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Y2E13: Mister Rando Must Die Part 6

Mister Rando's murder is super inconvenient and Toph joins me in the Study to find a Clue or maybe two to maybe figure out who did this crime. It turns out the study is weird AF and Toph has been trapped in there for, possibly, far too long. Is it the lack of furniture or the mysterious kiddie pool that makes it odd. Toph recalls his minimum wage origins with Mister Rando. The two pitch pitches inspired by Knife, Peacock, and The Alamo. Toph pitches a tourist-y sort of tribute to some dead...


Y2E12: Mister Rando Must Die Part 5

Mister Rando's murderer is laughing at me right now. Staring at me as I make such slow progress to finding him. In the meantime, I join Drew from Headline Heroes to look for a Clue in the Conservatory. We talk abnormally about zucchini and koalas and Life Savers. Drew recounts the lonely days when he met Mister Rando and then he reveals his specially selected random elements of Candlestick, Scarlet, and Faster Than Light Travel. These pitches are the weirdest yet. I'm going to chalk it up to...


Y2E11: Mister Rando Must Die Part 4

Mister Rando's murderer is still out there and Derek doesn't feel like he's any closer to finding this elusive maniac. In the Library is Keith and Derek catches up with him to find a Clue about the killer of this Mister Rando Body. Keith recalls how Mr Rando has gone Hollywood and left his friends behind. The finger gets pointed at a usual suspect and Keith talks about an ad that he found sitting in the library. Derek takes this opportunity to talk about a new super hero and there's way more...


Y2E10: Mister Rando Must Die Part 3

Mister Rando's murderer is an elusive sucker, but Derek is hopefully hot on his trail. Within the Billiard Room is Harland and Derek catches up to him to hear his thoughts on who could have killed the robot, pool, and how the Chicago Bulls are forever better than the Knicks. Harland then reveals his random elements of Wrench, Green, and The Bronx. Harland grew up in the Bronx which explains why he likes the Knicks and the Giants. He also recounts the time he played some basketball with Mr...


Y2E9: Mister Rando Must Die Part 2

This week Derek is hot on the trail of Mr Rando's murderer. Derek catches up with Jamie in the hall of the Rando Estate. Jamie reveals his selected random elements of White, Revolover, and Tanuki. Jamie loves Super Mario so the Tanuki makes sense. Jamie, as par for the course, goes a bit dark with his pitch. Derek whips something up on the spot and records a commercial for a lunchtime solution. Jamie recalls how he met Mr Rando in COD:BLOPS and Derek is amazed that his robot cohost was such...


Y2E8: Mister Rando Must Die Part 1

This week Derek is joined by Harland, Jaysin, Keith, Jamie, Drew, and Toph at Mr and Mrs Rando's palatial estate in upstate NY. The Randos have invited everyone together for a special meal and Derek has a surprise up his sleeve. This is part 1 of the biggest Wild Pitch event yet: The all night, Wild Pitch pitch jam! The Greek food is cooking and the spirits are high. This is the start of a 6 part series of episodes all recorded in one sitting with 6 pitchers, 1 host, and 2 robots. What...


Y2E7: Backdoor Comedy Podcast Pilot

Corey Branson's Big Break Podcast Pilot Inspirational guru and entrepreneur extraordinaire Corey Branson brings the pilot episode of his new podcast Corey Branson's Big Break to the Wild Pitch feed. In this inaugural podcast, Corey Branson gives the listener some inspiration and insight into what makes a success. He breaks down his I-M-P system and gives a practical example of it in action. Corey then welcomes fitness guru Herbert Mortimer Thethard. The two old friends answer questions...


Special Episode: Pop Up Film Cast - Captain Hooktail

Hey everyone. This is a special episode. I am part of another podcast called The Pop Up Film Cast and I'm doing some of that sweet, sweet cross promotion. Normally in our episodes at Pop Up Film Cast we are coming up with fictitious film festivals and talking about the movies in them. In this particular episode we fabricated a fictitious film and it was friggin' fun! Listen in as Keith, Drew from the Headline Heroes, and myself come up with an entire film on the fly and try to do it with a...


Y2E6: Gravedigger, Sperm Whale, and FOMO

This Week on The Wild Pitch Podcast: We are hugging plumbers (or at least trying to) and pitching pitches. Long time friends of the show Harland and Keith join Derek in the Mobile Pitch Pitch in the middle of Americana. This is possibly the best collection of pitches the show has seen to date. It took a little longer to edit due to sickness, but alas... here it is! Find out which of us is a plumber, whose mom has a dirty, dirty secret, and who can't handle a spoon. The pitches are lively and...


Y2E5: Boredom, Swimming Pool, and Alexander the Great

This Week on The Wild Pitch Podcast: Barbershop Quartets are still all the rage and we're celebrating them! Derek is joined by old friend, Jamie, and new friend, Sean, and the guys talk hair cuts, era specific medicine, genetic modifications, and have some crazy and wonderful pitches. Sean pitches an interesting life Jamie pitches an intersting theme park Derek pitches an interesting summer activity This episode of the Wild Pitch is brought to you by Film Freaks and The Cretins...


