice. Brrr. Did you feel that? Did it just get cold in here? Anyway! Phil and Shaun are here to unveil the week’s weirdest, most eyebrow-raising news: Dr. La Porta starts things off with a bang, or should we say, a STAB: it seems the world’s laziest...


Episode 50: We Make 50 Look... Weird!

It’s the Whiparound’s Quinquagenarian episode: she’s 50, ya’ll! For our fiftieth episode, Shaun, Dave, and Phil each bring their specialty segments to bear, offering up some Science, some Sports Rage, and a macabre bit of Americana! That’s right: it’s a SEGMENTAROUND! Strap in and ride the wave of specialty weirdness! Is wisdom your thing? Phil’s got a story about Sans Forgetica, the next big thing in hard-to-read fonts! More of a sports fan? Step right up and behold What Made Dave Angry...


Episode 49: The Ecstasy of Moose

Episode Notes It is an instant classic as Shaun, Dave, and Phil all bring their A game to the Z-lists of oddball news! Shaun offers up the very latest in haute couture scatological self-expression with the story of a Maine woman making art exclusively with moose poop! Dave is ready with one of the nation’s newest lottery winners who owes it all to…a fortune cookie. Huh. And, not to be outdone, Dr. La Porta blows everyone’s collective minds NOT ONLY with a peek behind the scenes of a...


Episode 48: Everything is Awful Now or, The Spider News Special! with Special Guest Simka Griffin!

Episode Notes It’s a barn-burner of an episode as Jill and Shaun are joined by friend of the show Simka Griffin for a jam-packed show: we’ve got updates from Dave and Shaun’s charity gaming “work” with’s Pain in the Ass-a-thon over the weekend, a shout-out to a dedicated fan, SURVEY NEWS, and not one but TWO major stories about horrible, horrible spiders and their horrible, horrible behavior to cover! First we’re off to Greece, where a spider death orgy has led to thick webs...


Episode 47: Truth, Bullsh!t, and the Ig Nobel Way!

Episode Notes We’ve got another tag team effort for you, Citizens! Phil and Shaun are here, each armed with a bizarre tale ripped from the hidden spaces behind the headlines—are brutal, ridiculously obvious whodunnits your thing? Shaun’s got you covered with a story about a bumbling murder! Mad science more your speed? Phil’s ready to unveil some incredible (and rather bewildering) highlights from this year’s Ig Nobel Prizes! Two times the tantalizing trips! You’re WELCOME! BUT FIRST! We...


Episode 46: "It's a Show and Tell Episode!"

Episode Notes Ah, planning. Not only is it not a ton of fun, but it can ALSO backfire! Join Shaun, Dave, and Phil, as they rapidly recover from a “weird” story gone MAINSTREAM by grabbing some recent bizarre news buried amidst the usual scandals and awfulness to bring you the Whiparound’s very first by-the-skin-of-their-teeth, mostly-improved Show and Tell Episode! Dave’s got deadly underground tunnels on his mind, Shaun’s packing a tale of pole dancing gone terribly wrong, and Phil brings...


Episode 45: Feel the Sting!

Episode Notes And just like that, summer is fading away…oh but WAIT! Shaun’s here with a barrage of bizarro, stinging, creepy-crawly bug news from the hottest season of the year! Scorpions climbing into people’s mouths, celebrities befriending hostile wasps, and VERY well-endowed pests of the Amazon are just some of the wonders Dave will have to endure for your listening pleasure. Maybe grab your Epi-pen, because things soon turn to ANOTHER round of Truth or Bullsh-t: featuring exhaustive...