Y2E4: Babe Ruth, Happiness, and Piggy Banks

This Week on The Wild Pitch Podcast: It's time to celebrate Manatees! Keith and Jaysin join Derek in sunny Minnesota to pitch some amazing pitches and try to catch a glimpse of the lake dwelling bovine of the sea. We talk about spirit animals and lots of manatee facts. One of us makes an unforgivable Simpsons snafu (hint: He still feels like a dolt). The pitches are particularly goofy this week and Keith must've had caffeine at breakfast! Jaysin pitches an exciting investment...


Y2E3: Alleyway, Natural Selection, and an Oatmeal Cookie

This Week on The Wild Pitch Podcast: We're on the road and celebrating National Learn About Butterflies Day. Drew from the Headline Heroes and Bill from Escape This Podcast join Derek in the great North American Southwest to learn about butterflies and pitch some really out there pitches. Find out which one of us prefers bad music to bad movies. Cookies vs Biscuits. Find out how weird American culture is to everyone else in the world :/ This episode is a ton of fun. Bill pitches a gritty TV...


Y2E2: Weightlifting, Supermarket, and Sticky Notes

This Week on The Wild Pitch Podcast: We're on the road and celebrating National Sleep in Public Day. Derek is joined by the fine gentlemen from, Tyler and Ethan. Find out about Tyler's family's foundation of lies, hear Ethan recall a terrifying sleep experience, and find out why Derek should see a vet and maybe be put down? The pitches are very spirited this week. Where will they Mobile Pitch Pit end up this week? Tune in and see. Ethan pitches a life enhancement Tyler pitches...


Y2E1: David Bowie, a Bookstore, and Middle Earth

This Week on The Wild Pitch Podcast: A new year is upon us and it is time to celebrate. Come with the Wild Pitch as we celebrate National Cream Filled Chocolates Day! First timers, Brett and Dominic, come onto the show and pitch their pitches from inside a particularly lively Wild Pitch Mobile Pitch Pit. Learn the history of cream filled chocolates and then find out which one of us likes cheap candy, which one of us likes moderately priced candy, and then which of us will eat any candy...


Episode 26: William Shakespeare, Catapults, and Pre-Teens

This Week on The Wild Pitch Podcast: The year is over and Harland has come back to pitch and he is joined by first timer Chris from The GravityBeard Podcast. What a way to wrap up the year than with some ridiculous pitches. Find out which of us has a great Shakespeare story. A crazy family's business model is unveiled and one of us has a fixation on dysentery. Harland pitches a Tragedy Chris pitches an Amusement Park Derek pitches a Great Deal This episode of the Wild Pitch is brought to...


Year One Special Wrap Up-a-palooza

This Week on The Wild Pitch Podcast: Derek brings back his guests from episode 1, Jamie and Jaysin, and they reminisce on a year of the show. Derek talks about the show's origins, he jinxes himself, and they talk about their favorite pitches. The results of the fan poll for best pitch of the year and we take a listen. Hooray for a great first year, and here's looking to an amazing year 2! Host: Derek Glascock Produced by Derek Glascock Contact The Wild Pitch Podcast: Think you've got a...


Episode 25: Birthday Party, Death, and Emiril Lagasse

This Week on The Wild Pitch Podcast: Derek is back in business and he is joined by longtime friend of the show Drew from the Headline Heroes and newcomer Bob from the Cretin's Guild. The guys talk about childhood games, delicious meals, the end of times, and try to find various loopholes to avoid their delicious doom. Bob pitches a Delicious Apocalypse Drew pitches a TV Show Derek pitches a Safety Measure This episode of the Wild Pitch is brought to you by the Chevrolet Menlo Park Host:...


Episode 24: Eyeliner, Gerald Ford, and Being Rich

This Week on The Wild Pitch Podcast: Happy New Year! It is the first episode of 2018 and it is a goody. Derek is joined by friend of the show, Harland, and the two talk about all kinds of stuff. The year is only 3 days old, but they've had quite a memorable journey so far. Harland whipped his resolutions and Derek fulfills a life long dream. The pitches go places that only a new year could handle. Harland dares to wade in water we've all dreamed of dipping into, but few can pull it off and...


Episode 23: Blue Milk, Ion Drive, and Bounty Hunters

This Week on The Wild Pitch Podcast: We have a very special Star Wars inspired episode. We celebrate the release of The Last Jedi with a collection of pitches inspired by Star Wars things. Derek is joined by Keith, Jaysin, and Wild Pitch newcomer Tyler from the Hokey Religion Podcast. We all tell our favorite Star Wars memories. Then the pitches get way too nerdy way too fast. There are so many referential Star Wars insider jokes that didn't make the final cut. Now let that sink in. This...


Episode 22: Austin, Lemons, and a Gypsy Curse

This Week on The Wild Pitch Podcast: Ed from the Unaired! Podcast makes his triumphant return and he is joined by Kirk from the Podcast Discovery Show. The gang talks about fruit based drinks, gypsies, and lots of puckering. Hear about the deadly risks of artisanal root beer, the strong arm of Madame Bubina, and the swarthy tones of Doug Dingleberry. Kirk pitches a Drink Truck Ed pitches a Game Show Derek pitches a Food Truck This episode of the Wild Pitch is brought to you by Bumble's...